Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Volume 1

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Volume 1 #2020

Jack Kirby s Fourth World Omnibus Volume After co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in to write and illustrate four interlocking series known colle
  • Title: Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Volume 1
  • Author: Jack Kirby Grant Morrison Mark Evanier Vince Colletta
  • ISBN: 9781401213442
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate four interlocking series known collectively as The Fourth World Now, for the first time, DC collects these four series The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman s Pal Jimmy Olsen in chAfter co creating comic book heroes including The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate four interlocking series known collectively as The Fourth World Now, for the first time, DC collects these four series The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman s Pal Jimmy Olsen in chronological order as they originally appeared These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far flung worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic powered heroes and villains struggled for supremacy Volume 1 features the debuts of Orion of the New Gods, the evil Darkseid, super escape artist Mister Miracle and many others It also features numerous appearances by Superman.
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      453 Jack Kirby Grant Morrison Mark Evanier Vince Colletta
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    This was my first attempt to read Kirby s Fourth World stories straight through Everything I had read about it turned out to be true It s packed with ideas too many, really , his art and layouts are wonderful, and his dialogue is awful Of the four series collected, the New Gods issues are the strongest mostly because of the time spent on Darkseid and the other villains The Mr Miracle issues are the most accessible it almost starts out as a typical superhero series The Forever People issues are t [...]

    Essential and mind blowing Kirby writes and draws like a man possessed, like an outsider artist weaving a mad mythos of his own, only with real storytelling chops This first volume collecting Kirby s DC work introduces so many new entities the New Gods, the Forever People, Mister Miracle, to say nothing of their dread nemesis, Darkseid and his henchmen, that its hard to keep track of what is going on at times But it s all glorious, madly inventive epic comic book storytelling, so sit back and en [...]

    So this was a bit different to what I normally read, and by different I mean olderch older Coming straight out of the 70 s it was a good 15 years older than anything I d previously delved into Part of the reason being I thought most comics were pretty campy back then, don t get me wrong this definitely had its moments, but overall the story was way expansive and epic than I had thought possible in that era No wonder Jack Kirby was such a renowned writer and artist.I wanted to get my head around [...]

    Jack Kirby is insane I realized that the first time I saw Jimmy Olsen flying in a space car with the New Newsboy Legion in a pencilled photograph collage in which they went into a previous unknown realm The second thing brought to my attention through this first volume is that I like insane Kirby I enjoy an Incredible Jimmy Hulk, hippy superkids, harbingers of death that sky ski, etc Jack Kirby s DC creations are sometimes painfully cliche and made me cringe with some of the dialogue, but it kep [...]

    I m not quite sure when I first noticed the existence of the New Gods, it might have been the DC Superpowers figure of Darkseid that first captured my heart and started many battles between my friend and I on how to pronounce his name Dark Side or Dark seed I was on the losing side on that battle in the end I became a convert to how it is correctly pronounced Either way im an easy sell on most things if the main man from Apokolips is hanging around so this wasn t a stretch for me to get into The [...]

    It s been so long since reading something has been a mind blowing experience, but this is mind blowing, and woke me up at least temporarily from a life long slumber It was so good I kept it a week overdue from the library It is a psychedelic, revelatory new bible for the post atomic age Before reading, I was somewhat familiar with the Fourth World, having read derivatives of it in the Death of Superman saga and other DC pulp Now I see Kirby is worth all the praise he gets and , and how influenti [...]

    I follow a Jack Kirby fan group on Facebook They claim Jack Kirby is the greatest comicbook creator ever Not only that, but he transcends comics and stands among the world s greatest artists and myth makers.This and some of his Fantastic Four work are what the group members point to when asked for justification.I can clearly see that he took the super hero world by storm in the early 60s with Marvel He s created many of the characters that would go on to be super popular, but looking at his work [...]

    Jack Kirby was easily the most influential figure in American superhero comics He co created the majority of the Marvel Universe during the Silver Age Unhappy with his arrangements at Marvel, Kirby defected to DC in 1970 His first project at the Distinguished Competition Was an ambitious project called The Fourth WorldJack Kirby s mind was bursting at the seams, his imagination in overdrive This volume sets up the stakes A new god of evil, Darkseid, is in search of the Anti Life Equation, the so [...]

    I originally read most of these comics when they were published in 1970 71 DC Comics had ads proclaiming The King is Coming While I knew Jack Kirby from Fantastic Four Thor reprints, I had no idea what the impact would be Immediately upon reading Jimmy Olsen I was overwhelmed with the King s imagination The Whiz Wagon, the new Newsboy Legion, the Hairies, the Wild Area, the Mountain of Judgment and a giant clone of Jimmy Olsen infused with Green Kryptonite This collection not only reprints Jimmy [...]

    Ah, Kirby When ever I m down and need some lifting up, I know I can always revisit one of Jack Kirby s innovative creations and the long lost joy of youth and sense of unashamed wonderment will be restored Kirby was one of a kind His record for creating new characters, concepts and even genres in the comic book industry is unparalleled This volume of the Fourth World introduces new characters in the first half dozen issues than most comic book artists create in their entire careers, and the nex [...]

    The art is certainly wonderful, and I can t imagine a stately treatment for a comic than this current edition The physical act of reading the Fourth World Omnibus was pleasant, but the mental act was a little tedious.While reviews that praise Kirby s overflowing imagination are certainly on target, they don t deal with the fact that it s the overflowing of an imagination targeted squarely at 12 year old boys I very nearly enjoyed reading this edition, and will probably read the second, but I wa [...]

    Jack Kirby s Fourth World material is transcendent Part of me hates that I didn t get around to it until my mid 20s The other part of me fully realizes that had I come to this any earlier, I wouldn t have gotten it I m still making my way through the rest of the stuff, but Volume 1 was enough to turn me on my head I could write a thesis on why these books are so good, and why it s one of the most important pieces of pop art ever made, but I ll just state that it s a masterpiece and everyone shou [...]

    I read these in the original comic format when they came out Jack Kirby changed his style in the early 1970s and I fell out of being a fan of his art and stories While I do like several of the characters he created for his 4th world stories, particularly Darkseid and Orion, overall I never could seem to get into the books If you are a Kirby fan then these are the core of his creation Recommended

    Rich and lush with imagination Kirby s writing, while I don t think is the most sophisticated, conveys an epic narrative involving gods, cloning, freedom of thought and many This is supplemented by his beautiful inks which is the real draw for me This is a beautifully drawn, imaginative tale with vivid, exuberant inks by Vince Colletta Truly epic.

    The New Gods and The Forever People are pretty good Superman s Pal, Jimmy Olson is really weird, stuffed with far too much for one comic And Mister Miracle needs something maybe just need some time for it to grow on me

    The dialogue is an awful product of Jack Kirby s era Make a drinking game out of the number of times someone says Groovy, their own name, or something blatantly obvious from the art, and you ll be nice and toasty for this groovy trip in comics history.But everything else about this is a 6 star book, so who cares Kirby was a manic genius that couldn t stop creating, and it s so refreshing to see what he could do outside of Stan Lee s massive shadow If you can t get past the 60 s style of comics d [...]

    For a couple days after I read this, I kept designing a Fourth World based amusement park in my head revolving around New Gods Forever People Miracle Man Jimmy Olson s Pal Superman and the mythos that ties them all together Apokolips, New Genesis, Darkseid I concluded that it would be the greatest amusement ever created with me at the helm and billions of dollars in funding This might not seem like very deep reflection after reading a 1500 page comic book, but designing amusement parks in my hea [...]

    I ve read scattered issues of Jack The King Kirby in the past, some Avengers, Fantastic Four, maybe a Weird Tales , and while I enjoyed what I saw it didn strike me as being whole heartedly genius or miraculous So, I keep going to see in a comic book shop a whole section of Jack Kirby books specifically his work after he left Marvel with DC, including the Demon, and this, the Fourth World I also thought, hey, it comes with a glowing introduction from Grant Morrison, who called it the new psyched [...]

    There are some books, like Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns, that I feel a bit nervous to write about because the scale of them is so huge, I m not sure I can get it all down That s the way I feel with this book, and it s only the beginning of it Hopefully I ll be able to give such a monumental achievement it s proper due A tiny bit of back story about this book is that Kirby had left Marvel for DC, because he was feeling underappreciated and underpaid He d had an offer to go to DC before, but ha [...]

    Kirby s New Gods stuff is a classic of comic book epics However the stuff in this collection from the Forever People has not aged well the time of Aquarius type feel is not as eternal as the New Gods double entendre intended are Also the material from Jimmy Olsen is just down right bad The News Boys are utterly ridiculous I wish the Olsen material could just have been not written and Darkseid introduced in one of the other titles The fact that Darkseid, one of the greatest villains ever, was int [...]

    Whew Where to begin This is the first Jack Kirby anything I think I ve ever read minus maybe a backup classic issue in some collection where I wasn t aware he was the artist , and I have mixed feelings about it First of all, Kirby is so deified in the superhero comics world that I feel almost afraid to say anything negative about him He was certainly screwed over by Marvel in a BIG way, and I believe he deserves credit than even what he s been given for the early Marvel years But I wish I hadn [...]

    Jack Kirby s Fourth World Omnibus Volume 1 collects Jimmy Olsen 133 139, The Forever People 1 3, The New Gods 1 3, and Mister Miracle 1 3 This is the beginning of Kirby s doomed Fourth World epic the story of the struggle between the good New Gods and the evil New Gods All the Old Gods have killed each other These books were all originally published in 1970 71, just as the silver age of comics was ending, and in the heyday of the idea that comics are for kids.Much of the story of Kirby s Fourth [...]

    Wowzers It takes Kirby a little while to get going, until we realize it is all part of the plan and remember Kirby is the King for good reasons Mark Evanier gives us some interesting insight into the plan, though, in the afterward Kirby was planning on giving these new series away shortly after getting them started, ever desiring to create anew That doesn t initially sound like a great plan for a new universe with a structured major story arc, but Kirby had a way of making things work, even if n [...]

    In a word wild Before undertaking Kirby s Fourth World, readers should know a little about Kirby, his years at Marvel before he left and went to DC, the times themselves early 1970s , and the concept of crossover comics at that time No worries all of that is spelled out in the introduction by Grant Morrison which you really should read Without an understanding of those topics, the Fourth World comes across as one big mess.Which it is.But it s a glorious mess Kirby is and I suspect always will be [...]

    Gah What to say about this It is a gorgeous volume DC did a fantastic job of reprinting the comics They look like you wish 70s comics had actually looked As a result, Kirby s art is even wild and wonderful on the page, with one and two page splashes that readers can get lost inside And once in a while, you get a pop art collage of our heroes over black and white photographs that just stops you dead It s all just so much fun to look at.But the story Oh, the story I think Kirby s vision is clear [...]

    Normalmente no he sido muy dado a los c mics anteriores a los a os 80, pero ltimamente parece que me voy deshaciendo de determinados prejuicios, o ampliando horizontes Sea por lo que sea, el caso es que voy encontrando peque os trabajos que me llaman la atenci n, y en este caso, Grant Morrison mediante, me decid a echarle un ojo al Cuarto Mundo de Jack Kirby El concepto de los Nuevos Dioses me ha parecido siempre muy interesante, y con la nueva y espectacular edici n de ECC de esta saga de Jack [...]

    Jack Kirby is a genius pure and simple Reading these omnibuses you can see how Kirby was one of the preeminent masters of comic medium Working with some of the greatest names in the industry, Stan Lee and Joe Simon to name a few, the Fourth World written and drawn by him prove that he is at the top of the list His artwork defined the greatest titles of the Silver Age, but for the most part his writing credits were muddled with those he drew for Helping create the Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain Am [...]

    Is it a masterpiece Yes, but a flawed one I want to be clear that the art is five star and some of the best in comics of all time The concepts here are as imaginative as they come and intriguing with than a little social commentary The downfall is in the scripting and plotting which are so cripplingly silver aged to the point that it s almost hard to read, and will undoubtedly turn off many readers used to the modern style Characters always explain, out loud what they re doing as they do it A g [...]

    This is a book about Jack Kirby s mostly freedom to make really strange and bold choices with DC s ultra profitable and ultra conventional line Some of it is really captivating and some of it is really bewildering I wonder what Kirby actually intended thematically, if at all It s clear that he feels a kinship with the hippies and counterculture of the time He also seems to trust a lot of authority There is a laboratory set up that clones many of the protagonists in secret including as a secret m [...]

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