Franklin and the Tooth Fairy

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy #2020

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy In this Franklin Classic Storybook our hero discovers that unlike most of his friends he doesn t have teeth and worries that he s missing out on the Tooth Fairy s magical visits
  • Title: Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
  • Author: Paulette Bourgeois Brenda Clark
  • ISBN: 9780590254694
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this Franklin Classic Storybook, our hero discovers that, unlike most of his friends, he doesn t have teeth, and worries that he s missing out on the Tooth Fairy s magical visits.
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    Adorable story about losing teeth and growing up It turns out that turtles do not have teeth, and Franklin finds out that this makes him different from his friends In the end, he finds out that those differences don t matter and that growing up comes in many forms.

    At first my thoughts of this book was that it wasn t that good but now I think of it fondly Franklin and his innocence of not knowing of the tooth fairy because turtle do not have teeth His friend Bear looses his first tooth to make room for his growing up teeth To Franklin this is a sign that Bear is growing up So if Franklin does not have teeth how can he ever grow up That is the dilemma that Franklin asks his parents.There were some different and creative tooth fairies in this book I only go [...]

    In the book Franklin and the Tooth Fairy Franklin sees that bear keeps his tooth after losing it and is very confused Franklin does not have any teeth, so his friends have to explain the tooth fairy to him, and tell him about how she leaves presents because you are growing up That night, Franklin leaves a small white rock under his pillow and writes to the tooth fairy, but the next morning he gets a note back saying nice try, but turtles don t have teeth However, Franklin then sees a big present [...]

    This book does a great job of teaching about diversity Franklin s friend Bear loses his first tooth and Franklin realizes he doesn t have any teeth so the tooth fairy can t bring him any gifts Franklin is sad all day at school and when he gets home he tells his parents he wants teeth That night Franklin finds a pebble outside that resembles a tooth and puts it under his shell In the morning he finds a note from the tooth fairy saying nice try but she knows turtle s don t have teeth At breakfast [...]

    Like many of the Franklin the turtle books they have been made into television shows But this one I have to say the book is much better than the show Although the show is good, I just like the meaning behind the book better This teaches Franklin that it s okay to be a little different from his best friend and there are several ways to know you are growing up without having to loose baby teeth of which Franklin doesn t have So this is a nice book to help those parents that don t do the tooth fair [...]

    Franklin s friends are all losing their teeth and he doesn t understand why he doesn t have any teeth to lose He ask his parents and they tell him that turtles do not have teeth He feels that he is so different than everyone else because of this so he sends the tooth fairy a letter and puts a stone under his pillow The tooth fairy knew that turtles didn t have teeth And she didn t leave him a present In the end Franklin s patents told him that he is special and that it is okay to be different be [...]

    I like this series of books for two reasons they made a television show out of it so kids can see both the book and video version and the first page of each story is the same The repetition gives the kids something to remember and look forward to I like this particular book because it makes losing teeth an exciting thing Also, I found it very important for kids to believe in something like the tooth fairy at a young age so I also like the book for encouraging that.

    I didn t realize or think about the fact that turtles don t have teeth before reading this book Franklin is so worried because he doesn t have any teeth to leave for the tooth fairy It s a good story to help children realize that it s okay that we are all different in our own sort of way My favorite part is the letter the tooth fairy leaves when Franklin tries to pass of a small rock for a turtle tooth Sorry Turtles don t have teeth Good try Your friend, The Tooth Fairy.

    Cute, passed the time in the dentist s waiting room I didn t feel like the author resolved the conflict in the book very well How does a parent address a child s jealousy for something that can t be changed

    Why don t turtles have teeth and what is a tooth fairy These are some of the questions that Franklin asks in this cute book about something that happens to little children losing those baby teeth.

    This was a nice book with cute illustrations There s a subtle litte message that we are all different, yet all the same Peace on earth, holding hands around the campfire.Anyways, while it was a good book I won t be seeking it out to read again.

    09 09 Ha This one is adorable The boys get the biggest kick out of Franklin s having no teeth.Back Cover Franklin s friends are losing their teeth, but Franklin doesn t have any teeth to lose Will the tooth fairy visit Franklin anyway

    Turtles don t have teeth, so Franklin feels left out when all his other friends get to talk about their experiences with the Tooth Fairy.Typical Franklin illustrations.

    Poor Franklin feels bad because, being a turtle and having no teeth, he can t put a tooth under his pillow to exchange for a gift from the tooth fairy What to do Cute

    Read at waiting room of dentist today while waiting one ride was very cute book accepting your self for simply just being different

    Franklin was one of my favorite shows when I was little and one of my favorite books to read with my parents I love being able to share them with the girls now.

    Un libro para ni os muy lindo Entretenido y con un buen recordatorio que todos tenemos aspectos que nos distinguen de los otros y que podemos celebrar nuestra singularidad.

    I don t like the tooth fairy but I like that in this book it s about losing teeth and so on instead of the tooth fairy.

    I love to read this book to students when they start losing teeth in Kindergarten and First Grade It also teaches about how it is okay to be different than our friends

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