Savage Run

Savage Run #2020

Savage Run When a massive explosion occurs deep within the forests of Twelve Sleep County and a colorful environmental activist appears to have perished in the blast clues lead to a deadly conspiracy
  • Title: Savage Run
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9781585472499
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a massive explosion occurs deep within the forests of Twelve Sleep County and a colorful environmental activist appears to have perished in the blast, clues lead to a deadly conspiracy.
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      189 C.J. Box
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    Joe Pickett is a family man and one of the few Game Wardens in Wyoming, he has a steady moral compass and is an intellegent, lawful man In this second addition to the series Joe gets wrapped up in an environmental feud After radicals set off an explosion in the deep woods, an investigation reveals that a cow and possibly two people were accidentally killed Joe knows that there is to it than that and goes back later to look into it further When he is shot at with a long range rifle he knows his [...]

    I want to love these books because they came with such high recommendation However, they are good but not wonderful The main character is a fish and game warden, is very moral, and a bit too naive I really hate to say it because I should appreciate a moral, trusting character but he was almost too good to be true Oh, that is so sad to say He is the kind of man who trusts in a handshake and expects that everyone will abide by the rules I truly hope there are people like that still in the world th [...]

    Savage Run perhaps is not as good as the first book It is still a very satisfying thriller in the Joe Pickett series.Joe Pickett is a Wyoming game ward charged with overseeing the Big Horn Mountains in the northern part of the state Mary Beth, Joe s wife, is a beautiful woman As their 10 year daughter, Sheridan, observes of her mother Mom, you re a hottie Mary Beth, went to college to become a lawyer But she fell in love with Joe and they live the austere life on game warden s wages This is an i [...]

    Book 2 in the Joe Pickett series starts with the death of an infamous environmentalist A fire spotter has noted the explosion, and the Sheriff, expecting some sort of poaching of elk, calls on the Wyoming Game Warden to join him in investigating The bloody scene of destruction is not what they were expecting and the Sheriff seems particularly angry that Pickett is involved But, Pickett reminds him, YOU called me to join you The case is closed fairly quickly, but Joe isn t satisfied, and several [...]

    3.5 stars This book was a little intriguing to me than the first A lot less getting to know the characters and detail to the surroundings and feelings, still just as stressful though lolThere is only one thing that has bothered me a little bit so far I am not to sure I haven t looked into it but guessing from the writing I would say the first book on this series was the first book actually written by this author I assume this because I feel he doesn t seem to trust the reader a whole lot yet H [...]

    Joe Pickett 2 the Murder Mystery sequel to Open Season opens with a jaw dropping paragraph and then nicely propels you back into Joe s world at the edge of the Rocky Mountains.If I m honest, then it seemed to drift for a couple of chapters and I was wondering whether a serious case would ever emerge and, how Joe would end up in the middle of it More fool me I should be familiar with cleverly crafted scene settingI recommend making sure you give yourself some serious reading time for the last tw [...]

    The second of the charming game warden Joe Pickett series finds Joe again in Wyoming s Bighorn mountain range A famous ecoterrorist, out peacefully spiking trees with his bride of three days, is killed by an exploding cow Joe is drawn into this crime and must meet with the cow s owner, who seems complacent about the deaths on his ranch land Joe wants to know why this bizarre circumstance of facts doesn t phase the jerk.Marybeth, Joe s wife, begins receiving phone calls from an old high school be [...]

    This is the second Joe Pickett novel and the series is getting stronger The series is set in some amazing scenic backcountry, and Joe Pickett is a pleasantly flawed lead character Unlike many flawed heroes in crime novels, Joe is just human He s mucked up a few times, but he believes in what he does.Although I enjoyed the story, there was an element of predictability about it, but not so much that the overall story suffered, I think I would just rather have known a little less about what was goi [...]

    SAVAGE RUN VGC.J Box 2nd in seriesWhen a massive explosion occurs, apparently killing an environmental activist, Game Warden Joe Pickett is called in to investigate This is a very good series and refreshing in that Joe is happily, but realistically, married with children he s honest and ethical and lives his life the best he can The stories are well plotted, well written, with the right level of action and suspense to keep us involved I have, and look forward to reading, the 3rd book in this ser [...]

    This is Joe Pickett 2 This follows Joe in his quest to know about the range wars between the Ecoterrists who believe in bring the earth back to its natural wildlife and the ranchers who want to destroy it Is Stewie really dead this time Joe tests this survival skills and his determination to do the right thing.

    3 jul 16, another from box for mee 6th i think most of the other 5 6 have been joe pickett stories and i haven t been reading them in order how thoughtless and inconsiderate but i ve enjoyed each one onward and upward4 jul 16, finished great story the ole willing suspension takes a kick in the pants a time or three but all in all a good read.

    Second in gripping series of mysteries with Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett as hero He uses brains and grit to get out of some tough situations and renders pleasure to see the greedy take a fall The series also nicely showcases the beauty of the Rockies makes me miss living out West.

    GREAT storytellingTerrific characters and a great story Occasional lapses understanding horse s, the West, etc Lousy editing A GOOD thriller Want

    2nd in this series and an enjoyable read I liked this better than the first, possibly as I m getting used to the characters and the whole wilderness thing.

    A very smooth and easy read, in which the author just about perfectly skewers environmental extremists on both ends of tne spectrum.

    Box once again provides a gripping narrative, enticing location, fast paced suspense, and unobtrusive musings on the balance of nature and development in the Wyoming wilderness Yes, a few of the plot twists seem a bit coincidental, but that doesn t stop the reader from being drawn into Game Warden Joe Pickett s pursuit of justice.Many series have a lone wolf law enforcement figure at their core While Pickett does tend to follow his own path on the job, his strong connection to his young family b [...]

    Book two done Not the greatest series, however I still like the storyline about a game warden and his adventures I like the subtle messages about urbanization and the impact of humans on the environment Makes you think Joe Pickett has his work cut out for him as humans and animals and assorted agendas collide I like the writing It s flows I think the descriptions of the lifestyles and the personalities of the various characters are compelling enough Gonna read 3.

    I m reading current novels of Box and I m also starting at the front and catching up so that one day I ll be up to date with the series, and it s well worth the effort.This story has a strange, strange beginning with no less of a strange ending, but then it s a Joe Pickett novel with a full cast of familiar characters This is vintage CJ Box and vintage box is a fine wine indeed.

    Another good entry in the Joe Pickett series This one was a little brutal at times but it was still enjoyable Mr Box is a good author who writes a pretty straight forward story about life in a small town I will keep reading his stuff.

    Another solid C J Box, Joe Pickett novel I ve read many but somehow missed this one Savage Run comes up again in a future Joe Pickett installation the adventure of the outdoors and wilderness I find appealing Not to mention the whole Pickett family

    In this second book by Box in the Joe Pickett series, he continues the theme of environmentalists vs ranchers and loggers Box appears to be trying to stay the middle course since he portrays both sides as extremists, willing to kill or maim the others Joe is the same straight arrow game warden just trying to due his duty while finding a way to support his family on his meager salary Joe has been called a flawed character by reviewers but that term is not applied in the normal way He s not a rule [...]

    Well, that s one way to make ground chuck Seriously though, I really enjoyed this book The character development was very well done Our villains are deeply disturbing individuals with an evil plan Charlie Tibbs ranks up there with my Best Worse Villains Ever and the last person I d want to tick off On the upside, I m really becoming fond of Joe Pickett, who is once again the underdog He s not the alpha male that is so popular in fiction today, just an average Joe who loves his family and has a d [...]

    When it comes to writing a successful mystery series, a memorable, likeable main character goes a long way toward completing the marathon Joe Pickett has likeability in spades, and his game warden profession provides a unique perspective in a sea of detectives, PIs, and ne er do wells While the plot may have been a bit farfetched at times, it never seemed so far out there that it proved unreasonable.What really drew me into the story, though, was the beginning The opening line is perfection, and [...]

    I am really enjoying this new to me series The hero, Joe Pickett, is so relatable He is a sometimes bumbling, loving father of three girls, sometimes insecure husband, not the best shot game warden in small town Saddlestring, Wyoming He gets scared He doesn t always know what to do when caught in a sticky situation A thrilling, frightening, educational, and funny trek through the wilderness.

    In Savage Run, Wyoming game warden Joe Picket runs up against a new age range war Killers have been hired by some shadowy group to kill off environmental activists Joe gets caught up in the conflict at first peripherally through his job and then directly through a family connection from the past.For the first two thirds of the book, the story builds in two separate lines One follows the team of killers as they go about the country eliminating victims in imaginative ways The other follows Joe Pic [...]

    This story takes place two years after Open Season Joe is still the game warden, married to Marybeth, and raising his three girls A call comes in about an explosion It appears that a cow exploded killing a couple of people in the process Joe sets off to figure out what happened even after the local sheriff said it was an open and closed case C J Box does an excellent job describing the landscape and setting up the mystery, but I wish he would make Joe a bit smarter There are a couple of times wh [...]

    This book grabbed my attention and kept me interested till the end The story is about these environmentalist wackos that are getting murdered in various parts of the country Joe Pickett gets involved because one of the murders takes place in his jurisdiction The head of One Globe is blown up with hi newlywed by a bomb attached to a cow Joe is trying to figure out what is going on, plus do his job as the game warden in Saddlestring, Wyoming The wonder of the cow who blew up seems to be a challeng [...]

    These books are a fast, entertaining read It s the second one in this series Can t decide yet whether or not I like the characters The eco terrorist plot kept me engaged and I like the Wyoming setting, but Joe Picket is such a law abiding, by the rules game warden, I wish he d lighten up a little I don t want him to look the other way but it makes him a little unlikeable to be so staunch in his beliefs He just plows ahead making decisions to press charges because the law says so, come hell or hi [...]

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