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You Can Run... #2020

You Can Run Penny Conley is still recovering from the untimely death of her husband But she and her five year old daughter Willow seem to be thriving in their West Virginia suburb Penny works for esteemed arche
  • Title: You Can Run...
  • Author: Carlene Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780312372866
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Penny Conley is still recovering from the untimely death of her husband But she and her five year old daughter, Willow, seem to be thriving in their West Virginia suburb Penny works for esteemed archeologist Simon Van Etton, who is like family to her even Simon s great niece, Diana, has become one of Penny s closest friends So when a distraught Penny calls Diana late onPenny Conley is still recovering from the untimely death of her husband But she and her five year old daughter, Willow, seem to be thriving in their West Virginia suburb Penny works for esteemed archeologist Simon Van Etton, who is like family to her even Simon s great niece, Diana, has become one of Penny s closest friends So when a distraught Penny calls Diana late one night, Diana is the one who comes running But just as Diana arrives, the house explodes leaving Penny in a coma, though sparing Willow any harm.As Diana and Simon try to figure out what happened and why two shocking discoveries are made First, investigators find a bomb in Penny s basement Then, new facts about Penny s dark past come to light Determined to find the truth about her friend and protect Willow, Diana keeps digging for clues But someone is following her every move and is willing to kill to make sure that Penny s secrets stay dead and buried
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      341 Carlene Thompson
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    I have a feeling this review is going to be shorter than my usual The prologue will suck in any reader A house explosion that rocks a quiet, run down neighborhood, a mother thrown from the back porch, her darling girl safe who wouldn t want to keep reading to find out what s going on From finding out that the explosion was caused by a bomb, to finding out her friend lied and still has a husband, to a little girl literally losing it and freaking out that her father is a Bad Man, all makes for som [...]

    It took me really long time to finish this book and I kept dropping this book to read something else interesting What kept putting me off is the terrible language I can understand the author s intention to write real life dialogues rather than just dialogues centering around the plot, but Carlene definitely overdoes it here There is a lot of irrelevant detail in this book, and after painstakingly developing characters and establishing their mannerisms, we see them do something totally out of the [...]

    Okay, I wasn t overly impressed with this book Compared to If You Ever Tell, this book fell short I was expecting from You Can Run Don t get me wrong, it was really good just it was lacking a bit of thrill This is the second book I ve read by Thompson, and it centers around another traumatized girl, Willow I really liked the plot, and I was slightly surprised by who the murderer was I had a feeling that s who it was, but the motive behind why that person did it threw me off All in all, a good r [...]

    It s hard to imagine that a story that literally begins with an explosion could start slow, but that s how I felt about this book I was close to halfway finished and I didn t have any attachment to the characters or the plotline but it definitely improved after that I ended up enjoying the story but I can t say I loved it.

    My first Carlene Thompson Diana Sheridan is late As she gets to her friend Penny Conley s house it suddenly explodes with a roar, flames and flying debris Diana is shocked and as she tries to get under control, a man comes up and helps her, moving her car away from the flames What has happened Where is Penny, is she all right and where is her daughter 5 year old Willow These and questions are posed and answered, but they bring to light questions and threats to Diana and her Uncle There a numbe [...]

    This book was one of my group BOM s I wasn t really that interested in it when I picked it up and read the back But I figured I would give it a try since my group was reading It turned out better than I expected and I ended up liking it.This was a suspenseful story line that begins with a house exploding Penny is heading outside to find her daughter Willow who was supposed to be resting in bed when the house explodes Dana shows up just as the house goes up in flames, and she is determined to fin [...]

    At first I had trouble getting into the storyline on this book but then I started to realize that it seemed of a mystery than a romantic suspense.Once I started to read it as a mystery it flowed so much better for me as a reader.I enjoyed the characterizations as well as the setting, I m a native West Virginian, so please forgive the bias , Diana seemed to be just your average young woman trying to find fulfillment when what seems to be a tragic accident has critically injured her best friend P [...]

    this book was just okay It said on the cover that fans of Mary Higgins Clark would like it, and in my opinion, it had the same weakness Mary Higgins Clark s books have a weak heroine who needs to be saved by the man I was really disappointed in the ending, Tyler needing to save Willow and Diana I would ve liked to see Diana defending herself successfully I also didn t think it was realistic that the family cozied up to the semi abusive father in the end I didn t think they would forgive and forg [...]

    Although I enjoyed this book a fair amount, the romance portion always my least favorite component of any story anyway was far too rushed to be believable Of course, this is often the case with almost all romantic suspense fiction, and probably why it is my least favorite part of any storyline In this case though, it really detracted from the story for me Too contrived and silly The rest of the plot was a very enjoyable mystery with an ending that I did not see coming This author reminded me of [...]

    If you love hot and explosive romantic suspense novels, you ll enjoy Carlene Thompson s You Can Run Diana Sheridan gets a call from her friend, Penny Conley, on her way home from a trip When she arrives at Penny s house, Penny s home explodes and her daughter s missing That s when she runs into Tyler Raines at the scene, a mysterious man with secrets of his own While Penny s in the coma, badly burned and disfigured, Penny s secrets comes out on the open, after her daughter Willow is returned Fro [...]

    I did enjoy this book At times I felt like the author gave too many details and other times, not enough but I ended up liking the book.I enjoyed the characters good vs bad My favorite character was Badge I also enjoyed Willow, but a times thought the author made her sound too old for her age Inserting the older charcters in the book Simon Clarice added anothr dimension to the book.Although this was not a 5 star read, I did find myself wanting to find out what happened next and trying to figure o [...]

    This was a great book some romance and plenty of suspense It makes you want to keep turning pages Diana and her great uncle Simon accept penny and her little girl willow into their lives and small family, not knowing there is to penny than meets the eye Penny has an unfortunate occurrence that puts her in the hospital and when willow is found she stays with Diana and Simon, who is penny realy, who wanted penny hurt, and who is targeting willow There are so many twists and so many probable suspe [...]

    I usually love most of her books but this one seemed off for her Like she wasn t that focused when she was writing it The book starts off with a bang literally explosion but then it seems to wander for most of the book You really don t get most of the clues to the mystery until the last couple of chapters,Which I admit were pretty good The romantic interest let me down as well There was no character development between them it sort of felt like Hi,I love you Oh Hi,I love you too to me Not a tota [...]

    I was disappointed with this book I had read a few of her previous ones and thought they were pretty good, but this one seemed very superficial and awkward The dialogue, the interaction between the characters, the progression of the story, all seemed stiff and unnatural I don t mean to sound unkind, but the writing style reminded me of Catherine Coulter and I almost felt like I was reading one of her books, which to me are very superficial see my review for Tailspin to get a better explanation o [...]

    Un livre suspense qui se lit assez rapidement Il n est pas mal mais certains passage semblent un peu gros non pas que je sois une grande sp cialiste des meurtriers Il fait partie de ces polars au sein duquel la fin devient un peu brouillonne car l auteur se doit d expliquer et justifier chaque action, v nement du roman souvent il ressort que beaucoup de choses sont un peu tir es par les cheveux.Mais a peut tout fait tre un bon livre de vacances

    I enjoyed the sub plots in this story Yes, I did like the whole book but I liked the behind the scenes story better Diana is a strong, determined woman, Willow is a cute 5 year old and Tyler was ok as far as the knows what s better for you because he is a man type that every romance seems to have I gave this story 4 stars for the suprise effect.

    L histoire est int ressante et poignante Le suspense est pr sent On soup onne les personnages les uns apr s les autres.Le synopsis en dit trop car on apprend un des aspect inscrit, seulement apr s la page 300 Le ton des dialogues est parfois pompeux ou niais, selon les protagonistes.Certains passages peuvent para tre lourds et inutiles.

    Story line was good however, it took way to long to tell it There were some jumps in the plot that just jumped the reader was just suppposed to accept this new information even when it came out of thin air.

    I found it too me longer to read this book as this book couldn t hold my interest at the start Once I was about 1 3 way through the book I found I couldn t put it down The suspense was great and I was totally surprised at the ending, I didn t see this coming.

    too many things are said twice in details a report to the police is written word for word as it happended, but you read it 3 pages ago.


    it was a good read.I kindof wondered if what she was hiding from was her husband from fairly early on and the book suggested the guilty party and that was why the ending was a surprise

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