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The Book of Est #2020

The Book of Est The greatest self help book of all time according to Dr Joe Vitale The Book of est immerses you in the closed doors of the controversial est trainings popularized in the s
  • Title: The Book of Est
  • Author: Luke Rhinehart
  • ISBN: 9780030183263
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The greatest self help book of all time, according to Dr Joe Vitale The Book of est immerses you in the closed doors of the controversial est trainings popularized in the 1970 s.
    • [EPUB] ↠ The Book of Est | BY ↠ Luke Rhinehart
      285 Luke Rhinehart
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    The book brings the reader behind the scenes of the controversial Erhard Seminars Training EST offered in the 70s and 80s The seminars were notoriously draining physically and emotionally Rigid rules, few meals and bio breaks over a dozen or hours were key elements of the EST programming Couple that with the in your face, Socratic method like approach of the instructors and we re talking a full fledged boot camp experience Why would anyone put themselves through this The promise of life changin [...]

    Before the touchy feely explosion of the self help field there was Est a controversial personal transformation program started in the 70 s and maligned for its intense bizarre cult like methods of indoctrination and training Repackaged today under the name of Landmark Forum, Est continues to run 3 day training seminars which many have described as Scientology without the religion The book condenses the weekend Est experience into written form My curiosity is definitely piqued, but I d be interes [...]

    What is Education Authors at book readings, often have the attitude several ordinary people who haven t written a book or become big successes are just as wise and their opinions respect worthy as a good writer This sentiment galls when an apparatchik of the set, keeps you behind the wrong side of the velvet ropes after the show Somehow, the charming nonsense of the cool lunch table manages without you The vocationally unrealized are left to stagger amongst the fervid hive But I am wise he said [...]

    The best books are the ones that confuse you, the ones that allow you to break through to a different perspective of things.I am happy to say this book thoroughly confused me The Book of est is told through the eyes of a trainee in the est program, though Rhinehart never uses the word I He only observes the training process he leaves out all his personal opinions and thoughts If you read this book, let it take you where it will and enjoy the ride.

    Just what a I wanted, to relive the experience of the Landmark Forum True, this is the est training from the 70 s, but Forum graduates will get the elements they recognize I found myself wishing I could have attended the intense, in your face training of the 70 s If you have not graduated from the Forum or est, then it is unlikely you will like or get this book But those who have, you will enjoy this fictional recreation of the experience.

    i think that if you want to get there you have to have open mind , elevated feelings , flexibility , self respect basis for humility and follow instruction ,trust who you have chosen to guide your and be grateful

    This is a great follow up if you ve already done Est or the Landmark Forum I don t think it would be very useful if you haven t, however You can read all you want about tasting ice cream or riding a roller coaster It can remind you of what it felt like, but is not a direct substitute.

    How liberating What is, is Spent 40 years trying to figure out how to deal with life Now I see my own resistance to what is and caused pain in myself and my dear others How liberating

    One of those unknown, hard to find, banned books, showing the deep hidden truth about human ape 2017 10 22

    Joe Vitale says this book has hypnotic writing, I agree The words put me in the room, I watched and listened to people as they were transformed by the EST process Marvelous work and fun too

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