The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fatteningthe Human Race

The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fatteningthe Human Race #2020

The World is Fat The Fads Trends Policies and Products That Are Fatteningthe Human Race Fast Food Nation meets The World Is Flat in this eye opening look at the obesity epidemic Today the planet s billion overweight people by far outnumber the million who are undernourished This
  • Title: The World is Fat: The Fads, Trends, Policies, and Products That Are Fatteningthe Human Race
  • Author: Barry Popkin
  • ISBN: 9781583333136
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fast Food Nation meets The World Is Flat in this eye opening look at the obesity epidemic Today, the planet s 1.3 billion overweight people by far outnumber the 700 million who are undernourished This figure would have seemed ludicrous just fifty years ago, when hunger was the world s most pressing nutritional problem In The World Is Fat, Barry Popkin argues that the faFast Food Nation meets The World Is Flat in this eye opening look at the obesity epidemic Today, the planet s 1.3 billion overweight people by far outnumber the 700 million who are undernourished This figure would have seemed ludicrous just fifty years ago, when hunger was the world s most pressing nutritional problem In The World Is Fat, Barry Popkin argues that the fattening of the human race is not simply about that next cheeseburger rather, it is a result of an unprecedented collision of human biology with trends in technology, globalization, government policy, and the food industry that are changing how we eat and how we live Popkin, whose expertise in both nutrition and economics makes him uniquely qualified to write this book, compares our lifestyles today with those of half a century ago through the stories of five families living in the United States, Mexico, and India He shows how increasing access to media and exposure to advertising, a powerful food industry, the rise of Wal Mart like shopping centers, and a dramatic decline in physical activity are clashing with millions of years of human evolution, creating a world of overweight people with debilitating health problems such as diabetes Ultimately, Popkin contends that widespread obesity is less a result of poor individual dietary choices than about a hi tech, interconnected world in which governments and multinational corporations have extraordinary power to shape our everyday lives.
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    McDonald s NutriSystem Burger King Weight Watchers KFC Jenny Craig Pizza Hut Dexatrim Watch TV for any length of time and you ll glimpse, in swiftly alternating commercials, twin American obsessions eating and dieting But as Barry Popkin points out, Americans aren t alone in their struggles with food and fitness The problem is a global one The title of Popkin s book is spun off of Thomas L Friedman s bestselling treatise on globalization, The World Is Flat That bit of wordplay is almost the only [...]

    Yes, yes I know the world is fat At least, my world is, not so sure about the rest of it So it would have been nice to have hard facts, research, charts and graphs rather than anecdotal evidence from the authors life about the fattening of people he knew.Also, the book would have benefited by having solutions to the fat problem Barry Popkin spent way too much time counting calories rather than getting to the root of our fatness lack of proper nutrition, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetabl [...]

    This book has lots of interesting facts, but a bit dry to read I learned a lot of interesting things from it He compares 4 different families across time his own family growing up in the 50 s, a Mexican family who recently immigrated to the U.S an Indian family from the 80 s when he was studying over there, and a modern Indian family And it is very interesting to see the comparasions between how they eat and how much movement they do.The author says there are 4 trends in the way that we eat that [...]

    This was a pretty quick read for me Popkin talks a lot about general trends in eating that I pretty much understood already Like another person said in her review, he does spend a lot of time counting calories He stresses cutting calories, which I agree is important, but in general it is unfortunate that this is the main way to evaluate food He also seems to be speculating a lot about the different issues Though he is clear when he makes a statement that it is purely his opinion, I would have li [...]

    I have always been a Foodie, and I enjoy reading about how food affects our health, personally, culturally and globally Very well written, with lots of useful information Never having liked pop or sugary drinks, I m happy to say that at least I don t have to work on eliminating that particular bad habit, but it is shocking to see big companies promoting their less than healthful products to small children Who knew that in some places McDonalds buys the right to put their advertising on school re [...]

    There wasn t much new in this book, but it was interesting nonetheless A few galling things 1 I get a little annoyed by the nutritional idealization of the 50s I know in many ways American diets have changed for the worse, but I also feel like the variety of vegetables, beyond potatoes and corn, that we eat now is a significant improvement.2 Popkin definitely puts the burden of healthy shopping and cooking squarely on mom s shoulders I guess dad is too busy eating pork rinds to be involved.

    Informative bookn t drink soda alchohol juice because of the majority of the calories you unconsiously consume are in beverages That s pretty much the moral of this story Also, modern conveniences have allowed us to be sedentary So move .

    Nothing really new here, but an easy read Slightly out of date touting Panera as a healthy fast food seems like heresy now but the global perspective was awesome, as was his use of four families to make the message relevant and real.

    i loved this book, it puts why we eat the things we do into a new perspective it brought to light ideas that intuitively, i ve always known, but brought them to the forefront of my mind the 3 parts that i liked the best or made me think the most 1 there is no way that genes hormones, or even components of our diet, such as sugar and refined carbohydrates, can cause obesity without creating a positive energy balance p.119 in other words WHAT we eat isn t as important as the total number of calori [...]

    YES, Imma A GIVEAWAY WINNER I received the book before the Holidays I didn t start reading it because I couldn t resist from enjoying the festivities.arting on 1 5 09.The author of the book traveled to different parts of the world when he was younger and made friends with different families and when he went back years later to see if life had changed for them it did even though they had food choices and better living conditions the food choices were westernized I found the book to be very inter [...]

    Well written, interesting look at the reasons that changes in society are contributing to obesity Some of the problems we know about, such as the growth of fast food and the growing consumption of soda Some we haven t thought about, such as the way that food company sponsorship is devaluing the worth of the approvals granted by the American Heart Association and others as well as the way that one association will approve something low in fat but not sugar, while another will approve something lo [...]

    I ve changed the way I look at food in the store because of this book It s spot on about why the world especially the United States is fat and getting fatter by the year The author has spent decades studying people around the world, their eating habits, their exercise or lack thereof , and if they are fat or thinner and healthy It is a fascinating book, not an easy read, but very informative It also makes sense We were all thin in the 80s, right What happened Sugar is added to almost everything [...]

    Quick read and a nice overview of the topic Easy to get through in a day if the topic interests you A little redundant in spots, and as a recent English grad I was annoyed than once at his choice of sentence structure Also I rolled my eyes a little anytime the author brought up his childhood in Wisconsin All in all very approachable though Simply written and not in a bad way I thought the information about obesity rates in Mexico was one of the interesting aspects of the book Big sugar s attac [...]

    I probably would have given this a 3.5 if I could have.but I ll give it an extra.5I think it earned the benefit of the doubt.We re fat If you don t think so, you re in denial This book is an excellent primer on the reasons None of them are new or a mystery to figure out We are addicted to sugar and aren t honest about how much we eat drink , we don t have jobs that are physically active any, and we basically sit around getting fatter.Sure, it goes in way detail than that, but it s worth the rea [...]

    The fat , real truthThe book the world is fat by Barry Popkin is very eye opening, historical, and just plain real He supports some of his arguments with families he has known He makes it clear that your ethnicity may play an important role in your life style Some may tend to eat less health than others The book explains so much that you begin to realize how much of problem obesity is becoming I absolutely agree in the arguments he makes in his book People, obesity should not be taken lightly, t [...]

    Yes, another book about obesity because I was working on a project on this topic Barry Popkin is one the world s leading authorities on the subject, and while he s written a lot of rigorous academic articles on the subject, this book thankfully is anything but academic Instead, its a surprisingly personal and highly readable account of a topic that, in one way or another, affects us all our diet He also provides a global perspective on a topic that most American writers on the subject leave out [...]

    Alright Free book from the GoodReads Gods Review forthcoming As I am an extremely healthy person healthy, let s say to the point of obsessive pathology I happen to have very strong feelings about fatness in general, its psychosocial generation, and its social effects If you anticipate being offended by strong feelings on those topics, I recommend you steer clear of this space in the future Notice the consistent qualification social I could care less about what you do individually To each his own [...]

    This short, easy read was a great overview of the many causes that are causing many humans to become overweight obese It was also a great historical look at how certain foods drinks found their way into our collective diet The book also reinforced my conviction that I will never become a Registered Dietitian RD because the accrediting body is funded by people in the food industry When the beverage industry or sugar farmers have a say in what Americans need to eat or drink to be healthy, somethin [...]

    Quick interesting read about obesity trends not just in the US but in Mexico, India and around the world It strengthened my resolve to give up drinking soda and made me re think about how much sugary juice let my kids drink My one issue was I did not agree much with what he thought were solutions Way to much reliance on governmental policies, consumer activism etc How about people taking some responsibility and eating less and exercising I did enjoy seeing how our food consumption has changed o [...]

    Informative and interesting, but it was difficult to keep my attention on this book as the author repeated himself a lot for a book of only about 180 pages, it took me FOREVER to get through it Also a lot of the evidence of yesteryear s diet was actually anecdotal stories from the author s own childhood which, while interesting, doesn t make for the most scientifically convincing arguments.

    Dr Popkin argues the case that obesity is quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic Worring statistics and vignettes of other countrymen give weight to this argument Dr Popkin is straightforward and to the point, speaking through the voice of a concerned authority instead of an irrational cacomorphobic rant which is, regrettably, what many books in this genre end up becoming

    It was a pretty quick read For the time I bet it was ground breaking and thought provoking But it s about 5 years old now, so a lot of this stuff is just common knowledge at least to me However, I felt that it wasn t portrayed seriously enough and didn t quite give a call to action like I had hoped for.It did have nice stories in it though, so it was a fun read.

    A pragmatic book that looks at societies as a whole are getting fat Like other reviewers say here, I don t see a lot of new facts in here He points out the usual suspects food industry, fast food, sugar, and modern lifestyle Sorry, he didn t offers any silver bullet solutions but guess what There probably isn t one He can t be faulted for that.

    I wanted to like this book and learn from it Unfortunately, neither of those really happened It seemed like a bunch of tidbits of research thrown together in a huge hurry I understood and appreciated the main points expressed by the author, but I thought the book as a whole was poorly executed, vague and self serving.

    Although I didn t read the whole book consecutively, I have read enough of it to understand the develop,met of our world diet and the implications of this in western society This book looks less at the science of obesity, and not of the personal or emotional problems but at the reasons why, at the consequence of this and at the worlds history.

    I won this book from First Reads and let me say I wouldn t have picked it up otherwise I get it, we re fat Some points were thought provoking and I definitely will remember some facts to toss into conversations but this book would have been a much better magazine article

    Meh Nothing really groundbreaking here We eat too much processed crap and portions are huge Would ve been nice to know what happened to the four families he profiled and when I say profiled, I mean, barely mentioned.

    Ehh it was ok Overload of information, and then huge chapters full of stuff that seems really obvious in this day and age I enjoyed reading about how different life was growing up in the 1950s tho That was the only highlight for me.

    Doesn t have much new to say on the subject the book feels primarily like a vehicle for Barry to assert his credentials Some of the compare contrast between lifestyles of the 1950s vs the 1990s, and lifestyles in rural India vs the US are interesting, but otherwise, a waste of time.

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