Miss America by Day: Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love

Miss America by Day: Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love #2020

Miss America by Day Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love A former Miss America from Colorado tells the gripping story of her life as an incest survivor A Colorado best seller in hardcover new in pb
  • Title: Miss America by Day: Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love
  • Author: Marilyn Van Derbur
  • ISBN: 9780972829854
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A former Miss America from Colorado tells the gripping story of her life as an incest survivor A Colorado best seller in hardcover, new in pb.
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    This book is for survivors of sexual abuse, people who love and support them and everyone else Marily is such an inspiration I couldn t put it down, and I started telling my friends and family about it before I had finished.The first part of the book is a memoir, the last part is a combination of motivation, education and support With chapters sbout how to talk to children, taking care in safe places , seven things not to say to survivors and a message of hope, there is something here for everyo [...]

    This is the best abuse survivor book I have read she is just so real and good I wrote her and she immediately wrote me back What I love about her is that she doesn t have the answer she just presents her story and her struggles to recover She is seriously one of the coolest people I ve ever heard talking about sexual abuse she really calls people out on their crap including her family, some scumbag doctor, and Anthony Robbins the jerk charged like 10 grand for a 1 2 hour session, and he seriousl [...]

    Marilyn Van Derbur, a native of Colorado, is one of four daughters of a prominent Denver businessman he is deceased Both parents were active volunteers, donating time and money to culture and civic organizations Marilyn s mother would often state that she had the perfect marriage and Marilyn was told that she was blessed by being born into a perfect family Marilyn s life appeared to be perfect, as depicted by the smiles in the pictures she shares throughout the book Marilyn was crowned Miss Amer [...]

    This is a or less well written, riveting nonfiction work, no doubt about it Hate to be wishy washy, but I ll explain in a minute.Marilyn Van Derbur can write and she certainly has a story to tell The former Miss America 1958 recounts in chilling detail the 13 years of incest committed upon her by her father, a successful businessman, and the emotional and familial neglect of her mother Marilyn is candid and convincing as she describes the devastation to her mind, emotions, and physical health t [...]

    I volunteer with Darkness to Light, an organization that aims to prevent, recognize, and respond responsibly to childhood sexual abuse Marilyn Van Derbur s story is part of the video training we offer, so naturally I was interested in reading her full story It was as compelling and amazing as I d assumed it would be, and after hearing her speak at a recent luncheon, I kept wanting to describe her as a total badass But, she is so very graceful, poised, classy, and inspiring that badass just doesn [...]

    This was a very difficult read, intense, I had to give myself long periods of time to process it between picking it up, but was well worth it Hearing others stories always enriches our lives in some way, and hearing her story and the other victims stories, helped me find the courage to learn to keep an open dialog with my own children to teach them to protect themselves Sometimes we think the atrocities of the world only happen on the other side of the world, but this is a chilling reminder how [...]

    I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Marilyn in Denver at a deminar she held for survivors of child rape I won t call it molestation or incest bcuz to me those words are not accurate She is a phenomenal woman and I was happy to have had the time I did with her talking about our lives good bad and indifferent Thank you Marilyn I know you take the time to talk to everyone who contacts you and that is amazing and truly caring of you Thank you for helping us all to come out of the dark and into t [...]

    Very well written Van Derbur addresses a very difficult topic with grace, candor, and even humor Her story shows her path to healing through speaking out about the abuse and helping others start the healing process It does have some disturbing content which she lets you skip if you feel uncomfortable , but also is amazingly positive and empowering It s well written and conversational in tone as such, it jumps around a bit and sometimes has the feel of a journal The book has a good pace, is easy [...]

    Wonderful A very moving account of the day to day struggle and survival process of an incest survivor who looked, well, like Miss America in public but was someone very different in private The national truthquake following her public disclosure was amazing and brought me to tears repeatedly as I read.

    I absolutely must put this book on my list, for it helped me immensely I have read this book 3 times, and have referred to it and recommended it many times I admire Marilyn Van Derbur for telling her life story, and hope, if you haven t already, you will pick this one up

    The incredible journey of a true warrior woman, who is a model in every sense of the word An inspiration not just to incest victims, but to self publishers everywhere.

    This was a powerfully emotional book, very upsetting The author is so honest and strong i ended admiring her deeply One thing I really liked is at the end of the book she gives suggestions on talking with children and advocates using the phrase secret touch instead of bad touch , because so often abused children feel guilty did they bring this on themselves and confused They may believe they are why it s bad

    This is an absolutely excellent book I would encourage anyone and everyone to read it even though the subject material is heavy and it can be hard to get through I am always pleasantly surprised when I learn from books that are written by people who have had experiences than by so called experts.

    Everyone Needs to Read This BookMarilyn deserves nothing but praise for writing this book She is forthright about her own experience and empathic toward other survivors This book will make you think There are so many victims of sexual assault than we realize.

    First, I will say that Ms Van Derber s situation is very tragic and I think she is very brave I really admire that she helped so many people through their own traumas.However, this book needed a professional editor badly The plot meanders endlessly, with no clear trajectory It seems to have been written in a short time, with no planning random memories and events follow each other non linearly, which gets confusing to the reader A good chunk of the text could have been eliminated I think it woul [...]

    I was lucky enough to meet Marilyn through my psychologist She is truly an inspiration, especially to anyone who is an incest survivor She was kind, well spoken, intelligent, gracious, a true lady in every sense of the word, she commanded the room the instant she stepped in and she made me realize that you can own your past, rather than letting it own you I did have to take time in reading this book because it hit so close to home and I needed the occasional respite to process, but it was well w [...]

    Excellent book Must read for all parentsThis is one of the best books on childhood sexual abuse I have ever read I thought the book would just be the story of the recovery of Marilyn Van Derbur from her abuse, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mrs Alter is a well respected nationally known advocate for children who have been abused The author has clearly done her research on this subject, and quotes well known experts in this field She also shares extremely personal stories to describe [...]

    Marilyn Van Derbur was part of my childhood I watched when she was crowned Miss America, I read the articles in the newspaper about her, and she was the speaker at several banquets during my high school and college years She was such a real person who seemed to have everything together that when she finally spoke out about her abusive Dad, we were all stunned.Years later, a friend of mine insisted that I read this, which I did I ached for the child who was forced to live the life she lived I che [...]

    While extremely difficult to read, a very good book Marilyn s story is an incredible one as was her journey to recovery Very difficult to read at times and the statistics she provides are alarming I don t personally agree with her feelings on spanking children, but do understand where she is coming from I certainly agree with her feelings on positive reinforcement of your children s achievements and love the family relationship she has with her daughter and husband What an amazing family she mar [...]

    One of the best books I ve ever read, re read, and read again When I finished the first time I wrote to the author, Marilyn, thanking her for writing this book Told her I needed this book for so many reasons Even after years of therapy She wrote me back She is the real deal If you, or anyone you know and love is a survivor of sexual abuse, this is a must read.

    Not an easy book to read but I was riveted by her story and the way she has empowered and helped 1000 s of people because of her story What a brave person and I am so sorry for all she had to go through Made me ask difficult questions to my own children to make sure they feel safe and protected.

    I love Marilyn s book because she speaks from the heart, with raw candor, about her heartbreaking childhood experiences She is a shining example of how someone can triumph over a terrible past She s also an exceptional public speaker fans of the book will thoroughly enjoy listening to her in person.

    The only reason that I didn t give this 5 stars was because of how hard it was to read Marilyn s story I loved that this was not just her story but also included practical application for the reader to help learn from her life rather than just hear her sad story.

    Heartbreaking and inspiring, Marilyn s story is pretty amazing My only complaint with the book is it s lack of a coherent timeline There was so much jumping around it was hard to tell what happened when.

    Critical reading for anyone who 1 endured childhood sexual abuse, 2 is a partner or friend to someone who endured childhood sexual abuse, or 3 anyone going into the field of counseling those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.

    This is an awesome, upsetting, and inspiring story all at the same time I have such admiration and respect for Marilyn What an awesome lady to go through what she did and become the amazing woman she is today and help people become aware and unashamed

    excellent book for survivors of abuse good for non survivors too helps them to understand what a survivor is going through.

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