Gotham Central, Book One: In the Line of Duty

Gotham Central, Book One: In the Line of Duty #2020

Gotham Central Book One In the Line of Duty In the shadow of the Bat It s not easy being a cop in Gotham City Not only must you deal with the violence and corruption of the world s most notoriously crime infested city catering to some of the mo
  • Title: Gotham Central, Book One: In the Line of Duty
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Greg Rucka Michael Lark Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9781401220372
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the shadow of the Bat.It s not easy being a cop in Gotham City.Not only must you deal with the violence and corruption of the world s most notoriously crime infested city catering to some of the most insane and homicidal criminals, but you also have to deal with a vigilante who s hellbent on playing by his own rules.Gotham s Finest work around the clock cleaning up afteIn the shadow of the Bat.It s not easy being a cop in Gotham City.Not only must you deal with the violence and corruption of the world s most notoriously crime infested city catering to some of the most insane and homicidal criminals, but you also have to deal with a vigilante who s hellbent on playing by his own rules.Gotham s Finest work around the clock cleaning up after the mess left behind from Batman s one man war against crime But when one of the GCPD s own is killed by Mister Freeze, the squad is in a race against time to bring him in without the help of the Dark Knight Plus, Police Detective Renee Montoya is outed as a lesbian, and finds her work environment and personal life turned upside down Unfortunately for her, things only become complicated when she is kidnapped by Two Face.The multiple award winning GOTHAM CENTRAL series is brought to you by acclaimed writers Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, with artist Michael Lark This volume collects GOTHAM CENTRAL 1 10 and features an introduction by Lawrence Block.
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    This Eisner and Harvey Award winning collection is truly impressive and demonstrates once again why Ed Brubaker is among the elite writers scribing comics today Add to that a smart, well structured story by Greg Rucka and art that compliments the dark and dank emotional vibe of the plot and the result is a must read for fans of graphic novels and or crime fiction The premise of the series is a street level, on the beat look at the rampant criminal activity of Gotham City through the eyes of the [...]

    Detective Driver s partner is killed and the department wants to apprehend the killer before Batman gets called in Only the killer is Mr Freeze An arsonist plagues the city and Driver and his new partner have to catch him and a missing girl is found dead Detective Renee Montoya is outed and framed All in all, a normal week at the GCPD.When enough of your friends give a book high praise, sooner or later you have to stop being a stubborn asshole and give it a try In this case, Gotham Central is th [...]

    Being a cop isn t easy, but the men and women of the Gotham City Police Department have it tougher than most This is a town where the most routine call can leave an officer facing a crazy cold blooded scientist with his own freeze ray, or they may be targeted by a murderous former district attorney desperately in need of some plastic surgery You know things are out of control when the cop s best weapon is a psychologically scarred vigilante who dresses like a bat.It seemed like an interesting id [...]

    A police procedural set in the Batman universe Pretty much a perfect concept In Gotham Central, The focus is squarely on the city s Police Department, with its inner dynamics and challenges as a result of operating in a world where its sense of self value and pride is constantly being undermined not with malicious intent, of course by the existence of a vigilante with seemingly supernatural powers That sort of thing does tend to cramp one s style quite a bit Rucka and Brubaker both prove themsel [...]

    Gotham Central tells the stories of the different police detectives in the GPD Batman makes a few cameos, but really he has little to nothing to do with what goes on in this book.This was not my cuppa I thought the art was ugly, and I like a heavy dose of spandex clad superheroes in my graphic novels, so I really doubt I ll be revisiting these books any time soon But Even though I don t care for this kind of crime drama story, it was really well written If you enjoy reading stuff like Whiteout, [...]

    INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIESThere are many graphic novels about superheroes and their world and how important it is for them to save the regular mortals but rarely do we get a perspective of the mortals unless they re family or lovers In this series we focus almost exclusively upon the detectives morning and night shifts of Gotham who sometimes resent The Bat for solving their cases It s a fresh and interesting approach with Batman showing up less than 5% of all the talesOK ONEStory focuses are up [...]

    This book provides a street level view of life in Gotham City from the point of view of police detectives Batman very rarely appears, and when he does, he comes across as mysterious and a bit menacing The detectives have a lot of personality, and it s interesting to see how they deal with super villains without powers not very well at times The writing is sharp, and the art style really suits the type of stories being told I m looking forward to reading volumes of this.

    There s very little reason this should work.Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka want you to sit down, pick this up and become captivated by the stories of the Gotham City Police Department A force that has become all but neutered by the exploits of The Dark Knight Honestly, who wants the cops to come save you when Batman is on the prowl It had to be tough to try and write this without the reader asking the question, Why not just flip the switch and let the bat signal flood the sky The answer this is thei [...]

    Line od duty 3.5 starsMotive 4 starsHalf a life 5 starsGotham police department, those poor guys who usually serve as canon fodder for Gotham s many crazies or play role od victims waiting to be rescued by batman, finally got the spotlight and chance to prove they are not always incompetent schmucks waiting for bats to do all the work.Premise sounds interesting and with writing duo of Ed Brubaker, who s Criminal is one of my favorite graphic novels, and Greg Ruck, who s Lazarus also has place on [...]

    I would give this an extra star if I could The writing is great, the characterization is great, and above all the art is fantastic and this is so much fun to read Great noir driven detective fiction

    WHAT IS IT ABOUT Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka s Gotham Central, Book One In the Line of Duty is a collection of ten first issues of an award winning comic book series Gotham Central with an introduction by Lawrence Block Gotham Central offers a closer look at professional as well as personal lives of police officers from the Gotham City Police Department GCPD , who deal with vicious big city criminals and homicidal super villains, racing to solve the crimes before Batman takes over Gotham Central, [...]

    My favourite thing about Gotham Central is that it felt like a TV show in book format The pacing, the character development, it all builds steadily and starts to pay off the further you get into the book This isn t a series that tries to do anything flashy, it s a crime drama that largely ignores Batman and his superheroics and instead focuses on telling good stories Set in the Major Crimes Unit of the Gotham City Police Department, the detectives attempt to solve some of the worst crimes the ci [...]

    So let s get something out of the way first I have a deep love for anything Batman and I think Brubaker is in the top 3 noir comics writers Glad that s off my chest.This series has a great perspective, a cast of characters that tug at your senses and have some interesting tales to telld The Bats is only a peripheral spectre who, seemingly, has a foothold in the psyche of each GCPD officer on duty in one way or another.My take away boils down to this be mindful of the extensive ripples caused by [...]

    I guess I kind of expected this to be a kind of Garfield minus Garfield for Batman, but found it to be like The Wire with Superheroes villains It was also reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa s The Hidden Fortress in that it was told from the point of view of the lower class in this case the police officers instead of the superheroes villains, in that case the peasants instead of the feudal lords.The Gotham City Police Department was weaved seamlessly into the mythos of the Gotham that readers know fr [...]

    Such a great book I loved everything about it The concept is genius, the creative team is incredible, it s very well written, art looks great and fits the story perfectly But the best thing about this series is how detailed and lovingly written the characters are they feel alive and real And Renee Montoya is probably the best character in the whole DCU, to be honest.5 stars, instant favourite Easily one of the top 3 DC series I ve read.

    Whatever you do, remember you re going to make a difference retired police commissioner Jim GordonMy GR friends and thanks, Diz, for inadvertently bringing this series to my attention late last year have already written well composed reviews for Gotham Central so anything I attempt would pale in comparison or just sound damn repetitive So I ll just leave it at this take David Simon s Homicide A Year on the Killing Streets or its TV counterpart and throw it headfirst into the daylight, plausible [...]

    I wasn t sure what I would think about this as I m ridiculously in love with Batman and he plays an extremely minor role in this And honestly I loved it These are the everyday people, not the superheroes and I loved finally getting to see their stories Book One covers three main storylines In the Line of Duty Ed Brukbaker and Greg Rucka This was the weakest of the three stories to me but still pretty damn good Detective Marcus Driver and his partner Charlie Fields accidentallly stumble upon Mist [...]

    El tomo me parec a entretenido hasta que llegu a la ltima historia, la de Renee Montoya y su salida del armario, que le ha sumado puntos al tomo y ha hecho que me deje con ganas de seguir leyendo m s acerca de la vida diaria de los polic as de Gotham Recomendado si quer is alejaros un poco de Batman y descubrir aquello a lo que se enfrentan cada d a los agentes de la central de Gotham cuando el murci lago se esconde de la luz del sol.

    En estas historias Batman no es el protagonista, sino el departamento de polic a, se centran en los casos y problemas que deben afrontar los agentes de la ciudad de Wayne, las apariciones del murci lago son espor dicas Un giro de tuerca que me ha encantado, puro thriller polic aco que tambi n nos sirve para conocer m s a fondo a los miembros de la MCU y asuntos internos El dibujo es oscuro y clasicote, un estilo noir que casa perfectamente con la tem tica Brutal

    This was really good It reads like an extended Law and Order episode and I don t mean that to be an insult in the slightest The grittiness of the storyline is hard hitting and I enjoyed that aspect of it The characters are well written and the artwork matches the tone of the comics I never thought a Gotham city story would be great without Batman being a major player in it but this has proven me wrong It s top notch Brubaker is a damn good writer.

    Can t Like unhappy unpleasant views Mood harsh pain of cop career, personal life, hate Batman, even when he saves them Lines are heavy, straight, stiff Colors are grim, dark browns, greys even for days scarce blue sky, uniform, ice and breaths red for villain eyes, Montoya s lips and braid elastic Orange ish hair female cop has spotted like disease, probably intended to be freckles Faces are rigid in anger or fear Women wear pant suits not skirts, only men in ties Why is dinner conversation abov [...]

    Okay, so on one hand I have just recently finished Homicide A Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon a comprehensive look at the real lives and work of Balti homicide detectives On the other hand I ve watched a few episodes of this new horrible television show, Gotham.I am so so happy that this comic is about 99% Homicide and 1% Gotham TV show I mean obviously it predates the show, and it d be accurate to discuss the show in terms of its influences, but this isn t a TV show reviewE POINT he [...]

    This series stands as an exemplar of how daring and genre bending comics can be Gotham Central Book One tells a typical Gotham, crime soaked story except this time, the Batman is an unknowable figure, and the perspective we re clued into is the cops specifically, Marcus, the cop working to stop his partner s killer, and close their last open case Rucka and Brubaker introduce the reader to a lot of people very quickly, but it s easy to see how the Major Crime Unit works, because of how deftly its [...]

    I loved the three story lines included here.Everybody should know that even though Gothams in the title,this IS NOT a Batman book to its credit.I think the Bat appears around 4 times in four panels give or take a couple.It s one of the reasons this book is so good though,it s normal detectives trying to take down a couple of the rogue gallery without any super tech years of martial arts training and any robins to lend a hand ,just good old fashioned detective work the interrogation scenes are re [...]

    A great start to what I ve been told is an excellent series I like the large cast, with each arc focusing on a different set of characters to tell one big story about the crime unit as a whole I actually find the bits involving Batman or his villains to be a lot weaker than the stuff that focuses on the non superhero villain characters, which I suppose is a testiment to the excellent character work going on here The artwork is also perfectly suited for the tone of the book, grim and gritty and v [...]

    Also reviewed on YouTube youtube watch v SfbR1A fun read So if you watch Gotham, than this is 10x better This knows what it wants to be a cop comic with one or two cameos from Batman and some of his villains This book has three case stories one with Mr Freeze, one with Firefly and a standard homicide you would see on any cop show What surprised me is how they were all connected in the end This is a great read for any cop show fan, you don t have to be into batman to like this

    An extraordinary police tale in the most classic noir tradition, with the peculiarity of being set in the DC universe and having Batman occasionally guest starring Although Batman personally shows up very little, his presence is felt both through the suspicion that provokes between the detectives and through some of his characteristic villains, that appear here seen in a version a little realistic than usual.On the one hand, what a pity that the mainstream American comic strip is so closely lin [...]

    The first of four collections from this series, I m already putting this way up there on my list of favorite comics There are three story arcs contained here, and each one is better than the last The writing and art are perfect for the pulp noir procedural etc vibe The cast is a bit large but fairly easy to manage The character work is so good, especially in Half a Life, easily one of my favorite comic stories already and was a perfect read to cap off Pride Month Montoya s story is handled so we [...]

    I thought this was excellent It started out a little slow but once it got going into the second and third story arcs I really liked it It is basically a detective cop show in Gotham with Batman villains and Batman shows up once in awhile I like how the dynamic of being a cop in Gotham completely changes how they approach their job.

    I have been dying to read this series for a while now and am so glad I found it We essentially follow the detectives in the Gotham Major Crimes Unit In a city where criminals are already terrified of Batman, how do regular detectives work and close cases The old fashioned way without Batman It s basically a crime comic book featuring superheroes and villains What s not to like Also, I am totally loving the diversity We ve got men and women if colour and LGBTQ representation I m really looking fo [...]

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