Deadly Intent

Deadly Intent #2020

Deadly Intent The Grant family s exclusive Sonoma spa is a place for rest and relaxation not murder When Naomi Grant finds her client Jessica Ortiz bleeding to death in her massage room everything falls apart The
  • Title: Deadly Intent
  • Author: Camy Tang
  • ISBN: 9780373443475
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Grant family s exclusive Sonoma spa is a place for rest and relaxation not murder When Naomi Grant finds her client Jessica Ortiz bleeding to death in her massage room, everything falls apart The salon s reputation is at staked so is Naomi s freedom when she discovers that she is one of the main suspects Her only solace is found with the other suspect Dr DThe Grant family s exclusive Sonoma spa is a place for rest and relaxation not murder When Naomi Grant finds her client Jessica Ortiz bleeding to death in her massage room, everything falls apart The salon s reputation is at staked so is Naomi s freedom when she discovers that she is one of the main suspects Her only solace is found with the other suspect Dr Devon Knightley, the victim s ex husband But Devon is hiding secrets of his own When they come to light, where can Naomi turnd whom can she trust
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      Camy Tang

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    I received a complementary copy of this book and I m so glad I did Camy Tang does an incredible job of packing so much action, suspense, humor and drama in only 212 pages Wow What a different writing style than the one I read in her debut novel Sushi for One, which is a chick lit style light hearted story I didn t know what to expect when I started reading Deadly Intent Part of me wondered how this chick lit style writer would write a murder mystery I was pleasantly surprised and I m happy to re [...]

    Deadly Intent marks Camy Tang s first foray into romantic suspense fiction, and she proves to be as adept at crafting an engaging suspense story as she is at making readers laugh with her romance with a kick of wasabi flavored Sushi Series In Deadly Intent, Naomi Grant, massage therapist and acting manager of the exclusive Joy Luck Life Spa, finds herself trapped in a murderous web of danger and intrigue when one of her clients ends up dead, and suddenly she s a suspect The victim just happens t [...]

    Naomi Grant s family owns the Joy Luck Life Spa in Sonoma, CA She was the head massage therapist but since her dads stroke she is in charge When Dr Devon Knightley comes in the spa she hopes he has come to see her The last few years she had visited with him at the Zoe International dinners but he never called her.When Devon said he was looking for Jessica Ortiz Naomi is deflated but not surprised he would be looking for that beauty As Naomi searches to find Jessica her whole world shifts.After f [...]

    This book is Camy Tang s first published romantic suspense, following her contemporary Sushi Series, but I certainly hope it isn t the last She brings her trademark snappy style to this book, and cranks up the tension in a first rate mystery that will have you turning pages all the way to the end.The setting is a spa in Sonoma, California, owned by the family of heroine Naomi Grant In true suspense style, the first chapter opens the book with a bang and ends with a scream as Naomi s search for a [...]

    This is the first book I ve read by Camy Tang and let me tell you, I was enthralled from the beginning I was very sad that is was such a short story The character development was quick, but didn t feel rushed I understand that it had to be because of the length of the story Still, I felt like I got to know Naomi and Devon in that short time The suspense and romance were very well written I had no idea what was going to happen or who was behind all the mayhem until Naomi figured it out That, to m [...]

    Deadly Intent by Camy Tang is another arrow in Tang s quiver of fantastic books Naomi Grant has had to take over the family business, an elite spa Sonoma, after her father s stroke It s a chore she quickly comes to hate after a murdered woman is discovered and the evidence points to Naomi as the murderer At first, she suspects Dr DevonKnightley , ex husband of the victim, but as the crime spree grows, they are forced to work together to find the real murderer In the hands of any less able writer [...]

    This is the first Camy Tang suspense I have read and it really captured my interest Set in an elegant spa in Sonoma wine country starts things off just right Couldn t ask for a better combination The two main characters, Naomi Grant and Dr Devon Knightley, find themselves as murder suspects for a death in the Grant s Joy Luck Club Spa As they work together to try and find the real killer, Naomi struggles with her faith and Devon is searching for his With lots of possible suspects and a definite [...]

    Novelist Camy Tang writes with a kick of wasabi as her website is quick to point out Her first suspense novel, Deadly Intent, has just such a kick For an explanation of wasabi visit Camy s website.Her earlier novels found their niche in contemporary romance as her Asian characters sassed their way through relationships, interfamily relations, and spiritual struggles Camy s latest novel launches into the suspense romance genre murder and intrigue in the picturesque town of Sonoma, California wher [...]

    Deadly Intent was a very enjoyable read for me as far as mysteries go I was amazed and completely shocked that I really had no clue as to who the culprit was until late in the game Usually authors give it away so easily, I loved how Camy really gave you so many different factors that the surprise really is there I recommend this read easily, and I cannot wait to share it with my mom, because I know she ll love it The mystery is great, the romantic elements are perfectly appropriate, and the Chri [...]

    Loved this book Loved that it took place in Sonoma where I visited last fall and love that it centered around a spa We love our spas Great beach read Real page turner.

    Stalker in the Shadows by Camy Tang is a Love Inspired Suspense novel I have read many of her novels most recently Protection for Hire , but this is only the second of the Love Inspired novels that I ve read I didn t realize when I started the book that it was Book 3 in the Sonoma Series, but it is the third in the set Fortunately, reading them in order is not a prerequisite Monica Grant is one of three daughters of Augustus Grant, owner of an upscale spa in Sonoma Monica is also a nurse She is [...]

    This story is than a suspense novel The plot weaves in and out of the characters lives with a master s touch.Naomi Grant s terror from finding the body of her next massage client at an exclusive Sonoma spa leads to a desperate attempt to solve the mystery Her very freedom depends on it At the same time, Dr Devon Knightley, who becomes a suspect in the death, stirs up both confusion and comfort in an odd mixture for Naomi.Ms Tang twists together a perfect mystery set in a beautiful upscale world [...]

    This book was okay Nothing bad, nothing great It s getting a little higher rating only because I really was interested in what was going to happen between Devon and Naomi I wanted to know who was after them, but otherwise this book was a bit cheesy.It s described as an inspirational romantic suspense The religious references were scattered throughout, but weren t overdone I actually thought they were well placed and enhanced that aspect of the story The romantic part wasn t really there There wa [...]

    It was when I read Camy Tang s Sushi For One book for the third time that I figured maybe I should try to read something else of hers I was wary of this book being of the Love Inspired line, since my previous experience with those books were not satisfactory I hoped that Camy Tang would be able to write beyond my expectations Unfortunately, she doesn t Instead of crafting an interesting, subtle, non obvious male character, she cuts corners by using the same boring Mr Handsome template as every o [...]

    What an excellent book We read about the first of three Grant sisters Naomi is currently managing the spa for her father while he recovers from his stroke She never counted on finding a dying woman in her room, nor did she plan on getting cozy with the woman s ex husband Things heat up when both Naomi and Devon are accused of the crime One has motive, the other has opportunity They have to join together to solve the crime before one of them gets arrested for murder And then things get worsech wo [...]

    Mystery authors often give so many clues indicating who the perpetrator is, or not enough clues pointing to other possibilities, that I am able to figure it out very early Not Camy Tang She has written a plausible story with a well hidden murderer The only drawback is that some of her clues leading the wrong direction were never explained, but it is a series, so perhaps they factor in the next installment Camy Tang s writing style is delightful, and I will definitely be reading of her books If [...]

    This book was a great and easy read This is the first book from Camy Tang that I have been able to read This book had me reading and reading until I finish it since I just needed to know who really was behind the killings I also really enjoyed the sweet love story between Devon and Naomi I highly recommend this book.

    This was an easy read I ve read some of her other books and hope to read I like her use of Christian values woven within the story.

    Good idea but not written in a way that was captivating The writing didn t seem fully developed to me.

    If I knew how to delete I would because I did not read this Deadly Intent I am busy reading la Platte s Deadly Intent This was added in error.

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