The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010 #2020

The Best American Nonrequired Reading An eclectic volume introduced by David Sedaris and compiled by Dave Eggers and students of his San Francisco writing center who don t leave a stone unturned in their search for nonrequired gems Cover
  • Title: The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010
  • Author: Dave Eggers David Sedaris
  • ISBN: 9780547241630
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • An eclectic volume introduced by David Sedaris and compiled by Dave Eggers and students of his San Francisco writing center, who don t leave a stone unturned in their search for nonrequired gems Cover art by art by Maurice Sendak.
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    I have love, love, loved this series, but this is the first one that felt like a bit of a slog I bought it in December, read the opening essay and the short bits Part I in January, and then read a piece or two a month for the entire first half of the year Normally I read the whole thing the day I buy it I love the humor of the first section, and the eclectic mix that normally fills the rest fiction, non fiction, comics There were some interesting pieces, but they were evenly matched by less inte [...]

    I received this book as a gift I was completely unaware of this series and I loved every moment of it The book is divided into two the first shorter part contains a bunch of ridiculous lists, such as the best gun magazine headlines of 2009, and the second part contains a variety of essays, comics, and short stories I often felt like this book took my favorite things about the New Yorker, Zoetrope, and every other magazine I love and combined them all into one My favorite inclusions were Sherman [...]

    I always love this collectione best stuff this year 1 Best American Gun Magazine Headlines My Wife s Guns I Thought Some Were Mine, but I Was Wrong, Kids and Guns A Great Combination 2 Best American Woman Comedy Piece Written by a Woman featuring, of course, cats, John Stamos, Grey s Anatomy, Cathy comic strips, and dessert 3 Best essays Sherman Alexie s War Dances, Rana Dasgupta s Capital Gains, a fascinating look at Delhi , and Andrew Sean Greer s Gentleman, Start Your Engines, a gay man s adv [...]

    Christmas day 2010 I remember distinctly driving back from my parents house to Milwaukee so that I could give my girlfriend her Christmas present She had been working on Christmas Day because it is imperative for a server at a restaurant noted for its fine dining experience to work on the days which generate the most people and most tips When she got off, I remember smiling as I handed her my present and seeing her bemused expression at my attempts at thoughtful present giving Among other things [...]

    What a great collection of stories After the first four or so pieces, the content really picks up There were several stories I thought I would have no interest in but slogged through them anyway, only to find that they were delightfully interesting and so worth reading Highlights Bryan Furuness s Man of Steel An amazing story about father and son, mother gone, fear and loveElizabeth Gonzalez s Half Beat Music, family, love, childhood, home, and how you can never go backAndrew Sean Greer s Gentle [...]

    good stuff here i think in many ways this is the best best nonrequired reading yet professionalism in the choices and layout of book as whole done by high school students i especially liked pieces by george saunders tent city , amy waldman freedom soon to be a novel , tea obreht tigers wife soon to be a novel , patricio pron ideas ah hell there s a bunch of really good things in here best tweets, best band names, best fast food crime stories, etc.

    It is eclectic and unusual It is not mainstream It is stuff I never would have read if it hadn t been put together in one volume It is everything from Tweets to headlines, to photographic stories and illustrations Mostly it is short stories or non fiction magazine articles I really liked most of it and skipped a few that were too out there for my tastes.

    As with any compilation, not everything was a hit for me but I loved the mix of works Best American non required reading has everything from graphic novel short stories to engaging cultural works.

    My favorite pieces from this collection Sherman Alexie War Dances Nora Bonner Burying Jeremy Green Lilli Carre The Carnival Bryan Furuness Man of Steel Elizabeth Gonzalez Half Beat Andrew Sean Greer Gentlemen Start Your Engines Etgar Keret What, Of This Goldfish, Would You Wish Patricio Pron Ideas Evan Ratliff Vanish George Saunders Tent City, U.S.A Kurt Vonnegut The Nice Little People Amy Waldman Freedom

    This was a goodly smattering of genres within a collection of short stories and an interesting time capsule into the zeitgeist of 2010 None of it was my favorite or earth shattering, neither was any of it the worst Hence, 3 5.

    The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2010 edited by Dave Eggers with an introduction by David Sedaris is one of the better collections I still think the first section is usually unnecessary with silly lists, the second section is what I come back for the inventive short stories and excellent journalism that I may have missed I realized with Sherman Alexie s compelling War Dances, that I need to keep up with him since I haven t read anything since The Business of Fancydancing There were also gre [...]

    Another year, another great BANR It s hard to review this kind of thing as a whole volume, because for me at least every year some articles are good and others don t quite cut it Here are some of my favorite stories from this volume, and a bit about each Like I Was Jesus by Rachel Aviv At first I thought this was going to be a cynical take on an overly evangelistic organization, but Aviv shone a humanistic light on leaders of what I first perceived to be a cult like offshoot of Christian fundame [...]

    Blast you, Eggers, you ve foiled me again After the absolute rock bottom that was Best Nonrequired 2008, and my subsequent two year hiatus from reading these, I was lured back in with a heavily discounted copy of B N 2009 and now, with B N 2010, you ve actually done it this collection is readable, engaging, funny, and for the first time since the very first collection, not overly heavy handed Once again, I am tempted to give credit for this not to the ever heavy handed Eggers, and certainly not [...]

    Splendid compilation overall My favourites included the following War Dances Sherman Alexie a rambling tale of illness, family history and relationships, from an intellectual Native American s perspective Burying Jeremy Green Nora Bonner a moving tale of youth versus adulthood of how greatly we can change, how little separates guilt from innocence, and how quickly we are forgotten The Carnival Lili Carre a poignant, yet adventurous graphic short story Capital Gains Rana Dasgupta an excellent non [...]

    This book was full of stories and things I didn t think I was going to like, but that it turned out I loved when I actually made myself read them I only skipped two stories in the entire thing, which is saying a lot because I m not usually willing to read a short story longer than, say, a page and a half Favourites Best American Comedy Piece Written By a Woman I thought this was sarcastic and hilarious Ken did not Maybe it s a lady anger thing Best American Gun Magazine Headlines I continue to g [...]

    My finance LOVES this series and after hearing him describe some of the stories in this collection I decided to read it I wasn t too impressed with the first part which focused on ephemera, poems, patents, etc From the second part I enjoyed the following stories Burying Jeremy Green by Nora Bonner from Shenandoah story of 5th graders acting out scenes after a runaway prisoner escapes and has a standoff with police in their playground Interesting look at children processing a traumatic event like [...]

    I enjoyed this year s collection than the 2009 book, and I will happily lend it to any Chicago pal who wants to borrow it.The essays, fiction, and ephemera mostly stand up on their own, but taken together they provide a strange and compelling portrait of the US and the world around it, ca 2009 10 Favorite bits Sherman Alexie s essay on his medical scare Alexie s always kind of a mixed bag for me, but this piece was riveting Nathan Englander s translation of Etgar Keret s What, of this Goldfish, [...]

    I think 2007 was the best I ve read so far That s because Mattox Roesch and Nam Le absolutely killed it with their short fiction Conan s contribution was golden Made me go out and buy their books 2008 2009 had a few gems Y and Patrick Tobin s Cake were great 2009 reminded me that DFW passed and that was tough, but otherwise no story really stuck out The intro section was great this year, but since 2007 was my first foray, it will be tough to beat Still 4 years and still buying the books Not a ba [...]

    Wanda was a woman of uncertain ethnicity between thirty and fifty years of age whose face consisted of a series of sun darkened red and purple rounded structures, like rosy cheeks, but located in places on her face where cheeks would not normally be found.Brenda and Lyle walked off into the night, seemingly awash in happiness Although they appeared to be, as Ernesto claimed they were, alcoholics, and were, by their own admission, on their way to panhandle and dig through trash cans until it was [...]

    This year s collection is an amazing set of selections Excellent work students It is my favorite volume since the first one I read in 2006 Every selection brings you out of your comfort zone and into an entirely new world, fictional or real, challenges your expectations and leaves you ready for Highlights Evan Ratliff s account of his publicized attempt to vanish and the pursuit by a collective on line manhunt, George Saunder s account of his time in tent city in Fresno, David Rohde s account o [...]

    If you are an omnivorous reader, like me, this collection is definitely for you You get lists, humor, letters, a little poetry, some graphic novel excerpts, as well as quite a bit of great fiction and non fiction I got my first taste of Sherman Alexie here and now understand what all the fuss is about and there s a nice very short story by Vonnegut I think previously unpublished Other highlights include the title story of The Tiger s Wife by Tea Obreht, recently released book currently on the be [...]

    Like any collection, this has both positives and negatives but the good outweighs the bad with this edition The greatness on display really makes it one of the best editions the 826 crew has amassed Especially terrific are the Maurice Sendak cover, Andrew Sean Greer s essay on NASCAR, and two short stories by Etgar Keret and Amy Waldmann, respectively Keret s What, of this goldfish, would you ask is a short story of such economy and grace that it makes writing look simple It s a masterful sketch [...]

    I kind of want to give this three stars, but I won t because the nonfiction was so good Having reading 2009 and 2010 within the last year, I have to say that BANR definitely has better nonfiction than fiction I like both genres, but prefer fiction a little and I think their aesthetic interest in fiction does not line up with mine which is a bummer Despite that, I still feel like this collection is a bit interesting to read than the standard Best American Fiction Nonfiction books though Here ar [...]

    It seems like they saved a lot of the best stories for the end, The Nice Little People, Freedom, Tent City USA, though my overall favorite was earlier in the book Man of Steel I would individually rate some of the stories as 4 or 5 stars, but there were also a lot of snoozers There were 3 or 4 stories in the collection where I read the first 4 or 5 pages and couldn t stand another moment of them, so just skipped on to the next A lot of mediocre ones too, where the minute I finished them I pretty [...]

    I really enjoyed this collection The articles, essays, short stories and cartoons were incredibly diverse and give the reader a glimpse of what s being published outside of the mainstream There s something for every mood light hearted, humorous anecdotes, serious journalistic accounts of what it s like to be on the fringe of society, etc.The great thing about a collection such as this is each selection is completely unrelated to the next one minute you re reading a silly piece about Craig s List [...]

    I loved this collection I havent really got a proper shelf, as this is partly non fiction as well This collection is assembled by several groups of high school students, in San Francisco and Michigan and is apparently an annual event I strongly recommend this as a brilliant cross section of current writing The authors are mostly unknown some big names, but the quality is consistent, readable and often outstanding I cannot classify the types some funny, some fantasy and some gritty and real In th [...]

    I find this book really entertaining I have never read a book like that before, cocky, wild yet creative I like how the stories are written from different authors, actually the short stories are chosen from some actual books My favorite short story is about a group of terrorists who declared their own territory on an island It is a political allegory about the relationship between the US and Middle eastern nations I think the editors must put a lot of works into putting all the pieces together a [...]

    Only four stars this year It s still good stuff, but there was a little too much self conscious cleverness in the shorter entries this year So not as awesome as previous entries in the series.Plus, I am so over David Sedaris, which might have had something to do with it Would it have killed him to write an introduction that actually made reference to the damned book Mr Sedaris, like some other regular contributors to This American Life suffers that rare problem of living an over examined life My [...]

    I necessarily like all of the content of this book, but I love that it exists and I love that it gives me a chance to be exposed to such widesweeping content Profits from this book go towards literacy efforts for teens and kids around the country that alone makes it worth purchasing The selections are picked by two groups of high school students, pulled from publications far and wide It is well worth a peak, you may find something new for your palate Worst case scenario, you ve helped support a [...]

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