Voodoo Heart

Voodoo Heart #2020

Voodoo Heart Scott Snyder s protagonists inhabit a playfully deranged fictional world in which a Wall Street trader can find himself armed with a speargun guarding a Dumpster outside a pawnshop in Florida or an e
  • Title: Voodoo Heart
  • Author: Scott Snyder
  • ISBN: 9780385338424
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scott Snyder s protagonists inhabit a playfully deranged fictional world in which a Wall Street trader can find himself armed with a speargun, guarding a Dumpster outside a pawnshop in Florida or an employee at Niagara Falls his job watching for jumpers will take off in a car after a blimp in which his girlfriend has escaped But in Snyder s wondrous imagination there Scott Snyder s protagonists inhabit a playfully deranged fictional world in which a Wall Street trader can find himself armed with a speargun, guarding a Dumpster outside a pawnshop in Florida or an employee at Niagara Falls his job watching for jumpers will take off in a car after a blimp in which his girlfriend has escaped But in Snyder s wondrous imagination there s a thin membrane between the whimsical and the disturbing the unlikely affair between a famous actress in hiding after surgery and a sporting goods salesman takes an ominous turn just as she begins to heal an engaged couple s relationship is fractured when one of them becomes obsessed with an inmate at the women s prison next door Dark, funny, powerful, this debut collection underscores the remarkable gifts of a fiercely original young writer.From the Hardcover edition.
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    Recommended by PanagiotisBlue yodel Happy fish, plus coin About face Voodoo heart Wreck Dumpster Tuesday The star attraction of 1919 3.5This collection of stories is Snyder s first effort in pure literature and it s certainly a succesful one Seven stories, all brimming with an abstract form of romantic loss and sadness Snyder seems to be willing to explore the inner layers of human psyche when applied to romance and relationships Of course not all of the stories are about that There is Happy fis [...]

    Please don t read this if you have a relationship with a significant other that is the slightest bit in question My marriage is on pretty stable ground right now this still depressed the heck out of me While all the stories are lovely extrememly well written, they re also all about relationships going horribly wrong people being sad or making others sad I didn t find a lot of the fancy here that most reviews allude to, but that doesn t make this a bad book, just a bummer Have you ever had a drea [...]

    the pages of this particular book i m not sure if it s true of all the copies were especially smooth and soft, as if the paper had been polished the stories were engaging, quirky, and i loved them My favorite was Happy fish, plus coin , but almost all the stories have moments and aspects I will remember for a long time I was also intrigued in the fact that the stories sometimes had small connections between them mentions of the same song or similar situations The imagery was offbeat and interest [...]

    Not really a review, an anecdote about this book and my stupidity.My cousin s husband had long been urging me to read the new Batman comics At NYCC last year, I went to a Midtown Comics booth to get a Batman issue for Snyder to sign Voodoo Heart was beside the Batman comics I read VH about 3 years ago and never connected it to the guy writing the comics.When I came up to him, I told him I read his book but didn t have it with me because it never occurred to me he was the very same guy He was ve [...]

    Before Scott Snyder exploded onto the comic scene, Voodoo Heart gripped me with it s surreal stories Most fell into the realm of magical realism, even if only in feeling, yet all felt like heart break, leaving the reader grasping for a lost love of some sort, a person, an ideal, a place, as their heals give way in the dirt and they spiral down It s also quite funny, I swear If you re a fan of his comic writing, pick this book up right now.

    I picked up Voodoo Heart because I admire Snyder s work on American Vampire I was interested to see Snyder s prose stand alone without a team of artists aid For the most part, I found myself quite pleased.Each and every one of Snyder s stories in this collection is original and very well written They all utilize well rounded characters that instantly attach to the psyche and schema My only complaint, however, is that nearly half of them ended with no real sense of resolution I don t necessarily [...]

    To be honest, Voodoo Heart was my least favorite story in Scott Snyder s collection, Voodoo Heart Voodoo Heart is a very well organized collection of stories from the writer of one of my recent favorite comic books, American Vampire The title story marks though in my opinion, not well the climax of a series of stories exploring the notions of attachment to places, people, and things in 1930s America Not to belabor the point, while Voodoo Heart might have been a good story presented in isolation [...]

    Voodoo Heart was both instructive and entertaining Scientifically speaking, I learned about the maladapted Paranthropus, the anatomy of synthetic plants, and various other nuggets of information The strongest stories of the collection where the last four Voodoo Heart, Wreck, Dumpster Tuesday and The Star Attraction 1919 The characters in these four stories were compelling, and so authentic I nearly believed they existed outside of Snyder s imagination As a writer, I often can spot contrived stor [...]

    I ve been a fan of Snyder s graphic novel writing for years He always has solid plots, interesting characters, and entertaining tales even if some of them might be a bit too quickly paced Still, I was curious about this fiction writing.Honestly, I m surprised to say that his fiction is as good if not better than his graphic novels He can turn a phrase better than most, and every story has at least one moment that I was completely jealous of its setup and delivery.Many short story collections hav [...]

    A very well written collection of 7 short stories, Snyder paints a whimsical, dark, absurd, and occasionally sad picture of men moving through their lives, generally nursing unhealthy obsessions The prose is crisp and involving, the reveals perfectly paced Snyder draws you in like a master it s staggering to find out its a debut though his quality has been shown with his American Vampire, Swamp Thing, and Batman comics work since The only letdown to me were the endings of his stories, which seld [...]

    An excellent collection, the stories worked so well with each other Snyder has a way with creating concrete details while at the same time writing off the kilter characters in a wack world Something always happens to the characters that make them go awry, and it is fascinating with each story here.

    The current writer of DC Comics Batman and Swamp Thing, Scott Snyder first wrote this taut collection of historical fiction short stories in 06 More literary than fantastic, most of the themes tackle 20 something romance at its most vulnerable No dialogue or plot element is wasted here everything congeals into an astounding whole by narrative s end Pretty damn great.

    I reviewed this book about ten years ago for a local newspaper, and now, on reflecting on my review, I really regret not giving this a much glowing review This is an excellent short story collection for those looking to read really great stories Snyder captures a noir, pulpy, literary tone and style here that is absent in a lot of literary fiction A fun read, fun stories.

    So I picked this up do to Scotts comic book work, and it is wonderful collection of short stories that are all about relationships wither personal or family relationships and how people interact with each other They are filled with a deep narrative that never quite dips into fantasy.

    A picked this collection of short stories because Snyder is an accomplished writer in comics The stories are well written and interesting He doesn t finish them I understand the leave it to the imagination of the reader idea, I just don t like it personally.

    So I ve made it to the end of Scott Snyder s short story collection and for the most part I really enjoyed it My favorite stories were Happy Fish, Plus Coin , Wreck , and The Star Attraction of 1919 Blue Yodel and Voodoo Heart were in the middle About Face and Dumpster Tuesday were my least favorite and that is mostly due to the sheer frustration the main character of each story caused me.After reading each story, I could get a sense for the writing pattern Scott Snyder was in during this book M [...]

    In his first and so far only literary outing, Scott Snyder takes us on a journey to the darkest and dustiest corners of America, with this handful of quirky stories that follow a group of men through their somewhat odd and dream like lives.I heard alot of praise going into this, but felt somewhat let down The stories were entertaining and kept me enthralled, but I was kind left feeling empty by the open endings to every story I get what he was trying to do, but they just didn t quite pack a punc [...]

    I bought this collection based on a commenter s tip posted on HTML Giant The person had claimed that Voodoo Heart , the title story in Scott Snyder s debut story collection, was the best story he she had ever read I loved Voodoo Heart I skipped to it first , but I found all the stories equally as heartbreaking, emotionally real, and challenging Though realistic, these stories have enough fantastical, strange, and unlikely elements to make them seem suspended, like fog rising from a lake at dawn [...]

    What a curious, eclectic little collection of stories Voodoo Heart provides an engaging look at Snyder s work prior to his monumental partnership with DC as writer for Batman, Swamp Thing, and Vertigo s American Vampire The prose of each story is straightforward while also displaying subtle humor and just a hint of something sinister Every piece deals with romantic relationships in some form, creating a sort of progressive gradation as readers move from one story to the next Yet it is the quiet [...]

    Scott Snyder really does an amazing job at pulling you into a story but making you feel something for these characters Happy Fish, Plus Coin About Face and Voodoo Heart , the first three stories will break your heart, in particular Every character in this book feels like a real person going through real things These people have been through a hell of a lot of hardship and they re not always perfect Snyder s greatest strength is that he puts you in the mindset of these flawed people, but you neve [...]

    It s been some time since I ve read a book of short stories, and Voodoo Heart reminded me of how refreshing and inspiring they can be Snyder s Voodoo Heart is held together by a faint steampunk theme and a series of male narrators who are dealing with the emotions of love Snyder s prose is straightforward, but he employs some surprising metaphors and analogies to describe the narrator s feelings The collection made me realize that it is rare for me to read or choose a book from the male perspect [...]

    Recently, I ve become familiar with Scott Snyder s work in comics, particulary in the case of his current run on Batman and American Vampire Voodoo Heart, his collection of short stories, is my first introduction to his work outside of comics, and it does not disappoint whatsoever All of the stories within this collection focus on a bunch of quirky, heartwarming, and heartbreaking studies of characters who experience turning points in their lives My personal favorite is the last one in the coll [...]

    Well, here it goes It looks like I am the first reviewer to give this book a one star rating To preface this this is not the type of book that I typically read I prefer novels over short stories.With that being said, I disliked nearly every short story in this book Each was a story about love in one way or another that had a terrible ending I am a huge fan of realistic endings no matter how sad I actually prefer stories to have an ending that you don t see coming maybe a sad ending to a book tha [...]

    This piece of collected short stories was pretty entertaining The writing was definitely of good quality Each character was different from one another, which takes a talent of writing in order to pull off Each story obviously had disheartening, relatively sad endings, a fact of reality However, I would have enjoyed a couple stories to be done in a female s perspective I also would have liked for the stories to have contained relatively different endings Still relative to people, yet not followin [...]

    I loved this book I have always been a fan of short stories but finding a good collection of short stories is so often hard It s hard to put your finger on what but so many leave me wanting This book did anything but I eagerly await Scott Snyder s next work, having originally known him from comics I decided to give this a try and it is just outstanding A collection of stories, all of them romances to a degree, all of them about one on one relationships There is a general dissatisfaction at the c [...]

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