Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: solving the mysteries of the H. L. Hunley

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: solving the mysteries of the H. L. Hunley #2020

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine solving the mysteries of the H L Hunley None
  • Title: Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: solving the mysteries of the H. L. Hunley
  • Author: Sally M. Walker
  • ISBN: 9781575058306
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Hidden history I love this stuff SureSecrets of a Civil War Submarine is made for kids, but it s smart enough for adults Honestly, it s smarter than some many adults I know.I had no idea that there were submarines as far back as the 1860s The one detailed in this book, the Hunley was made in Mobile, AL in 1863 and bought into the Southern Confederacy during the American Civil War It wasn t very large, it didn t fully submerge, and it kept sinking and killing its crew However, it did manage to si [...]

    I was obsessed with the Hunley, OBSESSED, I tell you This is a good book, with a lot of good photographs but it is for a younger reading level and wasn t as good as the adult books I read on the submarine.

    A very interesting children s young adult book on the search for and conservation of the H.L Hunley The missing submarine from the Civil War.

    So okay this was the 2006 Robert Siebert award winner that is awarded for a truly inspirational and informational books and I chose this one because it was on the Civil War and one of my favorite time periods in history to learn about but seriously and surprisingly I had never ever thought of submarines being a part of this war and was glad I chose this book to expand my mind The H.L Hunley was a submarine that sunk off the coast of South Carolina and hid its mystery since 1864 until it was une [...]

    I listened to the book, so I missed the great pictures I found some online that are so tantalizing that I need to go get the print copy so I can see all of them.The text gives great detail and is careful about differentiating between fact and guessing As I listened, I thought the text was on the edge of over explaining things that I am very familiar with For example, explaining that DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid and holds the genetic code It wasn t condescending, just basic that my scientific mi [...]

    Secrets of a Civil War Submarine Solving the Mysteries of the H L Hunley details the discovery of a civil war submarine The author shares detailed accounts of the creation of the sub its successful mission to sink the enemy Union ship, the sinking of the submarine and finally the discovery of it on the bottom of the sea The author and illustrator do a great job of sharing a great deal of information while keeping the reader engaged The illustrations support the text and the real photos help the [...]

    Interesting story of the raising of the Confederacy s submarine,the CSS Huntley How did it sink And why would another crew sign on after it sunk the first time But they did One of those who did sign on was the creator of the Hunley He felt it went down the first time because the captain didn t know how to drive her do you say drive when talking about helming a submarine So he signed on to captain her The question is did the sub go down on purpose or couldn t bring it back up.The second part of t [...]

    Excellent Walker succinctly and clearly explains complicated scientific processes involved in the excavation, conservation, and preservation of the Civil War submarine, the H.L Hunley, and its contents The H.L Hunley was the first submarine to sink a ship in wartime, yet the submarine and its crew were never found following the successful attack And that wasn t the first time the submarine had sunk, killing all its crew Walker brings the story of the H.L Hunley and all the people involved to lif [...]

    Secrets of a Civil War Submarine Solving the Mysteries of the H.L Hunley by Sally M Walker is a non fiction young adult book It is the story of the first submarine to sink a Union warship during the Civil War The author starts the book with a narrative history from the birth of the need for such a vessel to break the Union blockades to completion of a working sub that sinks one only one Union ship, before sinking for a third and final time After the big picture story of the Hunley, the author pr [...]

    This was an interesting story that I really knew nothing about It was exciting to read about finding the first submarine, which was used during the time of the Civil War The book contains beautiful photographs of the excavation of the submarine I most enjoyed the part where the author showed trinkets that were found on the remains of the sailors on the submarine crew It is an exciting book, filled with mystery

    A fascinating and well researched account of the Civil War submarine, the H.L Huntley which made history as the first submarine to sink an enemy ship However, mystery surrounded its demise as it never returned to port after the sinking It lay beneath its watery grave for over 100 years until it was found and raised on August 8, 2000 Some mysteries were solved, while others remained a secret A wonderful non fiction book full of photographs, illustrations, and narrative sure to captivate history b [...]

    Secrets of a Civil War Submarine by Sally Walker is the story of a Hunley Submarine made in 1863 It was bought by the confederacy Although it is not very large, it manage to sink a ship before it fully submerged itself in 1995 It was reconerd in 2000.Children interested in US history would enjoy this book There are lots of details about the ship and how it was constructed Interesting pictures depicting the submarine will help the reader imagine what it truly looked liked Broken down into segment [...]

    Very informational, I believe this would be a great book to use to target a particular students interest If a child is having troubles getting motivated to read but likes the Civil War or submarines they could try their hand at this book However, it would depend on their grade level This book is geared towards young adults.

    An interesting non fiction read I had personally never heard of the Civil War Submarine before reading this book Lots of beautiful photos included throughout the text help to fully comprehend the work and visualize what each part is talking about It seems that the H L Hunley was not destined to do great work.

    I liked everything about the story of the sub and how it sank The resurrection and restoration was to in depth and seemed to drag.

    Absolutely fascinating How wonderful to learn about the location of the Huntley and scientific progress made by the folks preserving her stories.

    In 1864, during the U.S Civil War, the Confederate Submarine H L Hunley was the first submarine to ever sink an enemy ship, but the Hunley never returned to port and was lost for decades In 1995, the Hunley was discovered and subsequently excavated and taken to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in North Charleston SC to be preserved, where it continues to be studied Secrets of a Civil War Submarine gives background history on the Hunley and details the work involved in excavating, preserving [...]

    This book focuses on the H.L Hunley and its role in the Civil war The Hunley was tapped for the mission of breaking the Union Blockade in Charleston Harbor Although the submarine was cutting edge technology of the day, accidents plagued the submarine During tests of the Hunley in Mobil Bay, she sank twice killing her crew Even so, she was resurrected and returned to active duty Her final mission was a success, but the Hunley was not seen again for over a hundred years One of my favorite elements [...]

    This book is a page turner and I did not at all expect it to be, even after reading positive reviews from others The story of this civil war submarine and the confederate men who worked with her, tells of her creation, use, and the mystery that ensued after her third accident A non ficiton, resource text Secrets of a Civil War Submarine would be a great supplement in a variety of classrooms history, reading, science etc The history is clearly laid out, chronologically and sprinkled with images a [...]

    This is the historical and archaealogical account of the first submarine to sink an enemy ship the confederate H.L Hunley.I found the historical part the first half to be incredibly fascinating and suspenseful in almost every word.The second half, I apologize to my archaeologically minded friends, was boring as sin There were parts that were interesting, such as the different and innovative methods used to clear sediment away without destroying clothing, but the unfolding was often repetitive an [...]

    Non fiction books can be difficult to wade through for some readers Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy dynamic stories of history Susan Walker writes an amazing story about the H.L Hunley The Hunley was the first submarine to sink and an enemy ship Note it wasn t the first submarine in history but it was one of the earliest Unfortunately, after the sinking of the enemy ship, the Hunley failed to return to port Years and decades of searching ensued It wasn t until the 1990 s that the Hunley retu [...]

    Nearly three years into the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America CSA launched a weapon that signaled a dramatic change in naval warfare the submarine.On the night of On February 17, 1864, eight CSA sailors attempted to sink the USS Housatonic and break the blockade of Charleston This audacious attack was only partly successful The Housatonic was sent to the bottom, but with it the Hunley.In Secrets Of A Civil War Submarine , Sally Walker investigates the engineers who designed t [...]

    SECRETS OF A CIVIL WAR SUBMARINE Solving the Mysteries of the H.L Hunley By Sally M Walker won the Robert F Sibert Medal In 1864, the Hunley Submarine was the first submarine to ever sink an enemy ship, but the Hunley never returned to port and was lost for decades How the submarine, which lay buried in the mud of the ocean floor, left her bed there and what happened is a fascinating story of mystery, bones, and gold The sub is now in North Charleston, SC at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center [...]

    market research3 1 2 stars Booktalking appeal Most readers would be unfamiliar with the Civil War submarine, the H.L Hunley, which sank on its mission and wasn t uncovered until over 135 years later in 1995 As with the author s other titles, beautifully illustrated and researched Again, some repeated information from author s other titles Narrative has annoying pattern of asking questions of the reader that will obviously be answered as the book progresses The Hunley was designed to deliver and [...]

    From the diagrams, illustrations and careful intertwining of the history along with the steps made to recover the H L Hunley, this book is a first in relaying the information to students With meticulous care, each question is explored and answers sought in the recovery, discovery and preservation This submarine is the first submarine that successfully fired on another ship and sank it As the forerunner of the nautilus and nuclear submarines of today, it is a glimpse into the mind of the inventor [...]

    This engaging and thought provoking book covers the creation of, implementation of, loss of, and recovery of the H.L Hunley, a submarine created during the Civil War in order to sneak up on enemies in order to blow them up It is the winner of the 2006 Sibert Award for Informational Books The beginning of the book gives a detail packed report of the design and testing of the submarine As the book progresses, the reader learns about the only mission of the submarine and how the submarine disappear [...]

    Walker, S 2005 Secrets of a Civil War Submarine Solving the Mysteries of the H.L Hunley Minneapolis Carolthoda books a division of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.Sibert Medal Winner 2006 InformationalAn interesting and informative book that investigates the Confederate army developing a submarine during the Civil War Due to the Union army blocking the ports with ship there had to be something done in order to get supplies The first few run for the submarine did not go well, but the third run final [...]

    Listening to the account of the H.L Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship, is fascinating Considering the time period 1860 s, this submarine should probably be considered an engineering marvel It is designed to hold approximately eight to nine people, who manually propel the sub, forwards or backwards There is a method of descending and ascending, and a single candle is used for light The Hunley actually suffers three ill fated voyages, but is resurrected twice to eventually be used [...]

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