Make Mine Midnight

Make Mine Midnight #2020

Make Mine Midnight New Year s resolutions have never looked so good New Year s Eve The party is rockin and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall It s all right She s much happier scribbling in her trusty lit
  • Title: Make Mine Midnight
  • Author: Annmarie McKenna
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New Year s resolutions have never looked so good New Year s Eve The party is rockin , and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall It s all right She s much happier scribbling in her trusty little notebook than mingling Especially since those notes turn into the sexy erotic romances she pens in secret Those two gorgeous gods across the room are perfect heroNew Year s resolutions have never looked so good New Year s Eve The party is rockin , and Claire is in her usual spot holding up the wall It s all right She s much happier scribbling in her trusty little notebook than mingling Especially since those notes turn into the sexy erotic romances she pens in secret Those two gorgeous gods across the room are perfect hero material and oh dear, are they headed her way Mason and Hunter know she won t remember them as the scrawny geeks they were in high school She also doesn t know they ve been lusting after her for ten long years, waiting for her to meet a man and have a normal relationship They re through waiting The time has come to make their move and show her exactly how much they ve changed One night in the middle of a Mason Hunter manwich, and Claire has enough research material to fill a hundred notebooks Good thing she s got OfficeMax on speed dial to order Except suddenly her two hunks have this crazy idea that keeping her is selfish Selfish She may be mousy, but this mouse is about to roar
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      Annmarie McKenna

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    It was cute But wowlets suspend some reality here Two georgeous dudeswho used to be nerds because that makes them sensitive and crap find their long lost High School love interest at a New Years Eve party and decide to rock her world ten years after they graduate They get it on And our heroine is so well fucked that she thinks it was a dream until she sees these two hulking men taking up all the airspace in her kitchen.Then we get a whole lot of drama that seemed way over the top Basically the g [...]

    Hmmmt bad, but nothing really special about this 43 page read Pretty hard to develop much of a story with only that amount of pages to work with, but Ms McKenna gives it her best shot The synopsis pretty much says it all wallflower in high school Claire now writes erotic romances for a living It s New Year s Eve, she s at a party at her gay friend Paul s apartment doing what she normally does sitting out of the way observing and she comes up with some resolutions for the New Year to spice up her [...]

    Another freebie, another disappointment I know I should stop venturing into free reads like there s no tomorrow, as the chance of finding a gem among lumps of coal is almost non existent, but hope springs eternal Oh, and I m also a glutton for punishment, LOL.

    If you loved Annamire s Blackmailed you ll like this one This was a very enjoyable erotic novella with some hot male characters and some hot sex that includes anal intercourse scene Madison and Hunter have always loved Claire and wanted to keep her for themselves, but they have never acted on it until New Years 2009 Yep, this erotic m nage author named Claire get some much needed sparks flying in her love life at the end of the 2009.

    This was a cute short story There is no realism to it at all As much as I would love two extremely sexy men to want to share me, I would have to question their sanity when they started to discuss moving in together, and getting married, and having babies after 2 days it s not all that likely to happen But that s okay, because this was just a quick fantasy read containing some hot sex scenes Don t expect much than that and you ll be just fine I was a little surprised that Claire, who is shy and [...]

    Short and sweet At a New Years Eve party, Claire reacquaints herself with two former high school classmates, Mason and Hunter, who have grown from nerdy boys to very hot men Seeing them across the room, they are vaguely familiar, but closer to the heroes she writes about in her erotic romances, than anyone she s ever dated.Mason and Hunter are, and have always been, best friends They also picked up a habit of sharing their sexual partners in college, and they both want to finally fulfill their p [...]

    I always say there s nothing wrong with a nice threesome True story I m not making it up I do say that Often Sure, most of the time it s while I m reading sexy menage books, but that s not really the point There s nothing wrong with a nice threesome There s nothing wrong with a naughty threesome either I m just sayin.Guys, this is a short story There s not a ton of character development, but there s some fairly steamy sex I figure it s a fair trade off Being a short story, things move very quick [...]

    Why read Free download for BN NookWhat impressed me The premise was kinky, but in the realm of possibility and the characters felt genuine in their professed emotions I liked the story dealt with the possible consequences of a permanent threesome lifestyle choice and that the men would have rather walked away from love than subject Claire to possible society scorn.What disappointed me The book was sexy, no doubt, but it was also crazy over the top cheesy The voice felt off, so instead of coming [...]

    Super short, super quick, super hot read that may not be for everyone but if you like m nage fantasies this will totally fit the bill While true it really only touches on developing Claire, Hunter and Mason as characters there are enough details roughly sketched out to get a sense for the three and once they connect on New Years night you will not care about a in depth look anyway.Nice that it touched on the important issue of public perception of the three out enjoying themselves view spoiler [...]

    Claire has a mantra she follows, she observes those around her, takes copious notes for her erotic novels, and blends into the woodwork like any wallflower would do This New Years Eve though is an exception because Claire is not aware that she is bieng sought out by Mason and Hunter who she went to school with and doesn t recognize Mason and Hunter have waited a long time to find Claire again and this time it is meant to be for keeps.This is a fun quickie I liked that although Claire is inhibite [...]

    Well I should have known by the cover what I was getting myself into To sum this book up it is about a girl at a party and there are these two gorgeous men who make their move on herWell as the night goes the three of them hit it off I ll say the smut hot, but other than that the story its self is weird I got it for free on , which is great because I don t think I would have been happy if I bought it, but i did enjoy some of the story

    This was a cute story but a little too I haven t seen you in 10 years, but I ve been in love with you all that time marry me Yeah, OK

    A sexy New Year for Claire and the two beautiful, god like men that find their way into her bed and her heart Hunter and Mason are just what a wallflower of a girl needs Great read

    The sex scenes weren t bad but the story is lacking character development The angst felt forced and the HEA was rushed The characters were likable.

    Warning Threesomes Light bondage, blindfolds, breakfast made by two hot men who used to be geeks Parades, cotton candy, sex, and convincing said men they are WRONG and threesomes are RIGHT.I have had this sitting on my Kindle since January of this year when Jen D at Not Now I m Reading reviewed the book You can find her review HERE She had a great review and when I looked on the book was available for a free download so I jumped at the chance to download it.We start the story off at a New Years [...]

    This little freebie from could ve been good I purchased it for my kindle, and while the book itself was free, I was disappointed in the read As my subject says, I ve seen adult films that had of a plot, and to be quite frank about it, didn t give me the creeps as much.The premise of the book is pretty good A self described wall flower decides for the new year she s going to live it up and accept the first offer for a bedroom partner because she s been too picky and essentially needs to get laid [...]

    This book has been sitting on my TBR for quite a while I bought it before I changed my personal rules about what I was willing to pay for, and actually helps cement my conviction to stick with those from now on The rule in question Don t buy books with heroines as romance authors.The plot is simple Plain Jane Claire is at her best friend s New Year s Eve party when a hunky guy begins checking her out Then his friend is checking her out, too They ask her for a dance, at which point reveal they kn [...]

    2 starsThis is a New Year s holiday themed, erotic short story I have to say that one of the things this author did well was write a very erotic short story Ladies, get your fans and maybe a couple of glasses of iced beverages.But I did have a few problems 1 Talk about a female wet dream This read exactly like a female wet dream , and while it was very erotic, it was also eye roll inducing 2 Mason and Hunter sounded exactly the same If their names did not precede whatever action or thought they [...]

    Claire an erotic author attends one of her good friends new years eve party s to come across a green eyed heart throb Whilst jotting down her news years resolutions, feeling a tad tipsy , she writes notes to be used later in a novel Fantasies that mabye she wishes may come true, or to be written down later for of her sexy reads Not one but two, sexy hunks approach Claire they seduce her and lure her home Claire finds out these two hot and steamy men she use to know from school, Hunter an Mason [...]

    Claire is an erotic writer and she s never experienced what she writes about Until now.She s at a New Year s Eve party not talking or dancing like other guests, but writing her New Year s resolutions Her number 5 resolution Sleep with first non squicky, non stalkerish, non ew type man to offer At the party, she sees 2 hunky men who would make perfect heroes in her books, but little does she know is that these two men have been waiting ten years since school for their chance to be with Claire and [...]

    Original review posted at Not NowI m Reading 4 starsI ve been trying to gain control of my physical and e book TBR pile, so before I got out of bed this morning I decided to skim my Kindle for a short story to get my day started I was pleasantly surprised with my selection I ve only recently started reading m nage stories so I m not sure if the whole former geeky dudes coming back to claim the girl they ve lusted after in high school set up has been used often but, I liked how Annmarie McKenna s [...]

    Thankfully I got the book on sale I m not sure what the point of the book was, but 10 years after high school, the two geeks seek out the wallflower because they have loved her from afar She had no idea, and they gave no indication, other than to sweep her away at a party and she doesn t even question it from her sober mind but goes with them They have sex, apparently she isn t very experienced but magically develops skills, and doesn t even question them Fade to black, wake up and assume it is [...]

    An unconventional love story between two men and one woman While I doubt that such a situation would really work very well in reality, as few people would be able to share so readily and completely as the men in this story can, still, the author tells her story well enough that it s quite believable of all three of them My main complaints here are due to the length of the story it is so short that it feels rushed in many places A much longer word count that would have given the author room to t [...]

    This lil story was on the fast track to get onto my favorites shelf All the way up until it took a serious turn Too serious for something that is supposed to be short, fun, and an easy read.Loved that two hunks had their eyes set on this one girl, and only her, and that they went out of their way to get said girl The smut was well written, my only complaint is that it was a strictly M F M setup instead of M M F.It was fun reading it all the way up until they go out in public only to have a stran [...]

    I really enjoyed this story It s the story of three people who reconnect 10 years after HS graduation And when I say connectI mean connect.It was a very nice old friends to lovers story It s a very straightforward story There s not very much conflict to the story but it was still good I like my stories to have angst or conflict than this one I also wanted a longer story It was great story and I really liked the characters I wanted to know about them I knew all about Claire, but I didn t know a [...]

    I liked the idea of two college geeks turned studs who corner and seduce the lady they ve had a crush on since high school I liked that they both were nice, sexy and caring with Claire I liked that Claire was an inexperienced, shy erotic book author who was willing to step on the wild side with these guys The story was very, very short, though, and there wasn t time to explore much of anything aside from their initial reunion The conflict where the guys decide to leave her alone because they don [...]

    Eh Cute, but kind of lame I honestly thought Claire s character was a little too milk toast to suspend belief to the point that these two hot guys changed their entire physique and looks JUST FOR HER and then in one night, decided they wanted her permanently I just don t shift gears that fast, I guess And she really thought she was dreaming And honestly I thought it was pretty stupid that they were that committed to being with her but all it took was one stupid woman at a parade to make the guys [...]

    After a prejudice woman made a harsh comment about the three of them togheter, hunter didn t want to continue with the relationship they were developing with Clair He doesn t want anyone hurting her, because of the lifestyle they have They havent see each other in ten years and in the same night they go to bed together I did t mind that happened too fast.The only thing I didn t like was that it was extremely short I wouldn t had mind if it was a bit longer In the end i wanted to read about them [...]

    This was super short and mostly involved 2 improbable sex scenes Improbable in that these really hot guys had had a crush on this girl in high school They were nerds then and got themselves all hotted up and ripped so she would like them but somehow they never kept tabs on her They found her accidentally through a friend casually mentioning her They meet her at a New Year s party determined to make her fall in love and stay with both of them Sex scenes were okay in a hotter than real life kind o [...]

    This was a fun quick read about a couple of geeks from high school who grew up and became buff computer geeks who are best friends and who like to share their woman Apparently they had sites on this girl in high school who they were too nervous to approach So now that they are handsome gods , they reconnect with that girl and show her the real life experiences of the erotica she writes.Only complaint is that is rubs against my irritation with insta love They meet on New Year s Eve and are alread [...]

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