Mudshark #2020

Mudshark Mudshark is the go to guy for any mysteries that need solving Lost your shoe Can t find your homework Ask Mudshark That is until the Psychic Parrot takes up residence in the school library and threat
  • Title: Mudshark
  • Author: Gary Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780385909228
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mudshark is the go to guy for any mysteries that need solving Lost your shoe Can t find your homework Ask Mudshark That is, until the Psychic Parrot takes up residence in the school library and threatens to overturn Mudshark s position as the guy who knows all the answers The word in school is that the parrot can out think Mudshark And right now, the school needs somMudshark is the go to guy for any mysteries that need solving Lost your shoe Can t find your homework Ask Mudshark That is, until the Psychic Parrot takes up residence in the school library and threatens to overturn Mudshark s position as the guy who knows all the answers The word in school is that the parrot can out think Mudshark And right now, the school needs someone who s good at solving problems There s an escaped gerbil running rampant, an emergency in the faculty restroom, and all the erasers are disappearing from the classrooms.When Mudshark solves the mystery of who s stealing the erasers, he discovers the culprit has the best of intentions Now he has to think of a way to prevent the Psychic Parrot from revealing the eraser thief s identity With a bit of misdirection and a lot of quick thinking, Mudshark restores order to the chaos just for the moment.From the Hardcover edition.
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    Lyle Williams, nicknamed Mudshark by his classmates, is the go to guy at school for finding lost items and solving small mysteries His mind is always working.his memory is amazing He can remember where he saw lost items and solve almost any mystery or problem Pretty good for a 12 year old, eh But he finds himself with a feathered rival when the school librarian gets a parrot The parrot seems to be psychic It can answer kids questions about lost homework and misplaced books faster than Mudshark c [...]

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooMUDSHARK is a great addition to any Gary Paulsen collection It s not the HATCHET adventure type, but rather one of the crazy, mad cap mishap stories like HOW ANGEL PETERSON GOT HIS NAME and LAWN BOY.Mudshark is actually Lyle Williams He got his name for his lightning speed and his incredible observation skills These are skills he honed while keeping an eye on Kara, Sara, and Tara, his triplet sisters When they became mobile, life became o [...]

    Great writing Just not much of a story Does that make sense By great writing I mean like the following page 18 and 19 There are many ways to describe Ms Underdorf She was brilliant and joyous and she believed probably correctly that libraries contain the answers to all things, to everything, and that if you can t find the information you seek in the library, then such information probably does not exist in this or any parallel universe now or ever to be known She was thoughtful and kind and she [...]

    Over the years Gary Paulsen has created some memorable characters, and twelve year old Lyle Williams known to friends and admirers as Mudshark may join the ranks of his fan favorites Mudshark is the epitome of Joe Cool, owner of a dazzling logical mind that never misses a trick when he s on the trail of a mystery or missing object in the vicinity of his school He s the only member of his family never outwitted or overwhelmed by his younger triplet sisters, Kara, Sara, and Tara, who are frequentl [...]

    I thought this book was pretty interesting I really just grabbed it off the shelf and decided to give it a try Lyle Williams was a quick thinker and great observer He was also known in school as Mudshark During the game of Death Ball he would hide in the mud and catch the runners ankles He would do it so fast that high speed cameras could not catch it Therefore, that is why they called him Mudshark.Everyone would go to him if they had lost something or wanted to know details for an event Until o [...]

    Mudshark is one of the weirdest books I have ever read If you like odd books, I recommend this book to you The reading level is around the fourth grade level Mudshark is about a fast thinking go to guy if anyone has questions or problems Mudshark s name is Lyle Williams but he s known as Mudshark throughout the book Well, Mudshark is a detective at his school and his enemy is the physic parrot who thinks he can outsmart Mudshark Erasers go missing and Mudshark uses his skills to solve the myster [...]

    In the novel Mudshark by Gary Paulsen, the main character is the kind of kid who everybody comes to when they need something solved Mudshark continues with this role until a psychic parrot comes into the school and starts making Mudshark look bad He is then put to the test to prove to himself that he is better than the parrot I recommend this book to all kids in middle school and older, because it is an easy and fun book to read.

    3.5 stars Mudshark is Paulsen s answer to Harriet the Spy meets Joe Cool I was a bit puzzled by the rogue parrot s intellectualization, but I liked the protagonist s comparative savvy Each chapter begins with a broadcast from the principal s office, bellowing an update on several school happenings The school s population is eccentric, but lovable Mudshark was a fast read, and the characters antics would be interesting to 9 to 11 year olds.

    Mudshark is a great book for all kids at all reading levels because it is an easy and fast read This book is a hard book to put down because once you start it you have to finish it Mudshark is an easy book to follow and understand but at the same time makes you think It also makes you put the pieces of the story together The characters in Mudshark are mysterious and some are very funny This book is a good book to just sit down and read on a rainy weekend.

    The characters were too oddball and random for me, so overall, I did not enjoy this book as much as other Gary Paulsen books I think an upper elementary student would find this quick read humorous, but I thought the characters and events were either bizarre or boring.

    Good book It s very hilarious and mysterious, but a bit to short for me I think people who like stories that are short and funny, then this book is for Y O U

    Such a fun read It really felt like something that you would read in a collection of short stories, only this was slightly longer than a typical short story Regardless, it had a very similar plot structure to most short stories It was a quick read with only a handful of characters, with only one or two really fleshed out characters All good things to have in a short story On top of that it was humorous I loved the little anecdotes from the principal s announcements I was constantly trying to fig [...]

    2.5 stars I was not impressed with this one Aaron is currently reading this for his English class I felt it was too young for 11 and 12 year olds This is something 4th graders should read Lyle, aka Mudshark finds lost items His ways are being challenged by the school s new pet parrot Erasers have gone missing, all of them, and Mudshark is assigned the task of locating them This was a vacation assigned read, so perhaps that s why it seemed out of place.

    This is a fun story I love at the end that he involves others to help him instead of the typical I have to do this myself and then find out I should have asked for help My teenager also enjoyed this short read because of the cool, but humble main character I would recommend this book for third and fourth grade, especially reluctant readers.

    My Book Club of students loved the book and all said they d recommend it to a friend For me, as an adult reader, it wasn t one of my top reads haha, but I would definitely use it again with another student group.

    This book is very good.It even has my name in it so that i enjoyed reading it.It s not liked this book then any other book i have ever read.

    Read this with my 6th grade daughter It s a quick, easy to read book Not a lot of action and a simple storyline Just ok.

    A short, quick book with plenty of humor I d forgotten how funny some of Gary Paulsen s books were, but MUDSHARK provided the perfect reminder.

    Lyle is known as Mudshark because his speed and agility have been honed by dealing with triplet sisters who have a tendency to make a bee line for dog chewies and electrical outlets He also has a knack for solving mysteries, and there are a lot of them at his school Not only is the faculty restroom constantly filled with hazardous materials, but the chalkboard erasers keep going missing, a gerbil is running loose in the building, and the librarian has a foul mouthed parrot that may or may not be [...]

    Book talk The word in the hallway is that if you ve lost something, Mudshark can find it for you But his keen observational skills help him with than just finding lost items There is no problem too big or too small for Mudshark and everyone goes to him if they ve lost something That is until Betty Crimper comes into the library one day to ask Mudshark about her lost paper and the parrot answers first Even stranger, he s right After that everyone starts going to the parrot with their problems in [...]

    I read this book to my intervention class I thought it would be a light and funny read, but I felt it went a little over my 6th graders heads Of course, these are students who need intervention, so that might be why they could not put together the pieces of what was happening in this book There is quite a fair amount of sarcasm in this book, coupled with a very distinctive 3rd person point of view with complex syntax that at times was hard to follow.Mudshark has an uncanny knack for telling stud [...]

    Mudshark can remember nearly everything Lose something at school Ask Mudshark He ll know where it is.Even adults ask for his help When the Librarian buys a parrot, it too has great locating skills, and Mudshark s stream of followers start to seek help from the Parrot.Except for the Principal.He asks for Mudshark s help in locating the school s missing erasers and when Mudshark finds them he has to decide whether or not to turn in the culprit Find out how he gets out of his dilemma and takes care [...]

    I finished reading aloud Mudshark to my fourth graders today This book is on the Texas Bluebonnet list It s interesting, but I find that my tongue had a tendency to trip over the many long sentences I love Gary Paulson as a writer, but this book is a bit different from his usual voice and style Mudshark is one smart dude He is extremely observant and highly intelligent It s nice to have a super sharp boy who is not only smart, but totally cool, as the hero of the story Mudshark makes reading, ob [...]

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