A Splendid Defiance

A Splendid Defiance #2020

A Splendid Defiance Justin Ambrose dashing cavalier and close companion to Prince Rupert was bored with life in the Royalist garrison in Banbury until he met the sister of a local merchant Famous for his romantic conq
  • Title: A Splendid Defiance
  • Author: Stella Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Justin Ambrose, dashing cavalier and close companion to Prince Rupert, was bored with life in the Royalist garrison in Banbury, until he met the sister of a local merchant Famous for his romantic conquests, Justin had never before let a woman touch his heart But Abby was no ordinary woman She was beautiful and she was brave She was also young and terrfied of her brotheJustin Ambrose, dashing cavalier and close companion to Prince Rupert, was bored with life in the Royalist garrison in Banbury, until he met the sister of a local merchant Famous for his romantic conquests, Justin had never before let a woman touch his heart But Abby was no ordinary woman She was beautiful and she was brave She was also young and terrfied of her brother, a religious fanatic and self sworn enemy of all Royalists.When the rebel army unleashed its might on the castle, Justin fought tirelessly to break the siege But even his closest friends did not know what tormented him And Abby, as she sat with the rebel commanders at her brother s table, dreamed of a man she could not, must not love
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      Stella Riley

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    Originally published in 1985, this is a new e book edition which has been revised and extended by the author Publication date 8th Dec 2012.A Splendid Defiance is one of those books that s stayed with me in the almost thirty years since I first read it It s a wonderful blend of history and romance, set in the latter part of the English Civil War, and takes place mostly in the town of Banbury in Oxfordshire Although the town itself was staunchly Parliamentarian, the castle was captured by the Roya [...]

    It s 1644 and Royalist Cavalier Justin Ambrose has been relegated to duty at the soon to be besieged Banbury Castle While the Royalists hold the castle for the King the townspeople are solidly Puritan, including Abigail Abby Radford Although Justin originally thinks of Abby in a sisterly fashion, their friendship eventually blossoms into something as England s Civil War rages around them Outside forces threaten to part them forever, including the religious fervor of Abby s brother and a dark se [...]

    5 When Friendship Love Sparks Amid Enemy War Lines Stars for the Story and Narration What a fantastic listen From the history, character development, and the eventual romance, to the spectacular narration, A Splendid Defiance is a must listen for historical romance enthusiasts What a treasure Once I started this listen, I could not put down my headphones I have loved each and every one of Ms Riley s books that I have listened to which includes all 3 books in the Rockcliffe Series However, this b [...]

    Those afflicted by an allergy to fangirlism, look the other way Those who aren t, keep reading.The first round of three in the English Civil War is raging on, and the Parliamentarian army is attempting to overpower a redoubtable Royalist castle garrison resisting in the town of Banbury, one of whose officers is our hero, Captain Justin Ambrose Yes, until a better option appears, Fassbender is going to be my headcanon, whether he wills it or no.Where was I Yes, so our hero enters the stage by res [...]

    I ve given this As for both narration and content at AudioGals.Anyone who like me appreciates Historical Romance that has a firm emphasis on the Historical will find a great many things to enjoy in this new audiobook version of Stella Riley s A Splendid Defiance Set during the turbulent years of the English Civil War, the novel tells the true story of the small garrison of around three hundred and fifty men who held the strategically important Royalist stronghold of Banbury Castle in Oxfordshire [...]

    It s fair to say that I m a huge fan of Stella Riley She can do no wrong in my eyes and I m running out of superlatives to adequately describe or do justice to her writing Nevertheless, I will try my best to initiate new readers listeners and show what an absolute treat they have in store with this superbly performed version of A SPLENDID DEFIANCEIf you are an historical fiction or historical romance fan, then you must read or listen to Stella Riley s work, and a good place to start is A Splendi [...]

    STELLAR 5 STARSSince reading her fabulous Rockliffe series, Stella Riley has become one of my top favourite authors and it s no surprise that I was eager to read of her books.In A Splendid Defiance, set during The English Civil War between the Royalists Cavaliers and the Parliamentarians Roundheads , Ms Riley weaves a wonderful story of love blossoming between a sarcastic, cynical Royalist captain and a young, innocent Puritan girl.The story takes place in the town of Banbury in Oxfordshire whe [...]

    To give you an example of how much I loved this book let me just say this I started reading this on New Years eve day, and I finished the book before midnight I m very particular about the romance novels that I read I like romance novels to tell a story, and to tell it well If they are historical, then the author better have the details of the historical time period accurate, or for me, it detracts from the story, and it pisses me off Stella Riley took me into a world that I know very little abo [...]

    Stella Riley gave me a rare gift She wholly enveloped me in the world she created, so much so I returned to my own with a jolt, finding it hard to believe Justin and Abigail were not real, and their comrades in the Banbury garrison my friends.A Splendid Defiance offers so much A realistic and expertly drawn setting based in a real place and time Laughter, sorrow and exquisite joy Most of all, a slow building, believable romance that never felt contrived It may have been the most touching romance [...]

    I ve been reading books by Stella Riley this week and after finishing the Rockcliffe series decided I may as well pick another book by this author I was made aware that my next choice A Splendid Defiance had a strong mixture of history and romance and therefore might not be to my taste Still, I had read rave reviews on and just couldn t pass it up The events that transpired during the period in which this book has as its focus was known as The English Civil War Yes, I already knew a little about [...]

    Stella Riley wrote this story in the mid 1980 s Most of her books are very hard to find She recently started to release some of her books on Kindle and I read somewhere that the content of this story was extended My review comes from reading the paperback.It is interesting to note that Ms Riley was able to mix a time in history that actually occurred, some fictitious characters that felt true to the era and also included a romance It is about a dark time during the English Civil War in the mid 1 [...]

    2.5 I think I m being generous and rounding this to a 3 just because its Stella Riley and I ve loved so many other of her books This was the first one of hers I read about the English Civil War though, and that is not my time period I think to really enjoy this book you need to be somewhat familiar with the English Civil War already which I m not and have an interest in wartime narratives which I don t Because a lot of this was about troop movements and skirmishes and the politics behind the war [...]

    I listened to this audiobook a few months ago and never got around to writing a review not because I didn t like it, but because I loved it so much that I didn t know how to say it.Good things come to she who waits procrastinates, for my friend Wendy has just postedher review and I urge you to read it.This is another one of those magnificent performances by British actor Alex Wyndham, and if you like audiobooks you definitely should listen to this book He can transform even an ordinary book into [...]

    I ve been looking for this book for years after I read and fell in love with it in the eighties and then lost it and forgot the name of it in my travels Woke up this morning and out of the blue I suddenly remembered that the word splendid was in the title I did a search and found it at last So happy

    3.5 stars I love Stella Riley s understated historical romances They re usually sweet, simple development of relationships between the MCs set in an entertaining, delightfully atmospheric Victorian setting, though not at all fluff There are bad guys and problems to be worked out but generally just a wonderful, enjoyable read.So for me, this one was a terrible departure from that expectation Abigail Radford was a Puritan girl, living with her family in Banbury during the English Civil War in the [...]

    Audiobook Review I enjoyed learning about the opposing forces of the English Civil War The story didn t go heavily into historical events, but gave a flavor of the crucial differences between its players The English Civil War, comprised of three wars, whose time spans between 1642 and 1651 Banbury is an interesting setting for the story During the Civil War emotions ran high with polarizing views in this town used as an operational base by Oliver Cromwell.The town s majority of people are of Pur [...]

    To say that this story is about a Cavalier officer and a Puritan heroine is a bit misleading while the romance is the soul of the story, it is far from front and center of the book, large parts of which are occupied with historical, military, or familial matters Justin and Abigail barely interact for the first quarter of the book.But But But While acknoledging that I liked the other parts of the story, all I want to talk about are Justin and Abigail, and their strange, slow, awkward friendship t [...]

    4.5 for meloved Justin Abby once they finally got together But it was a nice journey, better than instant lust I love this author but I have to admit, being from the States, I get a little lost with the English Civil War characters and I d have to go back and re read a section or two to make sure I understood Very enlightening though and I look forward to reading of her books.

    We are proud to announce that A SPLENDID DEFIANCE by Stella Riley is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

    I really loved this book I ve read it several times now and I really enjoyed the slow burn romance between Justin and Abigail and the way it was cleverly woven into the siege of Banbury It reflects well the ebb and flow of the war and it s impact on ordinary people Rich in historical detail without going overboard Thank you StellaPS Good to see you back with The Falcon King I d taken to writing my own stories because you stopped writing

    Story falters at the end The personal act of defiance doesn t exactly stay splendid The push and pull between the two main characters grew tedious in the last few chapters I liked the amount of historical detail That aspect of the novel felt very inspired but taken as a whole, made the narrative inconsistent in tone.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous book I loved both characters, the historical setting and action was beautifully done, and the romance was tearjerkingly lovely.

    3.5I didn t really find the book romantic I think its strength is on the story about people during the English civil war Even then, it was not that in depth It was just alright on both romance and setting The romance is really slow and even then, I didn t really get the warm fuzzies Everytime Justin was away from Abby, I wonder if he was with another woman My stomach churns for Abby but I wouldn t put it past Justin He does bed another woman but it was before he really befriends Abby I like the [...]

    I m not sure what it was, but I didn t enjoy this book as much as say, Garland of Straw Neither MC was very compelling and the angst at the tail end of the book read like the last nail in the coffin While the home life of the h was very sad and definitely scary, I didn t necessarily find myself liking her that much She dropped things a lot She couldn t bring herself to speak loud enough to be heard when in the presence of the h And she was pretty pathetic at the end of this story Like I said Not [...]

    Really liked the character of Abby and how she grew throughout the book It s not my favorite of the entire Cavaliers and Roundheads series, but it was a very enjoyable book I m sorry I have finished the whole series now It s one I would definitely re read.

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