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The Player #2020

The Player Tragedy drove him into unwilling exile Death demands his reluctant return In the decade between he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets Now the actor known to Paris as L Inconn
  • Title: The Player
  • Author: Stella Riley
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  • Page: 218
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  • Tragedy drove him into unwilling exile Death demands his reluctant return In the decade between, he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets.Now the actor known to Paris as L Inconnu must resume his real identity and become Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre a man he no longer knows how to be and whose name, thanks to the malice of a friTragedy drove him into unwilling exile Death demands his reluctant return In the decade between, he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets.Now the actor known to Paris as L Inconnu must resume his real identity and become Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre a man he no longer knows how to be and whose name, thanks to the malice of a friend turned enemy, remains tarnished by an old scandal Revenge, so long avoided, slithers temptingly from the shadows.Grand daughter of a wealthy wool merchant, Caroline Maitland is not finding her Society debut either easy or enjoyable but, to Marcus Sheringham, she is the perfect solution to his crushing mountain of debt Knowing she will be married for her money, Caroline never believed she would find love but neither did she bargain for a certain charming French highwayman and a surprising turn of events.The stage is set, the cast assembled and the Duke of Rockliffe waits for the curtain to rise.In the wings, Lord Sarre prepares to make his entrance.He doesn t expect to be greeted with applause.
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    4.5 stars.When I read the blurb for this one I didn t think I was going to enjoy it as much as the first two in the series I was wrong I think it might be my favourite of the series.Tragedy drove him into unwilling exile Death demands his reluctant return In the decade between, he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets.Now the actor known to Paris as L Inconnu must resume his real identity and become Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre a man he no longer knows ho [...]

    Taking a break from her epic Civil War series, Stella Riley returns to Georgian England for The Player, the third book in her Rocklliffe Series.Eagle eyed readers of the previous novel, The M salliance, may recall mention of a celebrated and hugely talented actor gracing the theatres of Paris, known as L Inconnnu The Unknown At one point in the story, the Duke of Rockliffe recalls the rumour that this actor is, in fact, an English nobleman whose life has been tainted by tragedy and scandal.Franc [...]

    4 Loved this third and last book in what I found to be quite a delightful little series I cannot recommend the audio book version, narrated by the very talented and sexy Alex Wyndham, highly enough He brought the books to life.Magnifique

    Having just completed another listen read of Stella Riley s THE PLAYER third in the Rockliffe series, I am, as always, left wondering what I can say that hasn t already been said about this author s exceptional writing skill From the first word to the last Ms Riley has me enthralled whether it s with this, her Georgian historical romance series or with her meticulously researched and fascinatingCivil War series, to which I am addicted.Ten years ago Frances Adrian Sinclair Devereux was unfairly b [...]

    After reading The M salliance, I was especially intrigued by the actor known as L Inconnu , whom Rockliffe recognises at the Com die Fran aise Ms Riley subtly hints that a nasty scandal forced this man to flee England eight years earlier and I knew then that this mystery man was destined to have his own book.The Player is the third book in Stella Riley s fabulous Rockliffe series and we discover that L Inconnu is, in fact, Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre Ms Riley excels in writin [...]

    There should be Stella Rileys Maybe scientists could work on at least one clone so that we could have one Stella R to write Rockliffe Georgian romances while the other Stella R keeps us supplied with Roundheads and Cavaliers historical fiction As it is, there are never enough books by Riley to satisfy me.Case in point This one As soon as I finished it, I already wanted another one Riley s too good Most other HRs, with a few exceptions such as those by Cecilia Grant, Meredith Duran, Joanna Bou [...]

    This is third in a series and characters from the first two show up and play important roles in the plot I d still recommend skipping those and starting here, knowing you ll miss knowing the details of those characters There was a long delay between the release of this and the previous books and the author seems to have used that time wisely, I think.After the trainwreck of The M salliance, this was kind of my last try for a Stella Riley book Fortunately, I liked it a lot better than the previou [...]

    Brilliant addition to the Rockliffe series and another 5 star story In our times of oversexed wallpaper historicals where the only historical is how people are dressed or undressed likely , Stella Riley books provide a shining example of what historical romances should be.The story, third book in the series, is set in 1776 The hero, Adrian Devereux, left England 10 years ago under a cloud of accusation that he caused a death of his fianc He made a very very brief appearance in the second book a [...]

    4.5 The Gentleman Actor and the Merchant s Daughter Stars for the story and 5 Stars for the narration Narration by Alex Wyndham Stella Riley s creative imagination and wit are in top form for the third book in the Rockcliffe Series, The Player Proving her ability to weave in unconventional and unique circumstances into a romantic tale, Ms Riley kept me intrigued and on my toes throughout the entire listen a 10 hour listen which I devoured over two short days Moreover, Alex Wydham s appealing and [...]

    Oh, how I loved this book How much I love this series I m so glad when I found The Parfit Knight, book 1, that it was only a couple of years ago and not 25 years ago, then I would have had to wait 25 years for this one I love this writer, I very much loved this book The hero is one of my favourite ever, I would so love to meet him and see him act He was so sweet and interesting The heroine is a lovely woman, and together they are fabulous Now I can t wait for the next book in this series and am [...]

    Was this a little over the top Did it have half of the typical Regency era tropes Both yes But I still really liked it This was different than Stella Riley s older books This one, written almost two decades after the majority of her other books, actually felt sensational than her past books More scheming, convoluted plot, less clean, etc But still well written It still had all the heart and emotion and well developed characters that I would expect from one of her books If it was slightly less [...]

    I loved this book and it s a classic example of why this genre is so appealing to me not that jewels such as this story are readily available because in my experience and among my searches for such, they re a rare treat I do appreciate reviewers that I follow who are usually ahead of my game and often point the way to these gems Thanks, OLT, Danker, Lark, Sandy and others who contribute greatly to my reading pleasure yes, I am a spy.This is the third book in the Rockcliffe Series with the previo [...]

    Caroline Maitland is a rich heiress in London for the season hoping to pick up a husband, preferably one with a title Well, preferably one she loved, but, eh, that s what you do for family, find someone who would be best positioned to help the rest of the family She has two advantages and several disadvantages Advantages she has money she s being sponsored by someone with a title Disadvantages fashion sense there are reasons a certain amount of plainness that may or may not be because of the bad [...]

    4.5 stars, and my favorite of the series I loved Rock, the Duke of Rockliffe in The M salliance and I think he still might be my favorite of the heroes in the series but oh it s so close Here s how I feel about Adrian Sinclair Devereux Adrian was a bit dark and brooding at first due to his tragic and most unfair past But as the story progresses, he becomes quite charming and romantic as well sigh I loved Caroline as well, she was strong and spirited, unwilling to be ordered about by anyone, poss [...]

    When I first realised that one of my favourite authors had gone and used a plot device I HATE I was incensed And disappointed And nearly threw my kindle at the wall But Stella Riley is a very good writer so I kept reading and got through the worst of it and thankfully the unbelievable masquerade was over early enough in the book to allow me to whole heartedly enjoy the last part of the book Apart from grinding my teeth, obviously, whenever the heroine reflected how odd that she had not recognise [...]

    I hate to sound brainless, but what a great book I had one small bone to pick without giving away too much, that the heroine would choose one of the hero s personas over the real earl but that was put to rest by the end of the book as the hero poignantly says that he had played so many characters in the last 10 years of his life that he didn t quite know his real self, and that she was right to turn down the forbidding earl it was just one character So deftly done The heroine was down to earth, [...]

    Although the plot itself is a little fantastic, Stela Riley s prose never disappoints.Lovely story of a broken heart, an unfeeling family, a woman falling from the roof, a long exile and the return home to face the demons and find love.Adrian is adorable an Caroline is so down to Earth.Great read

    Audiobook review I m such a fangirl of Stella Riley s Rockliffe series that it is difficult for me not to jump up and down at my computer and beg you all to read listen to this series I wasn t even sure I liked the Georgian period being totally enad with the Regency Era but Ms Riley has not only made me a fan but keeps me hoping for of this series You know a book or series is good when you never want it to end She has the ability to give us description of the era so that we can actually visuali [...]

    Would give 6 stars if I could Thoroughly enjoyed this one, the best of the series This third book is about the actor Francis Devereux whom Rock noticed in France in a previous book There s a mystery surrounding his exile to France and now that he s back in England it all comes to a head The story was fast paced and held my interest right to the end I really liked Caroline and also her common family Nice to see the appearance of Rock and Adeline but hardly any mention of Amberly.

    I am confused Apparently I was so eager to get to the next book that I forgot to write a review on this one I love this series very very much and do not yet have the distance to really be able to judge the books individually Part of me is still wallowing in it all Ah, the bliss of finding something that is so exactly what I enjoy most.Please, where can I find books like these

    This was a fantastic audiobook Adrian is an actor and a master of disguise Naturally, he changes his voice and accent according to his disguise, and Alex Wyndham really nails it Truly, listen to this book

    Audiobook ReviewI was eager to continue reading this series Or perhaps I should say, listening It is as amazing as book two and perhaps a little so, since we are introduced to Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, a man who impersonates so many characters he has lost sight of who he is and then suddenly finds he must play another part, the new Earl of Sarre.We meet Bertrand, a three dimensional, well developed secondary character whose presence in the story adds depth and understanding to the man A [...]

    I ve grown to really like this author and only discovered her books recently This is the third in the Rockcliffe series, set in the Georgian period of England It wasn t as great as the first in the series, but this was still very good In this novel, the Earl of Sarre has returned to England after fleeing 10 years earlier after a scandal in which he was accused of pushing his fianc e off the roof of his family estate Having come into his title at the death of his father, it s time to return For t [...]

    Sigh So good The whole Rockliffe series has been just wonderful reading.This one actually reads a little bit like a play, a bit of a romantic farce, really Apropos since the hero is a talented actor.Adrian is exactly the type of hero I really enjoy He is smart, enigmatic and talented He is also underneath it all a very decent guy who just wants to live his life, get married and have some kids Bu circumstances, and old scandals, won t make that quite so easy I liked his various secrets and his se [...]

    First, let me say how very much I like Stella Riley s writing style It is intelligent and elegant, and together with her excellent scene setting, is wonderfully evocative of the period in which her novels are set I absolutely ADORED The Parfit Knight, and the character of Rock both in that and the subsequent The Mesalliance, though the conflict confusion and the heroine s actions seemed too contrived for comfort in the latter I know my emotions are being manipulated when I read a book, I just do [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed that Intelligent and sweet.This is a great series for Georgette Heyer fans who ve devoured everything Heyer already Riley s books have a real flavor and feel of Heyer s regency world, although there are a few turns of phrase and anachronisms that feel odd to me i.e coffee anywhere, anytime Of course no one can match Heyer s humor But these sparkle and are very well done, I recommend them Stella Riley s series is written in the Georgian period, so think The Black Moth or Thes [...]

    I loved this book It s just a little bit different to others in this genre and also to Riley s other work Sarre is a complex and fascinating character so you don t understand him right away It takes time Caroline develops into a lady with both inner strength and empathy The writing, as always with Ms Riley, is outstanding Beautiful prose, excellent dialogue and no crass Americanisms to spoil the flow Her use of Claude Duval is really clever If you enjoy good writing, read this book

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