Ripping the Bodice

Ripping the Bodice #2020

Ripping the Bodice Got sex and romance on the brain So does Cassandra Devon She also has hard boiled private eyes dashing pirates jet setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly expl
  • Title: Ripping the Bodice
  • Author: Inara Lavey
  • ISBN: 9781607777946
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Got sex and romance on the brain So does Cassandra Devon She also has hard boiled private eyes, dashing pirates, jet setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly explicit subconscious All these erotic daydreams make it hard to stay focused on Cassandra s current dilemma namely, rebuffing the advances of Connor, a wild Irish rascal whoGot sex and romance on the brain So does Cassandra Devon She also has hard boiled private eyes, dashing pirates, jet setting super spies and other sexy rogues entertaining her in her surprisingly explicit subconscious All these erotic daydreams make it hard to stay focused on Cassandra s current dilemma namely, rebuffing the advances of Connor, a wild Irish rascal who wants to play the starring role in her fantasies Cassandra is only interested in getting together with Raphael, the tall, dark and handsome man of her dreams May the best romance hero win
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    The title of this book makes me giggle and it was with that frame of mind that I started reading this book To my surprise, I really did enjoy this story The main character Cassandra lives her life fantasizing about romance novels, you know those romance novels with really fun names, swashbuckling heroes, and damsels in distress In fact, about half the book takes place in Cassandra s fantasy world frequently interrupted by real life.After Cassandra s dull boyfriend cancels their weekend away to g [...]

    This book was GREAT Not what I expected at all I got it just to test out my new Kindle and I m definitely keeping it on as a favorite.The story is about a girl lost in the fantasies of all the romance novels she reads As a result, she starts to like a guy who she thinks is straight out of one of her books Meanwhile, another guy is trying toduce her Something like that Anyway, this second guy, Connor, is any romance novel reader s dream come true He even talks joking around most of the time like [...]

    From the opening daydream scene to the end, this is a loving send up of old school romance and pulp fiction novels from the past, oh, 150 years maybe If you re not familiar with or don t enjoy those older forms of the genre, I m not sure how much you d enjoy this book, but I thought it was hysterically funny I actually laughed out loud at least once per chapter.Cassandra meets her college friend Val for a vacation in San Diego, where they re joined by Val s favorite cousin, Rafael, and his busin [...]

    This was a fun, light read that parodied the old school romances, the alpha vs beta heroes, and the spell that romances can cast over a girl to heighten one s expectations in their own romantic life.Cassandra Devon has a cubicle job with no excitement apart from her romances Hey, I can totally relate She goes off on a weekend trip with a friend, and two men catch her eye Raphael, a dashing right from the page hero with swoony looks and the perfect hero voice and Connor, a wisecracky Irishman who [...]

    Sex and Comedy are strange bedfellows, so kudos to Inara Lavey for pulling off this wonderful blend of sexiness and hilarity It s a sexed up take on Walter Mitty Our heroine, Cassandra Devon, has erotic daydreams of hard boiled private eyes, dashing pirates, jet setting super spies and other sexy rogues dancing around her surprisingly explicit subconscious If that weren t enough, her real life is also crowded with too many love interests, namely Connor, an Irish scoundrel and Raphael, the tall, [...]

    Je suis tomb sur la couverture et j avais cru que c tait un historique D accord, la jeune femme du bas aurait d me mettre la puce l oreille Rat , il s agit juste d une histoire d une jeune femme de notre poque qui r ve, fantasme, tombe dans des rencontres imaginaires o les pirates entre autres, les gentilshommes et o elle m me se retrouve l h ro ne sauver des griffes du m chant qui en veux sa vertu C est une histoire sympa lire, mais sans plus L h ro ne, suite une d ception de son petit ami du m [...]

    Plus ponctu e de passages pseudo romantiques, l histoire n avance pas beaucoup Pour tout dire, elle est presque inexistante Et c est dommage parce que le c t comique tait prometteur Les personnages sont caricaturaux et c est pour a qu on se lance dans cette lecture pour rire des romances rotiques Mais ils d passent les limites, jusqu r aliser les clich s la sc ne de la plage en est l exemple probant et la sc ne finale en devient path tique Dommage

    Loved it Other than the whole romance novels nearly ruined my life issue girl, please , this book was spot on from start to finish Ok, fine, maybe Old School romance could mess up a woman s boyfriend radar Cassandra s romance enthusiasm was wonderful, Connor s perspective particularly charming, and all of the supporting characters provided just the right amount of humor The romance parodies were priceless I particularly loved how the author plays with foreign interjections By books end the cast [...]

    This was such a fun book And it was free from All Romance ebooks and Ravenous Romance It was kind of shades of Walter Mitty Cassandra loves her bodice ripper romances and has read them for so long they have become her model for her ideal man She also has an active imagination in that she constantly loses herself in scenes out of her books and her head The characters were a lot of fun and the storyline especially with all the mock scenes from old time romances was hilarious The romance was full o [...]

    Beautifully written, smooth as silk, and laugh out loud funny,Inara Lavey intertwines tasteful erotica with humor like a real expert I m not easily entertained these days with lots of books and films leaving me with the same old blah feeling But, I found myself cruising through the pages of Ripping The Bodice into the wee hours I became hooked on Cassandra s stimulating fantasy life and how it would play out in real time Happily, I was not disappointed A good read no pun intended.

    Over the top romance creates real life humor It takes a little bit to get past the confusion of Cassandra s forays into romantic daydreams Outrageous romantic fantasies with purple prose abounding makes this read something to put a smirk on your face even as your cheeks burn.For my full length review of Ripping the Bodice, visit me at Sweet Vernal Zephyr Miranda

    un petit roman frais et bourr d humour et de clich sur les romances, Cassandra a une imagination d bordante, qui part souvent la d rive en se mettant en sc ne tel l h ro ne des romans qu elle d vore s distrayant, id al pour passer un bon moment entre le soleil, sa serviette et les pieds dans le sable

    I finally found a romance I liked, folks Irreverent and witty, I laughed out loud than once, and read the whole thing in just a few hours The characters were likeable and realistic, if in some cases a little two dimensional It was cute and entertaining, and for God s sake, no one lived Happily Ever After Small mercies.

    Kept Picturing Raphael as Fabio ScaryWhen her boyfriend calls at the last minute and blows off the vacation she was so looking forward to, Cassandra Devon quickly reevaluates both the relationship and her plans She dumps the boyfriend, packs her bags, grabs a bunch of the classic books she loves wildly adventurous and swashbuckling romances that never fail to sweep her away from her average life and heads to San Diego to meet up with her best friend Valerie Nothing would please her than to spen [...]

    Every so often, at least once a chapter, Cassandra enters into some fantasy or dream with herself as the glamourous heroine The rest of the cast rotates a little as the story progresses, reflecting her reality and her state of mind Most of the time, Raphael is cast as the dashing hero, with Connor as the villain The fantasies vary from swashbuckling pirates to a gypsy caravan to a 1960s air hostess, with flashing eyes, lean yet well mscled torsos, and various throbbings These fantasies are hilar [...]

    This books seems like a good beginning, but nowhere near complete as far as I m concerned It took a good idea in the main character s cheesy romantic imaginings and went completely overboard with it The author skipped just enough and went straight for overkill When there are such good characters to start with in Val, Cassie, Connor and Raphael, there s no need for the insurgence of 5 pages here and 5 pages there of cheesy romantic imaginings She s got the start of good characters, but the time s [...]

    Lorsque j ai vu ce livre pour la premi re fois sur internet, je me suis dit La fille qui lisait des romans d amourc est tout fait moi Par contre, en lisant le r sum , je me suis dit Okmantique oui absolument, mais pas pouss ce point Ce r sum ma fait bien rire et je dois aussi avouer que le livre aussi certains passages et c est rare que je ris voix haute en lisant Cassandra, bien que maladroite et un brin trop r veuse ce que je suis dans le fond est assez attachante en son genre et qu on peut se [...]

    Call me crazy but I have always liked a man with an Irish accentMmmm So when it came to Connor or Raphael it was just to easy to pick who I wanted, not to mention the fact that I am not into docile men, can you say boringHowever enticing the men were in this book, it was kind of hard to get around the nauseating romance daydreams of Cassandra Having been in love with her fantasy of romance since she was young, every other page was littered with these day dreams of what she thought she wanted and [...]

    Ripping the Bodice is a perfect mesh of fun, stimulating, smart, and provocative, paying playful homage to the classic bodice ripper romance with an effective and enjoyable approach Inara LaVey s writing style is polished and her voice is well defined and consistent The sense of humor she portrays through her characters is delightful, making Ripping the Bodice a true page turner I recommend this book to fans of classic and contemporary romance alike, and I will definitely seek out of Ms LaVey s [...]

    Cassandra loves romance novels and thinks she s had the opportunity to step into one when she meets her best friend s perfect looking cousin except there s also his obnoxious business partner It was funny at times, clearly lampooning old school romance novels, but some of Connor s actions outside the fantasies were too uncomfortably alpha I liked him, but I didn t really trust him after some of those scenes.

    Une petite lecture sympathique, qui se nourrit de sensualit travers les fantasmes de l h ro ne, sans quoi c est assez soft et lisse Je pensais qu il y aurait eu davantage de tension sexuelle au programme, avec les deux beaux sp cimens qu on nous promettait, mais les d s sont pip s car l un est clairement plus favoris que l autre l auteur nous dicte quel camp choisir, c est tout cuit Bref, c est gentillet, pas aussi all chant que le r sum le supposait.

    Not sure about this one It got to a piont where i was skipping the italised writing as i deemed it irrelevant to the story line, only to have to go back and re read bits that i d missed because there were some bits that were important So that left me a little frustrated Oh and the ending yeah i wish it was longer, but the story just stops so much could have been added to this story, it has the potential to become a book not a short story.

    3 Stars I would read again sometime with limited optionsI liked this one than most of the freebie romances I ve read.It had the added humor of being about a girl who is obsessed with romance novels and had no problem making fun of it s own genre For that, I ll read it than once.

    J ai eu peur en commen ant le livre Moi qui m attendait un roman d amour, je me suis retrouv e avec un livre rotique Heureusement, ce n tait que l imagination de l h ro ne J ai eu un peu de mal avec le format imagination r alit J avais besoin d un peu d amour mais pas si niais Dommage.

    Un roman simple et dr le mais qui allie bien trop de clich mon gout L h ro ne est b te pleurer et sa propre histoire d amour est juste pas cr dible du tout C est trop rapide Mais a se laisse lire popur peu que l on ne soit pas trop difficile.

    This was one of the infamous Ravenous Romance novels It was cute It was not stellar, but it was solid I laughed, and cried It had some deliberate camp going that made the emotional parts a little bittersweet It was self aware and I really liked it Recommended read.

    A fun read If you have ever enjoyed a good or even a trashy romance novel, you have to give this one a go Cassandra is hooked on romance novels, and she frequently gets distracted from what s going on around her as her imagination runs away with her

    Un bon petit livre pour fille, parfait pour l t Je l ai lu en un temps record mais je ne regrette rien Vraiment top

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