The Merry Misogynist

The Merry Misogynist #2020

The Merry Misogynist In poverty stricken Laos a man with a truck from the city was somebody a catch for even the prettiest village virgin The corpse of one of these bucolic beauties turns up in Dr Siri s morgue and
  • Title: The Merry Misogynist
  • Author: Colin Cotterill
  • ISBN: 9781569475560
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In poverty stricken 1978 Laos, a man with a truck from the city was somebody, a catch for even the prettiest village virgin The corpse of one of these bucolic beauties turns up in Dr Siri s morgue and his curiosity is piqued The victim was tied to a tree and strangled but she had not, as the doctor had expected, been raped, although her flesh had been torn And thoughIn poverty stricken 1978 Laos, a man with a truck from the city was somebody, a catch for even the prettiest village virgin The corpse of one of these bucolic beauties turns up in Dr Siri s morgue and his curiosity is piqued The victim was tied to a tree and strangled but she had not, as the doctor had expected, been raped, although her flesh had been torn And though the victim had clear, pale skin over most of her body, her hands and feet were gnarled, callused, and blistered On a trip to the hinterlands, Siri discovers that the beautiful female corpse bound to a tree has already risen to the status of a rural myth This has happened many times before He sets out to investigate this unprecedented phenomenon a serial killer in peaceful Buddhist Laos only to discover when he has identified the murderer that not only pretty maidens are at risk Seventy three year old coroners can be victims, too.
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    The sixth installment in a mystery series about a 73 year old Laotian national coroner, Dr Siri A corpse of a young village woman ends up in his morgue, and he and his team take a personal interest in the case Meanwhile, the Ministry of Housing is investigating the number and nature of illegal residents in Siri s government supplied housing As he ruminates with a friend, they realize they having seen Crazy Rajid skinny dipping in some time, and decide to search for the village madman.Let me be f [...]

    Book 6 in the series about the 70s era reluctant Laos coroner detective, this one had spark than the last couple of instalments, with a return to traditional sleuthing and less reliance on the spiritual world other than the odd premonition for solving the main mystery We also got a bit character development, with a secondary plot revealing an intriguing backstory for Crazy Rajid to come later, I suspect The whodunnit aspect of the story was satisfying, with the killer s identity carefully co [...]

    Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says In poverty stricken 1978 Laos, a man with a truck from the city was somebody, a catch for even the prettiest village virgin The corpse of one of these bucolic beauties turns up in Dr Siri s morgue and his curiosity is piqued The victim was tied to a tree and strangled but she had not, as the doctor had expected, been raped, although her flesh had been torn And though the victim had clear, pale skin over most of her body, her hands and feet were gnarled, calluse [...]

    I m not sure what to rate this book 1 star seems harsh, b c I had a great time reading it right up until the end but ultimately, I didn t like it in the past, I have enjoyed the Dr Siri mysteries wholeheartedly, no reservations, had a lot of fun reading them, etc But then there is this book this is less of a massive spoiler than you might believe, given the little twist at the end that succeeded in keeping me in the dark about the identity of the villain The villain is intersexed implied, conseq [...]

    Days always had a standard length and breadth until that Monday Dr Siri, newly married to Madame Daeng, is in trouble with the Laotian bureaucracy over his living arrangements he is apparently not living in the accommodation assigned to him by the government At the same time as zealous officials are investigating this, he is called on to examine the body of a beautiful young woman from the remote hill country An examination of her body reveals that she was strangled a very uncommon method of mur [...]

    Hard to start a series at the end, so I don t know all that precedes The Merry Misogynist However, Dr Siri Paiboun is one of the most refreshing and memorable characters I ve encountered in mysteries He s the national coroner of Laos He s 73, soon to be 74 He is five foot two It s the late 1970 s and the country is a mess Siri is irascible, determined, jaded, feisty, ornery and determined He s surrounded by a colorful cast, including his wife, the freedom fighter Madame Daeng, who is still prett [...]

    6 Dr Siri Paiboun series set in 1970 s Vientiane, Laos As usual, Dr Siri and gang have two cases going the first, a personal one, has Siri and his noodle making wife Madame Daeng trying to locate Crazy Rajid, a mute Indian street person who hasn t been seen by anyone for several days They follow a set of riddles around the city to try to figure out what happened to him Siri has a bad feeling about it, and he s learned to pay attention to his spirit guides The second case involves a woman brought [...]

    This is my second Dr Siri mystery though number six in the series Dr Siri Paibour is now 73, and the national coroner in The People s Democratic Republic of Laos It is 1978, and he has recently married the ever resourceful Madame Daeng, aged 66, who runs a noodle shop Life is good for them, but not without challenges These include solving a series of esoteric riddles, tracking down a suave, calculating, ruthless killer, who is given space in the book to voice his strange obsessions, and at Dr Si [...]

    My first book by Cotterill and it reminded me a bit of Alexander McCall Smith Siri Paiboun, the elderly coroner is a very endearing figure and along with his wife Madam Daeng hope the spellings are correct makes for a cute couple In spite of being in his seventies he scampers around trying to solve cases and is helpful to quite a lot of people encumbered with a wide array of problems ranging from mere inconvenience to life threatening danger In this book Siri manages to identify and capture a se [...]

    Absolutely rollicking, fast and fun read Someone is killing young brides and it s Dr Siri to the rescue kind of Madam Daeng is the perfect partner to the intrepid coroner And who would have thought that Civilai could bake The cast of characters get and likeable with book Even that annoying Judge.The sideplots of the officious Ministry of Housing harrassing Dr Siri and the boarders at his residence, the missing Indian mad man are all equally captivating The only one missing from this outing is [...]

    It s such a joy to find a new, wonderful author at this stage of my life So many of my favorite authors writing has palled just changes in me, not them, I suspect.This writer is still surprisingly fresh, engaging, informative, witty in this, the sixth in the series about now seventy four year old Laotian coroner, Siri Paiboun, set in the mid seventies.Doesn t sound exciting I urge you to check it out I can t imagine anyone not loving these books The first in the series is Yhe Coroner s Lunch P.S [...]

    Awh My least favourite so far It was kind of trashy in a CSI way My charming hero has no call jumping around and engaging in feats of physical strength he s 72 after all There was too much ofwell, everything, so I felt a little overdone by the time I finished it It was like going to your favourite little independent cafe and finding out it had been taken over by a large American chain of coffee houses Designer coffee, shiny seats, fancy mugs but really, all you wanted was the little cafe with th [...]

    I really love Dr Siri and he is getting a little feistier the longer the Communists stay in Laos he is starting to give back a little in his old age in this one, the bad guy has a super creepy feel to him, nad some of the good guys are unusual as well There are fewer ancillary players than is the norm for this series, and there is maybe even a little bit action although it is of a British mystery in that sense all very civilized, hardly any bloodyond the murder, that is So this is a good insta [...]

    Oh Dr Siri how I love you This is another excellent book in this series Colin Cotterill has such a gift for creating not only complex and wonderful characters, but also his descriptions of the landscape and atmosphere in this story are so vivid.Whenever I finish one of these books I always feel like I ve actually been a part of the story and lived it with the characters.There is a chaos and near death experiences, babies, and even a serial killer in this book and I loved every minute of reading [...]

    Usually I love this series, and there was a lot to love about the book at first But the whole intersex person is a deranged sex killer trope is disgustingly bigoted, not to mention played out It really ruined this one for me.

    I saw it coming, but based on the positive way he portrays the character with Down Syndrome I still hoped up until nearly the end that Cotterill wasn t going to go for the cheap and offensive out of he went crazy because he was born intersex and his mom dressed him like a girl.

    Gripping and interesting tracking of a serial killer plus Crazy Rajid has disappeared I had to put it down, pretty sure that the next victim would be rescued in time after all this is Dr Siri, right , but the build up was getting to me.Someone s going around wooing, marrying, and killing beautiful country girls Because of the upheaval of war and revolution, the usual safeguards of vetting suitors is not in place and a charming stranger can pass himself off as almost anything, especially if he ha [...]

    6th in the Dr Siri Paiboun, national coroner of the People s Democratic Republic of Laos, series.Well, Laos in 1977 has made the big time it has its first serial killer The killer is a clever one, and at first even Dr Siri, with all his connections to the spirit world although they are never around when he needs them the most is unaware that the murder of a pretty rural young woman, done in a ritual fashion, is one of many And as usual winds up risking both life and 73 year old limb solving the [...]

    Audiobook Rezension Dr Siri Paiboun ermittelt in Der fr hliche Frauenhasser in seinem sechsten Fall Die Frauenleiche, die da auf dem Tisch des einzigen laotischen Leichenbeschauers landet, schockt Siri und seine Mitarbeiter, denn sie ist offensichtlich nicht nur ermordet, sondern auch auf bizarre Weise sexuell misshandelt worden Siri findet heraus, dass sie nicht das erste Opfer ist und beginnt auf die ihm typische Art und Weise zu ermitteln Mit dem Kriminalfall verwoben sind au erdem noch die G [...]

    The merry misogynist serial killer of young country girls is a SOB and Dr Siri is bound and determined to find him while he also deals with finding the town s favorite crazy man who has gone missing My favorite communist is also dealing with the anal and over zealous socialist bureaucracy,in particular the housing authority A good mix of humor with the seriousness of a murder mystery just kept me turning the pages My favorite one to date number six Dr Siri is a unique character a dedicated socia [...]

    I have read three of this series of books about a retired revolutionary conscripted to become the Laos only state coroner in his 70s I had thought of passing this one on to my daughter in law, but the subject matter and the murders in question are disturbing than most and I think she would find it upsetting The end looks like being very dark too, which is not everyone s cup of tea I did enjoy it, the little vignettes of life in post revolutionary Laos, the characters, the way society runs, are [...]

    A satisfying Mystery in which Dr Siri Co try to track down a serial killer who targets young, beautiful hilltribe women At the same time, Crazy Rajid has disappeared and Siri and Daeng worriedly put on a search for him.As he has in the past, Cotterill cleverly weaves Lao culture and history into the story line The spirits show up to help solve a mystery, but not in the expected way I love how the characters have developed and the obvious mutual affection they have for each other.

    A serial killer in Laos spoiler alert and a hermaphrodite who needs to prove he is a man is a little bit of a disappointment, almost like the sensationalism of Patricia Cornwell There is some good plotting and great red herrings What I do like is crazy Rajid subplot, he is lost, and his metaphoric poetry as well as artifacts he collects, lead everyone to his trapped place A good read but not one of his best The history of Buddhist temple architecture was interesting.

    Another in the Dr Siri series Dr Siri is now running afoul of the Housing Department because of the people living in his official house and because he s been caught going into Madame Daeng s apartment How Judge Haeng deals with the officers from this department is downright hilarious But there is a serial killer on the loose whose identity appears to escape Inspector Phosy and Dr Siri, who is also distracted by the disappearance of Crazy Rajid who may not be quite so crazy after all.

    Continuation of the Lao coroner series delivers the goods Another good mystery and this time a serial murderer is on the rampage and he needs to find a homeless Indian man Written according to the series formula but still kept me gripped and the logic of solving the case was good Finally the best bit is always the bringing to life of Laos in the 70s.

    I just finished reading another delightful episode book 6 in the life of Dr Siri Again, I just loved the sense of humor, the characters, the storyline and mystery filled with tension at times I am on to the next one and just learned that there is an eighth book due to be published later this year Just try reading the Coroner s Lunch the first in the series and see what you think.

    This is my least favorite of all the Dr Siri mysteries There is nothing merry about it The misogynist is a woman hating sadist, and his crimes are too horrible A departure for Dr Siri and this series Not recommended.

    Oh, I didn t like the way this book was written, with chapters from the criminal s point of view because I really, really didn t like him Spending time in his company was no fun No.

    Another great book in this loveable series This time Dr Siri is out to catch a serial killer A romping good read as always.

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