The Knight of the Sacred Lake

The Knight of the Sacred Lake #2020

The Knight of the Sacred Lake Last in a line of proud queens elected to rule the fertile lands of the West true owner of the legendary Round Table guardian of the Great Goddess herself a woman whose story has never been told unt
  • Title: The Knight of the Sacred Lake
  • Author: Rosalind Miles
  • ISBN: 9780609808023
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Last in a line of proud queens elected to rule the fertile lands of the West, true owner of the legendary Round Table, guardian of the Great Goddess herself a woman whose story has never been told until now.As High King and Queen, Arthur and Guenevere reign supreme across the many kingdoms of Great Britain Still, Guenevere secretly mourns the loss of her beloved LaLast in a line of proud queens elected to rule the fertile lands of the West, true owner of the legendary Round Table, guardian of the Great Goddess herself a woman whose story has never been told until now.As High King and Queen, Arthur and Guenevere reign supreme across the many kingdoms of Great Britain Still, Guenevere secretly mourns the loss of her beloved Lancelot, who has returned to the Sacred Lake of his boyhood, hoping to restore his faith in chivalry in the place where he learned to be a knight In a glittering Pentecost ceremony, new knights are sworn to the Round Table, including Arthur s nephews, Agravain and Gawain After many years of strife, peace is restored to Guenevere s realm.But betrayal, jealousy, and ancient blood feuds fester unseen Morgan Le Fay, now the mother of Arthur s only son, Mordred, has become the focus of Merlin s age old quest to ensure the survival of the house of Pendragon From the east comes the shattering news that Guenevere may have a rival for Lancelot s love A bleak shadow falls again across Camelot and across the sacred isle of Avalon, where Roman priests threaten the life of the Lady herself At the center of the storm is Guenevere, torn between her love for her husband, her people, and Sir Lancelot of the Lake.
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      419 Rosalind Miles
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    These books are part of a series that I happened upon ooooooh, I loved them They transported me back in time.

    I found this book not as well done as the first in the series, but now I m hooked with the characters and will continue to read the third and final book There is lots of repetition to get readers up to speed if it has been a while since you read the first book, however if you are reading one after the other you will need to skim part of this book.

    The second novel of this series follow the troubles of Guinevere, divided between being a faithful wife and a perfect queen to the people and her love for Lancelot, while struggling for her faith some sort of Mists of Avalon like Old religion and the Christians that are conquering even Arthur s heart.In this second novel there is a little other characters The narration is divided between Guinevere, Gawain and his brothers, Morgause, Lancelot and his family and Merlin so the book manages to be q [...]

    Although the first book in the series is still my favorite of the three so far, Knight of the Sacred Lake definitely met up to my expectations of a wonderful Arthurian tale Many people dislike a romantic, tragic GuinevereI, however, enjoy the emotional struggles and conquests that Guinevere endures because it explores a side of humanity we all can related to jealousy, doubts and questions about love and loyalty, the excitement of forbidden desire, and the guilt and confusion that comes with it A [...]

    Somewhat interesting than the first volume, it still didn t satisfy me as much as I was hoping for mainly due to the characters who, from one book to the other, don t seem to have evolved Morgan remains the only interesting character, Merlin appears to be lost through the entire book, Arthur seems a puppet who s only there because a king was needed for this story, Guinevere and Lancelot are annoying to no end These two are the most boring characters of this book, where we read almost 400 pages [...]

    So far my only complaint regards the overuse of a particular adjective The first two times she used seagirt to describe Great Britain, I rather liked it When she d used it five times in the first half of the book, I became less fond of it Petty, I know, but it just irritated me somehow.The story so far continues to have some good twists on the various tales of Arthurian legends.She stopped using seagirt but went on to overuse hyacinthine which isn t even accurate according to the other adjective [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, it had a completely different tone from the first novel which made it highly enjoyable The first novel I struggled to finish but this one at times I couldn t get myself to put it down There just seemed like so much going on that from one chapter to the nother I couldn t put it down or know what was going to happen next I really enjoyed Lancelot and the Lady of Asolot It s one of my favorite tales and I loved to see it play out in this book Especially with Lancelots th [...]

    Second in the Guenevere trilogy I liked this one better than book one about the knights new ones, old ones, justice, tournaments, etc and less oh, my love rants by Guenevere I did, however, find Guenevere annoying She dwells on Arthur s betrayal of her and meanwhile she s on again, off again with Lancelother back and forth of I hate you, I love you to Lancelot really gets tiring Merlin continues to be portrayed as conniving and manipulative while Arthur just seems to have this knack for always b [...]

    here as a ringAt first I really wasn t in the mood for this story, and picked up another, funnier book to read occasionally when it got too bleak It feels a bit like when you read or see Romeo and Juliet you keep hoping somehow the end will be different, and you know it won t, but have to keep slogging through to the tragic end anyway So in some ways I don t like and don t enjoy this story for me the good guys are the Goddess worshippers and I don t want the bad guys to win After a while I was a [...]

    This one was just as good as the first one I read it just as quickly, and loved it I did notice the author uses some of the same phrases over and over, which kind of annoys me, and relies a little too much upon sex to jazz up the book I think Those things were true of the first one too But all in all, I still really liked it It definitely kept my interest and I will be reading the third one immediately.

    This is book two in the Arthur Guenevere trilogy by Rosalind Miles She continues the story with Lancelot and Guenevere falling in love and the fate that awaits Camelot because of their betrayal Morgan is very heavily involved, spreading her evil through magic Miles does an excellent job of protraying the emotions and feelings of the characters as they struggle against the age old question of passion versus honor This is a somewhat different look at these well known literary figures.

    I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, but this one seemed to drag for me I would have to say that this book is of a 2 1 2 star book It s kind of disappointing to see such an interesting character in the very beginning of the series become a co dependent, irrationally jealous, insipid, and thoroughly unlikeable character I honestly don t get the love between Lancelot and Guinevere as conveyed by Ms Miles Very unconvincing it s not true love, it s obsession.

    Again, this is an interesting telling of the Arthurian legends, seen from Guenevere s point of view.However, there are many times in this book where I want to shake all the main characters for acting like such children Especially Guenevere, who just behaves like a spoiled child, instead of a Queen.The magic is prevalent in this book as well, with Morgan showing herself often.

    There doesn t actually seem to be anything new brought to the legend by this story Okay it s a supposedly feminist sort of take on it, but It kind of undermines that anyway with how whiny Guenevere is a lot of the time I don t find any of the characters all that likeable, even if I can see why they are the way they are I m still going to read the third book of the trilogy, but

    This is the second book in a series I am reading It s been a while since I ve read a fantasy book, and I am really enjoying it I liked the feminist tone concerning religion it s certainly very anti Christian in its view And of course, who doesn t love a new re telling of a very old story It s always interesting to see how an author takes on an old tale and makes it fresh.

    Can t for the life of me imagine why I ever wanted to read this series The characters are unbelievable and the actions are unimaginable and it is written in a way that you often wonder who is doing this Can t say I want to read part three, but you have to finish what you started and I need it for a reading challenge I am participating in So I will read it.

    I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first in the trilogy It definitely has an interlude feel The plot didn t have much volition on it s own and I really struggled to stay motivated I still enjoy the concept of the books I love Arthurian novels and like the twist this one uses, but this book was just not very well executed.

    I couldn t take the screaming, crying, and fits of jealous rages any These books are enough to make one take sedatives, they re so tempestuous and topsy turvy emotionally I wanted to power through because I do love the Arthur Guenevere legends but alas, I am putting this one down with three fourths finished.

    Still liking the Tristan and Isolde series better, but she s such a good writer that I ll read anything she does I just CANNOT get over the whole incest plot line.I know, shocker that I object to something.d Miles plays up the Arthur and his half sister Morgan relationship a little too explicitly for me.

    This book was a typical second book in a trilogy to me, totally necessary to link the story together, but it seemed like not that much happened Plus, I kept expecting a lot of bad things to happen and when nothing did, I was just left with a nervous feeling Pretty decent, I m looking forward to the next book.

    Really a very good book, with some interesting twists on the mythology It had been some time since i had read book 1 so that was some hinderance to me Hopefully will be able to read book 3 to complete the saga.

    This was a typical story for this author It was a rather Gothic romance concerning Authur, Guenevere, Lancelot, et al It was an enjoyable read, a nice way to pass some time, although some of the descriptions were a little graphic Some questionable content.

    This book takes some DEFINITE liberties with the Arthur legend.Guenevere is a pagan, for instance, not the usual Christian faithful She s strong where often Arthur is weak.Makes for an interesting telling

    I have never really followed the King Author Legends and for a first time go at these I enjoyed it Very good read very quick For a downside it was a second book of the series But I loved it.

    My least favorite of the trilogy Guenevere was very whiny and hypocritical in this one, which really grated on my nerves I enjoy the story as a whole and applaud the author for depicting Guenevere as a devout pagan I hope the third book can recapture the magic from the first.

    If it has one star I liked it a lot If it has two stars I liked it a lot and would recommend itIf it has three stars I really really liked it a lot If it has four stars I insist you read it If it has five stars it was life changing

    The second of the Rosalind Miles Guenevere saga This one was also a good readbut not as satisfying as the first book It leaves much untold for the last book of the trilogy You must read all three in sequence to get the full feel of Guenevere s life.

    Interesting angle, that behind everything is the new Christian religion striving very hard, even, surprise , underhandedly to kill off, the existing religion, but other than that, there seems somehow to be something lacking, took me a fair while to read it, not that it is a short book.

    Love this series Lancelot s character is fully fleshed out as are the events that changed his life Sadly, his goodness was his downfall in than one instance Morgan le Fay is one bad witch

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