The Time Paradox

The Time Paradox #2020

The Time Paradox Artemis s mother has contracted a deadly disease and the only cure lies in the brain fluid of African lemurs Unfortunately Artemis himself was responsible for making the lemurs extinct five years ago
  • Title: The Time Paradox
  • Author: Eoin Colfer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Artemis s mother has contracted a deadly disease and the only cure lies in the brain fluid of African lemurs Unfortunately, Artemis himself was responsible for making the lemurs extinct five years ago Now he must enlist the aid of his fairy friends to travel back in time and save them Not only that, but he must face his deadliest foe yet his younger self.
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      Eoin Colfer

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    You do not own a copy of the rule book, and if you do, you have certainly never opened it.I liked this book than the last one But still this book has little problem which I faced.In this book, Artemis mother gets ill by some serious disease There is only one cure which is an extinct species He asks Fairies for help With the help of fairies, Artemis gets back in time to find that species But he comes to know that, in past time, his younger self and Opal Koboi antagonist , are also after this spe [...]

    I LOVED this book Eoin Colfer writes such great fun to read stories I loved the ending of this book and the whole idea of the book too with the whole time traveling and Artemis meeting his past self and being outsmarted by his younger self After reading this book, I definitely want to reread the first one again.Everyone must give Artemis Fowl a chance It s a great series and one of my absolute favorites

    Listened to on audiobook by Listening Library, narrated by Enn Reitel.Very disappointed that Nathaniel Parker did not narrate this latest installment in the Artemis Fowl series I had grown so used to his characterizations and really enjoyed them It was a bit like having all the actors change in the middle of the season on your favorite TV show Not that Enn did a bad job, it just wasn t the same.This story seemed a bit draggy and convoluted Artemis goes back in time to save a lemur that his earli [...]

    When did these books get so bad The plot was half baked and meandering, and the dialogue was so awkward I could barely stand to read it The writing is all just clich s and people trying to be cooler smarter than someone else, with technology thrown in as a deus ex machina whenever it s needed Is that what appeals to boys I don t know I hated the twins and Professor Primate and Holly being the biggest emotional wreck ever and THE KISS oh god don t get me started on the kiss But most of all I hate [...]

    Ah, yes, the trusty time paradox If I go back in time and kill my grandfather, then shall I cease to exist I believe, as Gorben and Berndt did, that any repercussions are already being felt We can only change the future, not the past or present If I go back, then I have already been back Artemis s mother is sick and the only option how to save her is to travel in time and save a lemur, who only can cure her But before he has to prevent his younger self, who s helping with extermination this spec [...]

    Not too spoilery, there may be one or two things that aren t present in the official premise, but you discover them fairly quickly anyway I have truly grown fond of the Artemis Fowl series since I first read it as a child, which is probably the reason why I can go back and read the first four books in the series, despite the younger age demographic and slightly juvenile writing The first four books were great fun to read because they had charm and they made enough sense for me to suspend reality [...]

    Another stellar visit into the world of Artemis Fowl teenage genius and Holly Short captian of the L.E.PBack from the place where time doesn t exist where he saved Number 1 a warlock , three years has gone by but Artemis and Holly both find that they are the same as when they left on their last journey Artemis has two new twin 2 year old brothers But, Angeline Fowl is sick Deathly ill And it s because of magic She has been infected with a plague like illness that struck down fairies in the past [...]

    Highly disappointed by this book Artemis Fowl was such a huge part of my childhood, and I spent forever waiting for this last book to come out I had already sort of moved on from the series, but I was looking forward to it because I expected another excellent book out of the 4 book winning streak of the series What a letdown Obviously this book was written out of popular demand, not because the author had a really well structured, tailored plot in mind to continue the series with It felt like ba [...]

    Eoin Colfer is a great writer I devoured his books, and I read multiple times Artemis Fowl is a series that I will always remember I read them when I was about 12 Then I found out one of my classmates was reading them too, I approached him with something along the lines of oh, are you reading this book too but then he dismissed me saying that this book was not for girls, and i just replied that i must have confused it with something else But something changed in that moment, and well, I never pi [...]

    Artemis Fowl and the TIme Paradox is a interesting and original story about a teenage prodigy who is also a criminal mastermind In the previous books he has discovered a race of mythical beasts and has had many confrontations but eventually has made peace with them But now he must ask for a big favor, he needs to go back in time using demon magic His mother has caught a fatal sickness that can only be cured by a brain fluid of a Silky fur lemur The problem is that it went extinct four years ago, [...]

    14 year old Artemis vs 10 year old Artemis It s super genius fun It was a lot of fun to see just how far Artemis has evolved over the past 5 books I almost found 10 year old Artemis a bit revolting It should be interesting to see how his mom features in the next books now that she knows all of his secrets concerning the People I wonder if he ll recruit his younger brothers for some of his future schemes.

    OMG Artemis and Holly finally kissed For an MG book, that s a huge big deal She s like 35 in adult years and he s fourteen And people think I write pervy stuff Oh, Eoin, you devil Can t wait to read the rest of the series I ve been shipping Artemis and Holly for ten damn years

    I m not going to finish this one after all, I m just going to admit it It s like a ghostwriter took up writing this one because Eoin Colfer couldn t be bothered, and everything just took a turn for the worse, with a ridiculous, rushed plot and additions like Holly cracked her neck, she always did that before using magic No, she didn t Such a thing was never mentioned in the previous not one, not two, but five books in the series.I don t care if I m nitpicking, but I enjoyed the first few books, [...]

    This book only furthered my displeasure that stemmed from the 5th book Colfer stretched out his plotline to unnecessary proportions.Since the subject of this novel was time travel, there were many questions left unanswered, especially because Colfer could not establish one set of rules for his time traveling universe I am unconvinced with Colfer s ability to write science fiction I think he should stick to fantasy, since this book obviously failed at being a mix of a sci fi fantasy book.1 What h [...]

    I didn t like this as much as other Artemis Fowl books I have read, but I liked the themes I was ready for the series to end last book, or when Commander Root died One of the interesting themes I found was when the book showed Commander Root s real feelings about Holly No, nothing shocking, he wasn t in love with her But, he did think she did a great job and when he was hard on her it was because he felt he had to I liked the exposition that the part of Root we normally saw was all an act And, y [...]

    Okay, this is a weird one I think Artemis Fowl has overextended and is grasping for story at this point Here we find Artemis and Holly going back in time to save a lemur for the purpose of curing Angeline Fowl of a fairy disease Things got a bit too coincidental, like Artemis having destroyed the very lemur he would need in the future Oh well, hopefully the next one gets better.

    The Artemis Fowl series is back to the high standards I ve come to expect of it This was another re read so this came as no surprise to me, however the final two books in the series will be new reads for me, so I m hoping the series goes out on just as much of a high as this book After the awkwardly misjudged character of Minerva Paradizo in the last book, the series really recovers its wings here, as we get back to Artemis and his fairy friends doing what they do best, going on a high risk adve [...]

    Book 6 in the artemis fowl series was thoroughly enjoyable Now to be honest and fair, I listened to this while working and when I listen opposed to reading, my critical analysis kinds takes a back seat A good reader can make up for a slightly incompetent writer without me really noticing With that disclaimer, I ll say that I thought this book was quite good The series is very original and well thought out, especially considering the sea of young adult fantasy that is full of so much flotsam and [...]

    9 10 It s always a risky strategy when time travel is involved, especially when you have your heroes tampering with their own pasts and altering the events leading up to previous books Colfer pulls it off very well resulting in the ultimate time paradox that will hurt your brain if you think too much about it There is always a strong environmental theme in these books, but this one in particular really hammered the point home, focusing on endangered species both real and mystical Definitely my f [...]

    Artemis no puedo olvidar sus malos h bitos, ha robado magia en el t nel del tiempo y quiz s por eso es el culpable que su madre tenga una enfermedad mortal de los seres m gicos para la cual s lo existe una cura el l quido cefalorraqu deo de l mur Pero hay un problema, Artemis es el culpable de que el ultimo de esta raza haya perecido, eliminando esta raza de la faz de la tierra Tiene alg n plan para salvarla A qu artima a recurrir Perder la amistad de los eres m gicos para reparar ambos errores [...]

    Kelvin Sparks 805English Book Review In the book Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox Artemis mother is very ill and this disease is fatal and she caught it almost magically and doctors, and the family are puzzled A little bit later in the story Artemis discovers the mysterious disease is indeed magic, and is known as Spelltrophy, the N 1 a magical peace keeper fairy organization had eradicated the disease before Artemis did the research and figured out the disease spreads with the use of magic an [...]

    It is pretty amazing, how the author can show that Artemis is growing, how they all change and what happens.Of course, not everything in this book was great, but mostly what caused me to give only three stars to be honest, I m not really sure, how many I should give is the desperate and depressive feeling the book gave me The first part of it was really hard and slow on me, I felt like I am getting stressed as the problems described in this book are a real world trouble illness and extinction An [...]

    I read this quickly, as I have past volumes in the series, so my appraisal that the plot was muddled should be taken with a grain of salt a further reading may prove I was wrong.I really do enjoy this series The characters, especially, are fully defined and work well together Artemis, Butler, Holly, Mulch, Foaly, Root, have all taken a journey through the course of the series and become different people.This new volume either underscores that or tears into pieces Authors who meddle with time gen [...]

    2015 Reading Challenge a book you started but never finished I started this book way back at Christmas 2013, and for some strange reason, put it down and never picked it back up I didn t realise how much I missed the characters and the world and the overall intelligence of the plot Eoin Colfer is a master of writing complex plots that are still easy to understand and tht children love Artemis was just as much of a smartass as usual, and Holly always had a witty remark ready I loved how much thei [...]

    4.5In all due honesty, I was hating this book up to the whole scheme is revealed, which is, to be exact, on page 338 Bravo for the surprising turn at the end I thought all hopes were lost This book from the series is much convoluted and sometimes maybe too many complications There are so many times when they COULD have just succeed and return to the present yet SOMETHING always ruins it That annoyed me A LOT because I thought Artemis can t possibly be defeated so easily.Oh, yeah, I should also [...]

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