Pleasures of Somerville Park

Pleasures of Somerville Park #2020

Pleasures of Somerville Park A free short sequel to Object of His Desire Arsen Grey Marquis of Somerville knows very well he is not needed in London A visit from his youngest brother does nothing to change his mind All he wants
  • Title: Pleasures of Somerville Park
  • Author: Ava March
  • ISBN: 9781301807499
  • Page: 196
  • Format: ebook
  • A free short sequel to Object of His Desire.Arsen Grey, Marquis of Somerville, knows very well he is not needed in London A visit from his youngest brother does nothing to change his mind All he wants is to remain at his country estate with Henry Shaw After days of going over documents, Arsen is than ready for his brother to depart for London in the morning HeA free short sequel to Object of His Desire.Arsen Grey, Marquis of Somerville, knows very well he is not needed in London A visit from his youngest brother does nothing to change his mind All he wants is to remain at his country estate with Henry Shaw After days of going over documents, Arsen is than ready for his brother to depart for London in the morning He s missed having Henry in his bed Now if he can just convince his frustratingly cautious lover to join him in his bed for the night Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.
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      Ava March

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    Loved it as much as the first, it was good to see the guys eight months after the ending of the first book, good, happy, and so in love with each other.

    3.5 starsThis is a FREE short only about 20 pages following up the novella Object of His Desire eight months after Henry Shaw moving in with his lover, Lord Arsen Grey, Marquis of Somerville, Arsen s brother comes to visit Henry thinks that his lover finally have to return to London which means the end of their relationship because Henry refuses to see Arsen taking other lovers as expected from his position Little does he know that Arsen has no intention to leave his side.I thought this short se [...]

    Yes, it was short but I have to say Ava March is one the few writers who can write something this short and still absolutely gratifying It was good to see my men.

    Needs to be read with Object of His DesireWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS I read this immediately after its predecessor, Object of His Desire, and I saw no unnecessary overlap at all The two go well together The sex scene is hot and has some touches of sweetness as wellN There s not much here Only 65% of the file is story the rest is advertisements , and you get almost no insight into the men s background unless you ve read the earlier story.O [...]

    A sweet little epilogue of Arsen Henry a 10 minute peek at their relationship how they are continuing to cement their relationship in the country rather than brave the vagaries of London society.

    2.5 stars round up Not much to tellA bit just so so for me, but the sex still hotbut not that bad either, cuz I do enjoying it.

    I loved myself a little of Henry and Arsen, and this short follow up to Object of His Desire fulfilled my expectations I would have wanted , but this was really the place to leave our charming couple to their own devices and a long, happy life ahead of them.

    Ava March describes herself as being an author of smoking hot M M historical erotic romances She says she loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors.She is published with Carina Press, Amber Allure, Loose Id, Riptide Publishing, and Samhain Publishing.Pleasures of Somerville Park is a short story involving the aristocratic Lord Arsen and his lover Henry The love and affection between the two men is [...]

    This was a free online read that follows Ava March s novella Object of His Desire I thought this was a great follow up short and of course, I love the fact that it was free Not enough authors understand the value of free online shorts for their readers Such a small thing to make us fans for life Henry and Arsen are living out in the country after Arsen successfully wooed Henry to live with him Arsen s brother Emmett is visiting and encouraging Arsen to return to London for the start of the Seaso [...]

    Moving historical love affair A short but sweet story about an English Lord Arsen and his young lover Henry The story begins at a transition point in their relationship when Henry believes he ll loose Arsen to London and his aristocratic family This is one of the few stories I ve read where the couple was already in a relationship at the beginning Even so, the sex scene is amazing, and the threat to their love tugs on your heart Although, I m not certain of the time period, it felt like this sto [...]

    I picked up this free short story after beginning to read All in with the Duke and wanting to read from this author Ava March really has a flair for heartfelt romances between Regency Era men These stories are great to relax with since they always turn out happy in the end as romances should This was a great taster for this series and makes me want to get introduced to these characters in a fuller novel in the future after I read through some of the other books I picked up Really fun slice of l [...]

    A follow up story on Arsen and Henry, The Pleasures of Somerville Park takes place eight months after the events at Object of His Desire Henry s happiness shatters when a visit by his younger brother reminds Arsen of his duties in London Convinced that he is going to leave him, Henry decides to be the first in leaving, thus saving his heart another ache But Arsen does not consider going back to London, although it is going to take some hot sex to convince his young lover of his true feelings Sho [...]

    Main Characters Henry Shaw Arsen Grey, Marquis of SomervilleKey Themes In the Closet Location Durham, EnglandShort 35 pgs and sexy sequel to Eight months into Henry and Arsen s relationship, and Henry is still annoyingly insecure

    This is a short and free sequel to Object of his desire, which I really liked Is is only around fifteen pages and is a short glimpse into Henry and Arsen s life eight months after they got together Mostly from Arsen s POV and pretty sweet.Why some people complain about it being too short or not providing enough characterization is beyond me This is a FREE read, for Christ s sake And only meant as a follow up to the other book If you have not read that one, don t read this one.

    3.5 StarsI read the prequel to this over a year ago when I first discovered Ava March and it continues to be one of my favorite M M romances So I was really excited to see Arsen and Henry s story continue even in a little snippet like this I love when authors take familiar tropes and give them a nice twist which is what March does with this duo Plus plenty of hot love scenes as expected from Ava March Purchased for free from All Romance on July 7, 2013.

    Well written and with enough character depth that I could believe that the full novels would be readable and enjoyable The only issue I had with the whole thing was that one of the main characters was called Arsen which is a bit unfortunate given how much the word arse tends to crop up in books of this nature.

    The continuation of Henry and Austin s story Like the first book it was just okay to me For a relationship that was already eight months in length, the connection between the men did not seem real The book was just okay to me.

    IX Fantastic read, I thought this was the first book and so glad that Object of his Desire was written Thought that Ms March is a grammatically gifted writer, I don t recall any grammatical issue with the book.

    A naughty little romp between two discerning gentlemen At least I think they re discerning Anyway I liked it Short and sweet and intriguing enough that I m eyeballing book 1 in the series now Kelly Reading the Paranormal

    Second story the the mini series pleasures of somervill park, it was a great stand alone but I would have liked to read the first part to get the characters backgrounds

    It s 8 months later and I guess the two guys are questioning that this will last forever Also, covers the span of one night with some hot stable sex.

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