Daemon in Lithuania

Daemon in Lithuania #2020

Daemon in Lithuania Here is a book that is elegant good hud innocent perverse poetic funny extravagant and philosophic Then appears the cat Daemon Gentle reader not a demon but manifestation of the spirit the anc
  • Title: Daemon in Lithuania
  • Author: Henri Guigonnat
  • ISBN: 9780811209397
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here is a book that is elegant, good hud, innocent, perverse, poetic, funny, extravagant, and philosophic Then appears the cat Daemon Gentle reader, not a demon but manifestation of the spirit the ancients supposed presided over their most secret intentions.
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      285 Henri Guigonnat
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    The other day I skipped out of work for a moment to go looking for something new, something I ve never heard of to read I headed straight for the Penn Book Center a great little bookstore if you re ever in Philly and after just a few minutes of scanning the shelves I came upon Daemon in Lithuania It caught my eye first because it had an old school New Directions spine, second because the whole spine was slightly jaundiced, and third because I liked the cover drawing Oh and fourth because it was [...]

    A bizarrely comic, cheerful and slightly perverse story set in an imaginary eastern Europe a cat the size of a huge dog, whose mesmerizing beauty and imperious personality dominate and enchant everyone, is only the most central of many strangenesses I finished the book laughing and grinning, and willing to think that the narrator s joy makes up for the uneasy undertones of his experiences.

    As soon as I d closed the book I looked at the reviews here, curious to see what goodreaders have made of it I especially enjoy the comparisons Lewis Carroll, Cocteau, La Fontaine, Ronald Firbank, Giradoux, Julien Gracq, E.T.A Hoffmann, Sterne or Mervyn Peake, Mikhail Bulgakov and Charles Addams Yes, yes, and yes I was reminded of Angela Carter, particularly the opening of the marvelous Courtship of Mr Lyon Outside her kitchen window, the hedgerow glistened as if the snow possessed a light of it [...]

    There are no demons in D mon in Lithuania, and it s not really set in Lithuania, but Herni Guigonnat s only novel is nevertheless a unique piece of baroque weirdness reminiscent of Mervyn Peake, Mikhail Bulgakov and Charles Addams Bespectacled young protagonist Max Ulrich lives in an overgrown, largely abandoned castle with his sister and grandparents and their army of servants The family spend their days picking at elaborate banquets, entertaining princesses, singing Schubert and indulging ramp [...]

    I d say, at first, this reading this book is like having dictionaries hurled at you ie phthisis Opera has this word underlines in red, not even recognizing it So if you are a HS student, studying for SATs, please pick this book up I ll spoil this book Daemon is a cat That s not a spoiler right Well, what I mean, anyone who has a cat in their family and loves their cat, has a Daemon The finickiness The indifference The leaping through the air randomly Knocking stuff around and chasing people down [...]

    First things first this is a weird novel A Gothic Chateau, a Great She Cat, a Lady in Black and a family where everyone dies in pairs It sounded just like something I would like, but it probably isn t a book for everyone It isn t really plot driven, it s like a continuous ripple, a story that keeps on floating and isn t heading for a big ending If Guigonnat wanted to tell us anything at all with this story, it probably is that everything can happen in Lithuania I would recommend this to anyone w [...]

    ok first person to review this one how exciting it s a strange little bookpicked up on a lark in a strange little bookstored it turned out to be a strange, wonderful surprise there s something very profound that comes through in scarce few pagesabout control, contentment the imagery is so sparse yet so lovely there s no reason not to read this book recommended

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