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Harmony's Way #2020

Harmony s Way More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA
  • Title: Harmony's Way
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA
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      310 Lora Leigh
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    Breeds 8Feline Breeds 6Featured Couple Lance Human Harmony Lion The book is fully connected with the previous book Megan s Mark This is the second book where the Breed is the female main character, while the male main character is human.Harmony Lancaster, also known by the nickname Death, is a Lion Breed who has been an assassin since she escaped from the labs many years ago Everybody is looking for her Breeds, Jonas Wyatt, human authorities, the Council, Dane Leo s son etc.The famous mastermind [...]

    Precioso Realmente sta es una de las mejores entregas de la serie, tanto por el argumento, como por los personajes y su relaci n, que se siente incre blemente fluida, a diferencia de algunas de las novelas anteriores.Al igual que en Megan s Mark, la acci n se desarrolla en el peque o pueblo de Broken Butte y es Lance, el primo de Megan y sheriff de la localidad, quien ahora debe enfrentarse a los s ntomas de acoplamiento que caracterizan a las parejas de una casta Ella es Harmony, que con s lo 1 [...]

    Lance and Harmony meet on page 17 of this book and by page 55 have had very lengthy sex twice the second time with some bondage thrown in which is once than they ve had conversations That continues to be the pattern throughout Sex, sex, a tiny bit of story and then some sex.I usually am fine with fated mate stories, but this one really pushed it The mating seems mainly a way of subjugating the woman and keeping her helpless There s some thematic reason for this Harmony is the cold blooded assa [...]

    Lora Leigh has consistently delivered page turning drama and suspense with the Breeds series and Harmony s Way is one that will haunt me see my profile for my star rating descriptions.The hero, Lance Jacobs, was introduced in Megan s Mark but he is revealed in Harmony s Way as a dominant alpha male, possessive and protective.The heroine, Harmony Lancaster, is very much a study in contrasts From the beginning, she reveals a feminine side in that she polishes her toenails, yet there is nothing els [...]

    Per usual HW is packed with HOT alpha men, one spunky and this time tortured heroine, lots of sex, lots of explicit language over said sex and an ever advancing plot.Despite all the above goodness, and I can t believe I m gonna say this, there was almost TOO much sex in it Worst of all, the hero was a talker while doing the deed I actually found myself skimming the sex scenes to get to of the plot.But HW is important because this is where we get info on the original Breed , a crossbreed create [...]

    At first, I considered giving this book a 5 star rating, just because of Jonas Man, that s one Breed I d like to know up close and personal Then I thought if I was attracted to a secondary character than to the H h, there was something wrong with this book I really liked Lance and Harmony, but I stopped paying attention to them everytime Jonas made an appearance I checked the following books in the Breeds series to see which one was HIS story but, darn , LL hasn t published it yet sigh Okay, en [...]

    It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results Maybe I need to pay closer attention to conventional wisdom Obviously, there is something about these books that makes me pick one up every few months or so But there are also finite things about the series that consistently make me want to bang my head against the wall every time I read And so here I am, at the completion of yet another installment, shaking my head at my [...]

    Even though I rated them the same, Harmony s Way was worse than Megan s Mark as far as the romance is concerned I did not care about Lance and Harmony at all I didn t get to know who Lance was and Harmony is supposed to be the best there is that she is nicknamed Death , but once Lance steps into the picture, she becomes a meek, weak willed woman who cries all the time The sex scenes were so numerous and repetitive, that I just skimmed right through them The only thing that kept my interest was t [...]

    Harmony Lancaster, a.k.a Death, has worked on her assassin career for the past ten years, since her escape from the Breed Labs She uses every skill she s learned in captivity to rid the world of the people who pray on the innocent, especially children.But Harmony s hunted When she escaped, she stole priceless information a lot of people would give anything to possess, including her brother, Jonas Wyatt When he captures her, instead of enacting the Breed Law for her crimes, he decides to give her [...]

    Dominant, territorial, possessive, protectived this was Lance, the human Great herould hear the winds speak to him, but fought gift most of his life.Harmony is a Feline Breed asassasin that has been on the run for 10 years She s known as Death She s never felt safe until she meets Lance I enjoyed this book very much The sex was often and dominating, but very sweet also I loved how Lance spoke to Harmany when he was assuring her I m really interested in finding out about what makes Jonas tick

    This started out goodzzled in the middle and ended with a bang literally Lance and Harmony are great together and I really enjoyed learning about the Breeds, Jonas and the first Leoeven Dane was interesting BUT the cheesy sex was a bit much for me AND there s was NO romance.except maybe the ending So that is what is giving me hope to maybe read a few other books in the series that and a certain friend V that adamantly insist there are good books in this series Wish me luck

    3.0 StarsYears ago I stopped at book 12, and now I m re reading those book so I can pick back up with book 13 Even though I don t remember much about the couples, I m finding now I m much interested in the breed story than the H h I enjoy erotic books, but personally I m finding the sex scenes and inner dialog too drawn out However.I do want to know how the breed storyline develops I will continue.

    I enjoyed reading about Lance and Harmony Harmony was an interesting character and Lance was actually a pretty good character I enjoyed their romance but am even intrigued by Dane, Jonas and the first Leo I want to know about them and I want Dane to get his mate and I wouldn t mind if Ryan also would get a mate.

    Lora Leigh has this whole Breed series that is fabulous Love the amazing characters, action packed tales, and awesome hot sexiness You will love this paranormal, futuristic concept and be hooked like I am I ve read them all, and loved each one Highly recommend ENJOY

    Harmony is a rock star She is just the type of strong character you love and continues to hold her own even after finding her mate Lance is strong and dominate but not over shadowing Lots of steam here An office sex scene to die for Really digging the new turn in the breeds books

    openbooksociety article haHarmony s WayBreeds, Book 8By Lora LeighISBN 9780425213056Author s Website loraleigh Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiHarmony Lancaster has lived her life on the run ever since she escaped the labs when she was just a child After suffering the torments of the lab at such a young age, she can t stand to see another child harmed She has become a vigilante of sorts killing those that harm children or women But her brother, Jonas, has finally captured her, set on vengean [...]

    Harmony s Way3.5 StarsSynopsis Prior to her escape from the labs, Harmony Lancaster was breed as an assassin and trained to kill Now on the outside, she seeks justice for the weak and innocent, which puts her in danger not only from racial purists but from Breed Law as well To save her life, Harmony is placed in the care of Sheriff Lance Jacobs who can see the gentle and caring woman beneath the fa ade of a killer Their new relationship is soon threatened on all fronts and Harmony and Lance will [...]

    This is a very good addition to this series I loved Harmony the first time that I read the book and I love her after reading the story a second time I also love Lance He found a special place in my heart because he cared so much for Megan, Megan s Mark Lance is one of those alpha males that we all wish we could find He is loyal, compassionate, and very dominant He also doesn t take any nonsense from Jonah Jonah is at his most manipulative in this story Jonah is determined to save Harmony as wel [...]

    Harmony Lancaster is a lion Breed Created to be a killer, she has become a problem to other Breeds with the way she get justice But they can not kill her as she holds information stolen from the labs that contains vital information about the first Leo.She is mated with Sheriff Lance Jacobs, a man who has resisted a side of himself for far to long But when Harmony comes into his life he will embrace fully keep her alive I really liked this book, though it did start out slow, the middle ending mad [...]

    Oh my Goodness, Harmony was so annoying we get it, you re an assassin and you re all alone and you don t deserve love Get over it I really liked Lance Maybe my view of this book would ve been different if I had read the series in order, but I was expecting so much from the famous Death She was the boogeyWoman of the Breeds and then as soon as she finds her mate, she turns into this really ridiculous broken record of a female who truly didn t know what to do with herself And then, to make matter [...]

    I m really starting to get sick of Lora Leigh s writing There doesn t seem to be much of a plot behind any of her novels or any true emotions Just one character having a lot and graphic sex with another character who Lora Leigh then declares the mate of which ever character is breed Harmony s Way Breed Series, 8 isn t much different You find out Harmony is a Breed they formerly called Death Her brother, who you are lead to believe wants revenge against her for killing their mother, sends her to [...]

    I loved the story between Lance and Harmony They had instant chemistry which made their first encounter very steamy I love the way the author continues to bring in new characters but I wish she would mention the older characters I would love detail on how the relatiohships are going Some of the characters were pregnant at the end of their books and I only know of two that have had their babies and what the sex of the baby is I would have liked to see Harmony stay a little tough I was impressed [...]

    As soon as I finished this book I thought back and I cant even remember if it had a story lineAll I got from this book was that if Harmony didnt do what Lance told her to do he would sex with her So for me it was pretty much argument sex, then another argument sex and so on.Also I didnt quite get how Harmony was this so called killing machine aka death When she was put under any pressure at all she freaked out and then um had sex The attraction that they had for one another seemed so fake and u [...]

    Harmony Lancaster, a lion breed female, is Jonas Wyatt s half sister and was also an assassin named Death Since killing all the scientists including her mother in the escape 10 years ago she has been killing child abusers and rapists.She has had enough but doesn t know how to stop doing that and thinks she must continue Jonas, has other plans Jonas has worked out that her mate is Lance Jacobs, a Sherriff, and he engineers that they meet He knows that Lance will be able to refocus Harmony s life [...]

    I really enjoyed this story Harmony struggled against feeling, she was a killer, she had blood on her hands and didn t think she deserved the love of a good man everything changed when she met Lance Jacobs, this was no chance meeting, set up by her brother Jonas, he wanted some leverage to get the the information on the first breed Harmony held Lance was no push over and without Jonas interference, he and Harmony would I m sure of bonded and mated, it went soul deep, Lance every bit an Alpha mal [...]

    Another good breed book Harmony is an Assassin she was also known as Death Someone is after her for something she took along time ago She meets Lance Jacobs, he s Meghan s cousin They wind up in a whirlwind of events, from being chased, shot at, countless other tingly events It was hard for me to get into the book for whatever reason It picked up really good about half way The beginning is very essential to the book though.

    3.5 stars I don t know, but I couldn t get into this one, idk if it was the characters or the fact that I ve been reading these back to back no break It took me way to long to read, I d set it down and not look forward to picking it back up I am looking forward to Tanner s book, though, I m going to read something in between, I don t want this to happen again I just felt like I had to finish to get any backstory in for the future books, didn t even care for the main story

    Oh my word how good was this book.It was blooming fantastic, by the end my heart was in my mouth and tears were in my eyes The intensity with which Lora Leigh writes is immense You are on the edge of your seat getting an adrenaline rush believing 100% in the world she creates I was going to read a book from a different series next but not now book 9 here I come.

    If I thought what I was reading before was hot and heavy , I was definitely in for a surprise with Harmony s Way The story was interesting yet predictible The steamy bit were course and very graphic If you are looking for graphic sex and light plot, this series is for you A nice brainless, hot and heavy read.

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