Der Ritter der Königin

Der Ritter der Königin #2020

Der Ritter der K nigin A penniless young knight William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II s formidable queen Eleanor of Aquitaine In gratitude she appoints him tutor in arms to her son
  • Title: Der Ritter der Königin
  • Author: Elizabeth Chadwick Monika Koch
  • ISBN: 9783442369034
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • A penniless young knight, William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II s formidable queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine In gratitude, she appoints him tutor in arms to her son However, being a royal favorite brings its share of conflict and envy Besmirched by his enemies, banished from court, William seeks redemption in pilgrimages across EuropeA penniless young knight, William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II s formidable queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine In gratitude, she appoints him tutor in arms to her son However, being a royal favorite brings its share of conflict and envy Besmirched by his enemies, banished from court, William seeks redemption in pilgrimages across Europe and the Holy Land, returning to find bygones forgotten and his prowess on the battlefield in demand The only knight ever to unhorse the legendary Richard Coeur de Lion, William is offered the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare, 18 year old ward of the King Strangers to each other on their wedding day, the pair must immediately confront deadly political intrigue, strained family loyalties and betrayals As King Richard prepares to depart on crusade, other men, including the King s own brother John, are waiting for their moment to seize power it is William s duty to stand in their path
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      363 Elizabeth Chadwick Monika Koch
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    Fight for your lord, fight for his honour, but never forget that you were fighting for yourself too The Greatest Knight is one of the best historical fiction books I ve ever read After reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine in the recentElizabeth Chadwick sThe Summer Queen, I felt like going back not only to revisit the older Eleanor, but also to meet such a perfect hero.We get to know William Marshall, a figure that could be envisioned as the ideal medieval knight Chadwick tells the story of a her [...]

    I am not usually into medieval fiction, or historical fiction much at all, but this was really good That is one thing I love about GoodReads I find new and wonderful books that I would never have picked for myself This story is based on the life of a forgotten hero, William Marshal, the knight selected by Eleanor of Acquitaine to train her sons in horsemanship and chivalry While Eleanor s sons might not have turned out that great, it wasn t any fault of William Marshal s He was amazing Most of t [...]

    I started this in the evening and never stopped reading Chadwick s writing is like a history peep show and I love it Ok, so William Marshal is larger than life, basically a saint and annoyingly ethical in a sea of scumbags, but I still love him I seem to have a thing for these men in history that are nice guys but still can kick your ass

    This book has everything that I might wish for in a 600 page long historic novel A hero who makes his way in the world by using chance and opportunity, an enigmatic Queen, a King who s been the first Plantagenet on the throne and a lot of historical conflict at the core of the narrative What I didn t find however, was a good book which I think is extremely sad because all the requirements for a great read where there The minor thing that bothered me was language Chadwick certainly can write, but [...]

    Note I am re posting this review I did last year in honor of William Marshal, who celebrated his 797th death anniversary last May 14th I remembered just now, sorry He was my first ever medieval crush, many thanks to this book The Greatest Knight is also one of my first historical fiction reads, and I super enjoyed this tour to the olden times that I never stopped reading anything under this genre since then Before this read, I have never heard of William Marshal, a 12th century personality I hav [...]

    A nice romance historical fiction about the legendary knight errant who served Eleanor of Aquitaine and her sons, including Richard the Lionheart and the infamous King John I felt immersed in medieval Europe and was always reluctant to put the book down The details on tournament play were particularly interesting.One thing I felt was lacking was an exploration of Marshal s childhood and adolescence, since I was curious about the impact of his father s abandonment The book begins when Marshal is [...]

    Elizabeth Chadwick s The Greatest Knight chronicles the life of William Marshall, the Medieval soldier and statesman who was described as the greatest knight that ever lived Chadwick takes us from Marshall s boyhood through his service to three kings King Henry II, Henry the Young King and King Richard Marshall is loyal and true to those he pledges his fealty even in the face of near certain peril.I found the history interesting but Chadwick failed to bring these characters to life for me I admi [...]

    3.5 stars This reads like a romanticized biography than historical fiction based upon real characters, anyway I liked the unhurried, even pace and the detailed descriptions of events and manners, which felt researched though I m no authority on the subject and well suited to the narrative style.How did one hold on to one s loyalty when love was dead and fidelity betrayed Perhaps one did so because it was the only light in the void and to let go was to fall for eternity.

    Elizabeth Chadwick really outdid herself with this novel about William Marshal, son of the infamous John Marshal, the man behind the the hammer and anvil speech When William was 6 years old his father pledged him as a hostage to King Stephen during a siege When his father turned sides and broke his word, William s death was a foregone conclusion Fortunately for William, King Stephen had no intention of murdering a child and he was spared Marshal is penniless and with no land to call his own when [...]

    Chadwick just keeps getting better and better This was a wonderful story and much different from Chadwick s previous books, but is to be somewhat expected as Marshal s early life was one of duty to his lord s and not leaving much room for romance A fascinating look at a true, honorable and loyal man, who in the end was well rewarded for his loyalty by marriage to a wealthy heiress who became his life s soul mate Much of the book is involved with the treachery and intrigue of the Plantagenet cour [...]

    Is there any sense of writing why I loved this book and why Elizabeth Chadwick is a master and genius You could just read my reviews of her other books I have read earlier see here if you are interested.Nonetheless I am too much tempted I must add a few words.Again, I have found here moving and real descriptions which made me feel that I was there, that I felt how characters felt.William watched the toddler struggle out of his mother s arms and, squealing with joy, make a beeline for her pet mou [...]

    I owe Chadwick an apolgy I ve been aware of her for a while, mostly though GRFs but I have been somewhat wary of picking up her books This is not due to distrust on the part of my GRFs reviews, but with knowledge that my tolerance of romantic fiction is, currently, very, very, very, very low And some of the covers of Chadwick s books look a bit too romancy I m the same way with Urban Fantasy You know what s it like, you ve been burnt by false book advertising before, and you know you re going t [...]

    Perfect knight, consummate politician or bothThis novel tells the story of William Marshal who was one of the greatest English knights of the twelfth century, or arguably, any century He was also astute politically and this story shows how he was able to loyally serve King Henry II and two of his sons who were engaged in an almost feral conflict with each other In this maelstrom of passion and family feud Marshal was the great survivor Chadwick weaves a marvellous story which made the era come v [...]

    The Greatest Knight is quite simply, one of the best historical fiction novels that I have read in quite awhile This novel is the story of William Marshal, perhaps the greatest knight of the middle ages The story is set mostly during the reign of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine during the 12th century I have always found this to be a fascinating period of history, and it was wonderful to learn about a compelling new to me character during this part of history.William Marshal is a yo [...]

    What a fantastic way to start out the new year with a 5 star read This was filled with wonderful historical information mixed in with an exciting and immensely readable story Part action, part love story there was never a dull moment for me A fitting title as I fell in love with the main character William Marshal What surprised me about the book is I also had great admiration for two of the lead female characters, Eleanor of Acquitaine and Isabelle de Clare, this doesn t usually happen for me Th [...]

    Rarely does a novel stumble so much over its own hagiographic intent as Elizabeth Chadwick s The Greatest Knight And there is something really sad about this obviously, she believes her subject and main character here to be not just important and unacknowledged in his contributions to the foundations of the English nation, but someone whose life and actions are vindicated by the available historical record But in her effort to depict the 12th century knight William Marshal as a heroic figure, sh [...]

    The Greatest Knight is the first part of a tale about William Marshall He begins his life as a lowly hearth knight scrabbling his way up the social hierarchy of the medieval period A penniless young knight with few prospects, William Marshal is plucked from obscurity when he saves the life of Henry II s formidable queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine In gratitude, she appoints him tutor to the heir to the throne, the volatile and fickle Prince Henry But being a royal favorite brings its share of danger a [...]

    I enjoyed this look into the life of a little known historical figure, William Marshall, a knight who served during the time of Henry II The writing style was easy and the book well paced, giving a nice idea of medieval life in England It felt like a highlights or cliffnotes version of William s life however since every chapter skipped ahead a few years in his life, meanwhile the Plantagenet family dramas Henry II, Eleanor of Aqtuitaine, and their sons Henry, Richard, and John ferment in the ba [...]

    A glorious, sweeping walk through the medieval years of the late 12th century, telling the story of William Marshal, from boyhood as a hostage to King Stephen through his life as squire, knight, and rise to ever and important court positions to Henry II and Richard I I enjoyed most the author s vivid descriptions of a knight s life, his happy marriage, and of the tourneys and battles he fought in Marshal seems to have been a remarkable man This novel was written extremely well with the right a [...]

    I have officially joined the club that LOVES this book Elizabeth Chadwick must have written this book with magic, because you become addicted to it You can t put it down I ll admit that I never heard of William Marshal.but she opened my eyes to this wonderful man All I can say is just read this book You won t regret it.

    I had never heard of William Marshall until I stumbled upon this book as a free Kindle download Now I m in love with him What an absolute hunk and hero practically unknown to most Yet he ruled all of England as Regent at one time and served the Plantagenet Kings loyally despite all reasons not to An amazing story I ve gone on to read many books by this author and have loved them all.

    I d give this 10 stars if I could Definitely one of the most talented authors gifted to historical writing.

    I really enjoyed the story in print In audio, it was just not working for me Granted, this was partially due to my rustiness with history As I was listening, I kept getting distracted trying to place where the story rests in the timeline of history I m actually familiar with 1135 1196 did not ring a bell to me, so I had to do some digging on the side Around the time of the Robin Hood legends gave me an anchor point For fellow History Dunces, the Richard in this book is the King Richard of those [...]

    Elizabeth Chadwick is one of my favourite authors I ve read quite a few of her books so far and I have really enjoyed them all with one or two being special favourites I was very enthusiastic when I found out she was going to write a book about William Marshal which I had already found in some books as a secondary character and was curious about.The Greatest Knight is a biography it tells the story from when a young William is sent as a hostage to his king and it ends when he is already well est [...]

    Beguiling characters, stunning historical detail within a captivating narrative makes this impressive read outstanding I am a huge fan and keen reader of works by Elizabeth Chadwick, for her impressive collection of Medieval novels stand out above all other historical literature It is the author s attention to detail that makes her work so beautifully atmospheric, as past ages are brought boldly to life with much fervent intensity and color This stunning novel cleverly combines both fact and fic [...]

    This novel tells the story of William Marshall Not surprisingly for those familiar with Marshall s story , it begins with a flashback of 5 year old William as a hostage of King Stephen during the war between Steven and the Empress Matilda Stephen magnanimously or foolishly decides to spare William s life, despite telling his father that William would be executed for failure to keep faith William s father notoriously replies that he has the hammer and anvils to fashion sons Under that backdrop, [...]

    Most all of my reading friends have read this book and declared their undying love for William Marshall, the greatest knight 25 percent into this book, I said, Hm This is really well written Love the Eleanor tidbits, but I m not in love with this William dude 50 percent into the book, I said, I have no interested in all these Henrys and Johns fighting over the crown, but Chadwick is making this interesting This is a darn good book, but I m still not in love with William Everything he does is to [...]

    This is an action packed medieval saga featuring the little known hero, William Marshall, who is every fair damsel s idea of a knight in shining armour Under the reign of King Henry II, family loyalties are tested never so when first of all there is a jostling for power between Old King Henry Henry II and his son Young King Henry who was never actually monarch in his own right, and therefore was not given the title Henry III and then between Henry II s other sons Richard I Richard the Lionheart [...]

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