The Eternal Smile: Three Stories

The Eternal Smile: Three Stories #2020

The Eternal Smile Three Stories None
  • Title: The Eternal Smile: Three Stories
  • Author: Pär Lagerkvist David O'Gorman Erik Mesterton
  • ISBN: 9780809013586
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • None
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      Pär Lagerkvist David O'Gorman Erik Mesterton

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    Recently I remembered reading Barabbas, The Dwarf, and this book of short stories novellas during my college years in the early 1960s I decided to revisit The Eternal Smile and fell into a swoon getting lost in the details, depth and undertones of Lagerkvist, a remarkable storyteller and Nobel winner in 1951 His stories always feel unrushed, though there were times I wanted to find out the ending, forgetting that the power of his prose is in in the telling than in the ending I may re read Barab [...]

    Reading P r Lagerkvist is like reading a long and beautiful poem You cannot really capture why the words touch you or why the stories speak to you on a deeper level.There s not much plot, not much drive,but a philosophical quest of a group of deaths setting out to hold God responsible for the life he created The grande finale isn t grand at all, but still leaves you feeling uplifted and a little bit wiser.

    Three haunting tales parables maybe of death in life An infinite mass of souls spend eternity kibbitzing about their now mostly forgotten lives Recollections of a young life lived under an unspecific existential threat a drunken horde trade macabre stories drinking with a mostly silent executioner Good stuff.

    A grand parable The souls of heaven discuss their life on earth, question, rage, search A beautiful myth of why we are here.

    THIS The Eternal Smile I never found out exactly who smiles eternally, but that does not bother me so much This little novel has change my life a little bit Not in a huge way that now I have changed my way of behaving, but I feel like I have been enlightened on the meaning of life Yes, it is about something as big as that It is a collection of dead people s stories They sit in the darkness of dead and tell each other about their lives and deaths and perspectives on life It left me with a gloyfie [...]

    Every once in a while I try to read something with literary merit This time I regretted it These three stories all had philosophical and spiritual themes that were obvious, but I struggled to extract any meaningful ideas that could be applicable anywhere else Also, reading them wasn t at all enjoyable Maybe I lack some necessary cultural context or philosophical education to make sense of them.

    Allora mi parve di capire il significato di tutto Capii che la vita vuole soltanto se stessa La vita ha a per te, albero, per te, uomo, per te, fiore per te, erba che ondeggi soltanto quando la sua intenzione si posa su ognuno di voi Quando pi non le servite, essa pi non vi ama e vi cancella p 59

    Den bedste, mest simple roman jeg har l st og alligevel skal den l ses flere gange f r mere er forst et Yndlingsbog nr 1

    Di solito i libri brevi e allegorici, come questo, non incontrano il mio favore, ma stavolta ne sono rimasta piacevolmente impressionata Rimane troppo breve perch possa dire che mi sia piaciuto molto, ma ho comunque apprezzato lo stile semplice e lo sviluppo della trama tra virgolette perch troppo statica per essere definita una trama vera e propria prima l esposizione dei vari modi in cui i morti guardano indietro alla vita e poi, al momento giusto, quando tale esposizione rischia di diventare [...]

    We began to talk about one thing and another, odds and ends, what fine weather it is, and how hard it may be to flay an elephant alive, the kind of thing you talk about when you don t know what to say.

    Bogen er en glemt perle Et mesterv rk Bogens tematik, om hvad og hvem der er vigtige, er stadigv k aktuel i dag, selvom bogen n sten er 100 r gammel.

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