Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Vol. 2

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Vol. 2 #2020

Jack Kirby s Fourth World Omnibus Vol After co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in to write and illustrate his magunum opus four interlocked ad
  • Title: Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Vol. 2
  • Author: Jack Kirby Mike Royer Vince Colletta Walter Simonson Mark Evanier
  • ISBN: 9781401213572
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate his magunum opus four interlocked adventure series that were known collectively as The Fourth World Now, for the first time, DC collects these four series The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle anAfter co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate his magunum opus four interlocked adventure series that were known collectively as The Fourth World Now, for the first time, DC collects these four series The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman s Pal Jimmy Olsen in chronological order as they originally appeared These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far flung worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic powered heroes and villians struggled for supremacy In this second volume, the evil Darkseid s schemes continue to unfold while the New Gods, the Forever People, Mr Miracle and others heroes battle his many minions.
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      459 Jack Kirby Mike Royer Vince Colletta Walter Simonson Mark Evanier
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    While the first volume of Fourth World is notable for its introduction of many characters and concepts, it is the second volume where things really get rolling The third contains some of the best stories, but that doesn t mean there aren t some famous ones in here, such as The Glory Boat and Funky Flashman My favorites in this volume are actually The Man From Transilvane and Genocide Spray , a two parter introducing the notion of a whole world that existed alongside ours in miniature and had som [...]

    The wondrously wild, wonderfully weird epic of Jack Kirby s Fourth World saga continues Don t miss The Glory Boat, the arrival of Big Barda, the all too short appearance of Sonny Sumo, Superman vs a 20th century twist on the vampire, the destructive music of the six man San Diego Five String Mob, the New Newsboy Legion on the trail of loch monster in Scotland, a parody of Stan Lee and Roy Thomas in the questionable characterizations of Funky Flashman and his toady Houseroy, the wildly bizarre me [...]

    Seriously You can t fuck with Jack Kirby The man s brain was like a supernova, spewing out insane concepts and characters in all directions at a rate no one else could possibly ever keep up with Sometimes the dialog in this book is a little clunky Sometimes plot points just get dropped, for no apparent reason Ignore that The Glory Boat, Funk Flashman, Mad Harriet, Boom Tubes, Don Rickles, the Newsboy Legion, the Deep Six These are the concepts you should focus on Oh, and Big Barda I love Big Bar [...]

    Kirbay in full force This is the legendary Kirby at the top of his game His own creations, his own vision, 100% imagination of the finest order It s great superhero comics A story that winds and twists and mosaics together rather than a straightforward, simplistic linear narrative in parts Think tapestry, not single coloured thread It s a treasure to have the oppurtunity to read one of the driving forces of 20th Century comics in top form, at the pinnacle of his career One can see Kirby grow in [...]

    There s something really unmoored about all of this I mean, the stories don t really work as stories Every character has power than can be imagined and so it s hard to feel any dramatic weight But there s something about the spirit and perhaps spirituality here that keeps it engaging There s the probably wrong sense that in the end a truth will be revealed Yet it s clear that Kirby himself is kind of grasping around here Also they re fun looking and engage in, I guess, a form of mock combat So [...]

    Jack Kirby really hit his stride as his Fourth World books hit their fourth issues In Mister Miracle, Big Barda was introduced and gave his world a spark In Forever People, Sunny Sumo appeared and answered the question about what a human with the anti life equation would do In Jimmy Olsen, a number of classic horror characters appear and we find out their really a scientific experiment gone awry One of Kirby s best New Gods stories, Glory Boat, features Lightray alongside Orion and the humans ac [...]

    In this second volume a lot of the exposition falls away and the larger story starts to emerge, though the relationship between the parts remains murky as yet The stories get very strange, very Manichean, and Darkseid makes his first real appearance in a casually murderous way Kirby remains a much stronger artist than scripter, but that is damning with faint praise.

    El trabajo de Jack Kirby en el Cuarto Mundo sigue siendo una labor tit nica que ECC nos trae en formato tomo de tapa dura y con una cuidad sima imagen para un interior que est completamente a la altura en cuanto a dibujo y gui n En los comics recogidos en este segundo tomo continuamos adentr ndonos en la gigantesca mitolog a que Kirby cre para DC y que present en cuatro series, una que ten a ya su propia historia Jimmy Olsen y tres creadas para que el guionista y dibujante pudiera mostrar todas [...]

    The King is at the peak of his creative powers New Gods, Forever People, Mister Miracle, and Jimmy Olsen What a mind to create this cosmic tapestry This universe he created still has power to move any reader The characters that he created and the stories that he tells still has amazing relevance for the current events of the 21st century Read the first story in the volume which features the Forever People in the clutches of the evil Desaad s torture devices, Kingdom of the Damned The house of to [...]

    I ll admit I didn t always get Kirby the early Marvel stuff was cool, but I always prefered Lee Ditko to Lee Kirby sacrilege, I know so I was always just a little skeptical of the whole cult of Kirby But I have to say, these Fourth World stories have totally turned me around On one level they re totally unhinged, balls out craziness Pure pop art Kirby s style by this point has gone completely off the deep end into abstraction, and it s amazing to look at Has anybody built a Kirbytech Mother Box [...]

    Things finally pick up in the Fourth World here Big Barda is introduced, along with the wonderful dynamic that is Mister Miracle Barda Oberon Also introduced in this volume are pretty much the rest of the major villains of Apokolips the Female Furies, Colonel Vundabar, Deep Six as well as perrenial Mister Miracle pest Funky Flashman an obvious rip on Stan Lee and the debut of the Omega Effect It was also nice to finally read the story that has been touted by many people for years to be near the [...]

    The continuing saga of the Fourth World gets better as it goes along, so stay tuned The true highlight of the collection is the New Gods issue 6 Glory Boat Yes, it does have the distracting inundation of exclamation points everyone is always shouting in these issues, even in calm situations standing right next to each other , but it finally is a dramatic story with a genuine emotional element It does have some outlandish embellishments here and there as every issue seems to outdo the last , but [...]

    KIRBY IS AMAZING He paints directly with the inside of his brain There s no subtlety here, but it doesn t matter, because he fills up the spaces that subtlety usually occupies with meaning and color and metaphor and AMAZING THINGS.The second volume is about keeping the plotlines moving and building on what was started in the first The most fascinating part other than everything is that the war between the New Gods actually feels like a war it isn t the protagonists thwarting schemes, it s buildi [...]

    A marked improvement over an already great volume 1.Jimmy Olsen and The Forever People are still difficult for me to get through, but the non connected interconnectivity of the stories is amazing Regardless of how little I have interest in either title, I find myself reading them because I know that somewhere will be a thread that will play out down the line in another book.New Gods and Mister Miracle are still great This volume held a single issue for each story that was kind of groan worthy, b [...]

    Things really start to come together in this collection You start to see and denizens of Apokolips appear in multiple titles giving the Fourth World a real sense of place and being Highlights would definatly be Mike Royer on inks , who finished out the run and really cemented the look of the Fourth World Not just a tracer he brought the style to Kirbys work in the form of the dark shades having a fluidity of its own Orion and company get into some good skirmishes showing off the different tale [...]

    Reprints The Forever People 4 6, New Gods 4 6, Superman s Pal Jimmy Olsen 141 145, and Mr Miracle 4 6 The New Gods, Forever People, and Mr Miracle adjust to Earth as Darkseid s forces continue to try to overtake them Not a huge Kirby fan but the second volume of Jack Kirby s Fourth World Omnibus does introduce some fun story aspects Sunny Sumo, Deep Six, etc and all the story are classic, over the top adventures Kirby s art is at his best whether you like it or not and the strangeness of the sto [...]

    I read these in the original comic format when they came out Jack Kirby changed his style in the early 1970s and I fell out of being a fan of his art and stories While I do like several of the characters he created for his 4th world stories, particularly Darkseid and Orion, overall I never could seem to get into the books If you are a Kirby fan then these are the core of his creation Recommended

    This volume has everything Darkseid has brought the battle to Earth, and a rag tag team of earthlings, New Gods, Forever People, The Last Son of Krypton, Sonny Sumo, and Don Rickles are here to stop him This book gets wonderfully weird and confusing, all penned by The King himself There should be another Gracelend where Jack and Roz lived.Only one volume to go I m vowing to return all of the books that I ve borrowed.

    Yeah, Kirby s Fourth World is all over the place, uneven, and sometimes downright insane, but I love it Kirby s unbridled energy and imagination are on full display in this volume, which is stronger and coherent than the first A generous sampling of several of Kirby s pencilled pages makes this volume indispensable.

    Some strong material in volume 2, including Glory Boat which is many readers pick as Kirby s best Volume 2 also includes a story that may be Kirby s weirdest A superhero wannabe who looks just like Don Rickles meets the real Don Rickles Mark Evanier tries to explain the story in the introduction, but it is best left inexplicable.

    Also Jack Kirby s Fourth World Omnibus Vol 2 How do I begin to describe this book It s just sheer insanity, it really isn t like any other comic book or graphic novel I d call it the most experimental mainstream super hero work I ve ever read, but that doesn t really say anything This is out there stuff, and I don t know what else to tell you about it.

    The New Gods are still the highlight Superman s Pal Jimmy Olson is just plain embarrassing I m amazed that Walt Simonson calls that comic one of his inspirations in his foreword Lots of fun to be had reading these old stories.

    Jack Kirby was a mad freaking genius There is a splash page near the end of this volume that has Orion and Lightray from the New Gods riding this crazy Kirby tech weapon as it bursts from the the page what blew me away Can t wait to read the next volume

    This series has its highs and lows, but the latter are still charming and the former are nothing short of revelatory I mean that in the cryptic religious prophecy foretelling the world s doom sense.

    Gems include Kingdom of the Damned , O Ryan Gang the Deep 6 , Closing Jaws of Death , Sonny Sumo , Spawn , Murder Machine , Jimmy Olsen Man from Transilvane , Omega Effect , Jimmy Olsen Genocide Spray , Glory Boat , Wait for Godot w Funky Flashman.

    A lot of monsters in this one some from Kirby s imagination such as The Deep Six, some inspired by legend such as The Loch Ness Monster, and some inspired by literature and Hollywood such as Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein, and Don Rickles.

    Jack Kirby s pop art masterpiece continues, and the stories just get deeper this time Plus, Mister Miracle introduces Big Barda, who is just great Another highlight is the stories involving the Forever People being trapped and tortured by Desaad at an amusement park, truly mind boggling.

    Fantastic work by Kirby Some of his best I think he hits his stride here Mike Royer is by far the best inker for Kirby Big Barda is the best character Kirby ever created, and there is tons of her in this volume.

    Groan The art work is great, but the poor dialog and flat characterizations are though to get through I appreciate Kirby as an innovator in the medium And you must admire the imagination and scope of the 4th world but it s tough to read.

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