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Pinion The delight is in what s seen en route as Lake has configured his world dominating empires one British the other Chinese with huge and devoted attention to the last detail The delight of the next
  • Title: Pinion
  • Author: Jay Lake
  • ISBN: 9780765321862
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The delight is in what s seen en route, as Lake has configured his world dominating empires, one British, the other Chinese, with huge and devoted attention to the last detail The delight of the next volume prefigured with unrelenting clarity in Escapement s final pages should be the discovery that the destination adds up Washington Post Book World on EscapementRej The delight is in what s seen en route, as Lake has configured his world dominating empires, one British, the other Chinese, with huge and devoted attention to the last detail The delight of the next volume prefigured with unrelenting clarity in Escapement s final pages should be the discovery that the destination adds up Washington Post Book World on EscapementRejoin the Librarian and the Chinese submarine captain, the British sailor, the clockwork man, and the young sorceress who has gone south of the great equatorial wall This adventure in Lake s Clockwork Earth continues the tale begun in Escapement The very cosmology of this world is an enigmatic astonishment, and it underpins every single bit of action and character .Lake has a ball transporting his characters up and down this magnificent world, subjecting them to all sorts of perils and escapes in a wild variety of settings His three main protagonists all exhibit distinct and memorable personalities that allow us to filter their world through three prisms of intelligence and attitude .Fantasy has always been escapist in the best sense of the word, and Lake engineers a fine tale of humans in search of liberation from the clockwork and customs that ensnare them and us as well Sci Fi Weekly on Escapement
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    It s still the Jay Lake Pre Mortem Readathon, and this is the fourth review I ve made for Shelf Inflicted in honor of Jay s impending death This book wraps up a trilogy, and does it in a moving and satisfying way.Go have a gander It won t kill you.

    I seldom read an entire trilogy consecutively Although it s nice to read the books relatively close together, I usually intersperse a series with other books, just to give me time to absorb the latest instalment I didn t do that with the Clockwork Earth trilogy, and that has thrown a certain emphasis on the series I might otherwise have missed It has made stark the separation between Mainspring and the final two books Pinion as a direct sequel to Escapement makes Mainspring seem that much like [...]

    Great view of a steampunk world, and I love how the chapters are broken into characters, much like George R.R Martin writes his novels The creepy introduction of the Queen of England made me cringe, but was awesome all the same and reminded me of some of the Anime I ve watched, the way Jay Lake wrote it Love it thus far.

    After dragging myself screaming and kicking to the end of this trilogy I d have to conclude Jay Lake is a light weight writer who came up with one heavy weight idea and didn t have the expertise to stretch it across three novels The first book was nearly unreadable, he fluked the second one that was a fun read but number three was just dreadful I am guessing he could be OK as a short story writer coming up with a few big ideas to drive a plot, but this is not enough to justify writing a long for [...]

    The third and conclusion to the Mainspring series I adore Jay s clockwork earth, and the characters This one introduces the stoic, loyal, and dangerous Bernard Forthright Kitchens That name is second in wonderful only to Threadgill Angus al Wazir return I think the mysterious monk is new, too, though I suppose I might have forgotten her in the year or since I read Escapement I love the strong women in these books In addition to the monk, Paolina Barthes and Emily McHenry Childress are both back [...]

    1 Book three in a series, none of which I d read before this one2 Steampunk3 Fantasy4 RomanceI gotta say, if I d known it was all that before I got it, I probably wouldn t have bought it But in spite of all that I did really enjoy it Heck, I might even read the first book or two.The fantasy steampunk thing really doesn t work for me I can accept ice breathing dragons a lot quicker than steam powered submarines capable of 30 knots for days at a time yeah, I m weird that way but never ever knowing [...]

    Another good read from Jay Lake, but not without its problems The writing is, as always, gorgeous Lake always manages to strike just the right balance between being poetic and being overly ornate or flowery, and his imagery and world building are just as good However, as compelling as his cast of characters is, the rapid pace at which he flickers back and forth between them, especially in the second half of the book, gets a little irritating after a while I did like how the many narrative thread [...]

    It s too ambitious It relies on too many implausible concepts It oh, what the heck, it was a great read Only at the end do we realize just how huge a canvas Lake has been painting all along It s not only a steampunk adventure, but also a great heap of metaphors and examinations of what humanity and society are all about Occasionally I was annoyed that the characters feeble ploys to fool others were always successful, and that as in any adventure story the main characters are bulletproof I ll for [...]

    I read this book for the Endeavour award It is book 3 of a series of which I read 2 and enjoyed it So I was greatly disappointed Perhaps the world is explained in the first book but I accepted the vaguely steampunk Earth with a huge wall separated the Northern Earth from the Southern Earth and all the various strangenesses But in this book I just found it confusing and annoying It took me over a month to read as I kept putting it down to read anything else Not recommended 2.5 of 5.

    Definitely the weakest of the trilogy Nothing is brought to a particularly satisfying conclusion, and the chapters blend into each other and get repetitive after a while Paolina and Boaz, in particular, become insufferable and dull due to their newfound co dependence It had some highlights as always, Lake writes well and I appreciate his ability to conjure scenes and play with alternate versions of our world However, he is a bit heavy handed when dealing with the big issues themes in this book e [...]

    The third installment of the Clockwork Earth It ties up most of the loose threads of Escapement well enough, but the unknown fate of one character leaves a gaping hole Perhaps that hole will be explored in some further volume While I liked the character of Paolina in the first book, by the end of this one she had begun to grate on me Also, I found the abilities she gains from her gleam to be stretching my credulity into stranger and stranger shapes

    All in all a good trilogy I m disappointed there wasn t exploration of the mechanisms of the world, and the story got thin several times, lost in detail and negotiations It ended strong though, and I am thankful.And Paolina, the primary protagonist, was too smart Plus she built a tool that could do anything, to anyone or anything, at anytime That s not a great mechanisms to have in a story It takes away a lot of the suspense Which is too bad, she could have been a great character, but instead s [...]

    My opinion of this book is most likely colored by the fact that it s been quite a while since I read the first two books in the series and that I don t remember the previous book at all But even taking that into consideration, this book was really difficult to get into I think that may have been due to the extremely short sections that didn t allow you time to get to know any particular character Also some of them felt like they were checking in with the character because we have to then anythi [...]

    The second half of this books would get a 4 or maybe even a 5, since the ending was really good The struggle I had with this book was that it at no place mentioned on the cover that it was the third in a trilogy I even had read the first book in the series, but missing the second book made the first 100 pages drag and be too confusing Even if I had known this was the third in a trilogy, many other trilogies I have read do a better job of grounding and explaining the world, since one can not assu [...]

    Jay Lake somehow ties the multiple threads of his two previous novels in this series in a neat bow by the end of this third volume Along the way, his characters develop, new wonders unfold, plots thicken without congealing I prefer hard science fiction to fantasy, but these three books are favorites of mine.

    The latter two novels in Lake s Clockwork Earth series are closely tied, following the story of the same characters in an extended story arc and rarely draw upon events from the debut novel mainspring You will need to read Escapement prior to this novel to understand the storyline Very enjoyable books that adeptly mash up steampunk and magic.

    Great setting, see my reviews of the previous books in the series I enjoyed this one than the other two, because it finaly felt like the series is developing The ending was fast paced and felt complete, although there are potential hooks for a sequel I particularely enjoyed Childress s development throughout this book.

    Lake s final story in the series is told from multiple viewpoints.Much of the action echoes WWI, with changes made to primary location and parties involved.Lake uses elements from L Frank Baum and Pinocchio blended with Asimov.

    It s rare to read a trilogy where all three books are of equal quality Lake s clockwork Earth ends a lovely ripping adventure trilogy, with a ripping end, and a rotj like epilogue These characters will be with me a long time.

    This was a fun journey with some interesting overlap in the different stories I wasn t as engaged as I was in book two but I really wanted to finish the series Not a bad journey but not my favorite either.

    Kind of disappointed by the ending, I kept on thinking to myself where is this story going Its an awesome world though, and a very exciting story, so I was happy to be along for the ride The ending seemed very final, so its likely there will be no sequel What was with the fossils Wha

    Not a great book, but some interesting concepts Waaaaay too much switching from character to character to really care about any of them.

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