Not So Smart

Not So Smart #2020

Not So Smart An angsty virgin who might be a little twisted A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely All they wanted was to use each other for one dirty kinky night Feelings were absolutely not part of the p
  • Title: Not So Smart
  • Author: Misha Horne A.J. Sisko
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An angsty virgin who might be a little twisted.A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely.All they wanted was to use each other for one dirty, kinky night.Feelings were absolutely not part of the plan It wasn t obsession, exactly Except, it probably was JOSHDamon Price is a brutally hot, ripply muscled, scarily confident, dimpled god Without his hard body to stareAn angsty virgin who might be a little twisted.A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely.All they wanted was to use each other for one dirty, kinky night.Feelings were absolutely not part of the plan It wasn t obsession, exactly Except, it probably was JOSHDamon Price is a brutally hot, ripply muscled, scarily confident, dimpled god Without his hard body to stare at three times a week, I probably would have dropped out of college months ago Too bad he doesn t know I exist But, even if he did know, even if it was true that he screwed anything and everything that moved, an awkward virgin like me would still be at the bottom of his to do list.Even if he knew the kind of filthy stuff I actually wanted.Even if he knew the last thing I need is any kind of relationship I never meant to f ck a virgin DAMONI should have been out the door the second that word came out of his mouth A virgin was not what I was looking for Except, damn, he knew how to talk Knew how to say things so off the grid dirty I hardly knew what to say back And talk wasn t all he knew how to do There s kinky, and then there s crazy, and then, apparently, there s Josh Holloway who s up for anything.And who I definitely should not still be thinking about.Because the last thing I need is any kind of relationshipT SO SMART is a 52,000 word enemies to still mostly enemies but also lovers novel, featuring messed up college guys who are great at lying to themselves, wall to wall sex, naked guitar playing, inappropriate library behavior, inappropriate dressing room behavior, inappropriate tube sock behavior, bondage, spanking, little bit of shoplifting, and some very unwelcome romantic feelings NOT SO SMART is based on a previously published short story series Smart Boy It has been substantially re edited and expanded by 30,000 words.
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    3.75 Stars Truth time I read this book standing in front of the air conditioner Is the book really that hot, you ask Dirty, filthy, kink galore and I loved every minute of it It s been a really long time since I read a book this erotically charged with such well written sex scenes And be preparede this book is mostly sex A virgin into humiliation, pain, rough sext always my thing, but OMG did the authors make it work for Josh He may not have any experience, but it s what he wants, what he craves [...]

    Wow when the authors say they expanded this story, they really expanded it I can t believe where they took these characters If you liked Smart Boy, or even if you ve never read it, this one turned out great.The character that really blew me away was Damon, I love the way he character expanded very interesting But damn, what s with the hold up of Not So Nice

    This is porn without much plot and it s done really well The story is the relationship, and the relationship is utterly sex focused until it isn t Pesky feelings ruining everything Misha writes amazing sex scenes that are all about the characters emotions as much as the physical I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes kinky erotica that doesn t skimp on the feelings It s really character focused, and the characters are awesome Josh s prickly defensiveness was marvel [...]

    I can t think of a better example to describe what is this book like than the film Marley Me, so caution, this review will contain spoilers of that film In Marley Me, we re expecting a light hearted comedy about a cute puppo and his family The puppo who became a full size doggo and then a very old doggo chews and eats everything he encounters, all in a light and funny way The you have the very tragic, I m not crying you re crying ending WTF is wrong with this film, makes me love the doggo and th [...]

    The story itself is pretty good, and the sex scenes are plenty kinky hotere are some technicality issues, however Horne is of the mind that if the word but begins a sentence, a comma needs to be used directly after, and this is something that drives me absolutely bonkers Also, Horne doesn t seem to know how right handed people play guitars since Josh, as a right handed player, is holding a guitar in the correct right handed position strumming with right hand, fretting with left , but Damon tells [...]

    5 stars for melting hot sex bonus for kinky necktie usage2 stars for character developmentSo I will split the difference with 3 stars I am not sure what I was expecting when I read this book I kind of was expecting a sort of non ending ending, which is what I got Book 2 is probably coming out in February I am not sure It mentions that at the end of the book but I cannot find any reference to a sequel anywhere else.There isn t a lot of character development here Most of it is sex Super kinky, har [...]

    Wow, what the heck did I just read So I found this book and thought, oh goodie, college guys Tra lalala, I ll read about some lovely college boy sex, hijinks and that s that WELL that sure ain t what this book is about Dayuum Josh and Damon are the best Stellar writing Josh and let me use the author s words He was the dirtiest, sluttiest, most eager, most exhausting guy I d ever been with and obedient, obnoxious, hardcore pain slut who didn t give a damn about me, who was driving me right out of [...]

    I really liked this, it was different than I expected Yes it s all about the hookups, but I liked the dynamic between the MCs They weren t in love They weren t even in like they don t hate each other though It was pure lust and sexual chemistry Their kinks match up than they expected so it turns into a thing There s BDSM, there s spanking, there s dirty talk, there is some sexual violence a slap Both refuse to entertain the idea of a relationship though, so they re not boyfriends I can t wait f [...]

    So sexyIs books was so filthy and I absolutely loved it I m really not into BDSM usually but seriously, this book had me needing a change of panties.

    4.3 StarsHomygawd I m still sweating and I finished the book HOURS ago it was that hot I ve said it before I m not all that fond of humiliation kink, mainly because I don t understand it and haven t run across a book that goes to any effort to explain the appeal It s still not explained but holy shitballs at least Josh owns it, and because of his need I totally FEEL the appeal.Also, the dirty talk Hawt I m going to need to read the next one in this series ASAP because I m completely spazzing ove [...]

    Teaser This is the book I ve been waiting for and didn t even know it.Not So Smart is smart in its delivery The writing is so extremely visual you can t help but be engrossed It s expressive, detailed, and illustrative And the analogies layered on top give it an extra depth of feeling as if you yourself are being seduced Seduced by hot as fuck sex scenes which portray Josh and Damon s dynamic unfolding not only between themselves but to the reader.It s like being the voyeur into the beginnings o [...]

    This kinky little gem took me a bit by surprise and turned out to be just what I needed and much than I expected I was pulled right into this story as we follow Josh to his classes as we learn about him and his somewhat obsession with Damon.Josh is a virgin, and while he lacks experience, he knows exactly what he wants, and he wants it from Damon But Damon doesn t really know Josh exists Eventually, Josh s smart mouth pays off though, and Damon proves he is able to provide exactly what Josh nee [...]

    Not So Smart is smut, no doubt about it But it s really good smut Kinky smut And I freaking loved it.I read this story as a short story called Smart Boy, before the author added 30,000 words and turned it into the first book in a series of what looks like to be two books I already appreciated it as a short story, but the added depth and smut makes it even better.There s spanking, painful sex, a belt, Josh is getting tied down but there s also the first signs of something else growing, of tendern [...]

    Not So Smart was a pleasant surprise It started as a free kindle lending library curiosity and a quick scan put it firmly in the porn without a hell of a lot of plot category And specifically, porn that really isn t up my ally Josh, one of our leading men is a pain slut I guess that s the thing now the modern version of a masochist and he really gets off on humiliation which I can t wrap my head around But there was also if not character development 3 dimensional characters and there was a bit o [...]

    This had my knickers in a knot Whilst not a pain slut myself, at least not that I know about it, I really loved reading about Josh His way of thinking, his pursuit to finally fulfill his needs, had me in a tight grip from the beginning to the end I loved that switch from Josh s POV to Damon s It might not really explain why someone loves to dish out pain but as long as it is between consenting adults and the receiving end is getting what they asked for I enjoy reading about it Don t get me wrong [...]

    2.5 stars Meh 70% of this book is sex scenes They got repetitive after a while and I started skimming them Not a whole lot of character depth or development until the last 15 20% This is the first in a series the next book sounds like it might be character driven I probably won t give it a shot though Writing was ok book needed another edit I believe this was a short story that was expanded Might ve been better in the shorter format, IMO If you re looking for straight up new adult erotica, this [...]

    This wastely interesting It felt like a prequel, so I managed to get a sense of what the book was about and the characters intrigue me You won t hear me say this very often, but I m going to say it anyways This entire book is basically sex I m shocked there s even a story buried in here at all There s really hardly anything to note that the blurb doesn t already state There s really no grand plot or any sense of character development The book is probably 80% sex scenes, and the other 20% is buil [...]

    Wow HOWDY hot If you re looking for PW a little bit of Plot this is perfection If you re interested in a deep storyt so much Exactly what I wanted to read tonight When s the next book coming out

    Oh shit that was delicious, don t mind if I do.I ll admit I was getting a little annoyed with the lack of backstory towards the second half of book bevause I didn t think they d have enough time to resolve anything and solodify their relationship, but alas turns out theres a part 2 and everything is right in the world again.Can not wait, like literaly cannot for the next book

    Wow Kinky, twisted and powerful I loved learning the twists and turns of Damon and Josh s personalities Bought from kindle

    HolywhoaWow, justwow I had to put this book down at one point just to take a break and catch my breath It wasn t at all what I expected The heat level is off the charts and this should not be read in public or anywhere near children because it will require a release so to speak Unbelievably hot Now for round two, oops, book two.

    Well, well, well Misha Horne, you little miracle worker I d told myself not to bother with any BDSM themed books there was no point in wasting my time on them when it s obvious that I just don t get it and never will I d given that sub genre a fair try, and enough was enough was enough Exceptions will be made for anything by Manna Francis, of course But apparently I m not very good at listening, not even to myself, because when I saw this book with the magic word attached FREE I got it anyway A [...]

    Holy crap, that was good It was better than good It was pretty damn awesome I m not a fan of humiliation, or objectification, unless I get some gentleness too The funny thing is that, with Damon and Josh, I was loving them even before Damon started slowing things down and softening things up I usually find pain centric stories hard to get exactly right They re either too trite, overdone, or unrealistic, and most times I just can t connect with the characters But HOLY PAINSLUT, this just hit the [...]

    Exactly what I m always looking forI loved this LOVED IT It had well rounded, lovable yet flawed characters developing a connection through intense, insanely hot sex This was a trashy book, but it was also beautifully written I ll definitely be reading the sequel AND I ll be checking out other books by these authors.

    Enemies to Kinky MatesSo Josh and Damon are just the hottest Josh has some serious hangups in life, and Damon is a man enjoying the variety life has to offer Neither likes the other, and neither is looking to spend than one night with another person Absolutely not Except Josh may have found someone to give him the things he s been yearning for And sexy as sin Damon, well, he might, just maybe, enjoy doing these things to Josh on a continuing basis And me, the lucky reader that I am, get bask in [...]

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