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Beats For months shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall dark and scary bandmate Toombs Badcock Drawn to his frightening ink and scars she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets
  • Title: Beats
  • Author: Kendall Grey
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  • Page: 265
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  • For months, shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall, dark, and scary bandmate, Toombs Badcock Drawn to his frightening ink and scars, she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets lurking behind his silver eyes, but Jinx is too intimidated to even look at him, let alone talk to him When she stumbles upon Toombs and their manipulative lead guitarist RFor months, shy drummer Jinx Hardwick has been silently crushing on her tall, dark, and scary bandmate, Toombs Badcock Drawn to his frightening ink and scars, she yearns to uncover the shadowy secrets lurking behind his silver eyes, but Jinx is too intimidated to even look at him, let alone talk to him When she stumbles upon Toombs and their manipulative lead guitarist Rax in a compromising position, Jinx realizes her chances of winning Toombs s heart aren t just a long shot they re nonexistent To make matters worse, Jinx s family needs her at home She s about to back away from it all Toombs, the band, her dreams of fame and fortune when Rax makes her an offer she can t refuse a no holds barred night alone with Toombs There s one small catch She has to go through Rax to get it.
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      265 Kendall Grey
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    re read December 2015.Holy hell, I d forgotten how seriously HOT this series is.M F MM M Fy my thing.I enjoyed it even the second time.I read this about a year ago and loved it and I enjoyed it even this time.This book concentrates on the relationship between Jinx and Toombs but Rax plays an important part.Jinx is totally crushing on Toombs,her band mate,and she thought he felt the same.until one night when she caught him and Rax together and Toombs started to withdraw and blank her.Rax is a t [...]

    3.5 Beating Stars This is the story of Gianna Jinx the drummer in Killer Buzz Float Jinx is in love with Toombs, one of the guitarists and ex drummer in Killer Dixon She had a crush on him since forever, but she doesn t dare to make a move, because she knows that Toombs has something going on with the other guitarist and best friend of him, Rax and she doesn t want to get in between them, thinking that she also doesn t stand a chance Gianna has also problems back at home with her family and she [...]

    3.75 4 StarsToombs Jinx Anybody can have sex It s a primitive bodily function Hey, cock, meet pussy Insert, agitate, release Love is completely different, much complicated animal Love is like music You have to work at it Love is ugly and dirty and painful sometimes But it can also be pretty fucking awesome once you figure out how to play the right notes to the right rhythm I absolutely loved Strings, book one of this Hard Rock Harlots series I loved the bluntness, the dirtiness and the overall [...]

    4 stars Our beats become one Heart beats Drum beats Sex beats Jinx is in love, too bad the one she loves won t give her the time of day, what makes it worse is that they are stuck on a bus together as they finish off their tour Thanks to Letty s twelve step program on how to fuck em and bag em she may finally get her shot I m gonna let you in on a little secret The way to a guy s heart is straight through his dick Once you conquer the cock, his soul is a piece of pecan pie drizzled with cum, beg [...]

    After having finished Strings just yesteday, I am really looking forward to this book Something tells me Jinx has a wild side that rivals Letty s

    I liked this one, did not love it like I did Strings but still glad I read it Kendall Grey rocks out and beats some incredibly creative smutty sex scenes I love her writing style I am satisfied with the way this one ended, but I do believe book three is going to be of what I am looking for.Oh thanks for the vegetable visual of Toombs

    5 chameleon Toombs Badcock Forever jinxed KissesOkayKendall Grey just blew my mindAbsolutely amazingavo So now that I ve had time to try and figure out my emotionsHere we goWell if Strings rocked my face off then Beats just melted me into a puddle of emotions Holy SHIT I was not expecting what just devoured me that s right, I was chewed up, savored and spat out by this book I went into Beats with the same expectations as Strings lots of laughs, some hot sex, kick ass characters, a mild amount of [...]

    2018Not any better the second time aroundunintentional reread 2015It said m nage.It said sexy as fuck.It said light and funny.WellIT lied.The 3 wayrced and unhappy.The sexyt visible anywhere.The L and Fdumb and dumber did I just read This really was TERRIBLE.The H is an asshole, when he s not being a lame lump.WHY IS SHE EVEN INTO HIM WHY DO I CARE What I really hate, is the fact that I feel like Jinx only had sex was pressured into having sex with Rax to get Toombs to like her again I trust thi [...]

    WARNING If you are easily offended, grossed out, or have no idea what a strap on is This review is not for you Please move on before your eyeballs start on fire Kendall Grey, I want to shrink you down to a fun size little mini and carry you around in my pocket Anyone who can come up with the fantastic ness that is Strings and then follow it up with theawesomeness of Beats is seriously a genius Now let me warn you, while I love, love, loved Strings do not start Beats thinking it s going to be all [...]

    Kendall Grey I m giving you 5 Hot StarsI enjoyed this as much as Strings but in a different way.This is Jinx and Toombs storyJinx has a huge crush on Toombs but to get to him she will need to go through Rax first.Rax and Toombs have a special relationship Jinx is about to find out how specialWhere Strings was rauncher, smuttier and lol funny, Beats had of a story It still has the one liners but this time it pulls at the heart strings every now and again ToombsRax This is still as hot as hell Th [...]

    Review for Beats by Kendall GreyARC provided by author for honest review Kendall Fuckin Grey If you ve heard her name you think one of two things I love that chic or She rocks so fuckin hard both are true statements Kendall is one of the kindest and real people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting Her genuine love for her readers, bloggers, and fellow authors is a testament to what the Indie community is all about I am honored to know her and to have had the opportunity to read Beats befor [...]

    I wish I could say I loved this as much as Strings but it just wasn t meant to be, I m afraid I can t put my finger on what it was that didn t work this time around but so often whilst reading I felt myself either disgusted, bored or just plain confused.I think my biggest issue was actually with Jinx, which is so bizarre as I loved her in Strings She was one of the characters I really wanted to read about so I was pleased when I knew this book was hers Only, once I started reading this I felt li [...]

    Beats is good, off the charts sexy and I can t begin to fathom how Kendall Grey walks around with that crap in her head These sex scenes were CRAY Z, and I loved every filthy dirty line The only down side was I think I missed Letty, her smart ass mouth and quick comebacks Jinx was a kitten compared to Letty, although I still enjoyed her story.Jinx is a good Catholic girl on the outside and a bit of a sexual wildcat on the inside She keeps that sexual prowess hidden well until Letty steps in We a [...]

    Long Live Rock This book was, as one of the members of the band would put it Totally RadIf you are in the mood for something shocking, highly sexually charged and fun,Beats is the book for you.I found that I enjoyed this second book way than the first one, as much fun as Letty and Shades were, I just loved Jinx and Toombs story, their connection was personal and super intense Jinx is the shy girl in the band, she sees herself as a chameleon but in all honesty she is just trying to figure out w [...]

    OMG Holy Motherfucking Shit I fucking loved it Stars I adore Kendall Grey, I just love her wicked sense of humor, her compassion, her passion for her readers, and just because she is one kick ass person I fucking loved Strings, but Beats fucking consumed me It was the perfect blend of romance, hot steamy sex scenes, and crude humor ToombsghToombs is fucking mine Don t anybody even try to mess with my man You can just call me Jinx from now on I amVERYinterested in Toombs package I am kind of afra [...]

    I loved the first cause I like gross humor stuff, but this one I thought she took up with the story line It s a good book Don t get me wrong there are some seriously sexy scenes but I loved the self discovery the characters went through and I ll be on the look out for the next one.

    Hot In Herre Hot in So hot in herre So hot inI m in a puddle,Oh, don t mind meGO, DO IT, READ THE HELL OUT OF THIS BOOK So So Hot D

    4.5 to 5 stars I have to be honest with you When I readby Kendall Grey, I was NOT prepared Prepared for what you ask How about the raunchiest, most gag worthy rock in roll romance I have ever had the privilege of reading I swear to you that I read Strings with my mouth hanging open in shock There were things that Letty and Shades did that I I I don t even know I gag.just eeewww I had never read anything like it, never met anyone like them, and it made me wonder what kind of person was this Kenda [...]

    I was a little nervous diving into this Strings just about gave little ole me a heart attack I still liked it but I wasn t sure that I could handle a whole other book full of new terms for my lady bits That, however, did NOT stop me from picking up this book the minute I found out it was LIVE I knew I would read this but it surprised me just how badly I wanted to read it until it became available I felt a little dirty reading the first book Kendall even tweeted that she would hold my hand for me [...]

    I really liked Strings and was looking forward to thiswas excited about getting to know Jinx My mistake Jinx ended up coming across as boring to mer the most part, anyway She had glimpses of fun, rockstar, sexiness but only after she d internally whined for so long that I was ready to tell her that she should, indeed, go home.The whole Jinx Toombs Rax thing Ugh I felt like there was this constant, underlying, likeness to Cunning s Reagan Trey Ethan from Double Timewith hints of Trey s relationsh [...]

    2.5 Extremely Disappointing StarsWith the controversy and drama addressed and put aside, Beats was still a colossal disappointment I was so intrigued by Jinx and Toombs in Strings that I immediately decided to read the next book in the series when I found out it was theirs Unfortunately what could have been an intensely passionate and beautiful love story was ruined by a love triangle that was totally out of character for Jinx I had absolutely no clue who this girl was she was all over the place [...]

    4 crazy, dirty, horny, hillarious, WTF stars Toombs JinxI don t even know where to start, I try to think about it and I just end up laughing Toombs was all likeJinx was all likeAnd I wasI had fun, loved them all except Rax the sleazeball, ugh and I m happy for Giana Jeff 3

    OMFG I LOVE YOU KENDALL GREY You are a genius I devoured this book in hours I could not put it down I fricking love Jinx and Toombs I never wanted the book to end Rax drove me crazy but I still loved him too he just needs to find someone who loves him like the others found each other maybe Lola the stripper lol hothothot sex scenes holy smokes where is my husband when I need him away Kendall thanks for that hehe any who I would follow you down any path you want to lead me I love your talent and [...]

    After loving the first book in this series, I had no idea what to expect next Was this book still funny Sure, at times But it wasn t as light hearted as Letty s book It was still super sexy too I liked that we had a much deeper story, but I don t think it had the depth to back it up There was a great romance between Toombs who I adore and Jinx, but I have to say that it was mostly a complete nightmare There was so much drama and miscommunication I wished there was a way for them to be together, [...]

    I read this second book in the Hard Rock Harlots series because of elements I enjoyed in the first Namely the complexity of the background characters and the dynamics of the band The strongest part of the first book was the scenes on the stage and the interplay with the band members.This book is much darker, better written, and just has so much impact than the first Though the first book had me laughing out loud, this one is still clever but has much emotional depth.I really, really like Jinx [...]

    While I loved the scenes with Jinx and Toombs, I must say that Rax makes me effing cringe Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me want the stab him in the neck with a rusty spork I ve yet to have a character that is supposed to be a possible love interest make me want to shower and not in a good way Especially the Red Room scene I think this for the character was intended, and do believe that the way he acts is a mask for some underlying issue While we do have a happy ending, it does not [...]

    Okay, the sex scenes are a little hard core for me, but I knew that going in Nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo Sometimes you just have to go there I loved Beats, maybe even than the first I love Letty, don t get me wrong but she s balls to the wall all of the time Jinx has a totally different vibe and it counterbalanced the sex scenes for me, gave me a break if you know what I mean Funny one liners, hot sex, sweet love story, rock and rollwhat s not to like

    I wanted smutty, and while this certainly fit the bill I also wanted to douse these characters with anti bacterial soap and Clorox with all of the liquids flying everywhere Their fluids grossed me out if I m being honest I was also surprised with the weak plot considering the author is extremely Critical of her peers I don t foresee continuing with this series.

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