The Meaning of Happiness

The Meaning of Happiness #2020

The Meaning of Happiness subtitle The quest for freedom of the spirit in modern psychology and the wisdom of the East
  • Title: The Meaning of Happiness
  • Author: Alan W. Watts
  • ISBN: 9780060801786
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • subtitle The quest for freedom of the spirit in modern psychology and the wisdom of the East
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      245 Alan W. Watts
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    THIS WAS FANTASTIC In the top five books I ve ever read I need to go back and knock everything else on here down a star I ve been listening to alan watts lectures since I was 17 and, still, this book blew me away with wit and clarity.Not for everybody, though If you are interested in the crossover between eastern psychology religion and western christianity judaism, read this book If you like Heidegger or like making fun of Sartre, read this book If you practice Vedanta oriented ANYTHING, read t [...]

    Took way too long plodding and toiling through this one The language is dated and some of the mysticism feels a little bit in the rough compared to some of the modern stuff on the subject But as it applies to happiness, there are many ways to find it and this book puts many of the facets of it into beautifully formed folders, each with its own angle on self, on universality and perspective There s an overwhelming sense that throughout this book, Watts wants us all to find peace and he wants to [...]

    I m pretty sure this is the title of Alan Watts that I read as a teenager back around 1970.I was reading Herman Hesse quite a bit Journey to the East and Siddartha, especially I d heard about Watts in a Psych class in high school.I remember that I was engrossed in his writing and found that he is one of the essential, must read authors, within the realm of psychology and philosophy.Seeing this book again I think it s time I read it as an older adult.Maybe not I might learn too much about my own [...]

    Alan Watts has the infinitely valuable skill to blend East and West, philosophy and psychology, and to do so in a way that is erudite yet not academic His understanding and ability to communicate Eastern wisdom is akin to the way Joseph Campbell can articulate mythology Realization has done its work when one s very life becomes an expression of gratitude, and this is the greatest happiness, for the meaning of happiness consists of three elements freedom, gratitude, and the sense of wonder.

    For the purpose of review I ll keep this short and simple Happiness is to be found in three elements freedom, gratitude, and wonder This is 200 pages of god as man expressing what it means to be happy, why searching is defeating, and how to accept yourself as a whole, right now It s always as if we re searching for fire with a lighted lantern Hail.

    Full of immense knowledge of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Psychological philosophies Watts voice is full of wit, humor, and his ability to draw you into the world and your place in the universe He has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be o.k One of my favorite writers.

    Beautiful language, deep observations, but man, Alan Watts is a lot easier to listen to than he is to read.

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