Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs #2020

Gone to the Dogs When a local vet and a pampered pet disappear Holly Winter and her veterinarian lover Steve Delaney go to the exclusive Cambridge Dog Training Club to investigate
  • Title: Gone to the Dogs
  • Author: Susan Conant
  • ISBN: 9780553297348
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a local vet and a pampered pet disappear, Holly Winter and her veterinarian lover Steve Delaney go to the exclusive Cambridge Dog Training Club to investigate.
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      360 Susan Conant
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    I thought this would be a book I would really enjoy a mystery about a dog lover Right up my alley Nope The writing was tedious as Susan Conant tried to educate her readers to often into the world of dog training And the mystery was not really a mystery for much of the story and, by the time it was, I no longer cared There are other Dog Lovers Mysteries, but I will not be reading them.

    I guess I am not the dog lover I thought I was because this was boring I felt like I was being lectured to about everything from dog safety to dog etiquette This was not my cup of tea and I will not be following this author.

    Fun to read books about dog people If you do any dog sports obedience, agility, tracking, nose work, etc these books are fun, easy reads The events happen in a world you know Enjoyed reading this one.

    There are too many other books in this world to read I found it slow, totally predictable and not very funny at all.

    What I like about her books is that I get so engrossed in the doggy details, the characters, etc that I forget there s supposed to be a mystery Then it s like Oh yeah.

    What a delightful, fun read I love mysteries and I was looking for some light beach reading material So glad I found Susan Conant s dog mysteries They re easy reads fun whodunnits that surround the main character s life as a dog writer and trainer If you participate in any dog training or sport, you ll get kick out of the inside jokes of dog training, the AKC, and dog sports and their people.

    Round up to 3.25 stars Better than some of her others, but the mystery solving was a bit lacking.

    I ve read several dog oriented mysteries lately with romantic involvement with the main character s veterinarian Not that I am selecting these stories on purpose, it is a trend with authors Don t get me wrong a good vet is priceless when you are a cattle rancher with dogs like me it s just that the vets are always really busy stressed by the nature of their work And then to be involved with murder Give unto me a break from this type of plot I also find that I tend to finish reading these stories [...]

    Love this new to me series If you love dogs and really love mysteries, you will enjoy this Book A little trouble with placing the many characters, but otherwise an easy reading Thank you Ms Conant

    The cover is very cute, but the book is a bore First, I can t stand first person novels Occasionally I find a good one, but most are hideous This one was unbelievably irritating The main character Holly will stop mid sentence to ask a rhetorical question For example So, I was out training my dogs in agility yesterday You don t know what agility is That s a shame It s _______.I got so sick of hearing about Cambridge Oh, that blanket is soooo Cambridge This cafe is for the hipsters of Cambridge In [...]

    I always enjoy these dogs books by Susan Conant The stories about Holly Winter and her two Alaskan malamutes are always entertaining.Holly is taking her two dogs to the vet and Kimi runs into traffic before Holly can get her leash on her She is saved by a man who says he recently lost a dog.One of th local vets has been missing for 3 weeks and another vet s wife is missing At Holly s Christmas party everyone is speculating about what has happened to these two people Holly slowly unravels the mys [...]

    Another great story by Susan Conant Holly s dog, Kimi, is saved by a strange man whom Holly then befriends and invites to her dog training club At the same time, her boyfriend Steve hires another vet to work at his practice, something that is long needed so Steve can take some time off Then people in the dog world start disappearing and who better than Holly to solve the mystery Combining details about a rare breed of dogs with a history lesson on the exploration of Antarctica, Susan Conant agai [...]

    6 in the Dog Lover s Mystery series Unfortunately named dog magazine columnist, Holly Winter, is based in Cambridge, MA She persists in trying to train her malemute in this aptly named series for dog lovers.Dog Lover s series Holly Winter meets John Buckley when he rescues her malemute Kimi from traffic John shows up at odd times with whiskey breath and his dog, a mutt as he calls it Holly tries to remember where she has heard of a tail like this dog has Steve has a new assistant vet, Lee Miner [...]

    So this was a good book, but not a great one The story didn t seem quite as exciting as previous ones in the series I did think that the killer s way of disposing of bodies was unique, not something I had heard of before But I never felt a real sense of menace The story just ambled along, with lots of doggy information mixed in.

    This is the first book I have read by this author I m on a dog kick right now so it fed right into that interest I thought it was cute and fed my dog obsession, but it wasn t great I will probably give another of her books a try.

    One of the better books in this series Conant manages to include some home truths about dominance training, while creating a complex story involving two murders and a lethal veterinarian.

    Kimi gets stuck in traffic and gets saved by a man with a dog Dog turns out to be a rare Chinook Vet is killer Holly figures it out.Good.

    Great Book Humorous, insightful, clever, and much ado about dogs Writer is obviously educated about the dog world, but she also obviously loves them.

    A cozy mystery based on Holly Winter who is a magazine writer who gets involved in mysteries and has her malamutes with her always interesting but again light reading.

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