Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2020

Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers The Autobot special ops crew The Wreckers are sent to investigate Garrus a prison that fell to the Decepticons three years ago with no communication in or out since Who s really behind the priso
  • Title: Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers
  • Author: Nick Roche James Roberts Trevor Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9781600107160
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Autobot special ops crew, The Wreckers, are sent to investigate Garrus 9, a prison that fell to the Decepticons three years ago, with no communication in or out since Who s really behind the prison siege, and what dark secret awaits Springer there The answers to those questions will send this mission to the razors edge
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      404 Nick Roche James Roberts Trevor Hutchinson
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    I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice within a week of getting it from Comixology.This was one of the most enjoyable books I ve ever read It has everything I wanted in a Transformers adventure action, multiple robot deaths, moral ambiguity and Wreckers The Wreckers were an elite Autobot crew whose trademark was a lot of mayhem and destruction This wasn t a perfect book Nick Roche is much known for his art and he turned out to be a competent wordsmith but it was quite clear this was t [...]

    Most brutal and extreme Transformers story ever.It was like Akira Kurosawa s Seven Samurai made sci fi, with touches of Save Private Ryan , Inglorious bastards , Where eagles dare and lots of other awesome war movies too view spoiler Fortress Maximus, a fan favourite character of mine since I was a teen, really deserved a better fate hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br

    Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers takes a brutal and brilliant approach to the subject at hand with the Wreckers assigned to retake a prison camp that has been lost to the Rogue Decepticon Overlord DThere is an incredible amount of story as well as a large amount of back story through the events depicted in the book D Every character gets a moment throughout the book giving a real sense of depth to the whole book D Many of the characters both good and bad pasts are shown and this adds to t [...]

    Great Story Very good One of the best Transformers stories The artwork was great, the characters are interesting It s an epic story Highly recommended

    This series had been hyped beyond all belief by the Transformers fanbase, so I was excited to finally lay my hands on a cheap copy of the trade paperback It did not disappoint This is the kind of book that shows just how great this franchise can be when put in the hands of people who really care about and understand it It takes place in IDW s current series continuity, but besides a couple of scenes, it s entirely self contained, and it draws heavily on obscure characters from all throughout fra [...]

    One of the jacket quotes here is The Transformers answer to Watchmen , which even by the wildy overenthusiastic standards of jacket quotes on comics is a gem unless you assume that the answer was rry No can do This is not a masterpiece which redefines a medium But it is a fairly smart, funny and occasionally moving homage to the golden age of Transformers, which is to say, Simon Furman s gleefully nihilistic 2000AD style run on the old UK comic.

    This is the first Transformers comic I ve read since Marvel owned them in the 80s and we had some crossovers with GI Joe.Not bad, but not great, either I feel maybe I picked an odd place to start It sounded like a contained story but there was clearly a lot of backstory that I wasn t aware of In all fairness, the writer did try their best to provide as much exposition as possible as to not leave the audience feeling too lost.But for me, this was just kind of meh.

    Sometimes the art got a little confusing and there were references to stories I haven t read, but I still got what I needed to put the whole story together The writers and artists were able to take machines and give them heart and depth, which is a great deal than can be said of the popular versions of Transformer stories

    I honestly didn t believe this was going to live up to the mountains upon mountains of hype that this story gets from Transformers fans but man, did it ever deliver In a perfect world, this would make a great STV animated movie ala the stuff DC and Marvel have been putting out.

    Not bad, quite action packed and well drawn A little confusing at times because I spent the first three issues wondering if I was supposed to have read a side story to get what was going on with certain people s pasts, but it does actually explain it all in the end.

    Violent in the extreme, but full of action, humour, and characterisation than some Transformers authors managed in twice as many pages Thoroughly recommended.

    A good mix of action, humor, and tragedy as an elite group of Autobots known as the Wreckers try to free a prison planet from the maniacal Decepticon Overlord.

    For my first Transformer s comic book, this one was very enjoyable It was exciting, had drama and human interest, and was full of characters that I remembered from my childhood.

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