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A Tangled Web #2020

A Tangled Web No amount of drama between the Dark and Penhallow families can prepare them for what follows when Aunt Becky bequeaths her prized heirloom jug the owner to be revealed in one year s time The intermarr
  • Title: A Tangled Web
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780770422455
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • No amount of drama between the Dark and Penhallow families can prepare them for what follows when Aunt Becky bequeaths her prized heirloom jug the owner to be revealed in one year s time The intermarriages, and resulting fighting and feuding, that have occurred over the years grow intense as Gay Penhallow s fianc leaves her for the devious Nan Penhallow Peter PenNo amount of drama between the Dark and Penhallow families can prepare them for what follows when Aunt Becky bequeaths her prized heirloom jug the owner to be revealed in one year s time The intermarriages, and resulting fighting and feuding, that have occurred over the years grow intense as Gay Penhallow s fianc leaves her for the devious Nan Penhallow Peter Penhallow and Donna Dark find love after a lifelong hatred of each other and Joscelyn and Hugh Dark, inexplicably separated on their wedding night, are reunited.Hopes and shortcomings are revealed as we follow the fates of the clan for an entire year The legendary jug sits amid this love, heartbreak, and hilarity as each family member works to acquire the heirloom But on the night that the eccentric matriarch s wishes are to be revealed, both families find the biggest surprise of all.
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      308 L.M. Montgomery
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    I am ready to die I ve felt almost everything in life there is to feel ay, I ve drained my cup But I mean to die decently and in order I m going to have one last grand rally The date will be announced in the paper But if you want anything to eat you ll have to bring it with you I m not going to bother with that sort of thing on my death bed Not much can stir up old squabbles, grudges and festering resentments like the reading of a will, and I m pretty sure Aunt Becky has that in mind when she or [...]

    I cannot believe I didn t like this book the first time I read it It s full of everything good in an L.M Montgomery story, from humor to romance to judgmental families I really, really, REALLY like this book 3

    Superb Absolutely superb The characters live and step right off the page, leaving me thinking about them after I ve closed the book I like Gay though she s a weensy bit pathetic and one track minded and Roger and Margaret and even Drowned John, though I wouldn t want to meet him in reality.All the damning does get a little old it s almost like LMM was trying to show that she could write something realistic and grown up but it doesn t interfere with my delight in the story, nor does the racism of [...]

    I didn t really have any expectations for this one For unknown reasons the unread book never appealed to me and it is one of the last Montgomery novels I read Yet I really liked A Tangled Web I was intrigued from the very beginning and found myself caring for many of the characters.It was quite an unusual setting for a Montgomery novel to have that many storylines, but for me, it worked well I enjoyed reading it and I was pleasantly surprised.

    I have made the decision that the Darks and Penhallows are my favorite LMM clan and a Tangled Web may just be my favorite stand alone LMM book.s, I believe that I shall now declare that it is now my favorite stand alone LMM book we have to change our favorites as we change, you know I started out reading this book on the heels of Magic for Marigold and The Blue Castle just to simply study the clan dynamics I do love Marigold s clan a lot and I detest Valancy s clan in The Blue Castle I realize t [...]

    It all begins with garrulous Aunt Becky and the infamous Dark jug She may be dying but the old matriarch of the large Dark and Penhallow clan is determined to throw one last levee and stir up her extended family with her plan for bequeathing the heirloom Dating back to when the first Darks came to Prince Edward Island in the early 19th century, the Dark jug has been in the family ever since, and with it comes a certain prestige for the owner Over the generations, the Darks and Penhallows have in [...]

    L.M Montgomery was very very good at several things, and one of those was keeping a secret from her readers, building suspense until she finally decides to reveal all which is always done in a satisfying manner And she never does it better than in A Tangled Web through the petty jealousies and deep passions and squabbles and allegiances of the tale of the Darks and the Penhallows runs one of the best tantalizers I ve ever seen why did Joscelyn leave Hugh the night of their wedding and refuse to [...]

    I finally finished this Woohoo Ok, a really short review When I started this, I was so excited And then let down This book wasn t at all what I expected The first half of the book was really hard to get through The second half picked up and I was enjoying it when I was reading it, just not as much as I would ve liked There were so many characters to keep track of, but I did it I think I remembered who everyone was and which stories belonged to which characters My favorite stories were Gay s and [...]

    When I was rereading and reviewing The Blue Castle I came across mentions of L.M Montgomery s other novel targeted toward adults A Tangled Web I knew I had read it because if it was by L.M Montgomery and the Robinson Public Library owned it I read it I really couldn t remember much This definitely lacked much of the charm of The Blue Castle and as it focused on so many characters it was hard to get attached to any It is also hard to review a book that ends with such controversy No spoilers book [...]

    A strange little book Enjoyable in that it was a rather nice piece of gossip Very Montgomery with the ideal of the Clan family United against anyone from the outside yet snapping and biting each other all the time in private A book set in its time, place people A polite wasp story Ending is typical for its time but still unnecessarily offensive I m not sure what Montgomery was trying to achieve, except she was trying to demonstrate how uncouth the Sams were or she was showing off by being lady a [...]

    I m sorry L.M Montgomery fans, I just can t read this book right now I am finding it painful to continue, I only like three people out of the dozens of Penhollows and Darks In the summer, when I have patience I may try again Maybe then I will be able to stomach A Tangled Web.Right now, I just can t be bothered Why everyone wants an ugly old vase that has no sentimental value I don t know They re all ready to bite each others heads off for the stupid thing And that infuriating Nan Ugh I Can t Ta [...]

    If you ve ever read any of Montgomery s short stories, it ll help you to understand what I mean when I say this book is like a bunch of them interwoven together, and hence is better than if they were all separate The book follows a large family clan through about a year with engagements, weddings, falling in love at first sight, thinking you fell in love at first sight, etc Although it was hard for me to keep so many people straight, I really loved it Montgomery did a clever job making the main [...]

    It was a tangled web indeed so many characters in the families of the Penhallow and the Darks who never married anyone but only within themselves Their love interests , bickering , gossiping and sarcastic digs at each other constituted the story It was fun but it took me about 30% of the story to understand who was who and who was who s beau.L M Montgomery is my comfort read and it did not disappoint though it would have been easy on my brains if she had omitted a couple of characters.

    Loses a couple of stars for a ridiculously racist joke at the ending which I did not see coming Otherwise, this book was a great read if you are looking for a quiet, atmospheric yarn that is very easy.

    I felt that there were too many characters to keep up with I think that this book would have been better as a series of short stories.

    Over the years, 60 Penhallows have married 60 Darks These two families have formed a clan and its members are expected to marry into each other s families The clan is full of characters, yet one in particular stands out Aunt Becky At 96, Aunt Becky isn t long for this world Yet her tongue continues to spit fire and she forgets nothing even on her death bead Most dread an encounter with Aunt Becky fearing that she will drudge up some sordid detail of their past, yet there is one thing that brings [...]

    A Tangled Web is one of L.M Montgomery s stand alone books It took a little getting used to because the book follows so many people, and it was hard to keep them all straight at first But after a few pages, the characters came to life, and I wanted to know their stories.

    Could this quaint book of family feuds and reconciliations been given any other name I guess not A better title than a tangled web cannot given for such a narrative of intricate, invisible and strange ties that binds and breaks families read clan.Like many others, it was the magic of the Blue Castle which brought me into this Tangled web, to say that it was nothing like the beloved Blue Castle was a little disappointing in the beginning but the beauty of the PE Island and the sweetness in the wr [...]

    L.M Montgomery usual milieu was the young girl grows up story, but she occasionally crafted a story aimed toward the adult end of the spectrum The Blue Castle, for one, which is a wonderful story A Tangled Web is another First published in 1931, it follows a large cast of characters, all belonging the extended Dark and Penhallow clans as they speculate on who will inherit the old Dark jug from dying Aunt Emily.We particularly pursue half dozen or so of the family members, all of whom seek and f [...]

    This book is an absolute character soup with numerous banal subplots centered about the completely asinine question of who gets an old, ugly heirloom jug Yet, it is brilliant In appreciating art, I have always had a soft spot for those works that take things to such extremes that I am forced to love what I would normally hate In A Tangled Web, L M Montgomery succeeds in layering so many different characters that they become part of the setting, and unlike in the similar character stews like, say [...]

    This is the L.M Montgomery book for adults I was hoping to read Keep in mind it was first published in 1931 but it is daring and witty, sarcastic and sentimental This clever story of the Dark and Penhallow clans, whose family trees are like shrubs, is a fun romp with the skeletons in their closets It s a behind the scenes look at the best and worst of human nature among the clan and it s entertaining from start or almost to the end not quite The first section of the first chapter is a little of [...]

    I wasn t sure I would enjoy this, but once I d made it through the first couple of chapters it became hugely entertaining I never did get a grip on who all the cousins were or how everybody was related but it didn t matter just enjoy the ride Because the ride is the thing with LMM It s fairly obvious from the start what the endings of all the subplots will be but it s far from clear how we are going to get there, and her ingenuity often is quite brilliant.So I think this is one I may come back t [...]

    This is the first L.M Montgomery book I have read that was less then wonderful The beginning of the book seemed to take forever There were so many characters strung together that it became a chore to sort them out There was only a hint of the charm I usually find in her books and that was probably the biggest disappointment However, this book highlighted than usual Montgomery s knack for social commentary I loved the bridging in generations of this book and the different perspectives on life wh [...]

    I returned to this book over and over when I was younger This one is witty and paints vastly different characters quite vividly I laughed throughout the story at their loves and follies and loved each of their crazy adventures tremendously.

    Fun book to read with a wise ending I will admit I was looking forward to seeing who got the jug so that was disappointing.

    I love L.M Montgomery s books This one had too many characters to keep track of Her character studies are interesting and through She likes to explore good vs bad and what are they really The outcomes for her characters make some sense and she is a firm believer in happy endings, but only in a narrow sampling of people The last line ruined the entire book for me, but maybe Montgomery was being brave and wanted to shock her reader with one last insight into seemingly harmless characters and how n [...]

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