America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction

America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction #2020

America The Book A Citizen s Guide to Democracy Inaction From Publishers WeeklyCheeky irreverent and playfully ingenuous this abbreviated history of democracy is everything one would expect from the writers of Comedy Central s fake news program which rec
  • Title: America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction
  • Author: Jon Stewart Samantha Bee Rich Bloomquist Steve Bodow Tim Carvell Stephen Colbert Rob Corddry Eric Drysdale
  • ISBN: 9780446532686
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Publishers WeeklyCheeky, irreverent and playfully ingenuous, this abbreviated history of democracy is everything one would expect from the writers of Comedy Central s fake news program, which recently and somewhat scandalously won the Television Critics Association s award for outstanding news and public affairs series The book is laid out like a textbook, with DiFrom Publishers WeeklyCheeky, irreverent and playfully ingenuous, this abbreviated history of democracy is everything one would expect from the writers of Comedy Central s fake news program, which recently and somewhat scandalously won the Television Critics Association s award for outstanding news and public affairs series The book is laid out like a textbook, with Discussion Questions Why do you think the Framers made the Constitution so soul crushingly boring , Classroom Activities Using felt and yarn, make a hand puppet of Clarence Thomas Ta da You re Antonin Scalia and plenty of amusing graphics, including a board game that resembles the game Life but which follows a presidential term Optimistic press release on economy ineffective Spin again No one evades the authors scrutiny, not even the Pilgrims, who came to America to escape religious persecution create a society where they could worship as they pleased and one day, God willing, even do some persecuting of their own The media fares the worst, however An entire chapter is devoted to telling the inspirational story of how the media transformed itself from a mere public necessity into an entertaining profit center for ever expanding corporate empires But if this and other criticisms kindle a few unpatriotic feelings, a section describing how worse off the rest of the world is should buoy spirits From its dedication To the huddled masses Keep yearnin to its final chapter, which lampoons the 2004 presidential candidates, this humorous sendup of American politics never fails to entertain, poke fun and provoke thought Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.
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      484 Jon Stewart Samantha Bee Rich Bloomquist Steve Bodow Tim Carvell Stephen Colbert Rob Corddry Eric Drysdale
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      Posted by:Jon Stewart Samantha Bee Rich Bloomquist Steve Bodow Tim Carvell Stephen Colbert Rob Corddry Eric Drysdale
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    America The Book is not the Daily Show, but it s damn close This is one of those cases where it might seem like a good idea to listen to the audiobook and hear the actors deliveries in order to mimic the feeling of watching the tv show as much as possible However, then you d miss out on the high school textbook mock up layout and that s missing half the point A Citizen s Guid to Democracy Inaction is modeled after a civics class text replete with horrible study guides, misguided questions, those [...]

    I really associate this book with the lead up to and outcome of the last presidential election, and so while I remember really enjoying this a lot at the time I read it, every time I look at it now I get a heavy, sick feeling deep in my bowels, and I kind of feel like killing myself It makes me flash back to riding the train around for work on November 3, 2004 with one of the most soul crushing, emotionally annihilating hangovers I ve ever had in my life I remember staring at an excerpt of Yeats [...]

    I know Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, and Colbert are honest and reliable news sources than the rest of the media, I just don t believe it.Ironically, it is that same gap between knowledge and belief that has resulted in this sad statee reactionary, opinionated pundits keep talking down to these little basic cable comedy shows, but the fact that their feathers are so ruffled shows that they are afraid, and that they consider this to be as serious as the rest of us.Why is Stewart the journalist wh [...]

    Published on my book blog.I m a big fan of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, but for some reason I d never felt curious to read any of their books until this year I considered starting with Earth the book A Visitor s Guide to the Human Race, but thought I d go through this older one first.I have to admit, when I started I was a bit taken aback I don t know what I expected, but the first chapter Democracy before America was written with such an unapologetic disregard for History that I couldn t eve [...]

    I must admit, I m quite a fan of Jon Stewart s The Daily Show In a sea of ridiculous immature and unethical news reporting brought to us by the big corporations, Stewart is not only hilarious, but often offers key insight It is sad to me that a comedy show, brought to us by the same network that thought prank calling puppets was funny, has risen to be one the most insightful sources of news and politics That said, America the Book held great promise for me Unfortunately, it fails to deliver.Stew [...]

    This was a quick read, I hate politics and find it boring and full of nonsensical bull , but I enjoyed this book and even though it is full of slanderous lies I feel I have learnt quite a bit It also raises some important questions like If con is the opposite of pro, then is congress the opposite of progress Most interesting to me was the layout of the judicial system, from lower courts to the Supreme court, all previous knowledge on this subject was gained from watching Boston Legal, I now have [...]

    I Laughed, I Cried,, I Wept A Little, and Laughed Again, 19 Nov 2006 This book has many fine qualities, but its cavalier disregard for accuracy of quotations, its insufficient scholarly documentation, its often quixotic use of illustrations, and its frequent usage of inappropriate language and word choices all detract from its virtues With just a little attention to detail, well, in some cases, considerably attention to detail , this book would stand as a first rate addition to the literature [...]

    I have lost track of the number of pristine copies of this book I have found on the side of the road.I have also lost track of the total quantity of marijuana I have broken up upon the pristine copy of this book I decided to take home.I have also lost track of where said copy ever went It s really the ideal surface size for all your joint rolling needs And no, I never bothered to read the damn book We were too busy getting high and watching True Blood or pretending to read Winterson.Winter, son. [...]

    If you are at all familiar with The Daily Show With John Stewart, then you pretty much know what this book will be like Two notes 1 The book is also a parody of school textbooks, from the obvious and great Classroom Activities at the end of each chapter to subtle touches like the bold text used for key vocabulary words 2 There is a fair amount of profanity, sometimes used well but sometimes a jarring attempt at a cheap laugh.

    This book taught me many things It taught me that American History and Government is very boring It taught me that even an hilarious parody of American History and Government cannot make the subject interesting It taught me that it s not easy to get a good posed picture of an eagle It also taught me that I am even ignorant of popular culture than I think I am because there were some jokes I didn t get I also learned that Stephen Colbert can look adorable in almost anything, even sadomasochism l [...]

    I listened to the audio version of this book on both legs of a cross country trip I ll warn others who are thinking of doing the same that you will either be stifling your laughter to not bother your neighbors, or you will be laughing out loud and looking mighty strange Hearing Jon Stewart s narration of the text, with his perfect timing, made this a very enjoyable listen Some of the humor just came from crassness i.e the thought of Patrick Henry calling someone fucknuts, but for the most part, [...]

    Try to do yourselves a favor and get your hands on the audiobook version While the experience is quite different in the absence of the visuals a BIG part of the book s humor , there s something to be said for hearing all of the DS s original cast reading passages of the book aloud Most hilarious is Stephen Colbert s lessons for teachers quiz questions at the end of each chapter The audiobook made a long trip to Austin from Dallas that much faster Beware It might get you laughing so hard you ll c [...]

    Full Disclosure I am addicted to The Daily Show When I miss the show, I can be found at my desk at work sneaking a peek at the internet repeat So this was absolutely the book for me A totally entertaining look at the citizen s guide of democracy inaction Lots of moments when I found myself laughing out loud That wouldn t be so bad, but again I was at my desk I really need to get a grip on my behavior Loved this book.

    I got this as a gift because my friend knew I love Jon Stewart If I had picked it up at a bookstore and perused a few pages I wouldn t have bought it It was ok and at times humorous but it didn t really add anything to my life I still watch his show here and there of course, but I wanted from his book.

    A humorous and satirical look at our country, the ideals it was based on, those who founded it, and how it compares to other areas of the world.Unless you are already an expert on America, democracy and everything pertaining to it, you will find yourself wondering whether the information contained in this book is the truth, or a joke The answer to that question is, yes I had to resort to an internet search often than I care to admit, but I found that I learned by being prompted by my ignorance [...]

    I m a big fan of The Daily Show, and was very happy when I received this book as a gift But, I actually couldn t do much than flip through it, after trying to read the first 20 pages or so and being miserably disappointed.In my opinion, Jon Stewart s wit, sarcasm and wry insight just doesn t translate well off the small screen and into print.

    I bought this book for five dollars from Borders Yay for me I started reading a bit, it s pretty hilarious I love the faux textbook esque style of it I opened it up to a random page and read under a Discussion questions section List the top 100 tv shows you would rather watch than the evening news Hahahhhaha Awesome.

    Very funny, sad but true look at our screwed up, dysfunctional government I only give it 4 stars because the delivery of the humor by my inner voice wasn t nearly as good as Jon Stewart s on the show When does the movie version come out

    Lol This short history of democracy and all about our democratic institution is accurately hilarious in a way only the Daily Show writers could produce And so it s irreverent and sometimes vulgar too.

    I was all for this book It was VERY funny and quite entertaining, until I saw pics of all supreme court justices faces photoshopped onto naked bodies Shudder

    This book, not to sound like one of those who constantly praise every book they read, was the funniest book I have ever read And another plus to reading this book was that I felt smart doing so I love political satyre especially from the mind of Jon Stewart In the very beginning John or apparently the corpse of Thomas Jefferson writes a foreword to the book My favorite line in the foreward was Sally may not like it, but as we used to say in the back parlours of 18th century Paris, tough titties [...]

    I love the Daily Show and I loved this book, which literally had me laughing out loud Which was sort of embarassing because it was at work Written out in the style of your typical high school history text book, the book is engaging, and oddly truthful in many ironic ways.The one problem I found in this book was that it tended to drag a bit in a few parts, specifically when sections became really fact heavy and didn t have that much humor in them Part of the reason people want to buy read this bo [...]

    In the wake of everyone talking about people living in bubbles in the wake of the 2016 US Presidential election, I have to say that this book isn t going to puncture or cross any bubbles That said, I found it an engaging and amusing very brief summary of the basics sprawling topics of US history and politics For me it was a general refresher of many things that sounded vaguely familiar from school, but which I should really know better have paid attention to Although this is definitely liberal, [...]

    The book, America A Citizen s Guide to Democracy Inaction , is a very interesting and humorous book that relates mainly to America s Politics and Economy I enjoyed reading this book because I am a fan of History and I enjoy watching the news every night to learn what is happening in America and also in foreign countries This book allows the reader to gain knowledge about our economy and political system, but in a different way then watching the news Jon Stewart reveals information to his readers [...]

    Unintentionally procrastinated for a month on writing a review for this book, so it s definitely no longer fresh in my mind I can t help but compare this to Stephen Colbert s first book, I am America, which is so thick with satirical irony that if I listen too closely it makes my head hurt America The Book , in contrast, is laced with satire as well as just plain silliness, making it a lighter, enjoyable read I particularly loved the educational format of the book, particularly the discussion q [...]

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