The Seven Dials Mystery

The Seven Dials Mystery #2020

The Seven Dials Mystery Gerry Wade had proved himself to be a champion sleeper so the other house guests decided to play a practical joke on him Eight alarm clocks were set to go off But come morning one clock was gone an
  • Title: The Seven Dials Mystery
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780007122592
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gerry Wade had proved himself to be a champion sleeper, so the other house guests decided to play a practical joke on him Eight alarm clocks were set to go off But come morning, one clock was gone, and the prank had tragically backfired.
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    Seven Dials is Christie s subversion of the 1920s style thriller, only with a plucky female heroine and a subtle commentary on English society A manor murder, a secret society, a slummy club in the East End, and international espionage that make it seem artificially complicated, but it was enjoyable enough, with a few chuckles and a sweet little romantic angle to neatly round it out A group of young people gather at the English estate the Chimneys, rented out to steel magnate Sir Oswald and his [...]

    Not as intriguing as I thought it would be, but the surprising ending almost makes up for how uninteresting all the rest was.

    I ve decided that you cannot go wrong with Agatha Christie Her books are character driven and sometimes I get confused about who s who, but she never fails to keep me reading on This was a test in who dun it skills which I need to master I thought that the Superintendent police chief was the bad guy I got it all wrong The story is wrapped up in tons of funny, aristocratic dialogue And then all of a sudden Christie adds a couple of sentences like this There is no need to describe in detail the co [...]

    I enjoyed this Agatha Christie mystery very much It had quite a different feel to it from the Miss Marple and Poirot mysteries Dare I say, it was almost an adult Nancy Drew ish style mystery mainly due to the fact that the protagonists were young people, rather than the mature sleuths that Christie peopled her stories with You find wealthy, carefree, Lady Eileen aka Bundle Brent and Jimmy Thesiger and their acquaintances trying to solve the murders of two of their friends What it the Seven Dial [...]

    The Seven Dials Mystery is a fast paced and a very enjoyable book Some of the characters are from another Christie novel, The Secret of Chimneys As a huge fan of the queen of crime and whodunits, I had a very nice time reading this book and I was satisfied with the ending which was surprising and full of twists Agatha Christie always gives the best mystery and it s never disappointing

    A young man dies while on a visit to a country house, and very soon a secret society is suspected of murdering him We have the dead man s sister, a young man working at the Foreign Office, our heroine, Eileen Brent aka Bundle, a Police Superintendent, and a young man working in politics, all or less banding together to solve the mystery.This book is written in a very light vein and there is plenty of humour in the Wodehouse style But unlike the other Christie books, this one somehow lacks subst [...]

    The clocks were wrapped up and paid for Mr Murgatroyd watched the cars drive away with a puzzled air Very spirited the young people of the upper classes nowadays, very spirited indeed, but not at all easy to understand He turned with relief to attend to the vicar s wife, who wanted a new kind of dripless teapot There is a lot to like about The Seven Dials Mystery The spirited young people, the charming older generation, the country house setting complete with a despotic gardener, London nightlif [...]

    Expect no Hercule Poirot, no Miss Jane Marple, no Tommy nor Tuppence Beresford however, Superintendent Battle does just fine in The Seven Dials The mountainous but subtly clever policeman manages to solve two murders and break an international ring of crooks in a cozy that will engage you to the very last page.The caper begins with the death of a guest at this is Dame Agatha Christie, after all a house party The deceased s half sister, the deceased s friend, and another young woman, Lady Eileen [...]

    An absolutely wonderful gift from Tori.I had no idea Agatha Christie was so absorbing This book was on par with Georgette Heyer, P.G Wodehouse, Dorothy Sayers, Robert Benchleyeven Helene Hanff I suppose it shouldn t surprise me but that ending completely blew me away Absolutely worth reading.Some of the names are a little odd and datedSocks and Codders and Bundlebut I like the characters and the writing I like how it feels old fashion and intelligent yet entirely readable And that end Excuse me [...]

    A minor Christie work Gets interesting toward the end Life among the upper classes gets a bit tiresome Some of the main characters are named Bundle, Pongo, and Socks It s as if the murder has been perpetrated and is being investigated by puppies.

    The Seven Dials Mystery marked a return to form for Agatha Christie Following the remarkable achievement of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in 1926, she hit a terrible slump following the death of her mother With a book due every year, she cobbled together some of her short stories into the abysmal Big Four, then hurried through Mystery of the Blue Train which I didn t think so bad, but she was not proud of it acc to her autobiography Seven Dials takes us back to Chimneys, the country manor house of [...]

    You shouldn t shoot people, said Lord Caterham in a tone of mild remonstrance You shouldn t really I daresay some of them richly deserve it but all the same it will lead to trouble I d say it was slow paced The action was taking place but not with as much vigour as I had expected I had a faint idea of who might it be but I was proven wrong by the end of it.For me, an Agatha Christie book, regardless of how simple or straightforward it is, is always a pleasurable and enjoyable read And I look for [...]

    You shouldn t shoot people , said Lord Caterham in a tone of mild remonstrance You shouldn t really I daresay some of them richly deserve it but all the same it will lead to trouble Maybe it was the plot, maybe it was my reading slump, but I wasn t really invested in the story And when, finally, the murderer was revealed I felt quite disappointed Christie doesn t supply the reader with enough clues, so the big reveal seems rushed and out of place.On the other hand, her writing is, as always, ext [...]

    This was the first Agatha Christie book I read and what a good choice It s been ages since I ve read it, but I m still marveling at the plot When trying to figure out who dunnit I did consider the true culprit, but dismissed it instantly oops Not as light hearted and fun as the Tommy and Tuppence series, but a wonderful mystery and a credit to Christie s writing abilities.

    Ba larda s ksada sonunda a rtt Polisiye kitaplardan her zaman uzak duran biri olarak, bana birazda olsa sempati kazand rd bu alanda Art k benzer senaryolar kendini tekrara ba lad ndan, ancak 4 y ld z verebiliyorum.

    I didn t think I d ever be able to say this about one of Agatha Christie s books, but I didn t really care for this one that much so I m just going to leave it at that.

    Rating 4.5 5 I listened to an audio version, so please excuse any spelling errors for names Minor spoilers First, Gerry Wade was found dead at Chimneys, believed to have overdosed on a sleeping draught While this may have seemed suspicious because Gerry never took any sort of sleeping draught before, there was nothing really to suspect it was a murder Not long after, though, a woman named Lady Eileen Brent, nicknamed Bundle, comes across a man in the street who appears to be dead As she investig [...]

    Ba m fetti Battle benim sevdi im bir karakter, zaten Agatha n n sevmedi im pek bir karakteri yok ya neyse Bu kitap da bence iyiydi, olaylar yava aksa da ger ekten g zel bitti Ya katil u ksa ne garip olur dedi im ki i katil kt bu arada, biraz kendimi kutlamal y m heralde Kad n n yazaca her eyi tahmin edemiyorum ama nedense kafas nda kim zerine kurgulad n daha s k yakalar oldum Hala okunacak romanlar var neyse ki, sonra da ba a d n p her birini tekrar okumal asl nda.

    I appreciate what Christie is trying to do here, but frankly, I found it rather disappointing I far prefer her forays into cosy crime The plot here was rather weak and all too predictable, which surprised me, particularly when compared to her other work.

    Another murder at Chimneys And some of our favorite characters from The Secret of Chimneys are back to solve the mystery But the real mystery is, why is the first book such a delight, and this book such a drag The plots of both are equally far fetched Both feature young people bucketing around in roadsters and prowling the premises of large country homes in the middle of the night.I think the answer lies partly with the characters Practically all the characters in The Secret of Chimneys were int [...]

    Berbahaya rupannya berpura pura tertarik pada subjek yang sangat disukai seorang pria Tahu enggak apa yang dikatakannya Dia bilang akan berbahagia bila bisa membentuk pikiranku yang sedang tumbuh Pikiranku Kalau saja dia tahu seperempat bagian dari isi otakku, dia akan pingsan Demikian sepenggal kutipan tokoh utama kita Nona Bundle, dalam Misteri Tujuh Lonceng Barangkali tokoh utama seperti inilah yg membuat suatu cerita detektif menjadi tambah seru dan intriguing Novel yg saya rekomendasikan un [...]

    This is one of the finest and comparatively livelier books of Christie.For me, it is hard to give a straight review of Christie s books since I am intrinsically biased to her.The favoritism creeps in and then it hinders any practical analysis.This books is very lively because of Bundle Yes you will meet her and by far she is one of the memorable and intriguing characters that you will ever encounter in a Agatha Christie s book Brilliantly crafted.The book starts of very well, I liked the beginn [...]

    The Seven Dials Mystery is a very good story It s full of good little things, and two great things The two great things are the wrongful depiction of the Seven Dials wrongful being the key word and the depiction of the main villain I kept wondering what was the purpose of Lady Cootes scenes and how Miss Wade would end up in the story Well everything was well answered in the end The author s sleigh of her writing hand was particularly deceiving this time, the masterful hand that always has someth [...]

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