Killer Hair

Killer Hair #2020

Killer Hair Lacey Smithsonian reports weekly Crimes of Fashion in Washington DC home of helmet hairdo and Congressional comb over Her hairstylist Stella gets her to investigate suicides stylists Angie and Tamm
  • Title: Killer Hair
  • Author: Ellen Byerrum
  • ISBN: 9780451209481
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lacey Smithsonian reports weekly Crimes of Fashion in Washington DC, home of helmet hairdo and Congressional comb over Her hairstylist Stella gets her to investigate suicides , stylists Angie and Tammi both had long hair razored off, missing, and connections to sex scandal gal Marcia Radford security Vic and crime reporter Tony compete.
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    This is one of those books that was exactly what I needed when I read it Life was stressful, and I wanted to read something but nothing that required tons of attention and concentration This filled the bill and was entertaining as well.Lacey Smithsonian her grandfather changed the name from simply Smith writes a fashion column for a relatively unknown Washington DC newspaper When a stylist at the salon she goes to is found dead, the police are content to think it s suicide, but Lacey s stylist S [...]

    Killer Hair was the reason I picked up the book Me, a hairdresser and all things lover of hairwas HOOKED with catch phrases like A Shear Delight on the cover and made me even excited to read it I liked the main character, but was sad how cliche the hairdresser characters were Yes we are arrogant, and Dizzy, but dammit we could solve crimes too if asked We are smart can read between the lines, AND WE CAN READ The part about the hairdressers loving Coke was right on At least the manager Stella is [...]

    Nice easy read Fun mix of zany characters The main difficulty I had with this book was the killer was barely mentioned in the book And, as a resident of the DC metropolitan area I really hate to agree with her description of the area as being fashion challenged Altho, I do admit, there are quite a few politicos who ARE.

    I am addicted to this series It s a guilty pleasure The mystery isn t terribly complex, but it is enjoyable none the less The characters are wonderfully vivid they make the book Lacey s humor makes the book laugh out loud funny The vintage clothing descriptions are fun too.

    Fun way to begin the Lacey Smithsonian series Love the DC setting and the intrepid curious reporter Lacey Smithsonian.

    Zacznijmy od tego, e Zab jcze ci cie nie jest zaliczane do lektury obowi zkowej Z pewno ci ta ksi ka nie zmieni waszego ycia i nie spowoduje nag ych przemy le no chyba, e uwielbiacie mod Ta ksi ka przede wszystkim ma nas rozlu ni i oderwa nasze my li od spraw codziennego ycia Lacey poznajemy podczas uroczysto ci pogrzebowej niejakiej Angie Woods, fryzjerki, kt ra odmieni a wizerunek pracownicy Kongresu zamieszanej w nie ma y skandal Jest tylko jeden problem Angie nie yje Policja w Waszyngtonie j [...]

    In Ellen Byerrum s Killer Hair, the first installment in the Crime of Fashion cozy mystery, get ready to read a scintillating tale on scandals and a fashion faux pas It all started, when Lacey Smithsonian attended the funeral of Angela Woods, a hair stylist that the cops believed it was suicide But with Lacey s best friend, Stella Lake s instance, she didn t think so otherwise, including with the razor cut hair As for the fashion beat columnist for the Eye Observer newspaper, she decided to snoo [...]

    The search for a good cozy mystery series continues I was hoping this might be it fashion in Washington DC What could go wrong Maybe it was just dated, since the first book was written in 2003 I found it filled with cliches about DC, cliches in writing style, and cliches in plot But that said, there were hints of a decent main character and possibilities for the future However, the next few books aren t available from the library, so I don t know if I ll see if it s worth pursuing.

    Very funny At the end Lacey tells Vic you drive me crazy He replies its a very short drive This explains they re whole relationship They work together to solve murders that her hairdresser asked her to check into She is a Fashion journalist and he is a private security consultant She blames his boss for the crimes He sets up a meeting with his boss where they find his boss dead next to his grieving wife When the killer makes himself known, Lacey stops him with a beauty shop full of tools.

    Ellen Byerrum writes smart, funny, sophisticated mysteries, the kind of books that would be perfect for a movie Don t take my word for it, two A list Hollywood producers thought exactly the same thing When the vivacious Ms Byerrum pitched KILLER HAIR and HOSTILE MAKEOVER to Rona Edward and Monika Skerbelis of Lifetime Television, she had only five minutes to plead her case Luckily, Ms Byrerrum, a Washington DC reporter and novelist, is both charming and persuasive, a woman who can think on her f [...]

    Stars 3.5 5Recommendation An easy mystery read that is weaved through the world of fashion, style and dressing from the view point of a fashion stylist.I watched Killer Hair when it aired in 2009 on Lifetime Movie Network before I ended up reading the book and eventually the series What attracted me to the series was the portrayal of Lacey Smithsonian by Maggie Lawson, her passion towards becoming a fashion stylist on a grander scale and her Aunt Mimi s magical bottomless trunk, filled with fabu [...]

    Don t real women deserve pockets p 100 I started this series because I liked 4, will keep on Though written in 2003, political sex scandal plot seems eternal usatoday story life pe In 1998, intern Monica Lewinsky started dumpy and got professionally primped for photos Here a missing videotape of high rollers doin the nasty causes murders The ubiquitous helmet head is like this inquisitr 187022 calli, federal comb over like Donald Trump jerrygarrett.wordpress 20.Lacey Smithsonian, Crimes of Fashi [...]

    This story introduces the world to Lacey Smithsonian and we witness her metamorphosis from simple fashion reporter into a murder mystery detective Lacey learns from her stylist, Stella, that there s been a murder in the upscale Washington beauty salon Stylettos of a young stylist, Angela Woods Unfortunately, Angie is found dead in her chair with her throat slit and a vicious buzz cut all of her beautiful long hair has been cut off and is missing As Lacey points out at the crime scene And they sa [...]

    Book one of the Crimes of Fashion mystery series and Byerrum s first mystery novel is set in Washington, D.C a city not exactly known as a stylish mecca, which can be confirmed by Lacey Smithsonian no relation to the Institute , fashion reporter for The Eye Street Observer hell bent on moving up in the journalistic world Her chance comes early in the novel, when hairstylist Angie Woods a co worker of Lacey s friend Stella is found dead one morning sitting in her stylist s chair, her long hair cu [...]

    When i first started this book it seemed boring to me so i put it down for a while but picked it up again trying to figure it This book has so many issues that the characters have to solve, internal and external It kept me interested by adding tension into the setting I would always want to know what would happen to him her Stella Lake asks her friend Lacey Smithsonian to attend a viewing, she goes The dead woman is a young hairdresser named Angie who has a bald do and cut wrists The police thi [...]

    I have a problem reading books written by people I know, especially if I like them what if the book sucks I d put off starting Ellen Byerrum s Crimes of Fashion mystery series for just this reason I met Ellen just about the time Lethal Black Dress came, and bought it because that s what you do when someone you know writes a book But before starting it, I figured I should begin the series at the beginning I procrastinated What if it s boring Or clich d I knew the writing itself would be okay Elle [...]

    Although I began reading this series about six years ago, I had somehow missed the very first one Lacey Smithsonian relocated from Sagebrush, Colorado, to Washington, D.C in order to make it in journalism at a higher level, yet somehow she finds herself writing the fashion column instead offing the investigative journalism she envisioned Her best friend is a lawyer with a head full of conspiracy theories Her hair stylist is a leather clad Goth girl She works at a desk where the previous fashion [...]

    Quite nice, liked the story and the heroine, her little sarcastic observations and especially her 40s wardrobe Also the insight into life and people of Washington, D.C I m not sure if it was the writing or my reading mostly on a long boring train journey, Berlin Stuttgart enjoy your strike, GermanWings, I ll avoid you in the future that felt a tiny bit awkward and disjointed, and unlike with e.g Stephanie Plum or Nora Blackbird there was, I don t know, of a distance between Lacey Smithsonian an [...]

    Mi aspettavo di meglio Lo sto ancora finendo di leggere ma con un p di sforzo Ci sono dei punti in cui non capisco se la traduzione ad ammosciare e banalizzare lo scritto o la versione originale non stata rivista da qualche bravo editor.In altri punti invece scorre bene ed carina.Il fatto che a tratti mi ricorda un p la serie Armony, rivista e corretta.Oh dio lo sto ammazzando Ecco finito.Da met si riprende abbastanza e il ritmo si fa pi veloce La scrittura pi frizzante.Il parere sempre cos cos [...]

    I did not think I would like this Crime of Fashion Mystery because it seems to focus on fashion, but there is so much to the story Lacey Smithsonian is stuck with the fashion advice column at a Washington DC newspaper When a young hair stylist at the salon Lacey frequents dies, her own stylist urges her to investigate the supposed suicide Plenty of suspense mixes with a touch of romance, and a liberal dose of political humor Plus Byerrum s frustrated reporter Lacey gives fashion tips that poke [...]

    The first book in any series has a lot of work to do It has to introduce the detective, their milieu, the people who occupy their lives on a daily basis, and the hook of the series This one, staring Lacey Smithsonian no relation , had a doozie of a set up Lacey works as a fashion columnist in Washington D.C the city that fashion forgot In the starter, good friend Stella ropes Lacey to investigate the death of a fellow beautician This leads her to a madam under investigation, a messy divorce and [...]

    I originally found out about this series because the title of the fourth book Raiders of the Lost Corset jumped out at me from a shelf in a book store I immediately purchased the three books they had after reading the back of each sadly they were 2, 3 and 4 in the series then had to hunt down Killer Hair I absolutely adore this series Quirky and light, yet with wonderful plots and characters I love that Lacey has a vintage style and makes it her own I wish that her large trunk of patterns and fa [...]

    What I liked about this book there were lots of interesting, funny, cute details Lacey s character was somewhat endearing I adored Stella though I tried to imagine her without a crew cut I loved all the references to Washington D.C which is one of my favorite places to visit However, the plot disappointed me I didn t think who the killer was was that logical, or that it would have been easy for Lacy to figure out Also, why did Lacy have a death wish where she d go off alone all the time I also w [...]

    I received this book for free from First Reads to review.First off, I adored the main character Lacey was smart, funny, mildly eccentric, and loved old fashion and movies She was great However it was much of the story and other characters I had problems with Vic was a great interesting love interest but he wasn t in the book very much at all There would be whole chapters without him popping up And then there was a lot of side characters popping up all the time and it was very hard to keep track [...]

    3.5 stars It was an entertaining crime novel but it s not in the level with the masterful creations if Doyle, Christie or even R Galbraith.The main character, Lacey Smithsonian is a fashion reporter and comes across a crime that has to do, in some way, with fashion, and people she knows What makes this story enjoyable is the fact that Lacey could be any of us and she didn t need super pro detective equipment to solve the crime, she just has a trained fashion and hairstyle eye Being able to read [...]

    This is the first book in the Crimes of Fashion series It was also the first book I read by Ellen Byerrum.When cozy mystery series are recommended, Byerrum s Crimes of Fashion series seems to be less well known And that is a shame It was a quick read There is some levity to keep the read fun and light The murder s is were well thought out Clues were presented interestingly and kept you guessing Okay, so there are no cookie recipes, knitting patterns, cross stitch grids or scrapbooking tips This [...]

    If I could give this book 3.5 stars I would It seemed like a slow start and it took awhile for me to really get into the book and not want to put it down I had debated putting it aside and reading something else, but I needed to finish it to pass along to someone else.Lacey Smithsonian is the fashion reporter for The Eye Observer in DC, not quite the Washington Post but still read by some Because of her affiliation with her stylist, she is on the hunt for the killer of two stylists that the poli [...]

    this is a cute mystery Nothing too intense or overdone, just a cute, quick read I loved all of the references to places in DC, as I was able to recognize them and picture the scene in my head, but there was a bit too much time spent on explaining outfits for me I get that fashion is what ties it together, but I just skimmed through the descriptions of the outfit Lacey chose each day and moved on All in all, it was a good, easy read.

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