The Virgin and the Beast

The Virgin and the Beast #2020

The Virgin and the Beast They say good things come to those who wait Bullsh % My whole life has been about waiting Playing it safe Be the good girl don t color outside the lines Put in the hard work trying to prove myself to
  • Title: The Virgin and the Beast
  • Author: Stasia Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • They say good things come to those who wait.Bullsh % My whole life has been about waiting Playing it safe Be the good girl, don t color outside the lines Put in the hard work trying to prove myself to Dad, then to my college professors, then to my boss at New World Media Just waiting for the day when it will all pay off And right when it was all starting to I finallyThey say good things come to those who wait.Bullsh % My whole life has been about waiting Playing it safe Be the good girl, don t color outside the lines Put in the hard work trying to prove myself to Dad, then to my college professors, then to my boss at New World Media Just waiting for the day when it will all pay off And right when it was all starting to I finally had the house, the job, I was even thinking about getting a cat boom my life explodes and suddenly now I m here and All done, the doctor interrupts my thoughts, pulling off her gloves with a loud snap.Even from the bed where I m lying, my legs spread like the Thanksgiving turkey, I can hear the impatient growl of the man standing in the doorway If you can even call him a man More like a beast out of a friggin fairytale Well Her pronouncement echoes throughout the room while the speculum is still inside me She s a virgin.
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      Stasia Black

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    Entertaining Not really that dark Some intense sex scenes Some less intense sex scenes Some kinky sex scenes.Our usual Stockholm syndrome.Breeding trope Virgin trope.Too much horse whispering I ve had enough of it after a while to be honest.Everything wraps up nicely in the end.

    DNF 40%.H always made the h sit on the floor so he could feed her like a dog He kept her in a cage and put food in dog bowls for her This one is a big NO

    Mel and Xavier s story was definitely a roller coaster of WTF s To be honest I was surprised by some of the scenes that happened in this story The broody dark man has deep rooted issues that we don t find out until late in the story He is all kinds of F up And Mel was a strong woman until she submitted to him I loved her fight and how she didn t back down I also loved some of the sex scenes between these two What I didn t love was some of the screwed up crap Xavier did to her A kennel, a handle [...]

    I really enjoyed Mel and Xavier s story, what starts off as an arrangement so Mel can help to save her Dad s business, ends up as so much At first I thought Xavier was a bit of an A hole but once the story really got going and you found out some of his history, you could totally understand why he was the way he was And by the end of the book, I really liked him.Their characters are likeable and well written, the story line was developed and the chemistry between these two is undeniable and off [...]

    What I love about Stasia s writing is that you don t get what you expect and what you do get is freaking AMAZING This story line between Mel, the hard working independent woman, and Xavier, the traumatized broken control freak, was just so very well developed and meaningful I couldn t help but to fall in love with the characters The topics are deep and meaningful It was very much worth the read Can t wait for another book from Stasia.

    Oh my damn was this a sexy as hell a book I loved the darkish element, I loved the seriousness, I loved the smut part of it, and I loved the romance and all It does have a bit of dark component which may not be for everyone, but damn it was good Mel s circumstances bring her to Xavier They navigate through their relationship and fall in love in the most beautiful way The author did surprise me by raising awareness for PTSD and I couldn t have enjoyed it I loved this.

    Xavier and MelThis book was definitely hot I enjoyed listening to the audio, the narrator did amazing Mel gets in trouble, she signs a contract to stay with Xavier for a year Of she does this her problem will be taken care of.

    Loved this bookThis is an amazing Erotic story by Stasia Black I stated reading and reviewing for her when she published Crush me The story wasn t as dark as I thought it would be but definitely captivating You will love this story.

    What I find beyond stupid is that he felt the need to do all he did to get her yet he s so rich that he ll take care of her father for the rest of his life and give her something to get by as well, has a jet and a ranch and who knows what else but he couldn t hire a professional surrogate and get some womans eggs for artificial insemination.Then it was beyond stupid that he turned out to be narcissistic my giant c k , a huge dominant I mean, you do this with someone that you have mutual trust wi [...]

    Argh Its like writer wanted to go bdsm and dint know howDidnt do it for me.I skimmed trough most of it, trying to get the story, but demeaning and downright disrespectful way he was treating her is appalling Locked in a kennel, comparing her to an unbroken horse, really Who gets off on this This was abuse, not submission She was a 26yr old virgin I am still so f ing mad on behalf of her She play submitted out of necessity and hunger initially, not because she wanted or enjoyed it And then Stocho [...]

    WOW, just WOW I loved the interaction between Mel and Xavier was poetry in motion Mel is such a feisty girl who loves her father and makes a deal to have him and all his problems disappear In exchange she has agreed to give up a year of her life but the deal turns into much than she is prepared to deal with Xavier is an ex solider suffering from PTSD who lives on a sprawling ranch with horses he has taken in to rescue He seems only able to function when those under his care allow him total cont [...]

    DNF 40%i wanted to like it even as predictable as the setup was but the male MC was just too much of an asshole that when the female MC finally fake submitted, i was soooo disappointed esp since she didn t hold onto the fake very long i really wanted, and really thought, that he was going to get what was coming to him but he still wins too much i skimmed until 48% to see if there was any change for him but nope and even though i suspect it s coming, i already hate him too much to care.

    This book was dirttttyyyyyy I loved every filthy second of it I wish I had the H pov but it was interesting to see only one pov It made me question the H along with the h thoughts Im going to stick with this author cause I see amazingly smutty things.

    Good jobThis book was good overall I liked this book better than the other book I read from her This book had better character development and the characters had a sound personality There was just enough hotness in the book.

    This all felt a bit non con with the whole Master pet dynamic going on with Xavier and Mel but it was quite well written and kept me interested right up until the end.

    This was a tough one to get through I had to take a long break But I got through it.

    Pretty sure I ve never read Stasia before but OMG I will be reading her again I m not a huge fan of the whole rewriting Fairy Tale thing, that is all the rage, but never say never This book was amazingly well written There were a few really dark events in the story, so if you are triggered, by anything other than a playful booty smack better steer clear Xavier struggled after the war, mostly within himself, he struggled with his own good and evil, even though I don t think he really was Mel was [...]

    Did Not Could Not Finish I made it to about 45% before I couldn t take it any .Wow, um, just wow, this was disgusting Who could enjoy reading this stuff I was expecting a Sweet Beauty the Beast sort of story on the dark side, not some Stockholm syndrome slave captive with a complete jerk keeping her It is beyond BDSM, since Melanie is not given a break or a safe word or even a choice in the matter She s his slave captive whether she likes it or not she s treated way worse than any of the horses [...]

    A powerful and emotional story with capturing words that will have you entranced from the beginning to the end The Virgin and the Beast by the magnificent author Stasia Black has delivered a modern fairytale and turned it into a dark, adult erotic, sensual novel I didn t want to put this book down for a moment and neither will you once you start to read There are elements that might cross lines to some, but it s not as dark as what you might assume Can Mel cave into the sequestered brute to save [...]

    This book inspired so many different reviews, I feel I have to put in my two cents.1 This book contains spanking, domination, humiliation, bondage and hot sex But in my opinion it is not BDSM It is not safe, sane and consensual.2 It is a nice story about domination, strength, love and trust Even if it starts of with blackmail So if you re into dark erotic books, I suppose you ll like this one as well.If you re into sweet romance, skip this book.If you only wants bondage and discipline with safe [...]

    Holy hot Ok, where to start Melanie is a hot shot from New York that only knows how to be strong and closed off and pretty much only count on herself but when her dad gets into a lot of trouble with some really bad people Melanie looses her job and needs to make her dad safe She meet Owen and brings a deal that can help her father out and it s just for a year She doesn t want to take it but with no other options she signs Xavier is a dominate man who wants one thing Trust and obedience, but does [...]

    OK I devored this book full of heartbreak,every single emotion and best of all power play who will win.I adored Xavier wasn t sure at first but once I got to know him he was beautiful inside and out he was a tortured and haunted man with the signs of PTSD and had to have control of all things including Mel and let me tell you she put up one hell of a fight Mel had the best temperment I loved every single word that came out of her mouth and how they played each other I couldn t put it down The pa [...]

    This was an amazing story However, I must warn you , if you are faint of heart this is not it for you Mel gets fires form her job because of her father s ponzi scheme However as she is leaving her office, she gets a visitor with a singular offer my client will get your father out of the country as long as you give him one year and an heir She is feisty, sassy, independent and speaks her mind and she does not want to do this until her father explains that her life might be in danger She agrees to [...]

    DNF Author couldn t decide if this was a slave fic or a gooey romance The story was illogical and all over the place.

    Full disclosure this is a story involving Master Slave roles not Dom Sub The slave, or pet as he likes to call her, must submit completely and trust her Master to take care of her every need The feeding from his hands, him leading her around, telling her what to do not do and beyond controlling things in the bedroom department you can just about get your head around but the tampons thing I think was a step too far I mean there s close and then there s too close If you are looking for a sexy twis [...]

    I did receive a free ARC copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review In this book we have Melanie Van Bauer, who at the start of the book is getting fired Not a very nice way to start off the character While she is in her final hours at her job, she is approached by a man who says he can save flyer father from a jail sentence that would consume the rest of his life As her father is only 49 yrs old he is looking at 50 yrs behind bars for Ponzi schemes he created and ran with o [...]

    Melanie van Bauer has finally made it to the big time but in an instance loses her job due to who her father is and what he has done Everything she has worked hard for is gone When she receives an offer to give up a year of her life and produce an heir to save her father will she do it Melanie is shocked at what she has gotten herself into but through everything she begins to see hope and a light at the end of the tunnel when she sees a different side of Xavier, the man who is keeping her Will M [...]

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