The Prostitutes' Ball

The Prostitutes' Ball #2020

The Prostitutes Ball Detective Shane Scully responds to a call in the Hollywood hills at a once immaculate mansion the scene of an infamous murder twenty five years prior He discovers the remnants of a lavish pool party
  • Title: The Prostitutes' Ball
  • Author: Stephen J. Cannell
  • ISBN: 9780312557300
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Detective Shane Scully responds to a call in the Hollywood hills at a once immaculate mansion, the scene of an infamous murder twenty five years prior He discovers the remnants of a lavish pool party The revelers have fled, leaving three dead bodies in their wake, all shot with the same gun One is an acclaimed film producer The other two, a pair of gorgeous women WDetective Shane Scully responds to a call in the Hollywood hills at a once immaculate mansion, the scene of an infamous murder twenty five years prior He discovers the remnants of a lavish pool party The revelers have fled, leaving three dead bodies in their wake, all shot with the same gun One is an acclaimed film producer The other two, a pair of gorgeous women With his new partner, Sumner Hitch Hitchens, Scully begins to investigate what looks to be an open and shut case The women were hired prostitutes, and there s security video of an angry husband firing on all three A simple case of brutal revenge But nothing is ever as simple as it seems There s a single spent bullet casing that doesn t match the rest From that single bullet emerges a story of love, murder, suicide, and one of the biggest financial frauds in L.A history Someone has gone to great lengths to cover up a decades old crime, and as Scully and Hitch get closer to the answer, they find themselves in a killer s crosshairs.
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      295 Stephen J. Cannell
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    This writer has yet to disappoint me with the few I ve sampled from this detective series set in Los Angeles featuring Shane Scully Cannell has the knack of tight and entertaining story telling His decades of script writing for TV make cinematic a natural quality for him But in this one goes over the top on that score Scully s new partner, Hitch, has already made a lot of money selling the details on a past case to a film producers, and their new case has him obsessed with similar prospects A fa [...]

    I think most of us can envision many different things when we see a title such as this This is a Shane Scully novel, and I am of the mind that it is one of the best, if not the best one of the series Yes, I have read them all Maybe my memory of past novels is a bit clouded, but the narrative on this one is so incredible that I haven t had this much fun with an installment of the character in a long time Cannell puts us square into his world and takes us through a ride of not just L.A Homicide s [...]

    I was very sad reading this book as Cannell just passed away What an amazing talent he was and he will be missed.This was a very different Shane Scully story than what I m used to More light hearted and funny I really liked it Scully catches a triple homicide case involving a high profile Hollywood dude and some high class escorts a la Heidi Fleiss ladies He also gets a new partner, Sumner Hitchens, whom he reluctantly accepts The new guy is Mr Hollywood and already made a fortune from selling t [...]

    Detectives investigate the murders of three people, two of them high class prostitutes, partying in the Hollywood Hills During the investigation, they stumble on the than 25 year old murders of a family at the same location Two shrewd and clever detectives are determined to solve the murders, especially after finding a stolen Brinks ard truck It s an up and down, round and round look at the mystery, and how the detectives plan to make a movie of the unusual series of crimes that appear to be co [...]

    A great LAST novel in the Shane Scully series, full of twists and told from a very different angle Cannell will surely be missed RIP

    My first Stephen Cannell book and I give it 3 stars for the quick sharp writing and excellent narration by Scott Brick Seems I ve jumped into the middle of Cannell s pile of books but the locale reminded me somewhat of Wambaugh s Hollywood cop stories in fact Wambaugh s name is tossed around in this story as one of the LAPD cops who made a second living as a successful writer movie producer Which leads me to the secondary character Det Sumner Hitchens Hitch who made it rich and infamous among co [...]

    Shane, a long time LA police detective is called to a late night seen of murder The murder involved a Hollywood big shot and two high price call girls Shane is paired with detective Hitchens for the case who is on his last chance in the department Nobody wants to work with him, and neither does Shane The murders took place at a pool party and the detectives are not allowed a warrant to search the house Hitch s background is that he has turned his police work into a best selling movie starting Ja [...]

    I haven t read a Shane Scully book in quite some time This outing reminded what a great writer Stephen Cannell could be It had a little bit of everything Police procedural, Hollywood, drama, and humor I deducted a star because I still don t care for the reader There were several moments where I burst out laughing while listening or dropped my jaw when something caught me by surprise The ending was just right.

    I got this book because I really like the author He is known for 21 jumpstreet and other television series However, I didn t like this book There were too many plot twists The premise was good but I just didn t like it as much as I thought I would I don t know if I will read another book by this author.

    This was my favorite of Cannell s books Great California characters and colloquial dialogue with cop shop talk Despite having multiple murders to solve, the book had me laughing out loud in my car many times heard it on CD , which is partly a tribute to Scott Brick, the narrator reader There are strong personality types here with plenty of conflicts between them Sad to report, I found a in_memoriam about the author, Stephen J Cannell, who passed away in 2010ottbrick article in_memoI am very glad [...]

    Television producer bestseller writer Stephen J Cannell set up his mainstay series character, Shane Scully, to travel in a slightly different direction in this, his 10th novel featuring the LAPD detective But Cannell died about the same time The Prostitute s Ball was released, meaning that Scully s new direction forms an end to his adventures rather than a bridge.Scully is assigned a new partner, flashy detective Sumner Hitchens Nobody in his unit likes Hitchens, who made a mint selling the stor [...]

    I got this book primarily because I loved many of the TV series he had been involved with over the years, and it just plain sounded like a good story to me I d say this one started slow, but to be honest, most stories I read these days start out slow because they take their time to build and define characters Since this was 10 in a series of the same characters Shane and Alexa Scully , I figured I might be at a bit of a loss struggling to get to know the characters, but no such thing here I thin [...]

    Detective Shane Scully and his wife Alexa respond to a call in the Hollywood hills at a once immaculate mansion, the scene of an infamous murder twenty five years prior He discovers the remnants of a lavish pool party The revelers have fled, leaving three dead bodies in their wake, all shot with the same gun One is an acclaimed film producer The other two, a pair of gorgeous women.With his new partner, Sumner Hitch Hitchens, Scully begins to investigate what looks to be an open and shut case The [...]

    Back in 1998 my good friend Rick B gave me a book King Con and guaranteed that I would enjoy it Up to that time all I read was Reader s Digest condensed books about once or twice a year When I read this book I enjoyed it so much that I proceeded to buy all of the novels Stephen Cannell had written up to then and I have read every release since then I still can t believe no one has bought the screen rights to this novel as I feel it would make an excellent movie I now read about 50 books a year.R [...]

    The recent passing of the multi talented Stephen J Cannell was such a great loss as he brought so much pleasure to us whether in film, television or books For this reader listener his creation of Detective Shane Scully was a golden gift always energetic, exciting, and thrilling to the max Such is the case once with THE PROSTITUTES BALL, the 10th in this series This time out Scully is forced to work with a new partner one not in great demand His name is Sumner Hitch Hitchens, a guy who changes p [...]

    Okay, so I grabbed this novel cause I m on a Castle kick, and Cannel and Connelly starred in first season of Castle Connelly still stars in it, and Cannel is, sadly, now dead with Cannel and Connelly, Lehane and Patterson are mentioned and star in the Castle books and show.Therefore, I determined these four write the Castle books, along with Castle creator and writer, Andrew Marlowe.This book gives some clues the cop in Prostitutes Ball drives a Crown Vic, and so does Nikki Heat this could be s [...]

    The Prostitute s Ball by Stephen J Cannell 5 starsStephen J Cannell does it again Seriously, is there anything this guy writes that ISN T good I loved this book until I thought about it the next day then I decided to quit worrying about the loose ends and holes in the plot and just love this book It is a thrill ride of a novel that reads like a made for TV movie Lots of action, Hollywood cops, dead hookers and a secondary mystery that is almost too wild to believe It kept me up very late to fini [...]

    Detective Shane Scully is called to a murder scene at a party at an old mansion in Hollywood Hills On the way to the scene they are passed by a number of high end cars all racing down the hill Arriving at the mansion they find women floating dead in the pool and a dead man sprawled over one of the deck chairs The dead man turns out to be a famous movie producer and the women, employees of an escort Service Shane is partnered with Hitch Hitchens who has been bounced from one partner to another an [...]

    The Protitutes Ball was a very entertaining book Shane Scully is pulled between the day to day struggles of being a top notch detective and the lure of taking his work and making money off of it in the form of a Hollywood movie And his new hotshot partner, who already has 1 movie deal under his belt, is not making the decision any easier Does he stay true to the case and victims or give in for the easy life Every act holds a new twist for Scully to discover.This book is the 2nd to last book that [...]

    Sadly, Stephen J Cannell passed away just a week or so before this book was published If this is the last Shane Scully novel we re going to get, it s a great one The plot is full of compelling complications, and the story isn t let down by putting the character into a life or death situation we know he s going to get out of Instead, we get a renewed focus on character, with Scully finally getting a partner who looks to be around for a while Or would have been, if the series had continued Stephen [...]

    what is there to say but, the man can write I give it 5 stars for it s easy readability, and front to back suspense sometimes a mystery novel can be a bit dense, and you really have to sit back to keep up sometimes even take notes but this story was one of the easiest to follow I ve ever experienced the story is this a veteran homicide special detective shane scully is assigned to a triple murder in the Hollywood hills a security video leads the detective and his new partner to the ex husband of [...]

    This is the perfect example of a great read that is not even a very good book It is a really simply an artfully patchwork of cliches Stephen J Cannell knew how to write a book that is a butter read slick and caloric I am still pissed at him for dying Detective Shane Scully has a new partner who s a black guy interested in turning his police stories into movies They stumble over a relatively minor case which in the best cliche possible uncovers a 30 year old closed case that needs reopening Even [...]

    Sadly , this is the last book Stephen Cannell will ever write It was published shortly after his untimely death.It concludes the Shane Scully series with a bang in a style that opens up a whole new perspective Shane gets a new partner who is very Hollywood on the surface but turns out to also be a talented cop and a multi layered personality.This book is laid out like a movie script and even as a movie within a movie it s easy to see how it could be translated to the screen.I recommend reading t [...]

    Shane Scully who is a homicide detective responds to a call of a crime in the elite Hollywood Hills and finds three bodies in the pristine backyard swimming pool of a closed up mansion where 25 years prior a murder suicide occurred or did it He is teamed up with a new partner named Hitch who sold his last case to a large movie studio and made millions Shane is not happy with this match up but changes his tune when Hitch saves his life Together they have to solve not only the new crime but the co [...]

    Shane Scully investigates the death of a big Hollywood producer and some working girls with his new partner Hitch Scully s not thrilled with Hitch, a cop who s sold one of his cases for a movie deal and made a fortune, and who s already been through three other partners However, as they work the case, he discovers that while Hitch has his own way of doing things, the two of them make a pretty good team This book is fast paced and reads smoothly I liked the characters and the story had enough twi [...]

    Although I m afraid this was Cannell s Swan Song, it is one of the most highly entertaining Scully s I ve read yet The Scullys fall into a triple murder when driving home from a Christmas Party Scully takes the case as Primary and gets a new partner, Hitch, who has already sold one case to the movies The interaction between them is fun and well done The plot is devious enough to enthrall the most cynical of us and the ending is even fun All in all, it is a terrific read Hopefully Cannell had on [...]

    Shane and his new partner, Hollywood Sumner Hitchens, are dispatched to a house where a backyard party resulted in 3 murders Investigation revealed that a supposed double murder suicide had been committed in the house 25 years earlier While gathering evidence, a single bullet cartridge that was different from the others was found in the yard Shane convinces is boss to reopen the 25 year old case and quickly learns that it is connected to his current murder case Strange thing evolve after that.

    The book is written as a Hollywood script with act one, two, etc which is okay The only complaint I have is that the detective, Sumner Hitchens never stops talking about how he s going to turn this case into a movie and how Jamie Foxx is going to play him It got really tedious and annoying As usual Shane Skully was wonderful I like his demeanor and his cop sense of responsibility Sumner s antics were pissing him off too This is a super quick read with many many twists and surprising misdirection [...]

    I was struck as to why Cannell placed a dedication to a script writing buddy at the beginning of this newest Shane Sculley mystery in which Sculley and the LAPD solve two sets of murders years apartw I know whyrough his new partner another LAPD cop who has cashed in and has become a part of the business we are treated to the ins and outs of creating a movie script as the story unfoldsally kind of a fun and unique presentations of the always appealing Shane Sculley series

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