The Blackest Bird

The Blackest Bird #2020

The Blackest Bird In the sweltering New York City summer of Mary Rogers a popular counter girl at a tobacco shop in Manhattan is found brutally ravaged in the shallows of the Hudson River John Colt scion of th
  • Title: The Blackest Bird
  • Author: Joel Rose
  • ISBN: 9780393062311
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the sweltering New York City summer of 1841, Mary Rogers, a popular counter girl at a tobacco shop in Manhattan, is found brutally ravaged in the shallows of the Hudson River John Colt, scion of the firearm fortune, beats his publisher to death with a hatchet And young Irish gang leader Tommy Coleman is accused of killing his daughter, his wife, and his wife s formerIn the sweltering New York City summer of 1841, Mary Rogers, a popular counter girl at a tobacco shop in Manhattan, is found brutally ravaged in the shallows of the Hudson River John Colt, scion of the firearm fortune, beats his publisher to death with a hatchet And young Irish gang leader Tommy Coleman is accused of killing his daughter, his wife, and his wife s former lover Charged with solving it all is High Constable Jacob Hays, the city s first detective At the end of a long and distinguished career, Hays s investigation will ultimately span a decade, involving gang wars, grave robbers, and clues hidden in poems by the hopeless romantic and minstrel of the night Edgar Allan Poe.
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    This is one of those strange so called historical novels that, in truth, has very little actual history Most of the lead characters are completely fictitious, and the rest consist of equally fictitious characters who simply have the names of real people such as Poe tacked on to make the book commercial.I found the Poe character particularly irritating, as virtually nothing he does in this book particularly his affairs with Mary Rogers and Fanny Osgood bears the slightest resemblance to his actu [...]

    It took me a while to get into this book, which is written in a weird and abrupt style, at times imitating 19th century newspapers It s also very slow and at times repetitive and it s not really a murder mystery, despite the title But, just when I was thinking I might give up, I found myself hooked The novel is set in the world of Gangs of New York , and paints a fascinating portrait of the 19th century underworld, centring on the real unsolved murder of Mary Rogers, the beautiful cigar girl, an [...]

    Very interesting historical fiction about Edgar Allan Poe and all of his relationships and maladies I enjoyed this book immensely, but now I am afraid that I will take what I ve read here and my brain will take it as fact, regurgiatitng to people who are looking at me, like huh That s not what really happened to Edgar Allan Poe Haha What do you do Maybe I ll have to read something factual and set myself straight.

    The biggest mystery is how such a potentially interesting story setting could be made so mind numbingly boring

    As a detective story , this novel is convoluted, distracted and confusing The author tries too hard to link three murders murderers, and the kindly older detective a fine character despite the muddled story never seems to get anywhere As a fantastical vignette of mid 19th century New York City, it is successful think Gangs of New York mixed with with appearances by the literatti of the day The completely violent street fights between the native born thugs are mirrored in genteel arenas salons [...]

    This book started out strong, but then dissolved into a mess of fiction pawned off as fact If you re going to write an historical novel based on a factual event in a previous time period with actual historical figures, please, please, at least stick to the basic facts of the event Why say the Colt revolver began use in the NYPD in the 1840 s when it was actually the 1880 s It would have been a great book had it been a total work of fiction.

    I read this a few years ago, and although I don t remember too much of the details, I do recall thinking it was outstanding Great flavor for the era, just a great weaving of a story.

    I don t think I can remember dragging out my reading of a single book so long ever I have been working on trudging through this dismal mess of a book for three or four months now I would pick it up every other day, read a chapter or so, and put it down.I have read boring books before, and normally, I am still able to get through them well enough I m not entirely sure what it was about this one, but it inspired in me a desire NOT to read a very unfortunate quality to possess when you are a book T [...]

    This novel suffered from too much action, rather than too little There were simply too many subplots circling one another to make for a coherent novel Starting in 1841 the plot begins with seemingly unrelated murders of young segar girl Mary Rodgers, Samuel Adams, and a Hot Corn Girl, happen within weeks of each other High Constable of New York, Jacob Hays, is trying to close all three cases He apprehends the accused culprits of the latter two, but Mary Rodgers murderer eludes him Enter Edgar Al [...]

    This is a take on the 1841 murder of Mary Rodgers, the cigar girl, which is one of the most celebrated murders in US history The novel centers on Old Hayes, NYC s High Constable, who is in charge of the case, and his speculation as to the possible involvement of Edgar Allan Poe the Colt family of which Samuel Colt of firearms fame was the head also makes an appearance The book was pretty slow moving, but in this case, that really worked, since the case itself was slow moving, as was much in law [...]

    The premise here is a fascinating one Edgar Allan Poe is littering his works with clues to the apparent murder of a local New York girl named Mary Rogers High Constable John Hay, now in his 70s and considering leaving the job, is overseeing the case which drags on over several years.Unfortunately, the text also seems to drag on far too many occasions We are shown a great deal of the life of both New York s upper crust and its low class crime gangs We are shown the bizarre relationship between Po [...]

    Ripping adventures with 2000AD s Judge Dredd A light read, I zipped through this in about 2 hours.

    I m learning that this is a slow way to reach a conculsion, with many paths that seem to lead no where, I live in hopes this soon changes and it makes senseI have so much to read and hating the fact that I might stop which for me is a rare occuranceI m now on page 135 and really it s not getting any better, I ll give it another day or two and then let it go if it doesn t improve.I read a good way through but it just and went off at a tangent and jinked about making for very bad reading, then w [...]

    I was kinda disappointed with this one It bills itself as a novel of murder, so I was thinking, duh, it was a murder mystery There is a murder, a bunch actually, but the book is a series of episodes in the lives of certain well known denizens of NYC in the 1840s Which could have been interesting, but there was no real narrative tension The book was ok, but didn t really seem to drive forward or have much of a purpose The murder mentioned in the title is simply used as a device to draw certain c [...]

    The book started off very promising but too much historical fact was crammed into it and I felt the story got lost It was well researched and interesting, but became boring quite quickly and in places read like a text book rather than a work of fiction But I stuck with it because I wanted to find out if how all the pieces fit together in the end I m interested in finding out about Poe and how much of the character portrayed was accurate I would also like to know what happened to Old Hays at th [...]

    I liked this ok I d already read the non fiction book about the Beautiful Cegar Girl, and Mrs Poe, fiction about he and Fanny Osgoodd the one that Louis Bayard, and the one that Mathew Pearl wrote about Poe I m not a Poe fanatic or anything like that I thought the story was ok, I liked Jacob Hays, and wonder about what sort the Cegar Girl really was, kind of sounds like a tramp I m reading Marie Roget while it s still fresh in my mind, and it is kind of interesting to read it while the facts of [...]

    I stopped reading this after about 80 90 pages, so I m not going to rate it I didn t dislike the book, but I was feeling distant from the characters and plot A lot of the action happened off stage and was reported by the narrator second hand rather than being observed by the reader as an invisible onlooker I think this is what caused me to become disengaged If it wasn t so long, I might have carried on a little longer to see how it was when the mystery began to be resolved, but as I was less tha [...]

    I wish this had gone on to my abandoned shelf but my desire to know how the author would wrap up the mystery outweighed my urge to give up on the book Here are my problems 1 he made up a lot of stuff as he admits in his note at the end, 2 he assumes you have prior knowledge of Edgar Allan Poe which thankfully I did thanks to a college class I took my senior year and 3 he switched tense to the point that it just led me to believe he s a historian first and author second I wish I hadn t read this [...]

    I read this book a while back, thanks to another reading forum I browse It was so well written and so chock full of historical facts regarding NYC earlier history I cant explain it, but it really did capture the flavor at least to whatever I previously knew of NYC in that time, and added lots of little tidbits that relate back to interesting points.The dialogue and the actual writing truly took me back Not to give anything away, but the Blackest Bird is a reference to the Raven Edgar Allen Poe a [...]

    I m still waiting for an historical fiction concerning Poe that meets my expectations This definitely came closer than The Poe Shadow but still fell short in my eyes Covering the murder of Mary Rogers insipiration for the Marie Roget ratiocination story by Poe and Homicide Colt s deed It takes place in Tammany Hall contolled New York and is mainly from the perspective of an old detective who supposedly the model for C Auguste Dupin The writing flowed easily enough, but didn t really grab me, cer [...]

    I had high hopes for this one I love the idea of NYC historical fiction I loved Pete Hamill s Forever and Emily Barton s Brookland , but I just couldn t get into this book The plot is weaving and not even very interesting None of the characters are likeable Clever at times, probably mostly for Poe fanatics I caught the allusion to the first line of The Fall of the House of Usher, but others, I m sure, went over my head I gave it a solid try, reading than 300 pages into the 460 page book And eve [...]

    I thought that it was an okay book The problem that I had with it was that the only character that was well developed was Edgar Allan Poe The other two main characters was not that well developed and therefore I really did not care for them as much I found that it was not cohesive as it should have been I like the last 40 percent of the book much better I was glad that I read it but it could have been better written.

    Big disappointment Joel Rose brings us to the dark world of 1840 s New York and follows a murder mystery that brings our attention to the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe However, the mystery and whodunit aspects are lost in the archaic use of language, uninteresting and long passages that are reflecting the author s knowledge of those times rather than contributing to the mystery and we are left with a bitter taste in our mouth when the book is finished.

    This novel was 100 pages too long While I enjoyed it, parts read very slow for me Reading about Victorian NYC parts of NJ was wonderful since I know the places very well but I felt the actual crime, the accused, far fetched I prefer when a story is almost entirely fiction, for the primary characters to be fictional as well and well known figures i.e Edgar Allen Poe, Samuel Colt, etc used only as secondary characters the opposite is true of this book.

    I really quite liked this Set around the same period as the Gangs of New York film this reaffirms how scary life in the 1800 s in the new world really was Lots of streams within the story which ultimately link up into a big ending I do find books that focus on real historical events can be quite scary because although this vignette is the product of our authors imagination life in this period was just as gruesome and tragic as described.

    Sometimes I dislike my need to read all books to the end no matter how much I am not enjoying then in a a vague hope things get better This one did not A historical novel with little actual history, a disjointed plot, two dimensional dull characters, and seemingly an urge to name drop every literary name from the period I honestly do not have a single good thing to say It may have been bearable if it were shorter but I m glad I got this secondhand for 50p

    This book was all over the place In the first half of the book, we read about 3 murders, 2 gang leaders, Edgar A Poe, and the Colts.The books central theme is about one murder and the way it is solved in 1800 New York.I might have enjoyed this a bit if there were not so many irrelevent side stories.However I must say the writting was good and when the book was on point it was interesting.

    The author no relation took 18 years to write this He put a lot of time into making the time period authentic I liked the story and it did have a twisted ending, but what it did was cause me to go out and read about the history of the police force in NYC as well as Edgar Allan Poe s interesting actual life.

    A very cool, somewhat sexy take on early New York City detective work The city is well represented, so much so that you feel the grit in your shoes, as if you re on the trail of the prime suspect And the prime suspect in this gruesome murder is none other than Edgar Allen Poe This book reminded me a lot of The Alienst I think The Alienst might be the better of the two.

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