The Rag Coat

The Rag Coat #2020

The Rag Coat With paintings that capture all the beauty of Appalachia in authentic detail this tender story about a resourceful mountain girl s special coat will touchreaders with its affirming message of love an
  • Title: The Rag Coat
  • Author: Lauren A. Mills
  • ISBN: 9780316574075
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With paintings that capture all the beauty of Appalachia in authentic detail, this tender story about a resourceful mountain girl s special coat will touchreaders with its affirming message of love and friendship.
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    3.5 Lovely illustrations and a pleasant story that is perhaps a bit too predictable and full of heart for its own good about a poor girl whose family cannot afford to buy her a coat thus, she cannot go to school in the winter and the kind women who eventually make her a quilted coat of scraps She can go to school but, oh, do the children tease her about that coat I should probably note that if I was a fan of Appalachian stuff I would likely have bumped this up a star but I ve never been too keen [...]

    They all wore black, black like the coal mines that killed my papa He didn t even like black He liked all the bright colors of the day.This is a lovely book I prefer children s books with natural illustrations, so this is near perfect for me Lauren Mills provides an engaging narrative along with her softly lit drawings to make this a worthwhile read for parents and tykes In a world of children as bullies, this is also a good lesson to show kids that they don t need to conform to fit in, that the [...]

    When I was 7 or 8, I m sure this would have been one of my favorite books, and I think the kids of today will like it, too There are ideas here that will get their attention a coat can be made of rags, Minna didn t go to school because she didn t have a coat, and her father died because he worked in a mine Those are enough big ideas for one short picture book.The art fits the story beautifully.

    This book was great because it can be used to really teach children to not pick on others and to be thankful for what they have I would use this book as a good book to teach a lesson on how to treat others.

    Implausible and preachy The rest of Minna s outfit and home seemed comfortable enough she even wore shoes inside Laura Ingalls didn t shoes were for Sunday only Nice idea, though.

    After Minna s father dies from working in the coal mine, there is no money to buy her a coat so she can go to school Her mother s sewing group all work together to create a colorful coat for her out of rags and scraps and when Minna proudly wears it to school, she is mocked But Minna has the last word in the end, showing the other children pieces of their past Illustrated by the author.This is a touching story set in Appalachia with beautiful watercolor illustrations Empty spaces on the pages ar [...]

    This book has beautiful illustrations and a touching message Even as an adult, I m constantly reminding myself that people only need people, nothing else This is a hard thing to remember as life with people can be messy and at times unpleasant But I truly believe that getting involved in the lives of others is the best way we can spend our time on earth.

    Genre historical fictionReading Level upper elementaryThe Rag Coat was a very realistic story Some students may even relate to the young girl in the book Her father had always wrapped her up in a cozy quilt because she didn t have a coat but one day her father died Her mother continued to make her a coat which was made from the quilt I t was a sad but good read.

    I feel like I m cheating, counting this as one of my books I read it in a night to the boys I believe I got the recommendation from my precious Wholesome books for young readers book Illustrations are beautiful Good lesson on kids being mean and there is an option to getting revenge on them Julian s weakness.

    This book is a well written and illustrated story of a little very poor girl from the Appalachian area Her Daddy worked in the coal mines and thus ended up getting very sick and eventually did pass away She was only 7 when he died but while he was sick she wasn t able to go to school due to not having warm clothes and she had to stay home and help her Mother with carding wool so her Mom could make quilts to sell She also helped care for her younger brother so her Momma could quilt from sunup to [...]

    The Rag Coat is about a young girl named Minna who wants to go to school Although she s old enough to attend school, she was needed at home to assist her mom with quilt making Her dad was a coal miner and died from work related illnesses Minna is ready to start school but with the recent death of her father, and not having a coat, she isn t able to attend A group of Quilting Mothers, who gather at Minna s house daily, offered to make her a winter coat from scrap materials Minna chose warm colors [...]

    This book tells a heartwarming story about a little school girl and her community The young girl has been through many hardships and comes from a family rich with love but poor in terms of money Her community comes together to help her and provide her with a generous gift, however her classmates make fun of her for it The story shows the little girls strength and courage and will make everybody smile We can learn from her how to overcome bullies and bring the community together I would use this [...]

    While this story is set in a foreign time and place, the characters are easily relatable It s not hard to put oneself in Minna s shoes as she goes to school and struggles to make friends, and anticipates sharing something special with others only to be sorely misunderstood Her gentle spirit as she chooses forgiveness rather than bitterness is a quiet lesson to readers without being preachy, the author shows us the value of forgiveness in the face of pain Minna experiences so much loss, but she k [...]

    This one may be a little too advanced serious for my 4 yr old Will save for next summer Picture Book ActivitiesDay 1 ask questions and learn How to Make a Happy Day rhyme and sing ClementineDay 2 find Appalachian Mountains on map, jump rope rhymesDay 3 Sewing practice Rag Coat Collage Day 4 look at Nana s quilt calendars books hopefully find Joseph s Coat of Many Colors pattern and read about Joseph and his brothers in GenesisDay 5 sharing with those in need food pantry, personal needs pantry, G [...]

    Minna is a child of poverty Living in Appalachia, when her father dies as a result of working in the mines, life is even difficult Minna longs to attend school, but does not have a winter coat to protect her from the cold.When her mother s friends from a quilting society, gather their unused scraps of material, a beautiful coat of many colors is sewn for Minna.Happy to attend school, Minna discovers that her rag coat is an object for bullying Trying to fit in, Minna turns the table and points t [...]

    This was an amazing read definitely a re read It tells the story of a girl whose father dies and she doesn t go to school for a while When she does she is an outcast I loved how I could connect with her It showed the importance of family and the importance of accepting each other I actually read this with my sister and I cried It touches the heart because everyone can connect with losing family in one way or another If not, they can at least sympathize with her The rag coat was a beautiful metap [...]

    This is an older picture book but we loved it as much as some of the newer titles we have brought home It tells a sweet story of a young girl in an Appalachian setting who can t go to school because she hasn t got a coat to keep her warm in the winters Instead she stays at home to help her Ma and Pa, especially Ma who needs help with the cloth scraps to make into quilt pieces My 6 y.o boy stayed engaged through the whole story, and was interested in the pictures showing boys and girls from an ol [...]

    Minna doesn t have a coat, but she has one of her mother s quilts and she has her father When Minna s father can t mine any because of miner s cough, Minna must stay to help her mother quilt to make money for the family Just before Minna s father dies, he tells her that it s time for her to go to school, but Minna was worried because she doesn t have a coat The story goes on to tell of how Minna got her coat It s a book about family, community, quilting, acceptance and the stories that bind us [...]

    This book is about a little girl who cannot go to school, because she doesn t have a coat to wear in the cold weather When some ladies make her a coat out of old scraps, she is made fun of at school Little did the other children know, the scraps were full of their memories, and they realize how special her rag coat is I thought this book was very inspirational, teaching students not to judge so quickly and to see the beauty in things that they may have not considered beautiful.

    I loved this book It s so precious Spoiler When I read the dad ended up dying I was so sad I half expected it, but also kind of not and hoped he would have gotten better It s a lovely story and the illustrations were wonderful I enjoyed it I also liked how one of the children that made fun of Minna ended up telling the teacher the truth herself instead of Minna telling the teacher what really happened.

    This has to be one of my favorite books from my childhood, and I was elated that I happened upon it in my school s library This book, though it takes place in a much earlier time, can resonate with children of today It is a story of love and friendship that truly touches the heart The beautiful illustrations add to the heart warming tale Add this to the list of books that I will purchase for my future classroom library

    Absolutely beautiful The story, the illustration, all of it is just beautiful Being a southern girl from just below the North Georgia Smokey Mountains a story like this resignates with my ancestral history and gives me another reason to love it Definitely on my to buy wishlist This will be a great addition to the history section to study earlier Americans, yet it could also span cultures with similarity.

    An excellent book that shows a girl who must deal with the death of her father Since he dies and was the bread winner for the family, she does not have a coat to wear to school Her mother s friends team up to sew her a coat When she wears the coat she is teased because of the patchwork, but the patches all reveal something about her classmates A good book to discourage bullying by showing that we all have something in common or can learn fronm one another.

    The girl in this book comes from a family that can t even buy here a coat The coat she gets, so she can go to school is made by all the neighborhood women out of scraps The children at her school judge her coat harshly but then learn that the coat was made with love and includes a story about them Very sweet and touching and a lovely book about being careful to about judging others.

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