How to Escape from a Leper Colony

How to Escape from a Leper Colony #2020

How to Escape from a Leper Colony An enthralling debut collection from a singular Caribbean voiceFor a leper many things are impossible and many other things are easily done Babalao Chuck said he could fly to the other side of the i
  • Title: How to Escape from a Leper Colony
  • Author: Tiphanie Yanique
  • ISBN: 9781555975500
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • An enthralling debut collection from a singular Caribbean voiceFor a leper, many things are impossible, and many other things are easily done Babalao Chuck said he could fly to the other side of the island and peek at the nuns bathing And when a man with no hands claims that he can fly, you listen The inhabitants of an island walk into the sea A man passes a jail cellAn enthralling debut collection from a singular Caribbean voiceFor a leper, many things are impossible, and many other things are easily done Babalao Chuck said he could fly to the other side of the island and peek at the nuns bathing And when a man with no hands claims that he can fly, you listen The inhabitants of an island walk into the sea A man passes a jail cell s window, shouldering a wooden cross And in the international shop of coffins, a story repeats itself, pointing toward an inevitable tragedy If the facts of these stories are sometimes fantastical, the situations they describe are complex and all too real.Lyrical, lush, and haunting, the prose shimmers in this nuanced debut, set mostly in the U.S Virgin Islands Part oral history, part postcolonial narrative, How to Escape from a Leper Colony is ultimately a loving portrait of a wholly unique place Like Gabriel Garc a M rquez, Edwidge Danticat, and Maryse Cond before her, Tiphanie Yanique has crafted a book that is heartbreaking, hilarious, magical, and mesmerizing An unforgettable collection.
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      497 Tiphanie Yanique
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    Excerpted from the full review I loathe exaggeration, especially when it comes to enthusiasm I prefer my praise to be as precise as possible Sadly, this means that much of my best loved phrases must languish, unused, waiting for true beauty to capture them One such is borrowed from a film to feel something like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done, come ruin or rapture Tiphanie Yanique s premiere publication is impressive A collection of short fiction and a novella, How to Escape from a L [...]

    I love that this book has a hodgepodge of characters With many of them being immigrants, or the children of immigrants to the Caribbean, they are exceptionally diverse in race and religious backgrounds Observing how these individuals bond or separate based on these differences adds depth to the stories Then there are moments you completely forget you are reading about people that have differences at all The originality in some of these stories was pleasantly surprising As if the stories themselv [...]

    3.5 starsThis collection of short stories and two novellas revolves around characters in the U.S Virgin Islands What I enjoyed about these tales were how they were modern day stories that read like folklore She is attentive to sights, sounds, and tastes of the islands as well They were very rich, and the characters were complex.The title story was a great way to start the collection But my favorite story was The Saving Work It had a great contrast between mothers and their children, jumping betw [...]

    You know how everyone always says that small presses are publishing the most innovative and interesting work Well, if you hang out with the book nerds I hang out with, you do On bad days there s a small skeptical voice inside me that says, Yeah Are you sure they don t just get sloppy seconds Then I read a book like How to Escape from a Leper Colony and I m like, Hell yeah, small presses are where it s at The book is billed as a novella and stories, but actually several of the stories read like n [...]

    Wonderful writing from a writer who comes from somewhere I know very little about Her stories capture a variety of points of view with simple yet lyrical prose, and the emotional tone is spot on I especially loved the story about the Coffin Shop, which is told Rashomon style, from multiple points of view Thanks to my intern who introduced me to this writer I am very excited to read her novel next.

    A dazzling diversity of characters in stories set in numerous Caribbean locations Beautifully written As in any collection of stories, some are stronger than others, but the characters voices are amazing.

    There is beauty in words Beauty in a story And beauty in the characters that fill those stories Tiphanie Yanique captures all of that in this collection of stories and a novella, steeped in culture and life.The characters are the main thrust of each of Tiphanie Yanique s stories And with many of them, the endings gave me pause The stories may not be wrapped up with a neat little ribbon at the end, but they certainly offer one food for thought Yanique s writing style is lyrical, and, while severa [...]

    I almost want to say I hated this book, but I don t But, my overwhelming dislike of so many things in this book force me to negate the few things I do like.First, I admire Ms Yanique s talent for writing And, there were some parts of some of the stories that were actually intriguing, funny, or evocative or sometimes all three Unfortunately, those instances were very few in comparison to the things I don t like.However, I m left with nothing but a bitter taste after reading Leper Colony I feel th [...]

    Aside from the International House of Coffins novella, I have to admit this collection wasn t really a favorite Yanique loves playing around with dialect, and actually puts some of the most difficult stories to get into right up front, making for a frustrating reading experience However, for a first time author, it s remarkable how much control she demonstrates in these stories.Yanique is interested in examining how the forces that influence our identity race, culture, language, gender, religion [...]

    I m really excited about this author Unfortunately, I read this book in a moment when short fiction was not really what I wanted at all Even so, the stories wove their way around me.Tiphanie Yanique has a way with words And sentences And story construction What blew me most away about her writing style was her ability to shift seamlessly in and out of different voices and perspectives I also really liked how, although the stories were what my elementary kids would call realistic fiction, some of [...]

    I enjoyed being transported to the west indies The references that made me smile and keep reading were references that only those familiar with the west indies would appreciate The writing was enjoyable, but I struggle with short stories Few authors are able to satisfy me in such a short period of time I found a lot of the stories leaving me unfulfilled I thought that it was brilliant the way the author wove parts of some of the stories into one another to create an illusion of continuity Some s [...]

    all of these stories are set in the virgin islands with the exception of one that takes place in london yanique paints a vivid image of the complexities of life on the islands black vs white, Non native vs Islander, rich vs poorere are characters here that are sharply drawn for short stories cooper, xica, pinky, anexus corban and father simon stand out stories for me are The Saving Work, The International Shop of Coffins, and Kill the Rabbits i am eager to read a novel by this eloquent writer.

    A solid collection of short stories and a novella set in and around the U.S Virgin Islands And when I say solid, I mean this book is like a house, with sturdy doors and floors, well built walls, a snug roof Everything works here nothing is extraneous My favorite stories were the ones that shifted pov, in essence telling the story three times in separate sections by presenting the same actions from different characters perspectives If this is Yanique s debut work, I look forward to watching her m [...]

    Won this in the first reads giveaway I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed with this book I enjoyed the last two stories, but it doesn t shed a very good light on the values of the people who live in the area she writes about I have been to St Thomas and it is a beautiful place, although the book makes it look like it is full of arsonists, robbers, cheaters, and slutty women Would have liked to have seen at least one happy ending.

    These characters are sharply drawn they fit uneasily into their lives, and especially their relationships with others Age, race, class, confuse and mystify Not all the stories live up to the characters in them, but the writing is consistently satisfying The International House of Coffins , Kill the Rabbits , and the title story stand out, both for the complex and troubled worlds they create and the castaways who wander through them.

    This was hit or miss, for me I truly loved Land of Love and Drowning, but wasn t as enthralled by this collection of short stories Two stories really stood out Street Man and The Saving Work I feel in the novel, Yanique s writing is sharper and focused than in this collection, to its benefit.

    This was easily one of the best books that I read last year Yanique is a superb short story writer Her stories drawn on the realism and surrealism of Caribbean geography and language, with stories that are located both in the region and the diaspora It shocks, surprises and delights I would recommend that everyone reads this book

    As one of the only writers from the Caribbean being published in America, this provides a glimpse into what life is like for residents there who have been living in an in between place for centuries As colonies, these residents have never really been part of any country Tiphanie Yanique writes in beautiful prose with compelling images.

    Yanique s writing is bold and rhythmic, and these stories conjure up very vivid images and emotions Some of them end pretty abruptly and almost always tragically , and I wish each of them were fleshed out The longest story, The International Shop of Coffins, makes me believe that she has a great novel in her.

    I thought this collection started off strong but got weaker as it went on The title story, How to Escape from a Leper Colony, and Street Man were my favorites In the others, I struggled to connect with the characters There were also a handful of annoying little things, like typos and tense shifts I couldn t figure out I didn t even finish Kill the Rabbits.

    This book feels like home in a strange way Almost all the stories involve Caribbean immigrants displaced in ways than geography and yet the kinship I feel with them, though never one to one is powerful I have now added Chachakaree Island to my bucket list due to this book If you ever get a chance to hear the author read, I do hope she reads Street Man it s one of my favorites

    This is a collection of short stories by a professor from my school, so I was perhaps a bit forgiving It was maybe closer to 3.5 stars As with most collections of short stories, some are better than others.

    An interesting collection of stories and a novella about a part of the world of which I know very little What I learned is that the dynamics and struggles people face are the same, no matter where you are.

    Although some of the stories were a little too pat and simplistic, I loved her cast of multi ethnic, multi religious, multi ancestral characters She reflected the mind boggling diversity of the Caribbean quite well, I thought generally.

    I feel like there was a lot of inconsistency in this book I have no doubt that Tiphanie Yanique is a great writer, there are moments of brilliance in her stories, but then there are also sections that are awful.

    there is a strong voice that is capable of modulating itself into many characters making it a great debut But, most of this collection lacks the myth and magic that made Land of Love and Drowning so exceptionally good I m impatiently waiting for from Yanique

    By swimming, that s how Spoilers.Good stories but you should probably wiki some basics about the Virgin Islands before reading Best part of the book was a stranger on the train telling me she went to the same school as the author NYC, amirite

    Tiphanie Yanique s collection of stories tells readable and intriguing tales Some are heartbreaking while others are merely thought provoking Each story is individual but with a clear, strong voice of the Caribbean and its people.

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