There's an Alligator under My Bed

There's an Alligator under My Bed #2020

There s an Alligator under My Bed The There s a Nightmare In My Closet bringing back that story s imaginative young hero for an even funnier nighttime adventure Full color illustrations
  • Title: There's an Alligator under My Bed
  • Author: Mercer Mayer
  • ISBN: 9780803703742
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The There s a Nightmare In My Closet, bringing back that story s imaginative young hero for an even funnier nighttime adventure Full color illustrations.
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    I honestly think I liked this book most for its insight into a child s mind Children s minds truly work this way, they do these things and they believe that there is a monster of some kind under their bed I liked however, that there was a surprise There was an alligator under the child s bed, at least according to him As an adult aged reader, that was a surprise to me, but to a child reader I bet this was no surprise at all, of course the alligator came out to get food Obviously, due to the assi [...]

    So darn cute I loved this story, the sweet and humorous illustrations, and the resourceful kid who solved the problem of that pesky alligator under his bed all by himself It s just darling.Of course, I m a grown up and no alligator has lived under my bed for quite some time so this book did not scare me at all and I think it s a good one for helping to overcome scary nighttime imaginings But, some children may be frightened by it, see this fine review for example review show

    I like Mercer Mayer s stories and this has a catchy title, so we checked it out at the library I think it actually scared our 6 year old, but I was able to convince her that there are no alligators in Hawaii, so it wasn t overly traumatic Not sure if this is the best story to read to younger children

    I love this book, all the way from my own childhood to now reading it to my little child Good thing the boy is smart enough to trick the alligator Robbie husband was funny though He kept wanting better answers Example Was the alligator really just the family dog

    I loved this book because it is silly and imaginative The little boy tries all kinds of methods to get rid of an alligator under his bed, and eventually gets his way I appreciate that this book doesn t have a serious message and is just a book for a good chuckle I think kids would love this book because it is silly and they can even come up with their own funny ways of getting rid of the alligator I would emphasize that sometimes kids can conquer their fears with humor Some kids are afraid of th [...]

    Yet another book aimed at instilling fear in children.Sure, if you ve already taught your kid how to be afraid of monsters in their room then I suppose this is a good book for them.Unfortunately the book also tells your kids that it s ok to take all of the food out of the refrigerator and strew it along the floor, enticing the monster out of their room.If you ve made your kid THAT anxious, then probably this would be a good thing for your kid to read do.

    This book is FANTASTIC Not only is it written by one of my favorite children s authors, it is such a cute story My toddler is obsessed with this book we have read it at least five times in the last two days Despite having checked out 8 books from our library this being one of them yesterday, he has consistently picked this one to read and ignoring the rest, even though they re all books that reflect his current interests This book is in my cart and has been shared via email with his grandma so t [...]

    I did a read aloud to a group of grade six kids today using this book We got to discussing everything from what kind of pie an alligator Alligator pie Thank you Dennis Lee would eat to monsters under the bed I ve loved Mercer Mayer since I first read the Little Critter series years and years ago The illustrations are simple yet wonderful and the story always has heart.

    Children are all so imaginative.When I was at that age I always think there have a little fairy under my bed When I was sleep she will come out to dance with my Teddy bear and my doll Are she still under my bed now

    What I love most about this story is how sure the little boy is that there actually is an alligator under his bed And the tactics he uses to lure the alligator out and into the garage, are classic Another favorite

    This is one of my favorite books and has been for a long time It is so fun to read it now with my own kids I love the style of the illustrations and the logic of the narrator A great addition to any library.

    As a child we all fear something that lives under our bed, well here is a bedtime story just about that A classic that is funny and witty

    There s and Alligator under My Bed, by Mercer Mayer, is a story of a little boy who knows there is an alligator hiding under his bed He has not seen it, and neither has his parents, but he knows without a doubt that it is there One night he decides to lead it away with food and traps it in the garage for his dad to find in the morning.The illustrations were very simplistic sketches, but most everything had very soft edges For example, there is not use of black in the story, everything is made up [...]

    The common childhood fear of having some sort of monster or animal under the bed comes to life in this story by Mercer Mayer The main character believes there is an alligator living under his bed, but whenever his parents look it hides, so he has to take measures into his own hands He laves a trail of bait into his garage, and watches one night as the alligator follows his trail, and he traps it in the garage, and finally he makes sure to let his dad know to watch out for the alligator the next [...]

    I love this series It s important that kids know that they can fight their own alligators using just a little bit of wit and bravery And, in classic Mercer Mayer style, it ends with a laugh out loud moment for parents.

    You can see the author illustrator reading his book, with pans of the illustrations, here youtube watch v sNE8p0This is a twist on the monster under the bed scenario a young boy is convinced that there is an alligator living under his bed, but when his parents look, the alligator hides somewhere so they don t believe him He comes up with a plan to lure the alligator out from under his bed he places a trail of various kinds of food from his room down to the garage, and when the alligator follows [...]

    So even though I ve technically never read this book until now, I still consider it a book of my childhood Because there s a story behind me and this book When I was in kindergarten and they had all these books they were giving away at the library, they talked about a couple of them beforehand this being one of them I remember really, really, really wanting to get my hands on it badly Well, sadly some other little girl got it before me, and there were no copies I d cried about it and settled fo [...]

    This book follows a boy who finds an alligator under his bed He gets scared, so he calls to his parents, but they do not believe him and tell him to go to sleep Since they do not believe him, he takes action into his own hands, and thinks of a way to get rid of the alligator He gets food from the fridge that the alligator likes, and makes a trail of it to follow to the garage The alligator follows the trail and get locked in the garage, and the boy writes a note to his father, telling him about [...]

    This was one of my favorite books growing up I really enjoy this book because it s very simple, and surrounds a common childhood fear of monsters under the bed As an older, that was a surprise to me, but to a child this plot was no surprise at all, of course the alligator came out to get food Obviously, due to the assignment this is a primary age appropriate read The vocabulary is not particularly difficult, and there is only a small amount of text on each page The illustrations reminded me of a [...]

    The story There s an Alligator under my Bed , by Mercer Mayer, is about this little boy that thinks that there is an alligator that is trapped under his bed When he calls his family into check under the bed they couldn t see any alligator At the end of the story he finds that there wasn t an alligator under the bed The theme for this story is innocent, and happiness I loved that the boy is so relatable to so many other children in this world When I was a child I was always afraid that something [...]

    There s an alligator under my bed by Mayer Mercer Genre fiction Reading level 4 8 ages Format good There s an alligator under my bed is about a little boy who was scared to go to bed because he thought he had an alligator under his bed Once day he called his mother and father to tell him about the alligator but his parents never saw him He then got different foods to trap the alligator and finally the alligator came out to get food The little boy finally saw the alligator and followed locked him [...]

    I liked this book as a kid because I could relate to thinking there was a monster or something under my bed The author does a good job getting in the mindset of a young boy and what he does to avoid the alligator He even put a wooden plank going up to his bed and overtime he tried to look at it, he would hide and his parents couldn t see him either He grabbed some food and put it in the garage and a trail going to his bedroom When he ate the trail and went into the garage, the little boy shut th [...]

    In the book, There s An Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer, it s about a little boy who is not your normal little boy He doesn t think there is monsters in his closet or under his bed But, he thinks there is an alligator lurking under his bed He jumps into his bed trying to make sure that his feet don t come close to the alligator and even begs his parents to look for this creature Of course the parents don t see the alligator and he decided it was time for himself to get rid of it He comes [...]

    There are books from your childhood that are indelibly burned into your imagination and Mercer Mayer s There s an Alligator Under My Bed is one of those books for me The story of a boy planning to lure out the alligator from under his bed is coupled with illustrations that I can recall with near perfect clarity Perhaps it s because I never found the generic monsters genre to be all that scary, I appreciated Mayer s alligator substitution In addition, Mayer provided a practical plan for all those [...]

    We picked this book up at the library because it was a classic that we needed to read It was a cute book about a boy who thought he had an alligator under his bed But every time he or his parents checked, he couldn t find it He came up with a plan to draw the alligator out and in the garage.It was a cute book and my daughter loved the illustrations of the alligator I thought the last page with the note to the boy s dad was really cute The reader doesn t really know whether there was really an al [...]

    I should give this book a 5 for my grandchildren it has been their most requested book at the turning 3 stage, though I certainly don t find it as enthralling as they obviously do It bothers me some that they don t understand that there really ISN T an alligator under the bed They show me, there he is but he seems like a fairly decent kind of guy and nothing bad happens, so I m guessing they are using this book to approach the usual childhood fears of the dark and of what s under the bed And the [...]

    This is a book about a boy who thinks there is an alligator under his bed No one is able to see the alligator but him It is a good book to prompt discussions about being alone and being afraid of the dark I think this a cute book to teach cause and effect as the main character lures the alligator by using food and candy from his room to the garage I think children will find the illustrations entertaining Classroom discussions can involve the applications of what the boy has done lure the alligat [...]

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