The Wolf King's Mate: Howls Romance

The Wolf King's Mate: Howls Romance #2020

The Wolf King s Mate Howls Romance A woman betrayed When the opportunity to flee the States for the wild beauty of Switzerland falls into her lap Tahlia Bromley seizes it with both hands Now nanny to a real life prince she lives in a
  • Title: The Wolf King's Mate: Howls Romance
  • Author: Olivia Arran
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A woman betrayed When the opportunity to flee the States for the wild beauty of Switzerland falls into her lap, Tahlia Bromley seizes it with both hands Now nanny to a real life prince, she lives in a palace, surrounded by such wealth and beauty that her life seems like a dream Maybe this fairytale existence will help heal her heart, broken by the lies and betrayal thA woman betrayed When the opportunity to flee the States for the wild beauty of Switzerland falls into her lap, Tahlia Bromley seizes it with both hands Now nanny to a real life prince, she lives in a palace, surrounded by such wealth and beauty that her life seems like a dream Maybe this fairytale existence will help heal her heart, broken by the lies and betrayal that destroyed her back home, but only if she can find a way to let go of the anger and hurt, and move on Then she meets a man who sweeps her off her feet But he s not just any man Oh, no He s naked He s larger than life And he s the King And, for some strange reason, he wants her A barbarian king All alpha wolf shifter Nicholas knows is how to be a soldier An enforcer The one who guards his King s back and defends the pack with claws and teeth But the King is dead No, his brother is dead Murdered in cold blood Now Nicholas is the King, the ruling Alpha of the pack, and he will avenge his brother s death Then his fated mate walks into his life and her very existence threatens to bring him to his knees This woman was born to rule by his side, but she s playing hard to get He s found his queen Now he has to win her love.
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    Seriously, picking up this kind of books, I never have high expectations, except that I am entertained without too much stupidity Well, I got disappointed The characters were superbland and boring, way too many were pressed inside such a short little story to be even a little well drawn, so all of them were too shallow Especially the h was not my cup of tea, her first meeting with the H was so ridiculously stupid, that I thoughtcrime couldn t get worse I was wrong.When finally a bit of action ca [...]

    When Tahlia discovered her fiance in bed with her best friend she flees to Switzerland to take the job as nanny to Prince Alex, a well advanced 2 year old or so she believes as she is unaware that he is a wolf shifter She hasn t met Uncle Nick yet but when she does she is smitten with the handsome naked man standing naked over her charge.So this story begins and once again I am enthralled by a sexy dominant shifter and a precocious little boy Ms Arran has never failed to take me on journeys of l [...]

    Well, this book started out ok and didn t get any better The plot was predictable, the characters were shallow and one dimensional with little detail to make them stand out for other romances that have been written better, and the heroine s dilemma wasn t much of one Maybe this book was too short, with chapters and details this could be good book.

    Brilliant short read that was the perfect blend of danger, romance, family bonds and feel good humourwith a pinch of irreverent snark Thalia, aka Lia, is the new nanny to a newly orphaned toddler, Alex He is waaaay to mature for his age but Lia loves the little guy and would do the job for nothing She landed the job when she had just left her slimbeball ex after catching him with her best friend But when she sees a tall, built, naked guy in Alex s room she flips to mama bear mode and threatens t [...]

    ENTICING detailed fast past intriguing read that keeps you hooked from the start Inside danger, emotional moments, gripping suspense, betrayal, fiery passionate romance, and a heavenly happy ever after.Tahlia is thrilled to be in Switzerland and loving her job as nanny to the toddler Prince Alex who keeps her on her toes Nicholas now Alpha and King to his pack cuts himself off from fun and friendships since the death of his brother and his brother s wife he conducts business but his heart is sad [...]

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book This was a short read that had equal elements of humor, snark, romance, sexy times, family, and love It made me want to read stories within this series The plot centers around a nanny, Thalia, who fled The States after heartbreak and became the caretaker for a young orphaned prince, Alexander, who is now living with his uncle, the newly appointed, reluctant, grieving, King Nicholas, who was an enforcer prior to his brother and sister in [...]

    Cute and funnyNick was awesome He was placed in the position of king when his brother and his mate were killed He was also the guardian of his two year old nephew He had pulled away from his pack, isolating himself so that he wouldn t have to feel the pain of loss again Thalia was employed as a nanny to Nick s nephew Alex She usually only took care of babies but she needed to get out of Seattle and away from her cheating ex and best friendSo Switzerland it was Nick was taking Alex out for runs a [...]

    When you read an Olivia Arran book you know you are going to get a great story, fun characters and you just can t put it down read This book is a good example Thalia leaves the United States and goes to Switzerland for a nanny job Her boyfriend cheated on her breaking her trust and heart She is hired to look after an adorable two year old orphan boy, Alex She is told that this is the King s heir, but wait, Switzerland does not have a monarchy.Thalia meets King Nicholas, Alex s uncle Sparks fly T [...]

    Tahlia has been hired as a nanny for Prince Alex of Switzerland But Switzerland doesn t have a royal family What Tahlia does not know is that Alex and his Uncle Nick, the king and all the others are wolf shifters Nick s brother the original king and his mate were killed in an accident which was really an assassination When Tahlia first sees Nick he is naked He is not bothered by this, but Tahlia is embarrassed and also intrigued.Eventually Tahlia finds out about the wolf shifters and that she is [...]

    EhhokayAn unremarkable and unmemorable story about a would be king who meets his mate in an unsuspecting human This story has been done to death and there is nothing remotely new about this one to remember it.Nicholas, the barbarian king, is an alpha wolf who reluctantly assumes leadership after his brother and his wife are killed Enter the only human in proximity his fated mate Tahlia Bromley, who has fled the states due to a broken heart, yada yada yada As always with shifters, Nicholas sees T [...]

    The Wolf King s Mate by Olivia Arran is part of the Howls Romance series This book will have you laughing and hoping for love all in the same paragraph King Nicholas is the Alpha of the Wolf clan in Switzerland He will be King until Prince Alex is old enough to take his rightful place Nick s brother was the King until he was killed Nick never wanted to be King but he is giving it his all Prince Alex is only 2 after all.Tahlia is an American nanny hired to care for the Prince How she actually mee [...]

    Sizzling, humorous Wolf Shifter Nanny Story When your boyfriend ex now sleeps with your best friend also ex now what do you do Move to Switzerland to become nanny to Prince Alexander who lost his parents Uncle Nick, or King Nicholas supposedly visits Alex, but Tahlia hasn t met him yet until Uncle Nick shows up sans clothes and lots of explaining to do Of course as reader we know Uncle Nick is a wolf shifter, but Tahlia has no idea such a thing exists Uncle Nick is pure business, and needs to re [...]

    I love it when books keep you turning the pages This book did that Tahlia is an american in Switzerland, a nanny to a little prince She had to get away from her cheating boyfriend and this was perfect Poor little prince is in the care of his uncle, his parents were killed Nicholas is the king he did not want to be, a wolf shifter and king alpha, he took over after the death of his brother Nicholas discovers, after finally seeing the nanny, that not only is she perfect, but his one true mate The [...]

    My DarlingNick s brother was assassinated Now he is king of his people and legal guardian of his nephew Nick never wanted to lead, he was his brother s muscle and preferred it that way In his grief, he has isolated himself from everyone except his nephew and his right hand, Zara His world is in darkness, until he meets Tahlia His mate.Tahlia is took the nanny job in Switzerland to get away from her cheating ex The plan was to get away from men, but Nick has her in his sights She find herself att [...]

    Nicholas has been thrown into the role of king and Alpha to his pack in Switzerland after the death of his brother.Tahlia, after being betrayed by her boyfriend take a job as nanny to the orphaned prince of the Switzerland pack.When Lia and Nick meet he knows straight away who Lia is to him and his wolf but how will he convince her what he s offering is forever especially when she doesn t know shifters exist This story has a good balance of drama, danger and romance, it was very easy to get lost [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this fun read and loved the characters The plot was interesting and flowed well In one short book we get family commitment, love, betrayal, murder, intrigue and of course romance Added to this mix is sassy, smart and strong women equally paired with good alpha men This is reflected in other characters in this book not just the two H s Really enjoyed this facet of the story.One fly in the ointment was taken care of and what happened with the cheating ex boyfriend had me in st [...]

    3.5 StarsThis book is short, fast paced and enjoyable I read this book in one sitting and wasn t once bored I liked Tahlia I liked her personality and attitude I liked Nick but I wanted of him in the story I saw some chemistry between him and Tahlia but would ve liked a little I also would ve liked a few scenes of Nick and Tahlia together in I really liked Tahlia s bond with Alex Alex is super cute The storyline for this book is easy to follow and it is an enjoyable read.

    Tahlia is The Wolf King s Mate in this Howls Romance Nick makes quite a King and a sexy alpha This is another excellent steamy shifter romance by an excellent shifter romance author Tahlia is a nanny for a two year old prince but little did she know he was a shifter prince Once the king sees her, he knows she is his mate Nick has to tone down his instincts to get into his fated mate s heart I received a gifted copy I am voluntarily leaving an honest review I honestly love this story and this aut [...]

    THE WOLF KING S MATEI absolutely loved this book The storyline was intriguing and captivating, and very entertaining Nick and Lia were strong, interesting and very likable characters I loved that this story was dual POV, I always prefer it when I get both characters thoughts They had a sizzling chemistry and a strong connection, and I loved the dialogue between the two of them This was a very enjoyable read, and a favourite for me I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    Things happen for a reason Leaving her cheating ex behind, Lia is hired to take care of the crown Prince, or so she thinks Nick is now alpha, after his brother is killed, his nephew is now his son The family dynamic is strong in this story, the main characters care about and care for the others in the pack The bad guy and his followers are dealt with in true wolf form It s short and sweet and very much like the rest of the series.

    4.5 Stars A wonderful sweet and sassy shifter romance Lia is in Switzerland escaping troubles back home in America look after Prince Alex a cheeky and precious little animal literally.Nick is the new King and guardian of Alex after his parents pass away, and he is struggling with the transition until he meets Lia his mate Great characters, plenty of humour and action, well worth a read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    Fun short shifter read I always enjoy Olivia s books Is you want a short sexy shifter book then read any of her books This one was good It was about a wolf king and queen getting killed and the kings brother taking over as king He is left with a nephew and a nanny comes to take care of him Talhia ends up being the mate of the king Even short it had a good story and I enjoyed it.

    I absolutely loved this book It had everything you need for a great read Plenty of humour, action, and of course steamy romance My only issue was that I wish it was a little bit longer Overall a enjoyable and entertaining read I voluntarily read and review this ARC no minority compensation was received the opinions I have expressed are my own.

    Tahlia accepts a job as nanny to a prince in Switzerland She found her best friend and boyfriend in bed together She finds a very precocious two year old orphan who she loves dearly Then she meets his Uncle Nick, The King Wow He is hot and romantic and blows her away These two have a very erotic romance This is a definite must read I received this as an ARC and voluntarily reviewed it.

    Sexy Alpha wolf and his nannyLove a wolf who gets his mate Sexy enforcer turned Alpha and pseudo dad after the tragic death of his brother and sister in law, falls for the human nanny Gotta love when the bad guy and the slimy ex get what they deserve also and the H and h live HEA.

    The Wolf King s Mate may be similar to the other nanny guardian uncle romances, but this shifter world and these characters draw you in Humans don t know shifters exist Tahlia is sweet, sassy, and not a pushover Nick is a bada alpha, but still old fashioned This fun novella feels like a much bigger story, yea

    Good bookI love the Howls Romance series All the books are fun, passionate, and well written this book was no exception If you looking for a good afternoon read get this book and enjoy

    Quick readEnjoyable Both characters are strong and like able Focuses a lo on the development of their relationship s opposed to immediately jumping in bed together Some intrigue and action to round it out.

    Surprisingly goodA short novella that avoids the traditional instant fall in love and into bed I liked that in such a short story there was attention to relationship and World building A good buy.

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