The Sour Lemon Score

The Sour Lemon Score #2020

The Sour Lemon Score Bank robberies should run like clockwork right If your name s Parker you expect nothing less Until that is one of your partners gets too greedy for his own good The four way split following a job
  • Title: The Sour Lemon Score
  • Author: Richard Stark Dennis Lehane
  • ISBN: 9780226771106
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bank robberies should run like clockwork, right If your name s Parker, you expect nothing less Until, that is, one of your partners gets too greedy for his own good The four way split following a job leaves too small a take for George Uhl, who begins to pick off his fellow hoisters, one by one The first mistake That he doesn t begin things by putting a bullet in ParkeBank robberies should run like clockwork, right If your name s Parker, you expect nothing less Until, that is, one of your partners gets too greedy for his own good The four way split following a job leaves too small a take for George Uhl, who begins to pick off his fellow hoisters, one by one The first mistake That he doesn t begin things by putting a bullet in Parker That means he won t get the chance to make a second One of the darkest novels in the series, this caper proves the adage that no one crosses Parker and lives Whatever Stark writes, I read He s a stylist, a pro, and I thoroughly enjoy his attitude El Leonard The non hero the ruthless, unrepentant, single minded operator in a humorless and amoral world No one depicts this scene with greater clarity than Richard Stark The New York Times
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    At this point in the series, you gotta wonder how anybody in the criminal underworld that Parker inhabits could possibly think that it s a good idea to try and rip him off Stark a k a Westlake always did a terrific job of creating greedy characters and making you understand why they ve decided to take it all for themselves But still, the word on Parker has to have made it around the thieves grapevine It d sound like this Parker He s good Great planner and never loses his head He s not a mad dog, [...]

    Maybe when I m all done with the Parker novels I ll go back and award five stars to some of them This might be one of them In the Parker oeuvre this is the 12th novel and like a tonal scale this returns to the same note the scale started with in a different octave In this case the scale was descending, and The Sour Lemon Score is a lower, darker and ominous version of The Hunter The novel starts with Parker and three professional cronies doing a relatively easy job that goes sour when they retu [...]

    When the loot from a heist falls short of expectations, George Uhl kills two of the men and takes the money Too bad he didn t finish the job and kill Parker too Now Parker s on his tail and wants his money and George Uhl s hide Too bad other people are after George and the money as wellThe Sour Lemon Score really washed away the lingering bad taste of The Black Ice Score Parker does what he does best, solving problems With no Claire to soften him, he s the relentless Parker of old The plot itsel [...]

    I hate to sound blood thirsty, but Parker should have killed three double crossing, dishonorable, non code following killers when he had the chance I realize it isn t his job to keep the criminal world free of riff raff, but people who try to kill Parker than once should expect to die Great story though predictions and expectations are destroyed in every story I did love the twist at the end the thought of the bitchy suburban lady left to mete out Parker s revenge on the men who terrorized her [...]

    Originally published in 1969, this is one of the Early Epoch Parker novels written by Richard Stark Donald Westlake Like all of the others it s written close to the bone with no wasted words and no sentimentality whatsoever In this case, Parker and three other men take down a bank just after an ard car has made a delivery to the bank Parker knows two of the other men in the crew, but he s uneasy about the driver, George Uhl, who he doesn t know but who has been vouched for by one of the other me [...]

    Another day another Parker story and this time from the FPE, First Parker Epoch 1962 1974, and one of the shorter tales from the fist sixteen books.In this book we see a bank robbery go well and as soon as the robbers come back in their hiding place and find out that the heist actually made less money than they estimated the driver George Uhl starts killing his fellow robbers He makes one mistake and did not kill Parker first by the time he realises his mistake Parker has left the building and i [...]

    Let me say, right up front, i ADORE the Parker Series Without doubt Parker is my favourite non hero.This is 12 of 16 in the original series Stark Westlake put Parker to rest for 20 years, then resurrected the character for an additional 8 installments I have now read all 24 Parker books even though i didn t enjoy the last 4 as much, they were still better than many writers achieve in their entire careers This series is the ONLY one I ve read in it s entirety, by ANY author It s that good.I ve re [...]

    A solid Parker novel of the aftermath variety A heist goes so sour that it resembles a lemon, and Parker is hellbent on getting his money back The narrative makes one serious misstep early on In a ludicrous sequence, a fellow career criminal drugs Parker and injects him with truth serum so that he can interrogate Parker to determine how much of a threat he poses I mean, seriously The man has no reason on earth not to kill Parker, plain and simple Starklake tries too hard with the truth serum, bu [...]

    4 stars I liked getting revenge, and I liked Parker s detective mystery solving.The bank robbery is a short section at the beginning Then one of the group George kills the others and takes all the money The problem is when he tried to kill Parker, he missed So the rest of the book is watching Parker survive the double cross and then hunt George in various places across the country I had no idea how Parker would be able to find someone who was on the run and in hiding, but he does Good suspense, [...]

    One of these days, I will start at the beginning and read through all the Parker novels from first to last, but until then I will continue to dip into the ones I haven t perused Actually The Sour Lemon Score is not a bad episode to just dip into, in that it doesn t require great knowledge of previous capers or comrades in arms introduced in other books That said, the blurb does pronounce it as one of the darkest entries in the series, and so this might not actually be the best entrance point for [...]

    After a bank robbery that goes off without a hitch, one of the string double crosses Parker and the others and proceeds to kill them off Except for Parker of course who manages to escape and live to rob another day He then goes on the hunt for George Uhl, that vile traitor Parker goes about finding his prey methodically and relentlessly Oh, if only Parker had used his powers for good He would ve made a hell of a detective.I won t be spoiling anything when I tell you Parker catches his prey, but [...]

    3.5 as good as the last, but I gave that 4 stars, so I m trying to even out It was another fun, screwed up Parker adventure Nothing else to say without spoilers, though Sorry.

    Bound A Six Pack of KickassA Half Dozen More Heist Books from Richard StarkSunPost Weekly August 5, 2010 John Hood bit doqxmvGotta luv the folks at University of Chicago Press Not only have they decided to bring back Richard Stark s belovedly badass Parker novels, but they ve been doing so in sequence, with a niftily packed series that smacks back to the 60s beginning and Zeus willing won t let up till its 21st century end.The beginning, for those few who don t know, was The Hunter 1962 , which [...]

    I love Richard Stark s brand of gritty criminal focused heist noir Excellent, quick reading that I didn t want to put down.

    Parker was wary of George Uhl, the driver on the current job He d never worked with him before and he seemed nervous, fidgety He almost called thw whole thing off But he d been brought into the job by Benny Weiss and Parker had worked with him a number of times Solid and reliable.The job went off smoothly, hitting the ard car as it delivered to one bank They made off with the strong box and were set up in their hideaway for a few days until the heat died off The money was a bit shorter than they [...]

    Parker puts together a string to rob a bank and ard car Everything goes well and they make a getaway to the safe house after a successful robbery Then it all goes straight to hell Upset by the disappointing take, one of the robbers decides to eliminate his colleagues and take all of the money for himself He makes just one mistake he leaves Parker alive Parker, the master thief and consummate anti hero tracks the thief up and down the eastern seaboard as other crooks start to smell money, and the [...]

    After the mildly disappointing relatively speaking, given the quality of the other in the series BLACK ICE SCORE, Parker is back with a vengeance in SOUR LEMON it s lean, mean, nasty, and blunt Offering another variation on the genre, in LEMON the heist itself is over in the first few pages a clean bank job pulled by Parker, two old accomplices, and a new guy But the haul is much less than expected, and so the new guy decides to improve his own cut by blowing away his partner The problem is, he [...]

    If the previous entry in the Parker series, The Black Ice Score, marked something of a relative low for this overall strong, stoic series of anti hero crime novels, The Sour Lemon Score suggests author Stark was intent on making up for the drop Sour Lemon details yet another heist gone bad in this case, one that goes bad so quickly, you barely get a taste of the heist itself Hence the title the deal isn t just a lemon it s a sour one Enter enough twists that I hesitate to say much , except Parke [...]

    Parker is out for blood when a score goes sour from a double cross The hunt takes him across the Eastern seaboard in an effort to find the lost loot and the party who tried to pull one over on him.The plot of The Sour Lemon Score is reminiscent of The Hunter rather than some of Parker s adventures that revolve around a caper Not much is new or memorable in this one with the exception of the badguy and how the last two sentences ends the book The main villain offers a psychopathic flair which is [...]

    Did you read the first book in the series Or come to think of it did you see the Mel Gibson version of the first book Payback then you know that no matter how BAD you may be you don t want to crossor double cross Parker.The job is set, it goes off okay if not perfectly, but the take isn t what was expectedd one of the crew decides to kill everybody else and take the entire pie Unfortunately for him he didn t shoot Parker first.Thus we get a chase across the country with Parker stalking the doubl [...]

    I could imagine this being Westlake s response to complaints that Parker always wins Of course, since Parker lives when few in these stories seldom do, Parker does win again But not everything In fact, if not for Deadly Edge, the next book in the progression, this could be considered the first small step in a series of losses that Parker would take Not your typical Parker in content or structure but still enjoyable, still worth the read, just nothing great.

    Brilliant this one,one of the best in the series for me Richard Stark was in top form All the different characters had depth than usual when you read the story from their POV.Nice to read Parker being on his own again.

    The Sour Lemon Score is the 12th book in the Parker series by Donald Westlake, published under the name Richard Stark It is among the best of the Parker books Parker is a thief, a heister, a hijacker He is known as being cold, professional, emotionless He is the best at what he does But Parker has his own notions of morality and they include standing by your word and dividing the loot equally He is not sadistic or vicious He only does what he needs to get the job done Knowing all this about Park [...]

    And the first novel to be finished by me this year is a corker Parker and a crew make a getaway from a job, only they don t have much to spilt between them So Georgle Uhl kills two of them and nearly gets Parker The whole rest of the novel is a cat and mouse game as they hunt for each other with 33 grand as the prize People get drawn in wanting the money for themselves, other people just get swept away in it all and for a few people they meet very messy ends or fates worse than death.This one is [...]

    Richard Stark is perfection when it comes to setting the supporting cast Each character could easily be the main protagonist in his her own book series But they serve perfectly to be the necessary extensions of Parker s stoic and controlled personality This is how you build a franchise, and I can only hope to become a general manager of a literary team in the same way Stark mastered.

    A very good entry in this magnificent series, The Sour Lemon Score has two of the most shocking moments I ve ever encountered in a book You ll have to read to find out what they are, but they took me utterly by surprise As always with this author, the story is riveting, the dialogue is perfect, and the pace sweeps you along.

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