Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp

Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp #2020

Children of the Dust Bowl The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp Illus with photographs from the Dust Bowl era This true story took place at the emergency farm labor camp immortalized in Steinbeck s The Grapes of Wrath Ostracized as dumb Okies the children of Dust
  • Title: Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp
  • Author: Jerry Stanley
  • ISBN: 9780517880944
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illus with photographs from the Dust Bowl era This true story took place at the emergency farm labor camp immortalized in Steinbeck s The Grapes of Wrath Ostracized as dumb Okies, the children of Dust Bowl migrant laborers went without school until Superintendent Leo Hart and 50 Okie kids built their own school in a nearby field.
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    I was surprised at how this book affected me I thought it would just be a nice, quick lesson in the Dust Bowl migration It turned out to be a lesson in humanity.Children of the Dust Bowl The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp is very short The first half gives the historic background and reasons for the great migration of midwesterners to California The second half goes into specific details of a school that was started to help the children of these migrants It s quite enjoyable and over [...]

    This is a short picture book that focuses on a migrant camp that was mentioned in Steinbecks,Grapes of Wrath I am familiar with the camp, having grown up and gone to school right next to it My grandparents were part of the Dustbowl exodus one of them, my grandmother, Viola White, is still living She is 94 and even though I wasn t born until the 60 s, I was still called an Okie when I was growing up We are in the 21st century now, and that camp is still there, and it s still up and running and fu [...]

    This is non fiction It s short in length and deep in content Many of the people especially those as Mr Hart, central to the beginnings of the school in 1940, are photographed and documented people who were essential in origination and operation of the Weedpatch Camp schooling throughout its existence This schooling was in practical base survival skills Literacy was a goal, yes But mechanical, trades, manufacturing, farming skills like butchery all of these were central at Weedpatch It wasn t jus [...]

    Excellent introduction to the Dust Bowl and the exiting of Oklahoma residents to California Very readable, non fiction account that would hold most tween s attention I think it could also encourage young readers to search out author John Steinbeck, who is mentioned Age 10 and up recommendation.

    Reason for Reading Read aloud to my son for our history curriculum.This is the story of a group of people who called themselves Okies , having come from the Oklahoma region, who migrated to California from the Dust Bowl area during the Depression of the 1930 s Through extensive photographs and quotes from those who were youngsters at the time we get an insider s look at the Dust Bowl and what it was like to live there at the time We are taken along for the ride as jalopies laden down with a fami [...]

    The summer I read GRAPES OF WRATH, I also found a little gem called HARVEST GYPSIES, a nonfiction piece A collection of essays about Steinbeck s visits to migrant workers camps in CA This book tell sthe story of one of those camps Weedpatche name alone conveys the value others held for the workers and their families Weedpatch Kids were barred from attending schools in the neighboring towns, told they were dirty, ignorant, unworthy So, one courageous man with a vision, Leo Hart, decides to build [...]

    Overall, Children of the Dust Bowl is an excellent book to use when teaching students about the life of Great Plains farm laborers during the Great Depression and the long drought that plagued residents west of the Mississippi River in the 1930 s and early 1940 s While the text is compelling, the black and white photographs of the people, their homes and modes of transportation add a level of depth that no words can describe The photos almost let you see into the souls of these children and thei [...]

    I love some of the old educational movements where students participated fully in the entire process of the educational system upkeep of the building, growing and raising of the food learning by doing Another testament proving that everybody learns and better when there is personal buy in and investment, which, in many ways, is completely opposite of what we have today.

    The Okie Children were Children who participated in the dust bowl and migration to California In California the children were told they were unable to go to school because they were Okies and unable to even talk and imagine them in school some said Then after hearing this a man and his wife Mr and Mrs Hart became the only Californians to become friends with the Okies or even start to except them The harts and the Okie children next began to build up a school that was not even imagine able for an [...]

    In Oklahoma there where tons of giant dust storms ruining crops and lives There were many farmers called Oakies who couldn t take care of there crops because of them being in the dust storms They moved to California hearing there were jobs, just to find that there were not very many openings This book shows there experiences and how rude people were to them First wind started to blow, then it lifted up dirt Next the dirt ruined crops, and homes After that the Oakies heard there were jobs in Cali [...]

    Photina HaumschiltGenre Picture BookLiving in the depression era was hard It was even harder on families from the Dust Bowl area With the promises of jobs, food, and shelter families packed up what they could and headed for California only to be disappointed when they arrived Their dreams were dashed when they realized these promises were false The government set up camps to help get the Okies back on their feet In one such camp, called Weedpatch Camp, the children made a friend by the name of L [...]

    As an educator, I found this book to be inspiring Even if, however, I was not an educator, the history and information about this little school would still strike a chord in me This book really does speak to the heart of all learning, that when you can spark in someone the essential kernel of what one needs, you can bring about great personal development I realized that with cooperation between students and teachers, each student could begin to feel ownership of his or her own education In much [...]

    This book shows the emigration of the Okies to California during the Great Depression It s heartbreaking, it s hopeful, it s powerful The pictures, the songs, the stories all weave together to tell an important story And as a person not particularly interested in history, you know it has to be good for me to recommend it Also, as a future teacher, I just really loved the story of Leo Hart and the School at Weedpatch Camp What an inspiration for what we should do as teachers As a teacher, you cou [...]

    This is one of the best books I ve read that takes place during the Dust Bowl years I was caught up in the awfulness of life for so many No one can really imagine living in this era that wasn t there I wasn t there but had no idea of how hard daily living was and how little most people had because of where they lived and nature letting loose on the innocent I fear I could not have been as brave as these people had to be And to add to the facts were so many pictures that I had a hard time taking [...]

    I thought this was a very good book about the Okies who poured into California after being promised jobs but none were to be found They lived in camps and were vilified and ridiculed A Superintendent from a school district would come and play with the kids in the Weedpatch Camp and eventually purchased the land next to the camp He taught them to build, plant, kill their own food and cook All the things they needed in life A crew of teachers also signed on and it turned out to be the best school [...]

    The story of this book was very, very interesting I had actually never heard of all the trials and challenges the Okies had to go through There were some horrible things that happened to them, but it was encouraging to see them rise from their troubles and make great lives for themselves The only thing I didn t love about this book was the author made it boring sometimes It was really hard to get through some of the sections.

    Anyone bummed out by Grapes of Wrath and the plight of the displaced Okies during the dust bowl and subsequent California migration should pick up this book Over 60 photos, an unexpected hero, and the satisfaction of a non fiction happy ending make this book a gem.

    Made me want to dust off my copy of Grapes of Wrath The photos were especially moving A nice reminder of a day when American children valued and appreciated the opportunity for an education probably because everything else was taken from them Love Leo Hart.

    opinioni think someone else should read this book because is tell you what happen in the bust bowl also tells you how they took baths and drink water and live it also tells you how they got to place to place there are pictures that show you what they look like and what they did.

    My daughter recommended this book after she had to read it in a college lit class Simple, sad, and a true story that inspires us to keep on going when the going gets tough Motivated me to pull out Grapes of Wrath and read about the Okies in California.

    The Storm In The Barn piqued my curiosity and I decided to find out about the Dust Bowl period Picked up this audio book and I was stupefied at how good it was It s a quick read 90 mins 96 pages but insightful and well structured with three different sections 1 The background of Dust Bowl the cause of it, the poverty and hardships experienced by the Oklahoma residents, and their migration to California 2 Life in California their rejection by the locals where parents and adults were not able to [...]

    I read this well written informational text about the school a man built to help the children in California who were there during the Depression whose parents came west from Oklahoma and the dust bowl area It shows the positive difference a person can make in the lives of others It is a very short read I read it in about 30 minutes with wonderful pictures It s not a story I was familiar with the school for the Oakies that the students helped build I admire all those who worked to make the lives [...]

    This is a quick and easy read It serves to add dimension to one aspect of the life of the Okies that found their way to California in the Dust Bowl era Leo Hart was a man of vision and conviction for sure With the help of the children of the Weedpatch Camp, as well help from the community, a school was built that became the envy of many While the community may have given help for the wrong reasons the resulting school and its wide ranging curriculum was much admired.Highly recommended even thoug [...]

    I listened to the audio book, but it would be great to see the photos, I think There s some strong language in the book so it may not be appropriate for all ages, unfortunately Having lived in Bakersfield and having relatives who experienced the dust bowl made this an interesting book to me, but anyone who likes history would benefit from reading it.

    Short and easy to read, this book is an inspiration for how we could be operating our modern schooling systems In addition to that, it s encouraging and uplifting even though it s topic is one of the great trials of our American history.

    An introduction to the Dust Bowl and the transition of Oklahoma residents to California A short non fiction account that is good for young readers This is a good starter book for Grapes of Wrath and other Dust Bowl stories.

    When looking through options for non fiction books for a project, I came across this I have always been interested in learning about the Dust Bowl so I made sure to pick up this book from the library Children of the Dust Bowl tells of the journey that the Okies took to California for a new life Instead of finding a life of happiness, they faced backlash from the residents of California Eventually a camp was built for the Okies and later a school which the children helped to build.I was never tau [...]

    Way back when I was in high school, we read Grapes of Wrath It was such a moving story to me that it has been one I have reread over the years This was a poignant reminder to me of that story Kudos to Mr Hart He must have been a man of great courage and compassion.

    This was a surprisingly moving read It was quick read, but left me with a lump in my throat pondering how we can effect others for good or ill It left me thinking about dreams and how some people fulfill them, drastically changing the lives of those they help and thus their posterity.

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