Don't Try This at Home

Don't Try This at Home #2020

Don t Try This at Home One day Dave Navarro opened the doors of this house in the Hollywood Hills to the chaos of the valley below His only rule was You come in the house you get in the photo booth The result is a shocki
  • Title: Don't Try This at Home
  • Author: Dave Navarro Neil Strauss
  • ISBN: 9781615530069
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • One day, Dave Navarro opened the doors of this house in the Hollywood Hills to the chaos of the valley below His only rule was, You come in the house, you get in the photo booth The result is a shocking, rocking, not to be believed diary, sociological experiment, Hollywood documentary, and exercise in exhibitionism From strippers, drug dealers, record execs, cleaningOne day, Dave Navarro opened the doors of this house in the Hollywood Hills to the chaos of the valley below His only rule was, You come in the house, you get in the photo booth The result is a shocking, rocking, not to be believed diary, sociological experiment, Hollywood documentary, and exercise in exhibitionism From strippers, drug dealers, record execs, cleaning ladies, and pizza delivery guys, to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Marilyn Manson, Rose McGowan, Keanu Reeves, Flea, Billy Zane, and Natalie Imbruglia, anyone who entered Navarro s house was caught on film And it didn t matter if they were wild and crazy, inebriated, naked, hamming it up, looking gorgeous or downright ugly Accompanying the photo strops are hilarious stories, musings, tell all anecdotes, and other rare glimpses into the lifestyle of one of the most decadent rock stars of our time Visually stunning and deliciously readable, Spread is truly an irresistible guilty pleasure.
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    I read this one in a day because I simply couldnt put it down I guess there was some kind of morbid fascination in it for me as I have always wondered what it would be like if I just let it all go for a while and give in to excesswhether I could claw back from the edge or simply become lost or die Of course Dave Navarro has oodles of money and unlimited access to the LA freakshow so his story is much interesting This book is an interesting look into his psyche and what happens when a human bein [...]

    3 alternative names for this book 1 I was bored, so I did drugs 2 I did so much drugs, my dealer broke up with me 3 People are ruining my life Actually, as you approach the end, the book explains itself spoiler This book is about a drug addict who has negative beliefs about life and buys a photo booth to prove and document those beliefs But in the process he comes to learn that many of his beliefs are inaccurate and gets sober And then, in the end, we throw in some love story, that we all know o [...]

    I didn t read all of this book which is a shame because I was looking forward to reading it as I have loved Neil Strauss other work with Marilyn Manson, Jenna Jameson and Motley Crue But I just couldn t get into this book It seemed to me to just be a series of disjointed recounts and musings of someone who has done far too many drugs There didn t appear to be any direction in the book and I just didn t find the random recounts gripping enough to keep me reading.

    I wanted to read this for a couple of reasons The first reason of course being that I am a fan of Dave Navarro, the second is that I loved the photo booth idea and the fact that this book is a snapshot of his life and not the full story, and the final reason was because it is far from being a fluff piece Actually it hits hard on the topic of substance abuse, which happens to be a career focus of mine.Expectation wise this novel delivered I cannot begin to explain how incredibly interesting it wa [...]

    Extremely dark and not especially insightful This is a year in the life of an addict There s a chapter in the end after he cleaned up, which is a nice silver lining In the forward he clearly states that he does not condone drug use, but admits that they are a large part of his history and his journey I distinctly remember a page titled 10 ways to tie off and some details about how he would use anything around to get a fix just about anywhere In the end there s also a page called 10 reasons not t [...]

    All people are nuts, so you might as well find the hottest one you can and learn to deal Love does exist however, only moment to moment and never for a lifetime Love fades.

    A really quick, easy read that is slightly less self indulgent than the typical addiction recovery memoir probably because it s written mostly by a third party, but only slightly because it is also approved by Navarro The concept of documenting a year in his life through a photo booth in his home was really intriguing and I found the early retelling of conversations and Dave s essays both sad but also interesting Unfortunately for the book and the documentary project it devolves into a lesson le [...]

    As a fan of Dave Navarro s music, I thought this would be an interesting read The premise is that he put a photo booth in his house and whoever came to the house had to get their picture taken to document what happened in his house and his life I thought there would be interesting stories about other musicians, but instead I read about his girlfriend, his assistant and the numerous prostitutes and groupies that hung out and did drugs with him Boring What I did find interesting was his fight with [...]

    A deep and penetrating looking into the life of a guy that, when all was said and done, I really didn t give two shits about I suppose the fact that he s intelligent sets him apart from 90 percent of the people he associates with but beyond that, meh However, Im still glad I read it in my Six Degrees of Biography challenge I ve given myself I am rolling through autobios of people who were mentioned in whatever previous autobio I read Rod Stewart led to Bobbie Brown, then that led to Tommy Lee, a [...]

    The premise of this book is interesting and well executed take a year in the life of a complicated person of note, and document it with photo booth strips, transcriptions of conversations and memories Navarro starts out with a hypothesis that the only people who stay in one s life are those one pays Fortunately, he lays himself bare enough to rethink this idea by the end of the book When Navarro appeared to throw himself into a drug and thought induced pit of darkness near the end, I almost gave [...]

    I just read this book in whole in two days that says a lot seeing how my daughter doesn t give me a lot of time for reading these days after picking it up and putting it back down several times over the past couple of years since first buying it I ve been in a mood for the past week so reading this was just what I needed It made me think that my life could be worse for wear and not that I would compare my life in anyway to Dave s, I do see that everyone can learn a good lesson about how to handl [...]

    I m a Dave Navarro fan I ll say that right off I had to read this book A year in the life of Dave Navarro Basically, a year in the life of a heroin addict Wow I am so glad I am not this f k d up This book is one weird trip.This takes place from the summer of 1998 to the summer of 1999 At the end, there s good news He goes straight Then there are a few epilogues afterwards as he waits to publish this There is a chapter at the end about his relationship with Carmen Electra and they seem so happy i [...]

    I ll be honest I gave up less than 1 3 into the book I don t know why you d read it Dave Navarro from Jane s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers talks about his life experience with drugs, sex, and the people who passed through his house and who were photographed in his home photo booth I didn t really care about any of it He sounds as whiny as he complains other famous people are Maybe there s an enduring message in here, but I wasn t into it I just didn t care about it I wished that maybe he d [...]

    Uccchhhh If you are a Dave Navarro fan, don t read this You won t be any It s not that it s poorly written It s just pathetic What a shallow, sheltered, ungrounded person This book has no redeeming quality that I could see The idea of having a photo booth in your house is cool, but that s about it I couldn t even finish it.

    Being the Jane s Addiction junkie that I am, I had to read this one Not only is it a completely engaging and entertaining read, it s also a book detailing a year in Dave Navarro s life in photographs that are primarily from a photo booth he had in his home during that year Funny at some points, tragic at others, the book is a must read for fans.

    I wanted to like this book I m a big fan of Neil Strauss writing But what I read was a boring story about a terrible human being who was boring in his terribleness I think that s why the book is full of stupid pictures from one of those photo booths, to distract you with visuals from how tedious the actual book is.

    I read this not because I like Dave Navarro which I didn t, and do less since reading his book but because Neil Strauss did the editing and has previously never gone wrong Well, I suppose I ll allow him this one slip up.

    I picked up this book because of Neil I don t care about Dave And his stories are crap The best part of the book were the photo collages And they were pretty crappy too.

    A decent book was Carmen and Dave s relationship that interested me It s another Hollywood sob storya life of drugs, alcohol and sadness.

    I loved the peak into the life of a rock n roll icon that this book provided It was a cool fun read and I really dug the photobooth tie in

    Such a pathetic waste of time Even the photos are boring I love excessive self indulgent rock bios, but I couldn t even skim this after two chapters.

    What did I learn from this book I learned that Dave Navarro believes his life is interesting than it really is.

    This book is unbearably self indulgent I will finish it eventually, but I can take only small doses of the poor me attitude at any one time.

    Soooo glad I m done with this one I like Dave Navarro and I understand the point behind doing this book, but OMG sooooooooooooo boring And talk about playing the victim all the time And such an ego Some info was just better not said, too much TMI The photo booth stuff wasn t all that interesting either I almost DNFed this book but I pushed through 1.5 stars.

    Amazing I love biographies, even so autobiographies Dave Navarro s depiction of his rockstar life was well documented makes for a great cautionary tale.

    I really loved this book the format was different but it was great Dave really was a completely different person than he is now Bravo for cleaning himself up

    My second time reading the autobiography of a man I greatly admire It is painful at times to read of his self destruction and sadness Glad that the happy ending continues today

    I usually find it easy to finish Neil Strauss s books, but this one was a struggle Only interesting as a comparison to The Truth, in the sense that in this book, you can see his outside looking in view on Navarro s addiction versus his experience with similar pitfalls in The Truth.

    This books follows a year in the life of Dave Navarro in which he is submersed in his drug addiction To give some time frame on this, the time period in his life was prior to meeting Carmen Electra The book seems like a very honest portrayal of what it is like battling an addiction Sometimes as you are reading the text becomes almost infuriating as it is when you are sober talking to a drunk The photobooth project going on within it is an intriguing one And I like the perspective of having Dave [...]

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