Untamed #2020

Untamed Whisked off to a remote mountain cabin to tend house for Daniel McCord a half Cheyenne martinet who expects her to cater to his every whim Josie Baum refuses to spend her days as an unpaid servant
  • Title: Untamed
  • Author: Sharon Ihle
  • ISBN: 9780821763100
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whisked off to a remote mountain cabin to tend house for Daniel McCord, a half Cheyenne martinet who expects her to cater to his every whim, Josie Baum refuses to spend her days as an unpaid servant, despite her growing feelings for her impossible master Original.
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    Josie has been taking care of her father and acting as a mother to her fifteen brothers since she was a little girl until the day her father kicks her out and leaves her at The Pleasure Palace It gets worse when a indian comes in takes her to a remote cabin to take care of his friend, a half breed named Daniel She becomes resentful and is ready to gain some freedom no matter at what cost.Untamed was a great read Josie is a little hot head and has a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas and Dani [...]

    The description sounded like this book contained a really cute story, but I really did not like this book and found it a rather unpleasant read I forced myself through it what a mistake and it seemed like forever before it was finished The heroine was so petty, selfish, nasty, and coarse I think we were supposed to feel sorry for her but the only pity I felt was for all the other characters around her and for myself, of course Now I will derive the only pleasure this book is going to give me del [...]

    This book has the least appealing heroine I ve ever come across in a romance novel I expect the author wanted to portray a stubborn and selfish female, and then have her learn her lesson in the course of the story.Unfortunately, it doesn t work She does not come across as just stubborn and selfish, but self absorbed, lying, cheating, manipulative, and a whole bunch of unpleasant qualities.I kept skimming in order to find what happens to Sissy, the heroine of the secondary plotline I would have l [...]

    meh the story was ok, but about 2x as long as I thought it should be and not as engaging as it could have been.

    I got the book from for free, and I was a bit skeptical being normally I don t read new authors for historical romances BUT I can say I was extremely happy I decided to get it and read it It was one of the FUNNIEST, books I have ever read perhaps its because of my dry humor.but I don t think I laughed so much at a book Sharon is such a great author tht I have no problems saying I will be purchasing of her books in the near future.

    This was a delightful story with unexpected twists to the plot.It portrays the duel personality that is in many of us because of life s scars This is a great romance with intrigue and many human emotions and need of understanding.It would have been perfect if it had not held profanity and a few sex scenes with too much detailMany of us would be so grateful if talented writers would eliminate unnecessary offensive words and sexual detail.

    This was a hilarious book A look through the eyes of a frontier daughter sister wife who just wants to own her own ranch and never have to do cooking, cleaning and take care of children What we take for granted now, this author really has a flair for telling it like it is I give it 5 stars.

    Very original story Daniel Josie were good together As Long Belly Sissi were Had the rest of the cast and it was one damn good book A story that keeps you reading till 6 in the morning and as soon as you get up you want to dive right back into.

    I liked the characters and the story was pretty good Free download from so the price was right The word editing was bad in a few places but nothing that could not be figured out.

    Downloaded free on Kindle.Got through 25% before I got bored and gave up.Since I did not finish I will not rate it.

    I could not finish it Josie s character is selfish and petty At some point she needed to make the most of her situation and help out I don t think she was ever going to change.

    DNF Very telling first few chapters Could not get into the story enough to see if that would change into some showing

    3 stars Different from the genre I normally read but an nice change of pace Not much substance but a quick read.

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