Chanur's Homecoming

Chanur's Homecoming #2020

Chanur s Homecoming The epic conclusion to the Hugo Award nominated saga begins as alien entities called humans send their first exploration ship into Compact space disrupting the seven Compact races alliance Pyanfar Ch
  • Title: Chanur's Homecoming
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780886771775
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • The epic conclusion to the Hugo Award nominated saga begins as alien entities called humans send their first exploration ship into Compact space, disrupting the seven Compact races alliance Pyanfar Chanur and her feline hani crew give shelter to the only surviving human from the ship, pitching them into the center of a galactic maelstrom which could cause interstellarThe epic conclusion to the Hugo Award nominated saga begins as alien entities called humans send their first exploration ship into Compact space, disrupting the seven Compact races alliance Pyanfar Chanur and her feline hani crew give shelter to the only surviving human from the ship, pitching them into the center of a galactic maelstrom which could cause interstellar war.
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      206 C.J. Cherryh
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    Boy, am I gods rotted tired of the Chanur books I sort of liked them at the beginning At some places, I really liked them But not in enough places The most enjoyable sections of the series are when the author actually slows down a bit and allows her story to breathe, permitting the reader to contemplate what s happening But that happens so rarely, that by the time I was done this one, I had had than enough If you ve gotten this far in the series, you ll no doubt read this 4th book, and you ll k [...]

    El regreso de Chanur Chanur s Homecoming, 1986 , de la escritora C.J Cherryh, contin a exactamente donde se qued el anterior volumen de la saga, adem s de concluir la misma Existe un quinto libro, con Hilfy como protagonista, pero no est traducido al castellano.La historia sigue con sus conspiraciones pol ticas, con alianzas pol tico comerciales entre las diferentes razas del Pacto Esto es lo que menos me gust de la anterior novela, y aqu hay m s de lo mismo Esto en s no ser a malo, pero en mi o [...]

    This fourth Chanur book is my least favorite so far The space opera setting is still great, but the execution hasn t gotten any better This has a ton of exposition and repetition, and I nearly abandoned it.The only part I enjoyed was Pyanfar s reexamination of the Hani traditions which keep their men at home, coddled and protected from responsibility, for fear of their tempers and instability.

    Just brilliant All of it I can t find the words to express the characters, the space stations, the ships, the space travel it just feels like if we could really travel in space, that this is how it would be If you are a fan of science fiction I recommend this series All 5 books I haven t read the 5th yet.

    The four Chanur universe books are my favorite books in the entire universe Bar none Cherryh slyly takes on sex, gender, culture, first contact, money, and power, among other issues, all in a rollicking good adventure story.

    This rating is for the entire Chanur sequence, as they re basically one long story.Cherryh throws lot of weird jumbled stuff from human cultures, arguably racist stereotypes, animal characteristics, and the general science fiction fantasy trope of other cultures being obsessed with silly abstract concepts into the Compact sapient species, but 1 they re very entertaining to read about, and 2 she does a pretty good job of coming up with basic cognitive differences, following these differences to i [...]

    Chanur Still Has ItIt has been over a decade since I last read the Chanur novels, and they still stand up as excellent space opera Even if the design of the stations makes my brain twitch.

    Storyline 2 5Characters 2 5Writing Style 1 5World 2 5Wearisome How can someone make an action adventure, space opera so wearying to read After the original Pride of Chanur came a trilogy sequel, of which this is the last This trilogy was so trying, in part, because it is a repeat of the first book yet spread out over three installments.It s the same problem The same bad guys The same good guys The same unknowns The same crew The same ship The same stations The same allies The few characters that [...]

    There are so many things I disliked about this book and the entire series 1 The whole set up of the characters is incredibly sexist Chanur and her entire cast of beautiful lionesses are honorable traders thrust into a cauldron of subterfuge and intrigue because they were trying to do the right thing Conversely, all of the male characters are either stupid and or conniving and or ugly doublecrossing yes, she actually uses the word doublecrossing , which, even for 1986, sounds a little old fashion [...]

    This was a reread, about 20 years after initial reading, listened to as an audio book.As an SF story the seriesholds up pretty well over time In this book, there was just one raised eyebrow when microfiche was mentioned.As for the story itself, this one involves a LOT of sitting around either prior to jump, or immediately after, and rattling around in Pyanfar s head I worried about Py s health, she was certainly working on an ulcer at the least, and possibly some heart issues Action, when it hap [...]

    continued from The Kif Strike Back Chanur s Homecoming is the final episode of the Chanur epic In other words, the book contains only an ending No beginning No middle A reader must have all three episodes before a complete book is in hand Do not waste your time or money reading just one of these books It could lead to an episode of throwing the book at the wall.Having spent most of my eposodic reviwing time expressing my opinion on C.J Cherryh s betrayal of her readers, I want to spend some time [...]

    This rating is for the entire 4 book series It is a rocking adventure, thriller and mystery complete with alternative species and deep character development It is a series very easy to delve into and completely lose your sense of time This series is one of my all time favorites I like much of C J Cherryh s work I enjoyed the Faded Sun series and the Foreigner series to a lessor extent however, it you choose to only read one series of this author, you should read the Chanur series 4 books The fir [...]

    I love, love, love the fact that for lion aliens in space, as a pride, they are Lionesses excepting two males later , and that s just true to Earth lions, but still, I liked that aspect AND hehe, alien lionesses with bling Any book by C J Cherryh seems like it is hard to get into, but once your there, your there to stay It also gets easier with each book you read of hers This book had a lot of merchant pirate like talk I liked how humans were presented as the aliens and strangers, so often it s [...]

    Found this at the library and realized I d never read the end of the Chanur saga Now I have Sorta I m still working on Chanur s Legacy.I enjoyed these, but Cherryh s portrayal of the alien gets a lot refined by the Foreigner series Sometimes it seemed a little silly how much the Hani are Lions In Space, but all the political machinations kept me interested.I also found it frustrating sometimes how minor the one human character was, but that is probably the intended effect.

    A long, mad dash to the finish line This really felt like the author didn t realize how many loose ends they had until they sat down to write this The characters repeat the same information over and over again and since absolutely everything is rushed and urgent it just all ends up feeling exhausting.

    This was the best book of the series which the last one should be It makes me want to read Chanur s Lagacy the follow up book not technically of the series but from the same events This is a wonderful and masterful piece of imagination where humans are almost as alien to everyone as the methane breathers Think I ll go wail and sing some knnn lol A solid 4 stars here.

    An awesome ride complicated, dense, lots of characters, and completely foolish of me to read the Chanur series all out of order Don t do that But I still managed, somehow.Great aliens, wonderful politics, and Cherryh s plotting is amazing.

    A prologue novel The Pride of Chanur , a 3 part series Chanur s Venture , The Kif Strike Back and Chanur s Homecoming , and an epilogue novel Chanur s Legacy completes the series.

    Sigh Nothing happens in this book or if it did, I blinked and missed it I m too invested in the series now though, so I have the finish Book 5 of it.

    The final volume in the Pyanfar sagad it doesn t disapoint Love this series And l love the Michael Whelan covers too they look just like you would imagine the various races.

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