Voice of the Undead

Voice of the Undead #2020

Voice of the Undead Now that Alex is in the know about the deadly vampires that liveand huntaround his boarding school everything is different Putting his talents to use Alex is training with the Polidorium to become a
  • Title: Voice of the Undead
  • Author: Jason Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780061951015
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Now that Alex is in the know about the deadly vampires that liveand huntaround his boarding school, everything is different Putting his talents to use, Alex is training with the Polidorium to become a vampire hunter, just like his Van Helsing ancestors Sure, hes only fourteen, but cmon This runs in his blood But Alex is wondering if hell live long enough to succeed H Now that Alex is in the know about the deadly vampires that live and hunt around his boarding school, everything is different Putting his talents to use, Alex is training with the Polidorium to become a vampire hunter, just like his Van Helsing ancestors Sure, he s only fourteen, but c mon This runs in his blood But Alex is wondering if he ll live long enough to succeed His archnemesis Elle, a vampire whose youthful appearance and blond hair disguise a rage that s directed at him, is out to get him before a powerful leader called Ultravox arrives on the scene Ultravox specializes in assassinations, but who is he targeting As he dodges Elle s attacks, Alex is on a mission to uncover Ultravox s deadly plan before his friends and his school become collateral damage There s no time to report back innocent lives hang in the balance, and it s on Alex to act now or else Wisecracks, gadgets and fast paced action sequences abound in the second book about Alex Van Helsing H umorous dialogue and harrowing escapes will keep action oriented readers entertained KIRKUS REVIEWS
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      Jason Henderson

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    Full Disclosure The author of this novel, Jason Henderson, is an old friend of mine, and I m a longtime fan of his work But rest assured, if this book sucked, I would still have to be honest and tell you Luckily, this book totally kicks ass No small feat, considering the glut of vampire books in the past few years It s made me miss the good old days, when vampires were just unholy undead abominations that needed to be destroyed And that s why I love this book It s not just another teen vampire s [...]

    I liked the first book in this series, and I think I liked this second one even better It s fast paced and has plenty of action and humor.

    Woah, if I d known how much improved Voice of the Undead is compared to Vampire Rising, I wouldn t have waited a year to read this I m going to throw around the word better a lot, but it s all true this book is better plotted, better paced, better developed, better everything But most importantly, not only does this sequel totally blow the first book out of the water, it s also a really good book in its own right.From the very first page, I just knew this was going to be a wild and totally diffe [...]

    Alex continues his adventure in with the Polidorium in this action packed sequel to the Vampires Rising The way Jason Henderson uses literature to weave a story was fun and interesting You love this kid, Alex, right from the start He s a regular kid with contacts Then he starts on this adventure and you are brought along to see all of it It s a great read and I d love to see a fourth book I ve already read the series twice.

    This second book was much better than the first in my opinion The plot was involved and the balance between action and character development was much better As a YA adventure novel the plot is not all that complex and the characters are not particular deep but the story develops nicely and the tension builds with some nice side stories.Looks like this is turning into a nice series for those looking for action adventure with a vampire twist.

    To see my full review abookvacation 2014 07 14 rTruth be told, this novel wasn t even on my radar I d never heard of the series, and I wasn t looking for another vampire book to read, but a student brought this to me and begged me to read it so s he would possibly have the opportunity to read it as part of his her outside reading project this quarter Out of the 200 books I listed as choices, s he wanted something that wasn t on the list Figures.But, my student made a case for the book, and to be [...]

    My review of Book 1, Vampire Rising, can be found here saphsbookblog 201The gang is all back together in Book 2 Alex, Paul, Sid, Minhi, Sangster, the rest of the Polidorium, and Alex s nemesis, Elle the vampire.After being attacked by Elle on his way back to school, Alex accidentally burns down the school This forces the entire Glenarvon s Boarding School for Boys to move into an all girls school, LaLaurie School for Girls, while the situation is assessed This school just happens to be the one M [...]

    This second installment of the Alex Van Helsing series does not disappoint For the Alex history lesson and review of the first book, Alex Van Helsing Vampire Rising, see Bel s fantastic review here This time, our hero finds himself the target of the Icemaker s vampire coven On his way back to Glenarvon Academy from training exercises with the Polidorium, Alex is attacked by Elle, one of the vampires he bested in Vampire Rising Alex escapes, but unfortunately the attack has unforeseen consequence [...]

    What is it like to be the great, great, great grandson of the famous vampire slayer Van Helsing Well, it s exciting Alex Van Helsing is bacon the hunt for vampires As a student agent of the Polidorium, a multinational organization, head quartered at Lake Geneva Like his grandfather, Alex has a vampires as his main nemesis Hiding out amongst other teens at Glenarvon Academy, he passes himself off as just another kid attending a private school.As the vampire Elle and the Scholomance come after him [...]

    Read the review and a sneak peek at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books.Once again, Jason Henderson does not disappoint with this clean young adult adventure fit for paranormal fans of any age This title was even better than the first, with an even scarier villain and much higher stakes New characters are introduced, and several play bigger roles in this one There s a bigger mystery element in Voice of the Undead, and some characters take a turn for the evil as time goes on.Alex proves his worth by keepi [...]

    I really enjoyed this book I could tell in book one that the series was well written, but it didn t grip me like I d like still gave it 4 , since I think it might ve just been my personal taste instead of the book itself With each book, this world that Henderson s created gets and complex Makes sense with the motto of There are Such Things for the secret org This book picks up after book 1 s big rescue mission, and now the whole gang know about Alex A new person joins their group of friends Vi [...]

    Alex has just finished a training session with Sangster, his mentor with the Polidorium, a multinational organization Just because Alex is part of the Polidorium does not mean that he is exempt from curfew at Glenarvon Academy, where he attends On his way back to Glenarvon Academy, Alex is attacked by Elle Elle is a vampire and Alex s nemesis Elle works for Scholomance The Scholomance want Alex dead for good After almost succeeding, Alex is forced to stay at LaLaurie School for Girls, Glenarvon [...]

    This is the 2nd book in the Alex Van Helsing series The first Alex Van Hesling Vampire Rising, got starred reviews from Library Journal, Starred reviews Voya.In this installment, Alex is in Glenarvon s Boarding school for boys He is in training to become a vampire hunter His Ancestors were vampire hunters and at age 14 he already knows the difference between good and evil As he is participating in a live action vampire role playing game, he is chased by his nemesis Elle Elle is a vampire with a [...]

    A young adult supernatural series that is actually suitable for young adults Alex Van Helsing is the most recent heir to the original vampire hunter In addition to dealing with normal high school problems, such as girls, he also has to worry about being a target for the local vampire population When a new clan lord arrives in the area, it s up to Alex to find a way not only survive the threat but to save those a around him as well Why I gave this 4 stars It s suitable for most middle school read [...]

    I think I would have liked this one if I d read the first one recently Which is not to say I didn t like it I did But I was confused than once Kept reading for the general storyline and occasional awesome part like how can I say it without giving away a spoiler the unexpected twist in one character that I hope is revisited Skimmed over the confusing parts.I just went back to look at my review of the first and seriously cannot remember what the question about Mr Sangster was That is going to d [...]

    Fourteen year old Alex Van Helsing is related to the famous Van Helsing He possesses the power to feel a vampires presence This proves useful for vampire hunting and for protection from vampire hunters This is a fast action novel with lots of action, vampire deaths and just a smidge of teen romance, a hint than a smidge, really It s the perfect boy book I really loved the first book with it s background history on the classic horror authors This sequel had a great storyline but left Alex to dea [...]

    As I said in my review of the first book, Vampire Rising, I wanted to re read the first two books in this trilogy before reading the final book, The Triumph of Death I am so glad I decided to do so because I really like these books.Voice of the Undead is a great sequel, but it s not as great as the first book I m not sure what it is that made me enjoy it less, but when I finished it, I didn t have the same feeling of excitement I didn t want to grab someone and shove this book in their face and [...]

    Alex s parent s find out what he s been up to Ultravox is this vampire who can bend your mind to do things he wants you to do and Alex finds out his static is in tune to seeking out vampires He just has to focus to fine tune where they are.Miniha is beginning to have feeling for Alex much to Paul s chargrin and Sid is an awesome authority of vamps bc of the stuff he writes for his PC games Vienna is Miniah s roomate who turns out if she loosens her scarf, she literally loses her headanks to El [...]

    I really liked the action pack first novel Alex is of course a vampire hunter, and thought it would pick up where the first one ended But this is a stand alone novel that has Alex fighting vampires again, but at a much slower pace.The characters are not as well developed either I felt maybe we could get a little about Alex or his friends I still like the book, and felt it did a good job of being of the classic vampire stories But just felt kind of bland at times.I liked it but felt Henderson m [...]

    In the second book in the series, Alex and his friends from school have to relocate to the LaLaurie girls school following a fire that is sort of Alex s fault At the same time a new vampire known as UltraVox has come to Geneva and is on a secret mission that includes getting rid of Alex These books are a lot of fun for kids I think boys and girls would like them They are also OK for tweens since the characters are 14 years old Great fun, quick reads.

    He has brought the good name of vampires back This is not twilight but some and very little teen romance I think in many ways the second one is better than the first one High tech gadgets and lots of action I recommend to anyone who likes some action, twist, and vampires The new villian is awesome and very like dracula and the old vampire classics One of the best books i ve ever read no doubt.

    The first book is better than this, the second one I think it could decribe about the fight between Alex and Ultravox, cos it s the final and most important fight Other than this, the idea of the curse on Vienna is totally unexpected, but it also makes the story cools down a little bit, if Vienna was a vampire, I think the plotline might be attractive to me Just saying p

    This series is SO much fun More fun, action and cool weapons and creepy weird bad stuff going on Finally get to meet briefly Alex s parents and there s a new friend at LaLaurie in the group since the boys have to temporarily move in due to a little fire mishapat s all I m going to say You go read it

    Another good offering in the series am anxiously awaiting publication of the next book If you understand foreshadowing, it s fairly easy to surmise where the plot is heading but there are some surprises.

    I like this seriesmple reads, I like that the words are not overly simplified, that there is some bigger words, the action is simple and easy to followme of the character development could be a little smarter but all and all I give it four stars GO ALEX

    This book was absolutely wonderful Even though I am not a big fan of vampires these books are absolutely amazing.

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