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Welcome to Harmony #2020

Welcome to Harmony Never before published from the New York Times bestselling author of Rewriting Monday Sixteen year old runaway Reagan has always wanted a place to belong She s never had a real home of her own but pe
  • Title: Welcome to Harmony
  • Author: Jodi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781101188033
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • Never before published from the New York Times bestselling author of Rewriting Monday Sixteen year old runaway Reagan has always wanted a place to belong She s never had a real home of her own, but perhaps she could borrow someone else s Under an assumed name and identity, she moves to Harmony, Texas, but keeps her distance from the welcoming townsfolk Until prairiNever before published from the New York Times bestselling author of Rewriting Monday Sixteen year old runaway Reagan has always wanted a place to belong She s never had a real home of her own, but perhaps she could borrow someone else s Under an assumed name and identity, she moves to Harmony, Texas, but keeps her distance from the welcoming townsfolk Until prairie fires threaten Harmony and Reagan learns the true meaning of family, friends, and home.
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    stars First, let me say this is just my cuppa tea Love small town lovin I even have a separate bookshelf for it thanks for the name, Miss Kim Consider that when you see my ranking.Ambience that s what Ms Thomas is so good at creating, even if that is a pretty fancy word to use for her down home story set in a small west Texas town Looking on her website and reading her bio, I see the author has a degree in Family Studies, Thomas is a marriage and family counselor by education, a background that [...]

    Six months ago Reagan decided Harmony would become her home town She has never set foot in Harmony before, but after meeting Miss Beverly, cleaning her room at the Shady Rest Home and reading her letters with her, Harmony seemed as heaven So she ran away from the shelter she was in while waiting for the system to find her another foster family Reagan from the beginning of the book broke my heart she had found a newspaper, the Harmony Herald s Centennial Edition Reagan had read every article, wha [...]

    This book is really quite remarkable Jodi Thomas has joined the list of authors whose books I will pre order.

    4 4.5 stars I think I m going to stay in Harmony for a whilewhat a community I just got all the books and I ll probably binge on them this week XDFirst, something must be said The blurbs in this series are misleading.Every book shows life in a little town called Harmony with multiple stories that are intertwined.This book is not just about 16 years old Reagan.Hers is just one of those stories, not the main one.That saidI m hooked.In this first installment we equally get to know Alexandra the she [...]

    Este libro ha sido una grata sorpresa Teniendo en cuenta que no soy fan de las historias ambientadas en peque os pueblos y esta lo est , ya es raro que haya disfrutado tanto de la historia Creo que la clave ha sido que est contada desde varios puntos de vista Hay 6 personajes principales a trav s de los cuales vamos conociendo qu se cuece en esa peque a localidad y qui n es qui n Lo mejor es que no hay gente metomentodo, ni drama gratuito, ni insta love lust Se trata de una historia que nos cuen [...]

    I had to edit my review In later books in the series, one of the heroes from this book CHEATS and gets another woman pregnant I feel betrayed by this author Book 1 is a wonderful small town romance Everyone knows who everyone else is, there is slow build and you really learn to love the characters Comfort read for me But do NOT read books 5 and after in this series because the author kills heroes off and has other heroes cheat Not what I want to read in romance novels.

    Sixteen year old Reagan, a runaway, pretends to be the granddaughter of Miss Beverly Truman, an elderly woman Reagan becomes fond of while working at a nursing home Since Miss Beverly talked a lot about her hometown of Harmony and it seemed a good place for Reagan to call home after Miss Beverly dies.Miss Beverly left no relatives except her brother, Jeremiah, who lives a hermit like life on the family farm When Reagan shows up on his doorstep proclaiming to be Miss Beverly s granddaughter, he i [...]

    Reagan is homeless Reagan though used to work at the local nursing home There she met and became fast friends with Beverly Truman Reagan read to Beverly letters she would receive from her friends back home in Harmony, Texas It was through these letters and Beverly fond memories that Reagan felt like she knew Harmony by heart When Beverly passes away, Regan comes up with a plan to pass herself off as Beverly s grand daughter When Reagan arrives in Harmony, it is like everything she imagined It is [...]

    I have always wanted to retire in a small town where I can go to the local little bookstore and spend the hours reading on my porch with an iced tea at hand Harmony, Texas seems like just the perfect place for me Even if it is imaginary Oh Ms Thomas, you made a fan out of me I am happy to see that what started off as a trilogy has turned into a series of books that I will devour on reading I loved everyone in this little town My heart ached for Tyler at the end but also sang for happiness for Al [...]

    I adore Jodi Thomas and the way she so accurately describes the people and landscape of west Texas This is a lovely, lovely book, and I WILL get the next one, b c she left one tiny piece of the plot hanging shame on you, Jodi I mean, how could you.

    Bought it Same price on Nook or Kindle 8 on 04 14 2012, but a donation to Susan G Kommen Read Pink.

    From My BlogBeautiful and heartwarming, Welcome to Harmony by Jodi Thomas is a definite feel good novel about finding roots and belonging Reagan is 16 years old and looking for a place to call home After cleaning Beverly Truman s nursing home room she has learned all about this woman s home in the small town of Harmony and without knowing why, feels as though she belongs there When Beverly passes away Reagan finds her way to Harmony and becomes Reagan Truman The only person certain she is not a [...]

    Written by Catherine Fitzmaurice for RomanceNovelNewsAfter a year of planning, runaway Reagan Moore has landed in the quaint Texas town of Harmony.At sixteen, she has been in foster care for most of her life All Reagan wants is a place to belong, a place to she can call home.While working in a nursing home in Oklahoma City, Reagan befriended a patient named Beverly Truman whose hometown stories piqued such an interest, that when Beverly died, Reagan headed to Harmony claiming to be Beverly s gra [...]

    I was so thrilled to pick this up on Sunday to read I wasn t feeling very well stomach bug and wanted something to enjoy reading, something that would transport me away from how I felt Welcome to Harmony did just that I left my quiet bedroom the kids and husband were gone and was transported to the town of Harmony I got to know the inhabitants of Harmony and felt their joys and pain Their hopes and fears I was completely absorbed into the lives of the people of Harmony and the events that unfold [...]

    This is my first contemporary read from Jodi Thomas I always love her western wellwhen I saw Jodi Thomas I would see Texas and I am not dissappointed with this one Love the small town close knit community.Welcome to Harmony is different from other small town series that I have read Usually, the story would be centered on the two main characters and some of the supporting characters then will be the main one in the next book But for this series, the town itself is the center and the story revolve [...]

    This is a great small town romance No over the top characters in Harmony, Texas The book was written by a gal from west Texas and it shows The local color, the love of the land, and the love of the people all shine through the pages.There s a bit of a mystery the town is being threatened by an arsonist but the bad guy isn t some psycho from the big city, he one of their own they just have to figure out which one And there s a stormy romance brewing between Hank, rancher and volunteer fire chief, [...]

    I REALLY enjoyed this one I loved the down home, small town characters, and the revolving theme of love throughout the story It wasn t all romantic love either was family love and love for your home all wrapped up in one.I did like reading about the budding friendships and romances I do plan on continuing to follow this trilogy Jodi Thomas was able to make me feel connected to her character s through her writing.This story certainly had enough elements to keep everyone busy including some myster [...]

    This book had me thinking about the characters when I wasn t reading Thomas makes you care about them I want to find out what happens next So many books are only about one couple This book is about a whole town, a network of people She weaves the story between many characters and as it would in real life the stories are never finished But don t get me wrong you do not leave with a sense of disappointment but of hope The book definitely has an ending but it is one that points to the future But I [...]

    I debated between 4 and 5 stars and ultimately said 5 it is Harmony is a wonderful small town in Texas The book follows the lives of really three main characters, Reagan a runaway who finds her place in Harmony , Hank, the fire chief, and Alex the police chief It definitely becomes a town you want to visit.When fires start around Harmony, Hank and Alex race to figure out who the arsonist is and save Harmony in the process Reagan decides to trust people finally, and we are left with really one op [...]

    Someone left this book on a table for free at my last job so I picked it up So glad I did It started my very happy addiction to The Harmony Series Harmony is a small town in Texas with lots of interesting characters Each book focuses on a couple characters lives in the town This one starts with Reagan and her Uncle.

    I loved the small town setting.I loved how I got attached to the characters, and got emotional and kept tearing upd I loved Uncle Jeremiah

    HarmonyThis is a really good book I spent a whole day readying Like the mystery,the love of a young girl and a old man,who really need each other and didn t know it The man and his internet friend The sheriff and the chief Oh just read it and enjoy I m going to look for the second book of Harmony.

    How have I missed visiting Harmony, Texas before now This introduction to the series has all I could want love, rilvary, murder, suspense, famlily, and much Don t miss it on to book 2 in the series for me Loving Jodi Thomas

    love the series can t wait to hear about the characters Jodi Thomas adds characters and story lines to each book and they are just as enjoyable I didn t think I d like stories set in Texas I thought they d be too western but I was wrong.

    A beautiful book about going after leaving your old life behind and working hard to build a new one Loved it

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